What is a Rich Pin?

A rich pin is a Pinterest post that includes extra details from the source website. Rich pins enhance the pinner experience and boost interaction by displaying metadata directly on the pin. A rich pin's content is separate from the pin itself. Rich pins offer insight for purchases and additional information that draws pinners in.

More About Rich Pin

Pinterest introduced the feature of rich pins in 2013. The feature was added to enhance the user experience when browsing through different brands’ content across the social media platform.

One can find different types of rich pins on Pinterest, such as the following:

  • App rich pin: It offers an “Install” button, which allows pinners to download your mobile application without logging out of Pinterest.
  • Film rich pin: Film Pins fall under the Film category. It features ratings, cast details, and reviews that help users discover new films on Pinterest.
  • Article rich pin: The article pin displays the pinner’s headline, writer, and a story description of the piece, allowing them to gain insight into the summary without browsing the website.
  • Product rich pin: Product Pin provides current pricing, availability, and further information on the products, such as where to purchase them.
  • Place rich pin: Place Pins come with the business’s location map, address, and phone number.
  • Recipe rich pin: A recipe pin can inspire Pinterest cooks to get creative in the kitchen by providing details on ingredients, the cooking process duration, and serving suggestions.

Rich pins offer several benefits to your business, such as the following:

  • Rich pins increase brand exposure by showing your website name and logo
  • Rich pins keep your customers updated regarding the availability of a product. Your pin also updates when you make changes to the information about your products
  • Rich pins enhance the searchability of your content by including metadata that helps you rank for more keywords
  • Rich pins provide valuable insights regarding the qualities and cost of a product, enhancing a business’s credibility

Given below is an example of a rich pin This pin contains the name of the product, a link to the product, a description of the product, and the name of the pinner.

floating book shelves

Source: Pinterest

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pinterest SEO work?

Pinterest's algorithm is based on four primary factors: category quality, pin quality, pinner quality, and topic significance.

What algorithm does Pinterest use?

Pinterest SEO is the process of making your content—also referred to as pins—more visible in search results. Similar to Google, you can assist your content in reaching the correct audience by including the right keywords in your captions.

Are rich pins free?

Yes, rich pins are a completely free way to use Pinterest to promote your business and its products and services.

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