Fundamentals of Growth Hacking in Marketing

In the present day and age, businesses are taking strides to find more innovative ways to drive growth. Growth Hacking — first coined by Sean Ellis, the founder, and CEO of GrowthHackers in 2010 — is a modern-day strategy to acquire maximum users by spending a minimum amount of money.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking marketing refers to an umbrella of strategies that are focused on promoting the growth of an organization. Currently, this strategy is being implemented extensively by early-stage startups that need to leverage thin budgets to generate massive results. It closely resembles growth marketing — a data-driven marketing approach that is focused on designing and conducting experimental campaigns.

As said by Sean Ellis, Founder & Chief Evangelist,, “For meaningful growth, start-ups must completely change the rules of traditional channels or innovate outside of those growth channels. They are too desperate and disadvantaged to adapt to the old rules of marketing. They have to dig deep creatively, and relentlessly test new ideas. If they don’t figure it out quickly, they will go out of business.”

So, what does a growth hacker do?

  • They find ways to promote brands
  • They chalk out descriptive marketing strategies
  • They help implement marketing initiatives to derive optimal results

In an organizational setup, growth hacking focuses on the data aspect of marketing and a growth hacker is expected to be comfortable with devising new ways to promote their brands

Social Media Growth Hacking

How To Increase Your Brand’s Visibility with Social Media Growth Hacking

While growth hacking is instrumental in achieving fast and massive growth on slim budgets in an organization, it can also help you attract more users to your social media accounts. With increased traffic across different channels, you can garner more subscribers and followers, thereby generating more leads and increasing conversions.

What Channels Does Growth Hacking Involve?

Growth hacking via content

  • Smart growth hackers keep a check on the latest developments in Google’s algorithm and craft their content to get maximum benefits on the platform. They understand the power of data and tweak their strategies based on empirical evidence from past campaigns.
  • Another aspect of growth hacking is about being on the lookout for new opportunities and understanding the concept of content virality. A growth hacker works on publishing original content that has the potential of going viral for the right reasons and success.

Growth hacking via social media

It is a difficult task to dominate popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because of the sheer competition. So, you need to devise a better distribution strategy that can help in cutting through the noise and present your content in front of the relevant audience at all times.

When you are able to growth hack a platform to get optimal results, conversions increase and lead your brand into a better financial position. In addition to that, you can also funnel traffic from your site to the desired social platform and vice versa.

Social media engagement as a form of growth hacking

While traditional practices like embedding social media posts in a blog and following an optimized social media sharing schedule still work, it is important to find out what’s the new way to engage more people on your social platforms

If your brand is seen as a leader and you can learn to captivate user’s emotions through your content, then you are likely to get the best engagement for sure. You can also use growth hacking tools like SocialPilot to optimize your social media marketing campaigns and create a buzz around your brand’s offerings.

Social media lead generation

When you implement growth hacking into the lead generation process, you will observe a symbiotic relationship between both buyers and sellers. You must optimize your organic search, SEO, email advertising, and content marketing using lead generation growth hacking.

Simple tweaks like allowing logins using Facebook and Gmail, offering special coupons, investing in customers through referral programs, integrating live chats and chatbots and using pop-ups effectively are just a few hacks you can implement in your social media lead generation strategy.

Strategies for Maximum Growth

How Can You Hack Your Social Media Marketing Strategies for Maximum Growth?

You will get the answers you seek in the following growth hack series for business. This guide will take you through a detailed process of implementing growth hacking strategies into content creation, distribution, improving engagement and increasing the number of conversions through your marketing efforts.

It is a must-read for budding growth hackers who are looking forward to creating a boom in their brand’s social media presence using unconventional tips and tricks

Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect from this growth hacking series:

Content Marketing Through Social Media

The first part of an effective content marketing strategy is to create content that resonates with your target audience. Any piece of content published should entertain, educate, engage and inspire your audience to spring into action. In the first part of the series you will be able to master the following:

  • Become capable of designing a strategy that is driven by well-researched data
  • Adopt a storytelling approach to share your brand’s message and reach out to maximum potential buyers
  • Create visually impressive content
  • Create content in different forms like videos, images, blogs and more
  • Optimize each content type for different platforms to generate optimal results
  • Work towards maintaining quality and not the quantity of content published.
  • Learn to produce ebooks, magazines, data-driven reports and more
  • Find out about tools to create unbranded videos that entertain and engage the audience and inspire them to take action
  • Learn the art of live videos on social media platforms
  • Learn to empathize with the audience and find ways to post content from their perspective and not of a mere marketer

Leveraging Content Distribution via Social Media

The second thing you need to focus on is to choose the right platform to maximize the growth of your business. Audiences have access to endless content and in order to ensure that your target audience consumes your content, you must find out the right distribution strategy. In this section you will be able to master the following:

  • Create strategies to promote content in multiple content types across different platforms
  • Gain more traction by promoting more and creating less content
  • Know what to repost and when to do it for maximum results
  • The right way to share any third party content
  • Determining the right posting frequency for social media posts

Improve Social Media Engagement

This part will showcase tactics that can help you engage more people and increase the visibility of your brand. Great engagement is not about likes and followers alone, but it is actually measured when people start talking about your brand. In this section of the series you will be able to master the following:

  • Sharing entertaining, engaging and inspiring content
  • Participate effectively in conversations trending online
  • Create strategic collaborations with other brands
  • Learn the art of both reactive and proactive user engagement
  • Implement gamification techniques in your marketing effort
  • Leverage social listening to understand audience effectively
  • Find out ways to reach out to niche audiences
  • Use short videos to engage more users effectively
  • Use LinkedIn posts to get feedback from users on the platform
  • Staying true to ethics and integrity

Lead Generation Through Adverts

This section will help you learn about some hacks to generate more leads to boost the number of B2B conversions through your adverts. This section will help you get over the traditional methods of lead generation and help you understand the following hacks:

  • Retargeting LinkedIn Dynamic Ads for B2B conversions
  • Adding and managing static ads on LinkedIn
  • Competitor analysis on social platforms
  • Creating organic social media campaigns
  • Redirecting traffic from social platforms to business website
  • Monetizing your social media marketing efforts

Leveraging Advance Growth Hacks

As you move forward you will be able to get access to some of the most advanced hacks for growth hackers to generate demands using an omnichannel strategy. Here you will be able to understand automation, influencer tie-ups, and chatbot marketing to name a few. With these hacks you will be able to do the following:

  • Find out which is the most suitable platform for your business
  • Effectively distribute your available resources across different social platforms
  • Create strategic alliances with micro-influencers
  • Drive sales with offers like coupon codes across different platforms
  • Use chatbots for marketing and real-time conversations
  • Initiate conversations over voice message DMs with your connections and turn them into leads
  • Boost customer engagement and reach out to new connections
  • Publish videos that resonate with your target audience and encourage engagement

Getting hold of the hacks in the right manner is a good idea and might help you get the recipe for success. These hacks have proven to work wonders for businesses across different sectors. Interestingly, each hack can be customized to achieve your specific marketing objectives.

To continue reading more about these social media growth marketing hacks just click here. To meet more follow growth hackers join our Facebook community today. Happy growth hacking ahead.

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