What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is an internet-based advertising platform utilized by businesses for promoting their products and services on Google Search. Many businesses globally use it to attract more customers.

Google Ads can boost leads, increase sales, promote business, and redirect traffic to individual websites. Google Ads uses a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model, so advertisers only pay for the number of times a user clicks on the ad.

More About Google Ads

Did you know Google launched the world’s first self-serve online advertising platform called Adwords in 2000, using a pay-per-impression model? In 2002, Google updated the service by introducing pay-per-click advertising and listing search results based on relevance and higher bidding.

In the years after, Google launched numerous features such as AdSense, Site Targeting, Quality Score, Google Analytics, and so on to make advertising easier for businesses. Google finally rebranded Adwords to Google Ads in 2018.

So, what is Google Ads, and how does it work? Google Ads lets you create and share well-timed advertisements, viewable on mobile phones and desktops, among your target audience. Advertisers can bid on particular keywords and phrases that users are likely to include in their search queries when looking for products or services similar to the brand’s offerings.

When your target customers search for products and services through Google Search or Maps, your business will appear on the Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

These ads can also be displayed on YouTube and other websites that form the Google Display Network. As a business owner, you can thus use Google Ads to target users across platforms. You can use the search network’s tool to create text ads targeting high-volume keywords. The Display Network also allows you to place banner-style ads on websites.

Google Ads have numerous benefits:

  • Your brand appears at the top of the results page when your advertising campaign goes live.
  • Google Ads is regarded as one of the highest return on investment channels.
  • The platform provides insights to help you understand your target segment, optimize your campaigns, and plan your budget.

Almost 80% of businesses around the world use Google Ads for their PPC campaigns. The cost per click (CPC) can span a range based on the keywords and competition for the ad placement. The ads can be targeted toward users based on factors such as location, device, time, etc.

>best return on investment, you need to look at the following elements:

To create Google Ads and get the best return on investment, you need to look at the following elements:

  • Budget
  • Keywords
  • Researching your competitors
  • A compelling landing page
  • Your campaign
  • Your advertisement

The image below is an example of Google Ads as used by popular pizza brands. When you search for pizza deliveries, the search engine results page shows Pizza Hut’s ad, followed by Domino’s.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do Google Ads help businesses?

Google Ads is an advertising platform using which businesses can promote their products or services, boost or drive more traffic to their website, and increase conversions and sales. Brands can create and modify their advertisement campaigns whenever they want, which includes advertisement text, settings, and budget.

How can you earn from Google Ads?

Google Adsense provides a way to generate revenue from online content. Google Adsense matches ads to your website depending on the content and visitors. Adsense work in three steps:

  • You can make your advertisement spaces available.
  • The highest-paying advertisements show up on your website.
  • You get paid.

Is Google Ads free to use?

Signing up for the Google Ads account is free. However, brands need to pay when customers click on the advertisement to visit their website or contact the business.

Are Google Ads a good approach to getting new customers?

Google Ads is an excellent approach to getting new customers and generating revenue for businesses as they drive traffic to the business’ website. A rise in traffic translates into a larger target audience, increased leads, and higher sales.

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