What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is LinkedIn's online educational platform. It encourages individuals and organizations to track down and progress in Business, Technology, and Creative skills via expert-led courses in the form of pre-recorded content.

More About LinkedIn Learning

It started when Lynda Weinman launched Lynda.com in 1995. It was later acquired by LinkedIn in 2015. It then became LinkedIn Learning. On September 22, 2016, the CEO of LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Learning. 

It promised skill development through a “personalized, data-driven learning experience.” It was launched as an online learning platform for businesses and individuals to “achieve their objectives and aspirations.”

There are numerous advantages that people and organizations experience when they associate with LinkedIn Learning:

  • World-class content with over 16,000 expert-led courses covering business, creative, and technical topics
  • Continuous updates and multilingual options allow learners to stay current with leading-edge skills.
  • Skill identification and expert-led courses to obtain those skills
  • Data-driven personalization through tailored course recommendations
  • Anytime, anywhere convenience due to manageable course segments for flexible, on-the-go learning accessible across devices online or offline
  • Globally recognized certifications

Here is a screenshot of the LinkedIn Learning official page where you can start your learning journey. The platform also allows you to pick training programs for your team, get career guidance, and track progress for metrics that matter. 

LinkedIn Learning

Source: LinkedIn Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LinkedIn Learning available for free?

LinkedIn Learning is free for the first month. After the free trial, you can pick a plan of your choice

How can I benefit from LinkedIn Learning subscriptions?

By subscribing to LinkedIn Learning, you gain access to the entire learning collection of content, publish finished courses in your profile, and receive suggestions based on your interests. You can also include downloadable certificates of completion to your LinkedIn profile.

How to download a course from LinkedIn Learning to a mobile device?

The mobile LinkedIn Learning course download process goes as follows:

  • Log into the LinkedIn Learning app
  • Navigate to the desired course
  • Tap the Download icon below the course title
  • Select Download (iOS) or DOWNLOAD NOW (Android)
  • If desired, tap the Download icon to the right of each video

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