10 AI Tools for Content Creation to Drive Impact from Ideas

Here are 10 AI tools for content creation to generate all kinds of content. Speed up your workflow and produce polished content to enhance your content marketing strategy..

Content creation has always been a matter of obtaining and wielding data creatively. The appearance of Artificial Intelligence has completely changed the game of how we perceive the task of content marketing. What used to take time and lots of effort can now be achieved with AI tools for content creation specifically.

According to a survey by Forbes Advisor, 54% of people believe that AI tools will improve the quality of written content.

And it seems to be true.

AI tools for content creation have now been successfully integrated into the workflow of all things marketing. More than 75% of marketers have admittedly been using AI tools to complete various tasks more efficiently.

There are innumerable tools whose functioning is fueled by AI, but we’ll only talk about the ones concerned with content creation.

First, let us cover the basics of AI content tools.

What are AI content creation tools?

AI tools for content creation are programs that create various types of content using artificial intelligence based on the prompts. These tools can produce all kinds of content imaginable, including social media captions, full-length articles, PowerPoint presentations, images, infographics, and even videos.

These tools use machine learning and natural language processing to analyze the input and subsequently create results.

AI tools for content creation are especially conducive for businesses involved in content marketing and who need a constant supply of quality content, which also has to be unique. Writer’s block is not an issue for marketers and content writers when they have a trusty AI content creation tool by their side.

However, AI is still a very new and alien technology for many, and they are apprehensive about the extent to which they should be using these tools.

Should You Be Using AI Tools for Content Creation?

People have been apprehensive about using AI tools for content creation. The first is about how beneficial AI-generated content can be regarding search engines.

Search engines rank content based on quality and match the user’s search intent, authenticity, and many other factors. Now, there have been doubts about whether AI content would be considered authentic and original in Google’s eyes.

But Google themselves have clarified that AI-generated content will not be flagged by the search engine as long as it’s high-quality and incorporates expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

The second concern is more related to the people involved with content creation. If AI tools are doing all the work, what will happen to the jobs of the actual content creators?

Well, look at it this way: AI tools can’t replace the creators because these have been designed to assist them. Without the prompt and instructions from a human, AI content tools can’t be of any help. And in most cases, the content created by AI tools needs to be edited and changed to make it more relatable rather than mechanical.

AI tools are meant to be used judiciously to increase marketers’ productivity while creating good-quality content at scale.

There are many benefits that AI content tools can wield for their users.

How do AI tools help in Content Creation?

There are multiple types of AI tools for content creation. They are capable of creating more than just a single type of content in most of the cases.

Let us give you an overview of just how beneficial it is to use AI content tools.

  • AI content creation saves time: AI content creation acts as a fast-forward button, speeding the process of content creation. These tools can create quality content at scale in the blink of an eye.
  • Content ideation: Marketers must constantly develop new and unique content strategies to stay ahead in the game. AI tools for content creation can also give you a considerable amount of good content ideas.
  • Keeping up productivity: Creators may experience fluctuations in their productivity levels, but AI content tools offer support in ensuring a consistent flow of content remains accessible.
  • Repurposing of previous content: AI tools are a great solution to reuse the compelling content you have already created on different channels. A full-blown blog can be fed to a tool to create a series of AI-generated social media posts for various social channels.
  • Content Translations: Content creation tools can often be used to translate content into several other languages. This can help you target your audience at multiple locations.
  • Cost-effectiveness: If you outsource your content creation to freelancers, AI content creation tools can save you the hassle of achieving it in-house. This can save marketers a lot of time and money.
  • Tonal consistency: It is not good practice for the content tone of one brand to vary on different channels. AI tools enable marketers to keep a consistent tone to maintain cohesiveness in all the content being put out.

Now let’s come to the crux of this article. We have curated a list of AI tools for content creation. This assembly is not limited to content writing tools but has tools which creates visual content as well.

Best AI Content Creation Tools

1. SocialPilot’s AI Assistant


per month

SocialPilot, at its core, is a social media management tool that now specializes in tailoring posts, thanks to AI Assistant, its AI tool for content creation. From crafting content ideas to maintaining a consistent brand tone across all posts, SocialPilot’s AI Assistant simplifies the process.

The tool comes equipped with preset prompts to generate personalized posts for various social media platforms, consolidating post management into a single dashboard with just a few clicks. SocialPilot portrays how useful AI is for social media marketing.

Beyond content generation, SocialPilot’s versatility extends to its content library feature, allowing users to save generated content for future use. Accessible at any time, this archive streamlines content management and ensures seamless posting across platforms.

Below are some key features of SocialPilot’s AI Assistant:

  • Crafts social media posts effortlessly according to any prompt you provide.
  • Has predefined prompt templates to optimize posts for specific social media platforms seamlessly.
  • AI Assistant generates relevant hashtags aligned with your social media content.
  •  AI Assistant seamlessly translates all your content into any language.
  • Gives old content a fresh spin and maintains consistency by repurposing and resharing it across your social media platforms.
  • Get content ideas and plan social media campaigns effectively with AI Assistant.
  • Customize the tone of your content to enhance its expressiveness and engagement.
  • Save generated copies by AI Assistant to the content library for future reference or direct integration into scheduled posts using SocialPilot’s scheduler.

What do SocialPilot users say?


Valorie M.

What I like best about SocialPilot is that it makes my social media posting much more efficient. I can post across multiple channels with just a few clicks. I also love the calendar feature. This helps me get a bird’s eye view of what is upcoming and helps me pace out my content. Another great feature is the creation of the first comment on posts (not all channels offer this).


Hristo N.

Numerous accounts, grouping of accounts, analytics, history of posts, drafts, and AI assistant. I also like the support we have always received in a timely and professional manner. We have used SocialPilot for a year already and we truly enjoy it and will continue using it. It’s very easy to use and has an ever-increasing number of features.

2. Anyword


per month for 1 user

Anyword is a cloud-based writing tool designed for efficient content creation, optimization, and testing. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to refine marketing copy across websites, social media, emails, and ads. While targeting marketers primarily, Anyword’s user-friendly web interface welcomes writers of all backgrounds.

Key features include unlimited word usage, a content improver, a blog wizard, and brand voice tools defining personality, tone, and style. Custom formulas and brand rules enhance text generation and brand adherence. Anyword seamlessly integrates with HubSpot, Google Ads, Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Pages, streamlining optimization.

Its pricing comprises three plans: starter, data-driven teams, and business. The starter plan suits freelancers, while the data-driven teams package accommodates collaborative efforts with three seats. The business plan offers unlimited seats and includes brand management tools and enterprise-grade security.


  • Users appreciate Anyword for its ability to generate content quickly across various platforms.
  • Anyword’s user interface is lauded for its ease of use, making it accessible to a wide range of users, including those who may not be tech-savvy.

Peter G.

The Anyword app saved me a lot of time when it came to creating content and thinking of ideas. It is very easy to use; no special technical skill required.


  • The higher cost of the tool may pose a challenge for individuals or small businesses with limited budgets.
  • Some users encounter limitations with Anyword’s word count restrictions, especially when dealing with long-form content.

Verified User

The pricing plans seem to be all over the place, and they aren’t really transparent about what you’re getting with the product until after you sign up. I’m still not completely sure how the word count is calculated; it seems odd. They will serve you useless text and that will count toward your monthly quota.

3. Article Forge


per month for 25000 words

Article Forge is an AI content creation tool designed for entrepreneurs, SEO experts, and small businesses looking to streamline content production. Despite potential shortcomings, the platform enables efficient production of engaging, search engine-friendly content. It primarily focuses on long-form articles but supports longer content pieces like eBooks.

Entrepreneurs benefit from its ability to generate content in bulk and automate WordPress blog postings. Similarly, SEO experts leverage Article Forge to create multiple articles, although refining content may be necessary to meet SEO requirements.

Key features include the Article Generator, Bulk Article Generator, WordPress blog integration, and Post Scheduler, enhancing productivity and convenience. Users should review and refine generated content to align with brand tone and SEO standards.


  • Article Forge is praised for its effectiveness in creating SEO-centric posts.
  • Users value Article Forge for its ability to automatically include elements like images and videos in generated content.

Tom W.

Article Forge provides a great starting point when creating online content. It’s better for creating blog posts than multipurpose tools such as ChatGPT or Bard as the platform understands what constitutes good SEO-centric posts.


  • Users note that they can exhaust their credits quickly when using Article Forge, which could lead to additional expenses.
  • Some express a desire for longer articles and more control options, such as the ability to insert specific links with exact keywords and URLs.

Verified User

Sometimes I stumble on wrong information or doesn’t match the content I need, and sometimes repetitive.

4. Synthesia


for 10 minutes of video

Synthesia is one of the best AI tools for content creation that revolutionizes video creation for individuals, businesses, and teams. It ingeniously generates high-quality videos without the need for costly equipment or specialized skills. By employing AI avatars that mimic human speech, Synthesia breathes life into scripts, turning them into captivating visual narratives.

Its key features include a vast library of over 150 AI avatars, accommodating diverse languages, accents, and dialects. With customizable templates and backgrounds, users can craft professional videos effortlessly. Synthesia’s AI translation capabilities and media library streamline content creation, while team collaboration features enhance workflow efficiency.

Pricing options cater to varied needs, with the Personal Plan offering 10 video minutes monthly, ideal for individual creators and small businesses. The Enterprise Plans, tailored for larger teams, offer unlimited videos and advanced features, albeit at custom pricing.


  • Synthesia simplifies the process of creating high-quality videos, making it easy for users to generate engaging content quickly and effectively.
  • The tool offers a range of templates, avatars, and voices, allowing users to customize their videos to suit their specific needs

Dayna S.

Synthesia is invaluable for creating e-learning modules with its custom avatars to make it personal, swift video generation, and user-friendly interface. I use the application a lot and appreciate the extensive choices of media from Shutterstock to help enhance creativity. The absence of traditional filming also saves time, allowing AI trainers to flawlessly execute scripts.


  • Users have experienced performance issues with Synthesia, including crashes, slow loading times, and unresponsiveness.
  • The AI-generated speech in Synthesia sometimes encounters pronunciation problems, leading to inaccuracies and affecting the natural flow and clarity of the spoken content.

Mona U.

There are some improvements needed like sometime video editing get stuck, adding a media as background does not show full recorded screen. The trimming of video is horrible. 1000 times i need to search for a way to trim the video. As a user I do not understand what is variable and how this is useful for me so would be good if how to is there.

5. Murf


per month per user

Murf AI is an advanced AI-driven tool for efficient voiceover creation, ideal for various content creators. With over 120 human-like voices in 20 languages, it caters to businesses, marketers, educators, and digital creators, enhancing their multimedia projects.

Key features include intuitive text-to-speech functionality for adjusting voice characteristics like style and tone. Integration with platforms like Canva and Google Slides streamlines workflow, enabling seamless incorporation of voiceovers.

Despite occasional bugs, Murf AI’s vast stock media library and voice cloning feature offer versatility. Murf is one of the few free AI tools for content creation you can use but its advanced features and unlimited download capabilites come under paid subscriptions.


  • Murf.ai offers a wide range of professional voices, including African American voices, which are valuable for various projects like storytelling podcasts, cartoons, and training videos.
  • Users appreciate the ability to customize voice parameters such as pitch, speed, emphasis, volume, and more.

Verified User

Utilizing the Murf.ai software dramatically elevated our team’s capabilities, allowing us to create professional-grade voiceover projects instantly without prior experience. The process is beautifully simplified; we input a script, select an appropriate voice matching our advertisement’s tone and infuse it into the software. We then add music which readily transforms it into an incredibly lifelike commercial.


  • Some users find it inconvenient that their monthly word allotment does not carry over, leading to potential wastage of unused words.
  • While Murf.ai offers a variety of voices, some users desire more emotional range in the voiceovers, including options for conveying sadness, anger, and excitement.

Verified User

Some pronounciation is still bad, even with the ability to adjust pronounciation, the voice does not correct itself. Word like “Creative” sounds like Cree-teeve. Most voiceovers still sound robotic so I can only choose 2-3 voices even with pro-plan.

6. Rytr


per month for 100k characters

Rytr, an AI tool for content creation, caters to content creators with its plagiarism-free, SEO-friendly short-form copy generation. Being a free AI tools for content creation  makes it accessible to freelancers and businesses, with affordable paid options available.

Key features include 3 text variations, built-in plagiarism and SEO tools, and support for over 30 languages. While an ideal AI caption generator tool for social posts and emails, Rytr also offers content outlines, long-form articles, and ad copy generation.

Rytr excels in generating content ideas, outlines, and improving text. Its interface is intuitive, with a browser extension for seamless integration. Despite occasional bugs and a 10,000-character limit on the free plan, Rytr delivers grammatically correct, factually accurate content.

Users value Rytr’s ability to create compelling copy and its positive impact on paid advertising campaigns. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, Rytr proves invaluable for enhancing tools for content creation across platforms.


  • Wide range of templates available in Rytr, which cater to various writing needs such as blog writing, social media content, emails, etc.
  • AI capabilities help users generate high-quality content that is indistinguishable from human-written content.


It is easy to use and fast. As someone who has to write a lot, I need a way to proofread my work. Proofreading is not my strong suit. Rytr helps as a second pair of eyes to catch my mistakes before I send it out. It is also helpful for outlining.


  • Users exhaust their monthly quota quickly if they do not set limits on responses.
  • Rytr doesn’t have all the content types they need, such as specific social media post formats.

Arianne Joyce A.

I’m not too fond of it somehow because its credits are easy to be consumed, and the word count used is not very accurate, unlike other ai websites like Simplifier or chatSonic that indicate how much credits it’ll cost for every word.

7. Frase.io


per month for 1 user

Frase.io is a versatile content creation tool offering support in research, content outlining, and AI-driven creation. It aims to streamline processes, saving users time typically spent on tasks such as researching search intent and drafting articles.

The tool’s content outline feature excels in accuracy and offers helpful suggestions. Its key features include comprehensive research capabilities, analyzing SERP results, and providing insights into competitor strategies. Moreover, it identifies common questions related to a topic, facilitating the creation of informative content.

Despite limitations in AI content generation, Frase.io integrates seamlessly with platforms like Google Docs and Google Search Console, expanding its usability and functionality.


  • The automatic content brief creation feature significantly reduces content creation time.
  • The dashboard that shows how an article compares to others competing for the same keyword is a standout feature.


The ease of use and the fact that it doesn’t take hours to get started. As a content manager, I give Frase links to my writers and they just use the Chrome plugin to optimize their content. Also, importing content to optimize into Frase is effortless as well.


  • Users mention a learning curve, especially in fully utilizing Frase.io’s capabilities.
  • The heat map feature is criticized for not being visually appealing. Users express a preference for improvements in the presentation of this feature

Shanna M.

I’m not crazy about the heat map. It’s not visually appealing. I also feel like while Frase is not so difficult to use, there’s a little bit of a learning curve to take full advantage of what it has to offer.

8. Midjourney

Midjourney AI transforms AI-generated art, empowering users to craft stunning images from simple textual descriptions. Ideal for those lacking artistic skills, One of the top AI tool for content creation for images, it streamlines image creation with its intuitive interface.

Users describe their vision, and the AI engine renders photorealistic images to match their specifications. Should the results fall short, users can regenerate images until satisfied. Accessible via Discord, Midjourney AI eliminates the need for specialized software, offering convenience for creators on the move.

A standout feature is its ability to emulate various artistic styles, allowing users to customize images to their preferences. While users can refine images for desired outcomes, mastering the AI tools may require practice.


  • Generates images from natural language descriptions showcasing its innovative approach to creativity.
  • Create stunning high-quality visuals that meet users’ needs, even from complex prompts.
  • The integration with Discord makes the creative process seamless.

Yash A.

Midjourney is the best AI tool I have ever seen; it can literally create anything a human mind can imagine. You just have to enter a good prompt, and you will be stunned to see the results! it has been the best revolutionary tool in the modern era and its improving day by day.


  • The biggest issue found by users is that it can not be directly accessed and has to be integrated with Discord to be used.
  • Occasional issues with the initial generation of images, particularly related to the accuracy of facial features and occasional generation of extra arms and legs, impacting the quality of the output.
  • Free trials have been removed and users need to purchase a subscription to access the tool.

Guillermo M.

With Midjourney, sometimes the images don’t come out as clear and detailed as other times, making the images seem blurry, even when upscaled. Also the Ai can struggle with body parts, which is to be expected early on.

9. Copy.ai

Free for 1 user

and 2000 words in chat

Copy.ai, founded in 2020 by Paul Yacoubian and Chris Lu, boasts a user base exceeding 2,000,000, counting Microsoft and eBay among its clients. Powered by a blend of machine learning models and GPT-3, Copy.ai aims to generate human-like content marketing copy.

Catering to diverse users, Copy.ai offers templates for various content formats, including Facebook ads and cover letters. Its versatility extends to aiding students in crafting essay outlines, serving as a valuable tool across multiple content creation domains. But it the best known as a copy writing tool capabilities.

Its user-friendly Projects dashboard enables seamless organization of folders and documents. The editor, resembling Google Docs, facilitates easy text generation with a simple Tab press, offering multiple output options.

Copy.ai stands out as a top choice among AI writing tools, particularly appealing to budget-conscious small business owners. With a free plan available, users can explore its features and evaluate its effectiveness in streamlining their content creation processes.


  • The platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to navigate and generate content without the need for extensive technical knowledge.
  • Copy.ai offers a wide range of templates and formats to choose from, allowing users to customize their content creation according to their needs.

Juliana C.

I love copy.ai because it’s so simple to use. I’m able to pick a tone and the format is very user friendly. There are many templates to choose from and it always has great content.


  • Users have reported issues with accessing customer support, including unresponsive chat and email support.
  • Significant gap between the pro plan and higher-tier plans, particularly regarding the inability to purchase credits without upgrading the plan.

Verified User

The free version is not so fast yet it is good for limited content.

10. Scalenut


for 100,000 AI Words<

Scalenut, founded in 2020, is an SEO research and optimization platform offering AI tools for content creation. It serves over 200,000 marketers, including major brands like Amazon, Microsoft, and Adobe. Utilizing OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer platform (GPT) and proprietary models, Scalenut enhances website performance, boosts organic traffic, and optimizes articles for content marketing strategies.

Key features include Cruise Mode, an AI article writer, content editor, SEO Score, Keyword Planner, AI templates, and customer support. Cruise Mode accelerates content creation by generating briefs, outlines, and FAQs within minutes.

The AI tool for content creation offers three tiers: Essential, Growth, and Pro, with varying features. Seamless integration with Copyscape, Semrush, and WordPress enhances functionality.

Scalenut is a robust SEO tool for startups and medium-sized businesses, enhancing content quality and organic traffic. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it a valuable tool for marketers aiming to optimize content and improve search engine rankings.


  • Scalenut offers a wide range of features including SEO optimization, keyword research, NLP words, page optimization, and more, all integrated into one platform.
  • The integration with WordPress and the ease of use of Scalenut’s features, such as Cruise Mode and AI content generation, make it a convenient tool for users.

Petteri P.

I like that I can score my articles/content in comparison to other top ranked pages. Also – AI is quite good. The tool is very easy to use and it was quite easy to get started.


  • Some users find that Scalenut takes time to get used to due to its numerous features.
  • There are occasional concerns about the quality of the output, with users noting minor factual errors or the need for further improvements in AI-generated content.

Andrew L.

You have to go through the learning curve that will be able to make this product shine. Outbound links need to manually linked although sources are provided. Some features are not apparent and you need to discover it or have the product / customer support to guide you to use it better. Pricing is a bit expensive.

How do you Pick the Best AI Content Creation tool for you?

We tried to list out some of the best and most sought-after AI content tools that more or less cover the entire spectrum of content generation requirements. But every business has a separate set of goals to achieve for every automation tool it decides on.

There are numerous AI tools available in the market, specializing in different categories of content. However, there are some elementary factors to consider to pick the best AI tool for content creation.

  • Content Variety: Ensure the tool offers versatility, i.e., is able to generate various content types, including short-form or long-form content as well as textual and visual.
  • User Experience: Opt for a tool that is user-friendly, requiring minimal time for users to become proficient in its operation. Also, take into consideration the availability of support and training being provided to its users.
  • Content Quality: Prioritize the output quality of the AI tool, ensuring that the generated content meets your expectations and standards consistently. It is important that the AI-generated content still seems as human-written as possible.
  • Scalability and Pricing: Consider the tool’s pricing structure, tailored to your team size and intended usage when making your selection.

Best Practices for Using AI Tools for Content Creation

Getting an AI tool for content generation might feel like a superpower in your hands, but incorporating it into your natural process is not that simple. Creators make the mistake of overusing the tool, which can lead to some damaging consequences.

Here are some tips for you to implement when there is an AI tool involved in content creation.

Use Specific Prompts:

Your AI content tools can be as good as the prompts given to them. So, it is better to be very accurate and precise with the prompts you give to generate content. You can learn to streamline the results step by step as the tool keeps learning with each prompt you feed it.

Review the Results:

One of the worst practices you absolutely MUST avoid is to directly copy and paste the content generated by the AI tool for content creation. You should read it thoroughly and edit it without fail before using it or posting it to any channel online.

AI-generated content often displays a repetitive pattern in what it generates, you have to tweak the results to make it seem as human-written as possible.

Create Custom Prompts:

Quality content, especially longer ones, takes not one but many retakes to perfect, even for an AI. Try to create your own unique prompts that shorten your journey of reaching the perfect results.

For written content, define the task, subject at hand, the style you follow, tone of voice, ideal word or character count, and any other specifics required. You can also use AI tools to generate prompts like you generate content.

Plagiarism Screening

Ideally, AI-generated content does not show any sign of plagiarism but it may inadvertently incorporate content from various online sources. Therefore, it’s imperative to run generated content through plagiarism-checking tools consistently.

Check for Factual Inaccuracies

While AI-generated content often includes facts, they may not always be accurate or current due to the data used for training the algorithms. Detecting these discrepancies can be challenging.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to review and cross-check any factual inaccuracies in the content thoroughly.


In conclusion, AI tools for content creation help businesses create faster and better. With the right tool in your arsenal, you save time and still make great content that keeps your audience engaged. AI tools, when used well, can really help you achieve your goals and way ahead of time.

Whether it’s making videos, writing for social media, or blogging, the best AI tools can boost your business. Nowadays, all kinds of automation tools like SocialPilot have started integrating generative AI into their workflow to help users centralize creation and management from the same dashboard.

Hence, it’s recommended to embrace the future of content creation with AI technology and stay ahead in the competitive digital realm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an AI for content creation?

There are innumerable AI tools available online for content creation. You can generate all types of content with these tools, including full-length articles, short copies, images, videos, voiceovers, etc.

What is the best AI tool to write content?

There are many AI tools to write content with. ChatGPT is a diverse tool that comes to mind, but there are specialized content creation tools like SocialPilot’s AI assistant, Anyword, Article Forge, Rytr, Frase.io, Copy.ai, Scalenut, etc.

Will AI replace content creators?

AI content creation tools have been created to assist humans in their venture to boost their content creation efficiency. Moreover, these tools still need to be directed by human creativity to generate actual valuable content. Hence it's highly unlikely for AI to replace content creators.

Is it illegal to sell AI-generated writing?

Indeed, it is legal to sell AI-generated writing as long as it is not plagiarized in any way. There exist no explicit laws barring the utilization of content created by AI tools.

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