How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

Transform your Facebook presence by learning how to craft posts that encourage sharing and amplify your reach organically.

Your Ready Reckoner on How to Make a Post Shareable on Facebook

An increase in a social media post’s likes, shares, comments, views, or even saves, can expand the organic reach.

You also know that platforms like Facebook has made it incredibly easy for brands to share their content.

You can simply tap on the ‘Share’ button on someone’s post to share the content.

That explains why almost 4 million links are generated on Facebook every minute.

Through this article, we will not only discuss how to make a post shareable on Facebook but also discuss some tips to increase your Facebook post engagement.

Let’s dive in.

Types of Sharing Options Available on Facebook

Facebook allows users to choose an audience through the ‘audience selector’ and share their content. You may find these options in the audience selector:

  • Public: The post can be viewed by everyone
  • Friends: The post will only be visible to your FB friends
  • Friends except: The post will be visible to all your FB friends except the ones you exclude
  • Specific friends: The FB post can only be viewed by a select few of your friends
  • Only Me: The post will only be visible to you on your timeline
  • Custom: You can create lists to choose who sees your post and also add or remove certain FB users from seeing your content

Keep in mind that the users who can view your Facebook content can also see the audience with whom you have chosen to share your content. For example, the post will have a ‘Public’ or ‘Specific Friends’ tag if that’s who you’re sharing the post with.

What are Lists on Facebook?

Facebook gives users an option to create custom lists to organize their Facebook audience. You can create groups for certain target audiences, colleagues, or even restricted users.

You needn’t worry about offending anyone while making lists as Facebook doesn’t notify people if they’ve been added or removed from lists.

These lists can be utilized when you want to share your post with a specific group of Facebook users. In order to use this feature, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create a new post on your FB feed through the option ‘What’s on your mind, [-]?’

Step 2: Click on the audience selector.

Step 3: Choose the list you wish to share the content with.

Step 4: Post your content.

That’s it! You can create multiple Facebook lists on your profile and share content hassle-free.

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable?

By Changing Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Step 1: Log in to your brand’s Facebook account.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option.


Step 3: In the ‘Settings’, click on the ‘Privacy’ tab.

Step 4: In ‘Your Activity’, you’ll have an option to choose who can see all your future Facebook posts.


Step 5: Click on ‘Edit’ and make the preferred changes.


Without Changing the Account’s Privacy Settings

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook brand page.

Step 2: Find the post that you want to make shareable for your audience.

Step 3: Click on the three tiny dots on the top right of the post.

Step 4: Choose the ‘Edit audience’ option.


Step 5: Select the preferred audience from the options, and you’re done.


In What Ways Can People Share Your Posts?

1. Share as a Post

This option will simply create a linked Facebook post. People can click on the image and head straight to the original post.


2. Share to News Feed

Sharing through the News Feed will allow users to edit the post where they can write additional content to supplement the link.


3. Share to Your Story

As the name suggests, users can share a post directly on their Facebook Story.


4. Send in Messenger

Users can share Facebook content with other people or groups on Messenger.


5. Share on a Friend’s Profile

Facebook also allows you to simply share content on a friend’s profile.


Blocked From Sharing Content on Facebook?

Facebook can place temporary blocks for sharing posts in the following scenarios:

  • If you’ve been posting a lot of content in a short time
  • Sharing content marked as ‘unwelcome
  • Sharing anything that doesn’t align with Facebook’s community standards

To avoid these blocks, it’s best to follow the community guidelines of the platform.

Type of Facebook Content that Gets More Engagement

Reports show that listicles and GIFs are some of the most shared content on Facebook. To maximize reach and engagement on Facebook, marketers can focus on creating informative lists or creative visual content. These are some content types that get more engagement on Facebook:

Teasers of Product Launch

Teasing the launch of a new product or the comeback of a customer favorite can garner a lot of buzz. Posts that drive audience curiosity can receive better overall engagement. McDonald’s uses this strategy to announce the return of their McRib.


Hyping Exclusive Offers

Brands also utilize the FOMO (fear of missing out) marketing strategy to gain higher engagement from their audience. This can be used for exclusive offers or time-based sales. For example, Walmart created this sales post for their Halloween-themed cups.


Showing that You Care

Inspirational content can aid brands in connecting with their audience. Marketers can post real-life stories or support a social cause to humanize their brands. Amazon integrates this by occasionally sharing content about their contribution to social causes or simply helping people.


Live Videos or Behind-the-scenes

Facebook live content can produce 6x higher interaction compared to the traditional video content. People enjoy watching live streams or behind-the-scenes as it offers more transparency. Facebook also allows you to save the live video and post it on your feed as a regular video.

Informative Hacks or How-to Posts

Hacks or how-to posts can be created in the form of listicles, infographics, or reels. Make sure that the content is relevant to your brand’s offerings. Food network Tasty often shares food hacks, and recipes with their Facebook audience as the content drives more engagement.


Relatable or Entertaining Content

Depending on your brand style, you can integrate humorous or relatable posts into your Facebook marketing plan. Buzzfeed is known to share cute animal videos or memes to entertain its audience. This shows that the brand doesn’t just care about promoting its website content.


Best Practices for Creating Shareable Facebook Content

1. Engage in the Comment Box

Converse with your audience in the comment section. You don’t have to limit yourself to only answering questions. You can improve your engagement by agreeing with a fan or responding with a GIF or emoji. The point is, being active through comments will encourage your audience to participate more.

2. Post a Variety of Content

Don’t just pitch sales or post the same type of content all the time. Provide informative content, entertain your audience through relatable memes, or share a personal story to connect better with your audience. You can also ask questions or set up polls to engage with your Facebook audience.


3. Incorporate Visuals

Statistics prove that videos are shared approximately 89.5 times more when compared to other Facebook content. Try using Facebook live and share high-quality images and reel content to catch your viewer’s eyes. Incorporate Facebook stories for authentic and informal communication with your audience.

4. Leverage AI Assistance to Enhance Content

The text content, such as captions and one-liners that go with your posts, reels, and stories, plays a significant role in boosting engagement on social media.

If you cannot invest the time required to create engaging content, you can use our Facebook post generator. It enables you to create captions in various tones that resonate with your audience.

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4. Don’t Participate in Engagement Bait

Blatantly asking for likes or shares on a post is what Facebook considers as ‘engagement bait’. Refrain from participating in engagement baits if you want to score high on Facebook’s algorithm. Marketers can invite their audience to share their opinions, but they shouldn’t goad users for interacting on a post.

5. Track what Works Best

Use your Page Insights to figure out what type of posts attract more engagement from your audience. Yes, you can post content based on the general statistics. But keep in mind that statistics can change over time. It is vital to track your brand’s social performance and revise your strategy accordingly.

6. Utilize Facebook’s Boost Feature

Facebook allows you to boost your posts by applying a budget and promoting your content. The boosted post will contain a CTA button, and you can track the metrics for this post as well. You also have an option to boost your Instagram content on Facebook.

Wrapping Up

Having an engaged audience is vital for any social media plan. Facebook, in particular, makes it easy for brands to not only reach a wider demographic but also track their performance through the in-built tools.

Follow our tips and review your Page Insights regularly to optimize your content for better engagement.

Get the most out of your Facebook performance by tracking your efforts through SocialPilot’s Facebook Analytics Tool. Through this tool, you can check your FB post engagement, number of page fans and monitor the trends. You can also download presentable PDF versions of these reports with just one click.So, why wait? Try its free trial today!

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What happens when someone shares my Facebook post?

If someone shares your post, they won’t be able to share it beyond the audience that you’ve originally selected. Most public posts have the share count visible besides the comments. You can click on the share count and see the Facebook usernames of the people who’ve shared your content.

🌟 How can I use lists for sharing on Facebook?

You can create custom lists to easily share Facebook content to a select group of people. On your News Feed, you can choose the ‘Friends list’ option and tap on the ‘+’ sign to create a Facebook list. You can add and/or remove users from a list without them being notified.

🌟 Can I edit an already shared Facebook post?

Yes, you can edit a post that you’ve already shared with your audience. Tap on the three tiny dots on the post you wish to share. Select the ‘Edit post’ option. Make the preferred changes and review before saving the post. If you wish to add content to your post, you can choose the ‘Add to your post’ option.

🌟 Can I share an Instagram story on Facebook?

You can allow all your Instagram stories to be shared on your Facebook profile by updating your Instagram privacy. You can also share your story to Facebook as you create it. For that, click on the ‘Send to’ option, choose ‘Sharing options’ and ‘Share once’.

🌟 How can I check my engagement metrics for Facebook?

You can track your Facebook engagement metrics through the Page Insights data. The engagement (likes, shares, and comments) graph can be found in the ‘Reach’ tab. You also have the option to sort your posts based on the engagement in the ‘Posts’ tab of the Insights.

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