What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a paid subscription offered by the platform that includes extra benefits beyond the free version. It provides users with additional features such as InMail communications to out-of-network users (use LinkedIn to interact with employers), comparative applicant statistics, insights into your profile viewers, a sales navigator, sophisticated search filters, and more.

More About LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In 2005, LinkedIn launched four new versions of the platform, including four different LinkedIn Premium subscriptions: Business, Career, Sales, and Hiring. LinkedIn Premium is an upgraded version of LinkedIn with added features available at certain subscription charges.

Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

Here are some of the benefits of LinkedIn Premium.

  • Premium users may see who has visited their profile and exchange InMails even if they do not have a direct connection. A graph at the top of the page shows how many people look at your profile every week. This data can be used to discover patterns of increased or decreased traffic.
  • LinkedIn Premium users have access to specific tools and services for job searching and professional networking.
  • With every LinkedIn premium subscription, you gain access to LinkedIn Learning courses, which include great content regarding how to connect with recruiters, land a job, and other topics.
  • You can view suggestions for opportunities where you will be a strong candidate. You can also apply for jobs as a “Featured Applicant” and stand out from the crowd.

LinkedIn Premium Pricing

Different LinkedIn Premium accounts cost different on a monthly or yearly basis:

LinkedIn Premium Career: $29.99 per month

LinkedIn Premium Business: $59.99 per month

The following is the LinkedIn Premium homepage. When you click on the ‘Try Now’ button, LinkedIn gives you a questionnaire and, based on your requirements, suggests the ideal subscription model for your use.

LinkedIn Premium

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between free LinkedIn and LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn has an enterprise use limit, which limits searches and profile views to a small number for free accounts. LinkedIn Premium users have access to infinite searches, additional filters, and valuable sales, recruitment, and job insights.

Does LinkedIn Premium increase post views?

Premium profiles on LinkedIn can earn up to six times more views than basic profiles. This increase is due to a variety of subscription features, such as unlimited people searching, extensive insights into "Who Viewed My Profile," and the "Open Profile" option, which allows anybody to send messages to premium users.

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