What is LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn Pulse is a platform that enables users to publish articles on LinkedIn. It provides business leaders a chance to enhance their online presence, expand their target market, and foster trust.

More About LinkedIn Pulse

When Pulse was originally launched in February 2013, it was only available to significant influencers. It was introduced with the goal of enhancing the online experience for users and making it simpler for them to locate and peruse content that suited their interests. However, in 2014, LinkedIn chose to open the platform to all of its users.

If you want your Pulse releases to stand out more, consider including a captivating image and headline! To ensure that your articles are thoroughly read by individuals familiar with you, it is advisable to maintain a post length of under 1,000 words.

LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to increase exposure within the professional community and helps B2B companies generate more prospects. LinkedIn Pulse offers the following advantages:

  • Establish credibility: Good-quality, innovative-thinking articles posted on LinkedIn increase brand exposure and establish your credibility as an industry professional.
  • Increased brand reach: Pulse postings are shared with people who are associated with your industry. This implies that what you publish has a greater prospect of reaching the right audience, resulting in more sales.
  • Effortless content marketing: Without the need to learn how to work with a content management system, business executives may post articles easily with Pulse.

Here below is a glimpse of how the LinkedIn Pulse section looks like when you head out to publish your article.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share a Pulse story?

To share a Pulse story, follow the steps shared below:

  1. Login to your news feed's home page and select "Write an article."
  2. Once you are within the content manager section, you may begin writing. The primary difference between a standard LinkedIn post and Pulse is that you can use up to 125,000 characters in Pulse. 
  3. Once your article is complete, you need to sit back and wait for LinkedIn to post it.
  4. Your contacts will be notified when the article appears on your News Feed. 

How do you write a good LinkedIn Pulse article?

To write a good LinkedIn Pulse article, remember the following points

  • Select an interesting topic
  • Plan and conduct research for your content
  • Create an eye-catching headline
  • Compose a captivating opening
  • Use subheadings to arrange your content
  • Use images to make your article better
  • Proofread and edit your writing
  • Post and advertise your article

How do you rank your Pulse on LinkedIn?

Here are some ideas and best practices to rank better on LinkedIn search:

  • Consistently update your content, company, and profile with the latest keywords
  • Pick niche-specific and targeted keywords
  • Use natural, casual keywords
  • Make use of important and relevant keywords

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