9 Best AI Writing Tools for Marketers

Use the power of AI writing tools to automate and streamline the process of creating quality content in a blink of an eye with just a few prompts.

AI Writing Tools

The significance of AI writing tools in the current digital landscape is becoming increasingly evident. These tools, led by groundbreaking advancements in machine learning and natural language processing, have transitioned from mere novelties to essential instruments in content creators’, marketers’, and businesses’ arsenals.

At the forefront of this revolution are the best AI writing tools, offering assistance in writing and a complete transformation of the creative process.

These innovative tools do more than just string words together; they understand nuances, adhere to grammatical norms, and adapt to diverse writing styles and needs. As such, they have become invaluable for anyone who uses words to inform, persuade, or entertain.

But here’s the catch – while these tools are incredibly advanced, they aren’t here to replace the human touch in writing. Instead, they serve as collaborators, enhancing human creativity and efficiency.

In this article, we discuss the top AI writing tools, exploring how they redefine content creation. From boosting productivity to enhancing the quality of writing, these tools are not just reshaping how we write; they are changing what it means to create content today.

Top AI Writing Tools to Try

From crafting compelling narratives to optimizing social media content, let’s explore our list of the top AI writing tools to bring efficiency and creativity to your fingertips

1. SocialPilot AI Assistant

Let’s start with the best AI writing tool, shall we?

SocialPilot’s AI Assistant stands out as a trailblazer among AI writing tools. This ingenious platform is more than just a utility; it is a strategic partner for marketers and content creators who aim to maximize their social media impact. With its cutting-edge features, SocialPilot’s AI Assistant addresses the core challenges of social media content creation, making it an indispensable tool for modern digital marketing strategies.

What features does it possess?

  • Idea Generation for Diverse Content: The AI Assistant excels in generating many post ideas, effectively breaking through creative blocks. This feature is particularly beneficial for marketers who need to keep their content fresh and engaging regularly. The AI Assistant suggests unique and relevant topics, ensuring that your social media feeds never run dry of innovative content.
  • Platform-Specific Content Optimization: Tailoring content for different social media platforms can be challenging, but SocialPilot’s AI Assistant makes it effortless. Whether crafting detailed LinkedIn articles or concise tweets, this tool ensures your content resonates with the platform’s unique audience and style guidelines. This optimization leads to higher engagement and better performance of your social media posts.
  • Consistency in Brand Voice: Maintaining a consistent brand voice across various platforms is crucial for brand identity. SocialPilot’s AI Assistant helps achieve this by aligning all content with your brand’s tone and style. This feature ensures that whether you’re posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, your brand’s voice remains unmistakable and consistent.
  • Multilingual Content Creation: With the global nature of social media, reaching a diverse audience is key. The AI Assistant’s multilingual support allows you to create and translate content in multiple languages, expanding your reach and connecting with audiences worldwide. This feature is particularly valuable for brands looking to establish a global presence.
  • Efficient Hashtag Generation: Hashtags are vital for discoverability on social media. SocialPilot’s AI Assistant simplifies this process by automatically generating relevant hashtags for your posts. This saves time and enhances your content’s visibility, ensuring it reaches the right audience.

SocialPilot’s AI Assistant is a formidable tool in any digital marketer’s arsenal. It streamlines the content creation process, ensuring efficiency, relevance, and engagement. Marketers can significantly enhance their social media strategy, ensuring their content not only reaches but also resonates with their target audience by leveraging these features.

Check out SocialPilot’s AI Assistant in action in the video below:

Want to take this off text and give this awesome tool a try?


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customization by platform or tonality.
  • Affordable feature using AI Credits

2. Jasper for Businesses

Jasper AI, formerly Jarvis, is a standout AI writing tool, particularly celebrated for its ability to adapt to the user’s writing style and infuse creativity into content creation. It is especially useful for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to streamline their content generation processes.

Jasper operates using advanced AI technology, taking briefs or prompts and turning them into well-structured and engaging content. This feature significantly cuts down on content creation time, while maintaining high-quality output.

Jasper AI is adept at crafting compelling social media posts and ad copy, understanding the nuances of different platforms, and tailoring content for maximum engagement. A notable benefit of Jasper AI is its ability to help overcome writer’s block, providing fresh ideas and perspectives.

Despite these strengths, Jasper AI isn’t without limitations.

The AI tool can sometimes produce repetitive content and might require additional editing and proofreading to achieve the desired human touch. In terms of pricing, Jasper AI offers a free trial, with subsequent plans starting at $49 per month for individual users.

The tool’s unique selling point lies in its personalization capabilities, making it a user-friendly and effective solution for diverse content creation needs​​​​.


  • Generate content ideas in addition to the usual content
  • User-friendly interface and multi-language support
  • Numerous integrations like AI Art Generator, Zapier, etc.


  • Can be relatively expensive for small businesses
  • Long-form content might need some editing

3. Copy.ai for Copywriting

Copy.ai an AI-driven content creation tool, has been making significant strides in the market for its ability to assist marketers and content creators in generating high-quality copy.

Known for its focus on short-form content, Copy.ai offers an array of templates catering to various needs, such as social media, website, and email copy. This makes it a versatile tool for crafting crisp, engaging content swiftly.

A key feature that sets Copy.ai apart is its built-in plagiarism checker, ensuring the originality of the content it produces. This feature is particularly crucial for maintaining the authenticity of your brand voice and safeguarding against unintentional duplication of online content. With this tool, users can confidently create unique and creative content without the worry of plagiarism​​.

The user interface of Copy.ai is notably clean and organized, making it user-friendly and accessible even for those new to AI writing tools. This ease of use is complemented by a wide range of templates, allowing for efficient content generation across different types of copy.

However, users should note that while Copy.ai excels in short-form content creation, generating long-form content may be more complex and require a learning curve​​.

In terms of pricing, Copy.ai offers a competitively priced plan at $36 per month, which includes five user seats and unlimited brand voices. This pricing structure makes Copy.ai an affordable option for small teams or businesses managing multiple clients. Additionally, a free trial is available, allowing users to explore up to 2000 words of content generation before committing to a plan​​.


  • Generates creative content based on brand voice and tonality
  • Clean and organized user interface
  • Wide range of templates for different types of content


  • Generating long-form content may seem complex
  • The learning curve is steep

4. Anyword – Assisted Writing for Multiple Platforms

Anyword is an AI writing tool that stands out for its versatility and user-friendliness, particularly benefiting marketers and content creators. It offers a range of templates suited for various short-form content needs, such as social media, email, and website copy.

The Blog Wizard feature is particularly noteworthy, designed for long-form content generation, enabling users to include SEO keywords effectively in their blog posts. Anyword’s interface is streamlined for easy access to its diverse features, facilitating efficient and targeted content creation.

The tool’s pricing plans are structured to accommodate different user requirements, starting at an accessible $24 per month for the starter package. This makes it a cost-effective solution for small teams or solo marketers.

While Anyword is excellent for short-form content, creating longer pieces might require some adjustments. It provides valuable SEO optimization tips and A/B testing for content, but users may experience a learning curve and the need for occasional content refinement.

Anyword’s blend of user-friendliness and powerful content generation tools makes it a significant asset in the realm of digital marketing​​​​.


  • Provides optimization tips for SEO and engagement
  • Offers A/B testing for content performance
  • Multi-language support


  • Slow UI
  • The AI-generated content may require tweaking

5. Sudowrite for Fictional Content

Sudowrite is an AI writing tool uniquely tailored for fiction writers. It stands out for its “Write With” feature, allowing creative collaboration with AI for story generation and offering context-aware suggestions, plot twists, and character development assistance. This web-based tool employs machine learning algorithms to enhance storytelling, making it a valuable asset for overcoming writer’s block and refining writing skills.

Sudowrite also includes features for planning and plotting alongside an editor-like feedback mechanism. It is designed for writers at all levels and is particularly beneficial for those struggling with writer’s block or seeking to improve their writing in English.

Sudowrite’s pricing varies, with plans like $10/month for 30,000 AI words, suitable for short-form writing, and higher plans for more extensive projects. However, it is more focused on fiction, making it less suitable for non-fiction or business writing.

Sudowrite’s innovative approach to AI-assisted storytelling marks it as a standout tool in the literary industry​​​​​​.


  • Focuses on fiction-specific writing needs
  • Offers context-aware suggestions for character development and plot


  • Limited scope and features
  • Not suitable for non-fiction or business writing.

6. Grammarly – A Precision-Focused Writing Assistant

Grammarly renowned for its grammar-checking capabilities, has significantly expanded its services to include AI-powered writing assistance. This advanced tool corrects grammatical errors and enhances the overall style and tone of your writing, making it more effective and engaging.

With features like tone detection, style suggestions, and context-specific recommendations, Grammarly is ideal for a broad range of writing tasks, from professional emails and reports to creative stories and academic papers.

This tool is especially beneficial for both native and non-native English speakers looking to refine their writing. It helps maintain clarity, reduce ambiguity, and improve the text’s overall readability. The AI component of Grammarly suggests alternative wordings and structures, aiding in creating more impactful and polished content.

Moreover, Grammarly’s user-friendly interface and real-time feedback make it a favorite among writers of all skill levels. Its ability to integrate with various platforms and applications enhances its usability, allowing for a seamless writing experience across different digital environments


  • Advanced grammar, style, and tone improvements
  • Real-time AI-driven writing assistance
  • Intuitive interface for seamless user experience


  • Not primarily a content generator like other AI writing tools
  • Premium subscription is required for full feature access

7. ChatGPT For GPT-4 Content

ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI’s advanced GPT technology, is a dynamic AI writing tool known for its highly interactive and intelligent conversation capabilities. This tool generates human-like text, making it ideal for various applications, including creative writing, customer service interactions, and even technical assistance.

Its intuitive interface provides seamless interaction for users, which is a significant advantage in scenarios requiring natural language responses. The adaptability of ChatGPT to various contexts and its learning ability from user interactions make it a robust tool for personalized communication.

However, while ChatGPT is renowned for its versatility and depth, it can sometimes generate responses that lack specificity or veer off-topic. This necessitates user oversight and editing, especially in professional or technical contexts. Additionally, being a model trained on vast internet data, it may inadvertently replicate biases present in its training data.


  • Highly interactive and intelligent in conversations
  • Versatile in various applications


  • Occasionally lacks specificity in responses
  • Potential to replicate biases from training data

8. Rytr – An Affordable AI Writer

Rytr an AI writing tool, stands out for its affordability and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for bloggers, small business owners, and freelance social media managers. It offers a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of templates, catering to various content needs. Known for its cost-effectiveness, Rytr provides a bang for the buck in AI-powered content creation.

While Rytr supports multiple languages and boasts a wide variety of content templates, it may fall short in quality compared to more premium AI tools. Its advanced features are somewhat limited, which might affect its suitability for more complex content requirements. However, its accessibility and affordability make it a great entry point into AI-assisted writing.

Rytr’s balance of functionality and cost makes it a practical tool for those beginning to explore AI-generated content, particularly for routine and straightforward content creation tasks.


  • Cost-effective option for AI-generated content
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Offers a wide variety of content templates


  • Quality may be lower than more premium AI tools

9. Scalenut for SEO-Optimized Long-Form Content

Scalenut emerges as a potent AI writing tool, particularly tailored for SEO content creation, making it a valuable addition to your list. It distinguishes itself with features catering to content creation and idea generation, offering flexibility and versatility in its applications.

Scalenut provides users with the tools to rewrite or create long articles and supports over 20 different use cases, including blog ideas and outlines, business pitches, various copywriting frameworks, and more.

A key strength of Scalenut lies in its language AI engine combined with extensive learning data, enabling rapid and efficient content production. The tool’s preview feature allows users to check their generated content, ensuring its alignment with their objectives.

However, Scalenut’s free plan comes with a word limit, which may not be suitable for creating lengthy articles, and the content generated can vary based on the input, sometimes making it challenging to achieve precise results.

This AI writing tool’s suitability extends to those seeking efficient content creation and new ideas, and it can also be handy for those who need to produce new content regularly. It is also useful for refining and enhancing written material, making it a valuable tool for young writers or those without extensive professional writing experience.


  • Strong focus on SEO-optimized content
  • Comprehensive content outlines with Cruise Mode
  • Enhances content relevancy with NLP suggestions


  • User interface may not be as intuitive
  • More focused on SEO than creative writing elements


As we draw the curtain on our list of the best AI writing tools, it is safe to say that artificial intelligence coupled with human creativity goes a long way in transforming the content creation process as we know it.

Whether it is narrative scripts, blogs, product listings, fictional writing, or emails, every AI tool has something that is guaranteed to make your job easier, making AI Writing tools absolutely indispensable for marketers today.

However, while AI tools streamline content creation, they don’t replace human creativity.

A tool that shines here is SocialPilot’s AI Assistant. It specifically stands out for its capability to generate diverse and platform-optimized social media content swiftly. Its strength lies in understanding different tones and styles, making it an essential tool for marketers and content creators.

For those looking to efficiently produce high-quality, engaging content, especially for social media, we highly recommend trying out SocialPilot’s AI Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use AI writing tools in 2024?

Whether you're a writer, marketer, or business owner, using AI Writing tools can boost productivity and efficiency by helping you fast-track your content creation processes. These tools can generate witty, engaging content instantly, helping you save time, improve content quality, and even optimize it for SEO.

What type of content can AI writing tools generate?

AI writing tools are incredibly diverse and can generate diverse forms of content, from blog posts and articles to product descriptions, ad copies, social media posts, and more. Tools like SocialPilot’s AI Assistant focus more on short-form copy, whereas AI platforms like Sudowrite help generate long-form fictional content.

How do I choose the right AI writing tool for my needs?

There are several factors that you need to consider when you’re choosing an AI Writing tool. Some of them include pricing, the ability to customize, trial period performance, user interface, etc. The biggest factor, however, is understanding your content needs and selecting a tool based on that.

Do AI writing tools require any special technical skills to use?

Most AI tools have user-friendly interfaces, making it possible for anyone to navigate the tool and generate content based on prompts. No specific technical skill is required to operate these tools.

Are AI writing tools suitable for businesses and professionals?

There are many AI writing tools today, each catering to a different sector of clients. Tools like Jasper are designed with established businesses in mind that are focused on generating copy for elaborate marketing campaigns. On the other hand, tools like Copy.ai and SocialPilot’s AI Assistant are more focused on professionals or agencies looking to solve their short-form copy needs.

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