Top 7 Social Media Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore this 2017

Top 7 Social Media Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore this 2017


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Which social media trend is working this year – is the topic of endless discussion? Social media strategies are not about adopting a few techniques. It is about adopting the new techniques without losing the hold of older ones. So, your question must be like which social media trends you should add in 2017?

Live Video Streaming

It is something beyond just creating video and posting on social media. Live video streaming is about broadcasting your videos live on the web. It is like displaying your videos in real time, making them go live. Remember, Periscope and Facebook Live. It’s time for you to include the same in your social media marketing because “82% prefer live video from a brand on social media rather than a blog post”.


Chatbots allow users to perform daily tasks within chat services. For e.g. users can make reservations, order food, etc., using Facebook messenger. Users don’t have enough time to download your app and perform tasks. If you offer them Chatbots within messaging services, they will find it easier to reach you.

Social Selling

Social media is the only place where you get maximum presence of users. You can’t drag users’ attention away from social media. That’s why social selling comes to rescue. Social selling is using social media as a tool to interact with users and sell your products. With social selling, you can be a part of users’ social world which give you power to promote your products without interfering in users’ social world. Make use of social media tools for business to help you with social selling.

Social Advertisement

Social advertisement is to deliver your marketing material on social media like ads, content, images, videos, or whatever you create to engage with users. You can also call it a great helping tool to your social selling campaign.

Personalized Content

Users are overwhelmed with content from all sides. They might not have enough time left to include with your content. The only way to overcome this obstacle is switch to personalized content – like the way Amazon does. The shopping giant offers home page relevant to your past viewed products and purchase. You too can create content based on users’ past history and their likings.

Social Analytics

Analyzing the actions and reactions of all your social efforts is called social media analytics. It’s an analysis of customer engagement, business metrics, conversions, etc. Using the best social media metric tools or analytics tools lead you to take effective decisions and put valuable efforts in your social media campaigns.

Virtual Reality

Users are more interested in exploring new world rather than be alive in their own world. The key problem is they can’t do this by sitting at home. But you can make it possible for them. Adopt virtual reality and take users to a different world. For e.g. you can show them a 360 degree view of world relevant to the products and services you provide. Do it creatively. Giving users adifferent virtualexperience on social media makes your content more appealing and engaging.

With this Infographic, I will share with you 7 social media trends you should add to your campaign this 2017.

Social Media Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore this 2017

Wrapping Up

Social media market is not any more about marketing your products. Rather, it has turned into a tool to improve your customer experience. All the above trends will improve your customer experience so that your brand can effectively engage with users and turn them into your customers.

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