How to Repurpose Content for Social Media Using AI

How to Repurpose Content for Social Media Using AI

Repurpose Content for Social Media Using AI

Create, Repurpose, and Repeat ♻️

As a content strategist, I follow this from the bottom of my heart.

With the social media universe continuously evolving and having to face constant pressure to produce new and engaging content, it is high time to repurpose content for social media using AI.

What is content repurposing, you may ask?

Content repurposing, a.k.a content recycling, is a process of re-using existing content and presenting it in a new format to increase its lifespan and reach

I have been using Artificial Intelligence to repurpose our existing content, like a blog or a YouTube video, and turning them into podcasts, Shorts, Twitter threads, or Pinterest infographics. It saves me hours of time I would have otherwise spent brainstorming or creating.

I have created this article with the aim of helping creators, businesses, and influencers to repurpose their content. Not to mention I have also added the best ways and tools to amp your efficiency further and avoid burnout.

Let’s get started with the basics first!

What is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing, also known as content recycling, is the practice of reusing existing content and transforming it into various formats to extend its reach and lifecycle. The process involves taking content that you have already created, such as a blog post, video, podcast, or infographic, and modifying or reformatting it for different platforms or audiences.

The aim of content repurposing is to maximize the value of your original content by adapting it to suit different contexts or channels. For example, a YouTube video that you put a lot of effort into can be repurposed into multiple TikTok videos, Reels/Shorts, or even a podcast episode. 


Repurposing content is not just about recycling old material; it’s about reimagining it to add new value, reach new audiences, and help fill the content gap.

The Benefits of Repurposing Content for Social Media Using AI

Increased Efficiency and Productivity:

Creating fresh pieces of content can be time-consuming and hectic, especially when you are short on deadlines or resources. 

By reusing your existing content and tweaking and editing it according to the platforms, you can create a backlog for your social media calendar. 

This saves you time by allowing you to create multiple bite-size content from one piece, increases efficiency, and boosts productivity by reducing the period of creating content.

Enhanced Content Personalization:

Another way AI can benefit your team is by repurposing social media content personalized to the channel you’re posting on. I use AI to optimize the content, format the assets according to the channel requirements, and even set a theme that can give exponential results. 

The best part is that I just have to write a proper AI prompt to ensure all the created content material has a consistent brand voice and style. It has helped me in improving the brand recognition and trust across social media.

Is maintaining a consistent brand voice across a plethora of social media content proving to be challenging?

SocialPilot’s AI Assistant offers the perfect solution. Generate social media captions with tonal filters like witty, humorous, sarcastic, and bold to build a cohesive brand voice across all platforms. Thanks to SocialPilot’s AI Assistant, upholding your brand voice and engaging your audience across social media channels is effortless.

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Consistency Across Brands:

It is crucial for a brand to be consistent in its voice and style. When an agency works with a multitude of brands, it becomes even more crucial to ensure the brand voice and style are as per the brand standard to maintain integrity and recognition across various social media platforms. While repurposing content, agencies can use AI to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. 

With our customer base of more than 13,000 customers, I noticed agencies repurposing their YouTube videos to create YouTube Shorts, Reels, and TikTok. Some agency clients managing social media handles of multiple brands even leveraged our AI assistant to repurpose long-form blog posts and create short, bite-sized posts for the entire month.

Additionally, to distribute content swiftly across social media channels, they used SocialPilot’s content planner. I analyzed our data and found a nearly 55% jump in the efficiency of their daily operations.

Data-Driven Insights:

AI gives you multiple valuable analytics, helping in understanding the audience preferences and leading to a more informed content strategy. Using the feedback loop, you can track and understand what content your audience resonates with. Is it Shorts, TikTok, Instagram carousels, or Pinterest infographics?

You get suggestions like the most effective formats, platforms, and distribution strategies based on the data analysis.

5 Ways to Use AI to Repurpose Content For Social Media

Repurposing content for different platforms is not new; we all have been doing this for ages. But in these tough times when everyone is fighting to increase their content visibility and reach a large number of viewers, it’s important to have a roadmap to follow.

Here, I have shared with you some of the effective ways that I use to repurpose content using AI. 

1. Repurpose Video for Social Media

Videos are a great medium to reach the masses, but it is not entirely necessary to have a video posted and wait for the magic to happen. You can always repurpose those long informative videos by trimming them into multiple YouTube Shorts, audio podcasts, or blogs to serve the interests of a diverse audience. 

For e.g., Content creator Cleo Abrams creates IG Reels from her YouTube videos and encourages her viewers to watch the entire video

But before you proceed, I have some suggestions for you:

  • If you’re trimming a video into a short clip for TikTok/Reels/Shorts, choose clips that catch the viewer’s attention.
  • Trim the videos while keeping the time limits in mind.
  • Ensure the video size and ratio meet the platform criteria.
  • Add music, text, or transaction to make it more appealing.
  • Use AI tools to extract audio or create transcripts of the blog.

To boost your efficiency and get some creative ideas, you can always take the help of AI tools to repurpose videos. I personally use Opus to repurpose my videos and turn them into multiple publish-ready Shorts.

It has an inbuilt AI editor that analyzes your videos, picks the best bits, and even adds trendy elements like lip-syncing avatars and text-to-videos. 

There are some other alternatives as well you can use. Check them out: offers AI-driven video resizing, text-to-speech conversion, adding captions to videos, and other features to repurpose video content for different social media platforms. It’s ideal for transforming longer videos into shorter, engaging clips suitable for social media platforms.

Descript: Descript allows you to edit video and audio content and then generate text transcriptions, making it useful for creating blog posts or podcasts from video material. Convert short, engaging moments into looping GIFs for eye-catching social media posts.

Klap: This AI-powered tool specializes in transforming your YouTube videos into engaging short content for platforms like TikTok, Reels, and Shorts. Analyze your video’s key moments, automatically generate clips, and add cool effects like text overlays and music. Klap even provides templates and inspiration for different video styles, making it perfect for beginners.

2. Repurpose Audio for Social Media

I know a lot of brands and marketers enjoy creating hour-long audio podcasts, but let me tell you, in marketing, you can always extract more from one source. For example, you can turn your long audio podcasts into multiple short audio clips, go to a video editor tool, add images to the selected clip, and you have a Reel ready. 😎 

You can use Headliner, an audiogram creation tool that can convert your audio into eye-pleasing visuals perfect for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

Its ability to add captions and animations enhances accessibility and engagement, making it a valuable tool for social media marketing. You can generate transcripts from your audio content, separate the speaker and listener, and add or even remove text. 

Here are my top 3 similar audio repurposing AI tool picks, [Sheeesh, I use some of them 🤫]: automates the process of converting audio content into various formats, making it efficient for businesses to reach audiences across different platforms. This content-repurposing AI tool for social media simplifies the creation of blog posts, podcasts, and video clips, saving time and resources.

The tool can also automatically download your videos from TikTok, remove the watermark, and publish them on Instagram as Reels or YouTube Shorts.

Wavve: Wavve specializes in transforming audio into visually appealing video snippets with waveform animations and captions. Businesses can use it to amplify their content’s visual impact on social media, attracting a larger and more diverse audience. This AI tool can create animated videos from voiceovers in a snap. It has plenty of animations and lip-sync features that you can use to create engaging videos.

3. Repurpose Blog Content for Social Media

If your blogs have gone viral, chances are if you repurpose them into social media posts or videos, people will also love them.

For instance, at the end of every month, I personally look at our top-performing blog and see if there is some opportunity to repurpose them into viral social media content. I take up 2 blogs, turn them into multiple LinkedIn Pulse articles using SocialPilot’s AI assistant, and add images and a CTA.

I then use SocialPilot again to turn my LinkedIn pulse blogs into Tweets and Facebook posts. To make the content more persuasive, I just write a prompt, and the AI does it all.

Emojis added, tone changed, and additional information added. 🤗

Apart from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, I can also generate content for Pinterest, Instagram, and Reddit within seconds. I can also personalize the content if I want to make any further changes.

When done, I simply bulk-schedule all my posts using the content calendar for the entire month. After getting posts live, I track their performance using the in-built analytics. Within the tool, I track metrics like the best time to post, engagement rates, and more. All this data helps me to carve out my marketing plans and goals.

Kapwing: Kapwing is an online multimedia platform that simplifies the process of converting blog content into video formats. It offers tools for adding text, images, and animations to create engaging video content for various social media platforms.

Lumen5: Lumen5 is known for its AI-powered tech to put life into your words by transforming text-like blog posts into captivating videos in minutes. But it’s not just video magic! You can extract text from videos for blogs or articles, grab audio and turn it into podcasts, and even create short clips.

ChatGPT: As everyone knows, ChatGPT is a language model that can understand human-like texts. It can assist you in recycling long-form blogs into short, digestible content pieces for social media, creating scripts for videos/podcasts, and following your style guide. With GPT-4, you can humanize the content, generate images from texts, and more.

4. Create Content Variations as per Platform:

Every social media platform has different content requirements, guidelines, and favorable formats. You should tailor your content to suit specific platforms.

  • LinkedIn: It’s a professional network; repurposing industry insights thought leadership articles, and professional content can help you reach the masses. Share LinkedIn slides, in-depth articles, research reports, and business-related updates to position your brand as an industry expert.
  • Facebook: Focus on relatable stories, engaging videos, and shareable content. Repurpose customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes footage, and heartwarming stories that resonate with a broad audience.
  • Twitter: Craft concise and trending topics. Repurpose blog highlights, statistics, and quick tips that can be easily shared and retweeted within Twitter’s character limit.
  • YouTube: Produce in-depth tutorials, product demonstrations, and explainer videos. Repurpose long-form content into informative Shorts that provide value to your audience.
  • Instagram: Showcase visually stunning images, infographics, and user-generated content. Repurpose high-quality visuals, product images, and visually appealing graphics that align with Instagram’s visual-centric nature.
  • TikTok: Create short, entertaining clips, challenges, and creative content. Repurpose engaging snippets from longer videos or create fresh, attention-grabbing content designed for TikTok’s short-format platform.

5. Repurpose by Updating Older Content:

Having old content does not mean it’s valueless. You can still recycle it and bring out the true potential of the post. You can revitalize old content pieces by adding fresh information or recent statistics.

For example, you can take a blog post from a previous year, update it with the latest trends or case studies, and convert it into a detailed YouTube video. 

Furthermore, it does not always need to be just text, graphics, or videos. You can utilize your creative skills and come up with fresh ideas, like showcasing your journey and converting it into a social media post.

AI generally refreshes text and images, adding a fresh style to each variation. However, it is recommended that creators check and verify each piece manually or use an AI tool to ensure authenticity.

Brand @youneedabudget showcased its website modification journey over the years through a YouTube video. Then they created an Instagram post dedicated to showcasing this design revamp journey. This marketing initiative made their customers dive into the memory lane and start a conversation, hence boosting their post reach.

Conclusion: Embracing AI for Future-Proof Content Strategy

In the past, content repurposing faced criticism due to limitations, but AI has transformed the landscape. Businesses leverage AI to craft unique posts by rehashing social media content based on evergreen themes.

Using AI tools, you can generate fresh and long-lasting content for social media, enriching your content calendars and boosting engagement. Moreover, there are endless use cases of AI in social media, and you should also take advantage of them.

Thats it from our side. Happy repurposing

Frequently Asked Questions

How to repurpose TikTok videos to Instagram?

Here is how you can repurpose your TikTok videos to Instagram:

  • Step 1: Use an AI content repurposing tool like
  • Step 2: Login and connect your TikTok and Instagram accounts.
  • Step 3: Design a workflow to send your TikTok Videos to Instagram.
  • Step 4: Manually publish the videos you want or turn on auto-publish to automate the process.

How to know if your content is AI-generated?

Determining if the content is AI-generated can be challenging, as these can mimic human writing style and tone pretty well. However, there are some tools you can use to check whether the content was written by an AI or a human. These include:

Can I repurpose influencer content?

Yes, you can repurpose and utilize influencer content. Here are some steps you need to follow:

  • Identify valuable content: Choose influencer posts that align with your brand and target audience.
  • Ask for permission: Seek permission from the influencer to repurpose the content, ensuring you comply with copyright and partnership agreements.
  • Customize for your audience: Modify the content to resonate with your target audience. Add brand voice tone, add relevant hashtags, or tailor the message.
  • Choose the right channel: Select the right channel for sharing the repurposed content.
  • Give credits: It's ethical always to give rightful credit to the original content owner.
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