140+ Popular Hashtags for Top 15 Industries of 2024

140+ Popular Hashtags for Top 15 Industries of 2024

Hashtags can make or break your social media game. Explore popular hashtags for your industry and use these trending hashtags to improve your reach.

140+ Popular Hashtags for Top 15 Industries of 2023

Social media is thronged with businesses of every kind and size from automotive, lifestyle, enterprises, to startups.

Boosting your brand in such a packed space can be nerve-racking.

So, how do you get your brand some attention?

The answer is, hashtags.

The right hashtags can get your business discovered while grabbing more eyeballs to your content.

On that note, here’s our list of the top 15 industries of 2024 with popular hashtags in social media.

Top 15 Industries of 2024 with Popular Social Media Hashtags

1. Banking and Finance

The banking sector is accelerated towards innovation and ready to splurge its investment in tech, talent, and fintech, as per Forrester. Gen Z is an active disciple of financial education and is gorging on every opportunity to invest.

It is already a multi-trillion industry, and the valuation is spiking at a startling speed.


Shibtoken, a decentralized cryptocurrency, shares a video on scams on social media to educate its audience on how to identify and avoid falling in one. Since scam and mistrust are common hurdles of this industry at large, clearing them first is crucial.

The video went down well with the audience and received much attention. It received 1.2K comments, 3.6K retweets, and 11.4K likes in just 20 hours.

Popular Hashtags for Banking and Finance

#banking #finance #bank #fintech #finance #investment #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency #trading

2. Entertainment

The Entertainment and Media sector is on a spree. OTT platforms have further fanned their fame and made entertainment accessible in every home.

The OTT video revenue alone amounts to $24.6 billion. The podcast market is also acting up in generating $1 billion worth of advertising revenue.


Netflix has a rollicking presence on YouTube to create the hype just right. It drops jaw-dropping teasers and trailers of its latest shows, making it irresistible for even non-Netflix users to sign in to the platform almost immediately. The subscriber count has already mounted to 22.2 Million on YouTube alone.

Top Hashtags for Entertainment

#media #news #press #marketing #entertainment #radio #podcast #advertising #branding #trending

3. Micro-mobility

Micro-mobility is the emerging industry of the year as more people become health-conscious and opt for green transport for commuting smaller distances. The global market has a CAGR of 17.4% and is expected to hit $195.42 by 2030.


Lime is a green initiative to make rides safer for people and the environment. They use a branded hashtag of #RideGreento get user-generated posts and popularize the initiative. They are already taking social media by storm with regular posting and encouraging more people to switch to micro-mobility.

Best Hashtags for Mobility

#micromobility #escooter #electricscooter #urbanmobility #emobility #scooter #mobilit #escooterlife #electricscooters #escooters

4. Fashion & Beauty

The fashion industry will be a trillion-dollar industry by 2025, and digital presence will only speed up the process. 96% of beauty brands already have an impeccable social media reputation.


Zepeto tweets their beautiful fashion styles. They had decent engaging figures in just six hours.

Popular Hashtags for Fashion and Beauty

#fashion #fashionblog #fashiondiaries #fashionaddict #fashionweek #beauty #beautyful #blackbeauty #beautytips #beautyqueen

5. Hospitality

The hospitality and travel industry are expected to recover soon from the Covid hit. The hospitality industry is a business of more than $190 billion worth of revenue and is expected to surge in leaps and bounds once things get better.


Amalfiwhite welcomes all to their luxurious hospitality in the United Kingdom. What better way of attracting tourists than a great Instagram post?

Top Hashtags for Hospitality

#hospitality #hotel #travel #hotels #restaurant #tourism #hospitalityindustry #food #hotellife #luxury

6. Health & Fitness

Health and fitness brands are booming on social media with DIY videos and tips from influencers worldwide. By the end of 2024, this industry will be worth $136.59 billion.


Dan The Hinh, a popular fitness Facebook page, posts workout videos. This fitness video got 7.3K reactions and 1.1K shares in just a few hours.

Best Hashtags for Health and Fitness

#health #healthylifestyle #stayhealthy #healthyskin #healthcoach #fitness #fitnessfreak #fitnessfood #bodyfitness #fitnessjourney

7. Food & Beverage

One of the most frequent uploads on social media undeniably falls in the food and beverage category. More than 30% of tweets and 60% of Facebook posts are dedicated to this niche alone.


Suerte Bar&Gill shares their bartender’s video preparing a refreshing drink which is enough to tempt everyone for a sip.

Top Hashtags for Food and Beverages

#food #foodpics #foodies #goodfood #foodgram #beverages #drinks #beverage #drink #cocktails

8. Home Decor

In a decade, online home decor has grown substantially. A compound annual growth rate of this niche is 4%. So, if you fall under this, it is the best time to wake your social media from hibernation.

Home Adore

Home Adore tweets home decor ideas and inspirations. They already have 2.2M followers. Inspiration cravings done right!

Popular Hashtags for Home Decor

#homedecor #myhomedecor #homedecorinspo #homedecors #luxuryhomedecor #homedecorlover #home #interiordesign #interiordecor #interiordesigner

9. Real Estate

More than 2 million real estate agents reside in the US alone, and 70% of them are active on social media. So, hop on this bandwagon now to grab hold of every opportunity.


Sonoma County, a real estate expert, tweets about a stunning home in California setup. Like every real estate agent, they too tap into social media to skyrocket sales.

Best Hashtags for Real Estate

#realestate #realestatesales #realestateagents #realestatemarket #realestateforsale #realestategoals #realestateexperts #broker #luxuryrealestate #realestatelife

10. Dental

The dental industry is expected to surge to $698.8 billion by 2030. Using social media for this industry makes you a superior and trustworthy choice for nervous patients.


Bridgewater NHS tweeted a sweet customer testimonial to build trust in their services. And all of a sudden, dental doesn’t seem so scary!

Popular Hashtags for Dental

#dental #dentist #dentistry #smile #teeth #dentalcare #dentalclinic #oralhealth #dentalhygiene #teethwhitening

11. Photography

Photography is a ubiquitous part of social media. Continuous upload of your work adds credibility to your portfolio, and you get more clients as you double your engagement and triple your reach.


Richard Bernabe, a famous photographer, tweets his mesmerizing clicks. This Utah post got 1.9K likes and 238 retweets.

Top Hashtags for Photography

#photography #photooftheday #photo #picoftheday #photoshoot #travelphotography #portraitphotography #photographylovers #iphonephotography #canonphotography

12. Technology

More than 55% of IT buyers make a purchasing decision based on brands’ social media profiles. And this number is significant enough to convince anyone in this niche to have an active social media presence.

The Hacker News

The Hacker News, a widely popular platform, is known for sharing intuitive tech news. They already have a 751K+ following on Twitter.

Best Hashtags for Technology

#technology #tech #innovation #engineering #design #business #science #technews #gadgets #smartphone

13. NGO

90% of NGOs worldwide use social media to reach out to people for support. A social media profile will bear the testimony of all the accomplishments made after donation campaigns. This can further boost future endeavors.

Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships is winning hearts worldwide by doing great wonders. Here’s a post about their volunteer anesthetist who saved several lives in Uganda.

Popular Hashtags for NGO

#ngo #charity #nonprofit #support #fundraising #donation #socialgood #socialwork #philanthropy #nonprofitorganization

14. Education

The education industry has thrived in the past decade and is gearing again to reach newer heights. E-learning is expected to hit trillion dollars in 6 years. Evolving in this space is going to be a tough game, that’s for sure.


Coursera, a leading learning platform, has spread its promise of educating the masses from world-class universities. It has a dynamic presence on social media to motivate people to continue learning and upskilling in a self-paced environment.

Best Hashtags for Education

#education #learning #school #motivation #students #study #student #children #knowledge #college

15. Healthcare

Pandemic has further proved the dominance of the healthcare industry and its life-saving impacts. The industry will be worth $10 trillion by 2022.

The rise in healthcare will also lead to an increase in tech and manufacturing sectors as the global health issues intensify.


CVS Health is a leading pharmacy in the US that is active on social media to address health-related issues. They even collaborate with known athletes and famous figures to raise awareness and reiterate the importance of well-being.

Popular Hashtags for Healthcare

#healthcare #health #covid #medical #medicine #doctor #hospital #nurse #wellness #healthylifestyle

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Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 How do you find popular hashtags?

Most popular Instagram hashtags vary from time to time. It is also dependent on your location. However, you can use the Instagram hashtag generators or head over to the explore page to find the trending posts. Skim through those posts to get the most popular Instagram hashtags.

🌟 Are hashtags still relevant?

Yes, hashtags are still relevant. They work wonders on Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. But you can also use them on LinkedIn and Facebook. Make sure to use them judiciously for the best results.

🌟 Is it better to use popular hashtags?

It is best advised to go for a mix of popular and lesser-known hashtags. The combination totally depends on you but don’t overcrowd your posts with just hashtags. Use them only if it contributes to your messaging.

🌟 Is it better to put hashtags in comments or captions?

Though the functionality stays the same, you can use both places for effective reach. You can use the branded hashtags in the caption, while the popular ones can be in your comments for striking a good balance.

🌟 How do I know if a hashtag is working?

You can use hashtag or keyword monitoring tools to measure the performance of a particular hashtag. If the hashtag has a good usage count, it means the hashtag is popular, and people using it are witnessing good results.

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