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Pinterest Account Overview

Get an overview of your selected Pinterest account. See how many boards you have, the number of total pins across boards, total likes across all the boards, number of followers following your account, and the number of accounts you are following.

Also, select the time frame that best suits the scenario. If you are looking for recent trends in your account, select a timeframe of 7 days or 15 days. On the other hand, selecting 1 month or 3 months of the timeframe will help you know how the account is faring over a longer period.
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Pinterest Account Overview
Analyze Your Daily Pins

Analyze Your Daily Pins

Analyze your publishing trends by understanding the number of Pins you post daily. The graph also gives a breakdown of Pins by type i.e. rich Pins, image Pins and video Pins.

By analyzing your posting trends and correlating it with the increase in followers and engagement, you can arrive at the optimal number of Pins that should be published to maximize engagement.
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Pinterest Engagement Metrics

Monitor periodic engagement at an aggregate level to see how your content is performing. Keep an eye on various metrics like Pin Likes, Comments, Repins, Overall Engagement, and Engagement Score.

By regularly monitoring these engagement metrics, you can determine if your visual marketing strategy needs optimization.
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Monitor Engagement Metrics

Pinterest Board Analysis

Monitor Board level publishing and engagement metrics, in addition to account level metrics. See the total number of Pinterest followers for each Board, the total number of Pins, new Pins added to the Board in the selected timeframe, and overall engagement at the Board level.

By analyzing Board level metrics, you can understand which Boards are performing better than the others. From there, you can either double down on promoting those Boards or implement the same promotional strategy for other Boards.
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Pin Engagement & Performance Analysis

Pin level analysis gives you a detailed understanding of engagement and performance of all your Pins. Get details about the Pin, like the Pin type and color. Also see the number of likes, comments and repins for each Pin.

Also sort the Pins by popularity, the number of repins and number of favorites. You can also reshare the Pins right from the analytics page. Moreover, you can see Pin analysis at the aggregate/account level or at individual Board level.
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Pin Engagement & Performance Analysis
Download Or Email Pinterest Analytics Reports

Download Or Email Pinterest Analytics Reports

SocialPilot makes it easy to get detailed Pinterest analytics reports. You can download these ready to view reports or even email them directly to your clients or colleagues from your account. This will help you inspect and share your Pinterest performance, giving you a perfect idea of what worked well and what not.

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