How to Add Information about Your Services on Your Facebook Page

How to Add Information about Your Services on Your Facebook Page

Learn how to add services to your Facebook page effortlessly. Raise your online presence and attract more customers with ease.

How to Add Information about Your Services on Your Facebook Page

Done with creating your business page on Facebook? Have you listed your services yet?

If you run a plumbing, house cleaning, or other service-based business, you should definitely list your services on your Facebook page. However, after Facebook’s layout change, the process of adding services has drastically altered. Maybe that problem has brought you here.

What’s even more challenging is that Facebook’s own support page only shows how to display a list of basic services. But what if you want to add customized services, such as health appointments, video shoots, or other specialized offerings?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

In this step-by-step blog, we will show you how to add services on your Facebook page in 2024 without any hiccups and start boosting your sales right from the get-go.

Steps To Add Services To Your Facebook Business Page

Though the Meta has stopped native support of the Services tab on your Facebook page, there is an alternative to this, and not to be kidding, it is the only solution to display your services on pages.

For better understanding and clarity, we have divided this process into 2 parts. The first will be to create Services and fill in the basic information, and the second will be to list a “Book Now” button on your page for service booking.

Here is how to create your services:

Step 1: Login into your Facebook account and click your profile picture from the top right.

Step 2: Tap “See all profiles” and select your page profile.

Step 3: Now click on your page from the left menu.

See all profiles

Step 4: From your page dashboard, click on the “Meta Business Suite.”

Meta Business Suite

Step 5: Navigate to “All tools” and tap to open a new window.

add service

Step 6: Search “Sell products and services” and select “Services.”

service option

Step 7: Click “Add a Service” and fill in all the required information.

Add a Service

Step 8: Upload a photo and tap “Add Service.”

Add Service

After creating your services, here is how they look to you:

Service Option

Now that you have added a service to your Facebook page, but when you look at your page dashboard, you will not see “Services” listed.

Manage Page

There is a solution that requires you to add an action button. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Click on the three dots on the Facebook page and tap “Edit Action Button.”

Action Button

Step 2: In the next window, hit “Try It.”

Step 3: From here, click Book now > Next.

Book Now

Step 4: From this popup, select “Scheduling tool.”

Scheduling tool

Step 5: In “Edit Services,” you will see all your services, which you can shuffle up or down accordingly.

Edit Services

Step 6: Click “Edit availability” and add your booking hours. You can toggle on or off “Manually approve appointments.”

Step 7: Finally, tap “Finish” and switch back to your personal Facebook profile.

Step 8: Go to your Facebook page, and you should be able to see a “Book Now” button with the services listed.

Book Now

From here, your clients can book and schedule your services based on the calendar timings.

Finally, you have successfully listed your services on your Facebook page.

What Information Should You Add About a Service?

Facebook lets you rearrange the order of your services, and based on the order, they will be on the user’s display while booking.

But there’s more to services than just rearranging them. You can add information about your offerings, such as service title, description, pricing, duration, etc.

Here are some key information you should add in your services:

Add description

Since you have limited space for describing your service, make sure you describe it in a way that shows its value. Treat the description like an elevator pitch and write like it’s your last chance to inspire your target audience to buy from you.

Include the information that people must learn about first. Keep it crisp and clear. Then, you can add additional information within the 600-character limit. So when your prospective customers click on a service, they will see the important information before they click ‘More’ to read more.

Add images

Though adding information about your services will do the needful, adding a related imagery can help you do your branding too. If you have an image available for each service that you have added on your website, use those images on your Facebook business page.

Add the price of your service

You can add a fixed price to your services on your Facebook page. This helps you avoid wasting time with customer inquiries who can’t afford it and frees up time for you to focus on serious leads. Your potential customers can quickly understand if your service pricing aligns with their budget.

Meta gives you multiple pricing options such as “Starting from,” “Variable price,” “Ask for a price,” and “No price,” allowing you to set your price according to your business model.

How does adding information about services help your business grow?

The biggest benefit of adding the Services tab on to your Facebook business page is that you can list and showcase all your services for people to be aware about them. Alongside, you can display the price of each service if you really want to. But be careful, because it can either be encouraging for visitors to know more about your services, or it can be a disappointment for them to switch to one of your competitors.

Note: Adding a price or not is completely up to you. If you do not want to disclose the price, you can choose not to.

A services section on your page provides you with several other benefits. Here’s how:

Creates awareness

When you add a service to your business page, you create awareness for it among people. While the Services tab helps you do so, you can do so by tagging a service in your image post.

Let’s take a look at how to add a tag to a post:

Once you create a post for your business page’s timeline, open the post.

create a post

Hover over the post and select the ‘Tag Products’ icon.

Tag Products

Type in the service name and click ‘Done Tagging’.

It’s that easy!

Engage with your prospects

Now that you have tagged your posts with your services’ names, people will click on it and engage with your posts more. Some of them would visit your page to learn more about your services and may even visit your website for additional information about your brand. Some of them may even leave a message on your page looking for answers to their queries. Grab this opportunity to start communication with them.

List any number of services

Adding services to your page doesn’t require you to add them anywhere else before. You can add any number of your services to your page at any time.

Tips to Follow When You Add the Services Section to Your Business Page

Keep Information Up-To-Date and Delete Any Obsolete Service

Always make sure that the information added for a service on your Facebook page is up-to-date and is not missing any important element. It helps dodge the biggest demon of the digital world, criticism, and ensures a great customer experience at any time. In addition, delete any service from your page that you are no longer offering.

Ask for customer reviews

When your page has a Services section that provides people with the required information and inspires them to seal a deal with you, you can also ask them to leave ratings and reviews for you using the Reviews section available on the page by default. The more ratings and reviews you have, the more you can build a sense of trust among new visitors.

Add your business’s local address

Getting successful at providing an enriching and positive customer experience is not enough. You need to add your physical office’s address on your business page to be able to increase your footfall. A happy customer may like to personally visit you, especially if they are not tech-savvy and do not like to transact online.

Share information about the new services

When you add a service to your official page, the next step is to share the same on your timeline. People want to know what you are up to and a post from you on their News Feed helps them connect with you better.

Add description for services

Though adding a description for a service is optional. You may add one or you may not. But it is advised that you do not only add the names of your services and hope to stay ahead of your competitors.

You need to add essential content related to the service while also specifying the context. Let people know what you want them to do after learning about your service. Leave something for them to act upon.

Cheat Codes to Remember While Adding Your Service to Facebook

  1. The picture size for a service is the same size as your profile picture. Facebook recommends dimensions of 180px by 180px. However, you can keep it to a minimum of 160px by 160px.

    Remember: The image should have a ratio of 1:1.

  2. You cannot reorder your services once you have entered them. Be careful and add the services in the order you would want your visitors to see them.
  3. Use the pricing option to encourage a Call to Action. For instance, use Ask for Price or Custom to start a conversation. Further, use the CTA button on your cover image and connect it with the Book Now button on your website.

This is how choosing to add the Services section to your Facebook page helps you earn an increased number of leads for your business. It’s definitely not to say that a Services section will boost your brand’s ROI or take your business from zero to one. But what it will do for sure is encourage your prospective customers to want to know more about you and probably do business with you.

The job is not done yet! Once you add the services, it’s time to create posts for your facebook page timeline that will keep people engaged with your brand thereafter. Check out in the next chapter, how to create an engaging post.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 How do I add Services on my Facebook page?

Here are the steps to adding information to the Services tab on your Facebook business page –

  1. Add the services tab on your page
  2. Add the most important service first
  3. Include an image of your Service
  4. Add the price of your service (Remember it doesn’t work like the Shop tab)
  5. Add the next service

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