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Fundamentals of Growth Hacking in Marketing

In the present day and age, businesses are taking strides to find more innovative ways to drive growth. Growth Hacking first coined by Sean Ellis, the founder and CEO of GrowthHackers in 2010 — is…

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growth hacking

Boost your brand's visibilty

Lead Generation using Adverts and Social Media Campaign

The fifth chapter of the growth hacks series talks about WHEN social media attributes generate more qualified leads. In chapters 3 and 4, we recognized social media as an avenue to present your content and…


Tricks of the Growth Hacking Trade


One single space for Collaboration

Communicate with your team and clients on the posts on your calendar with the help of comments.


How we can help

Versatile Post Scheduling

Versatile Post Scheduling

Schedule a variety of content like images, videos and reels across multiple formats.

Multi-purpose content calendar

Multi-purpose content calendar

Detailed calendar gives you daily/weekly/monthly views of your content with drag & drop functions.

Endless content idea

Endless content ideas

Share relevant content with the help of keywords as well as access endless content using RSS feeds.

Universal Inbox

Universal Inbox

The Social Inbox makes sure all messaged and interaction are accessible from a single space.

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