9 Popular LinkedIn Automation Tools That Marketers Use in 2021

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  1. LinkedIn automation tools help you publish your content for the right audience at the right time, and maximize your reach in no time, helping you gain an upper edge in the game.
  2. They help you bring in a personalized approach in your user interactions. Many of your connections would want to communicate with you not through email but directly via LinkedIn. Now, you can’t ensure a 24/7 presence of a human agent to handle incoming messages. Many tools are, in fact, smart enough to communicate with complete context and in a hyper-personalized manner.
  3. The best thing about LinkedIn automation tools is that they not only automate repetitive and redundant tasks, but do a lot of intelligent work. For example, not only some tools generate leads for you but also provide features that make following up with prospects a cake walk, features that enable you to quickly refresh your prior communication with them before heading out for a meeting.

We’ve discussed in the following sections, nine such brilliant LinkedIn automation tools to speed up and improve LinkedIn marketing for you, manifold.

9 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools For All Your Marketing Needs

Why SocialPilot?

  • Automate multiple & carousel images
  • Schedule native videos
  • Add audience targeting for each post
  • Ability to mention other pages/people
  • In-depth analytics & reports
  • $30/month and 24x5 support

1. SocialPilot

$50 for 3+ Users


SocialPilot, in simple words, is easy to use social media management and marketing platform. The platform’s super power is that it helps you build and execute your social media work from the ground up. Be it creating content, automating and scheduling your posts, analyzing post performance, or even managing your brand’s online reputation, you have SocialPilot working for you. When it comes to LinkedIn automation, all these features and capabilities that the tool offers make you stay ahead of competition.

Using SocialPilot as your LinkedIn automation tool you can get a complete overview about your LinkedIn Company page. The insights that the tool fetches for you, help you set performance benchmarks. You get to view your page performance on metrics like the number of followers you have, number of updates you have made, engagement & clicks, engagement growth, click through growth, and much more.

Once you’ve tracked your page performance, now is the time to optimize the posts that you are sharing on your page, to fetch more engagement. SocialPilot allows you to create more engaging channel-specific posts. Using SocialPilot's LinkedIn publishing features you can, in minutes, upload images or select from the page URL you are posting. You can even attach videos, carousel posts, gifs, infographics, etc. in your copy to make your content more engaging. Automatic scheduling for LinkedIn allows you to line up your social content to go out on scheduled time and at set intervals.

You can also use SocialPilot to mention other pages and immediately grab their attention.

Creating and sharing meaningful content is just half of the work that SocialPilot can do. Other than that, you can also use the tool for in-depth analysis of your content performance. You can dig into insights about which posts are the most popular and favorite on LinkedIn. For example, if you’ve published a carousel post for the first time to share your brand story on LinkedIn, you can measure your LinkedIn post performance. If this content format is fetching you more than the average rate of engagement you should definitely be re-sharing it time to time.

SocialPilot also offers intelligent reporting capability, which you can use to create visually appealing reports. LinkedIn Analytics PDF Report, specifically, can be downloaded immediately and shared instantly via email. Graphs and charts can be created in these reports in no time, helping your clients get a gist of your LinkedIn marketing, without having to scratch their heads looking at numbers.

What SocialPilot Users Say

Christopher C.

They have a really nice "reporting" system which alerts you if there is a problem with a post or a network error on one of the social sites. Their support is spot on and always available and they are willing to do hands on training for staff members as they come on board. Really impressive.

SocialPilot Free Trial

2. Linked Helper

$15 per month

LinkedIn automation tool - Linked Helper

As the name suggests, Linked Helper is there to help you with your LinkedIn social media marketing, and boost your brand visibility on this social media channel. Using this LinkedIn automation tool you can automatically endorse your contacts, even if you have hundreds of them, in no time. In return, a lot of contacts will also endorse your company or brand. As a result your brand/company visibility on LinkedIn will go up in no time and with minimum effort. Liked Helper’s auto mailing system is another spectacular feature that you can use to keep your communication going with business partners open 24/7, 365 days a year. Without any human-interference this feature personalizes all communication or interaction that goes out from your LinkedIn profile to your connections.

Pros of using Linked Helper

  1. You can automatically add your signature to messages you send out to your connections making it look more professional and personalized.
  2. Using Linked Helper’s super powerful lists manager you can build smart lead generation funnels and avoid overlaps between different campaigns that you are running at the same point of time.

Colleen r.

Robotization is the best element - Linked Helper spares you a monstrous measure of time.There is little help or preparation, yet it is taking care of business that we needed it to.

Cons of using Linked Helper

  1. You can’t use emojis in your content as Linked Helper doesn’t support this format. And, your copy ends up looking unprofessional.
  2. The tool gives trouble with contact gathering at times. This is a technical glitch that can ruin your marketing efforts.

Erin B.

There are a few inconveniences with Linked Helper. The software stops running if you even minimize your window. I bounce between Safari & Chrome frequently so this is not ideal for me. The functions are helpful but the layout could use improvement.

3. Expandi

$99 per account


One of the newest LinkedIn automation tools on this list, Expandi is a cloud-based platform that can help you increase your profile by creating connector campaigns, personalizing your messages, using advanced targeting options, and much more. You can set all of this up pretty easily on your own, with their intuitive design and simple controls.

The automated campaigns in Expandi are perfectly set up to be compliant with LinkedIn safety rules. That means the number of connections you send out on a daily basis will be capped to avoid detection, but you will still get great results as your account starts warming up.

You can create drip campaigns with follow-ups that will automatically trigger when your prospects answer to one of your messages.

Pros of using Expandi

  1. Expandi offers some of the best advanced targeting features. For example, you can find people who engaged with a specific LinkedIn post, extract their profiles, and target them with a personalized message in just a few clicks.

Cons of using Expandi

  1. At $99 per month, Expandi is a little pricey compared to some of the other tools on the list.
  2. To use some of the advanced targeting options (like creating custom CSV lists), Expandi alone won’t be enough. You will need to use other tools to complement it.

4. Zopto

$395 2 accounts

LinkedIn automation tool - Zopto

If you are a start-up or sales team looking to supercharge their lead generation efforts and get in more qualified leads from LinkedIn into your sales funnel, Zopto is a great choice that you could pick from this list of LinkedIn automation tools.

Zopto, a cloud-based software, takes less than five minutes to set up. All you need is a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account and you can get started with the amazing functionalities that Zopto provides for LinkedIn lead generation. When you sign-up for Zopto, you get access to a ‘dashboard’ that collects and presents insights and statistics about the campaigns you are running on LinkedIn for lead generation.

Apart from automating your lead generation process that tool also helps you capture new markets that are currently outside your network.

Pros of using Zopto

  1. Using advanced filters you can target your ideal client for each campaign that you are running on LinkedIn. You can, for example, apply filters and target by Location, Industry, Company size, Title, Seniority Level, Technology that the company uses, Number of followers and much more.
  2. Zopto allows you to select the desired level of engagement for each campaign that you are running on LinkedIn. You can enable settings like Connection Invites, Sequential Messaging, Free InMails, Twitter Engagement or Profile View Generator, to maximize engagement on your campaign.

Julia S.

This software is amazing at helping to narrow down and target the correct leads and follow up easily. One seat on this software has yielded more results and appointments than a team of 2-3 SDRs working 10-15 hours a week without it. It drastically reduces the time spent researching leads while ensuring uniform, consistent targeting.

Cons of using Zopto

  1. You can’t automatically cancel a campaign if you end up accidentally contacting the wrong people.
  2. Their billing practices are not clean, and often feel like they aren’t being true with their customers. They don’t care about informing when your free trial ends and you become a billable user without intending to.

Verified Review

There is a lack of documentation and you need to go by a trial and error method which can lead to time wasting -Interface design is a little bit old -Manipulating list of profiles is a little bit challenging.

5. Leonard (Now, MeetAlfred)

$29 for users

LinkedIn automation tool - Leonard

Now renamed MeetAlfred, Leonard, is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools that focuses on end-to-end social selling campaigns. Because social selling requires you to push out the right message at the right time to the right user, you need a tool that drives personalized communication on a platform like LinkedIn. MeetAlfed is one such tool, which helps you automate such conversations, yet keep the essence of personalization alive in your messages.

Using this LinkedIn automation tool you can send multiple connection requests to your connections in a flash. By installing MeetAlfed on Chrome you can even send bulk messages. However, if sending out messages in bulk seems too pushy a tactic, you can even send out notifications to your connections, keeping the message personalized, using MeetAlfred.

Additionally, MeetAlfred can also be used for maximizing engagement and conversions from the connections that you have made on LinkedIn. Using its CRM functionality you can create and run different LinkedIn campaigns for your LinkedIn audience base to keep connected and engaged with your company/brand.

Pros of using MeetAlfred

  1. You get complete insights on your LinkedIn campaigns’ real-time performance. Using the actionable insights that you can fetch by logging into the dashboard, you can optimize your campaigns for your follower base. The cherry on the cake is that you can dig deep into the activity tracking on every lead. This way you really get to understand how warmed up each lead is.
  2. The tool auto-detects any of Linkedin warnings that have been made based on certain factors, such as, surpassing the limits of campaigns run based on your Linkedin membership.

Verified User

Exactly what I have been waiting for! Easy to use, great interface, and a time saver sent from above. The support team responds fast and does everything possible to help you :)

Cons of using MeetAlfred

  1. They don’t accept payments by debit card. Therefore, you must have a Mastercard or an American Express card to be able to use Meet Alfred.
  2. For $30 a month, you can manage only one LinkedIn profile. This is a bit expensive when with certain tools you get to manage over 20 social media profiles at just around $40.

6. Crystal

$49 for users

LinkedIn automation tool - Crystal

Crystal is one-of-a-kind mention in this list of best LinkedIn automation tools. However, marketers have been smartly using it to reap the many benefits that it offers. The tool is indispensable in times when it has become extremely important to know and understand your customers, why they do something, what motivates them to buy, how they behave.

Touted to be the “world’s largest personality platform.” Crystal has the ability to accurately predict anyone’s personality from a LinkedIn profile. Interesting, isn’t it?

When you know your customer so much in detail, there is very little scope of going wrong with how you communicate with them and what offers you pitch to them. Would it not make it so much simpler to communicate with a certain LinkedIn connection, or with a lead, if you know their personality? Wouldn’t it work so much better than a cold call? Knowing your customer in that much detail also makes social selling extremely impactful.

Pros of using Crystal

  1. Because Crystal uses artificial intelligence to assess personality traits the results that you get are highly accurate. Crystal’s AI-based engine helps predict behavioral patterns by analyzing text samples, assessment responses, and other attributes.
  2. Not only does Crystal get you insights into your connections’ personality profile but also suggests the best ways of interacting and communicating with them. Should you be reaching out to them on LinkedIn messages or opt for email instead? These insights help you select the preferred channel of communication.

Patrick C.

I love the insights that Crystal provides. As a Sales Development Rep, I am constantly looking for ways to personalize messaging to prospects I am reaching out to. The way that Crystal compiles information and recommends a style of messaging has helped improve response rates when cold emailing.

Cons of using Crystal

  1. You get to analyze only ten people a month if you want to use Crystal for free. Doing more research than that will need you to pay for the tool.
  2. There is a scope of bias that can make the results inaccurate because those taking the DISC test might not actually be true in all their answers.

Verified User

This tool isn't really a part of my typical sales process. I don't find myself using it that often unless I have a brand new client that is tough to understand. I also feel that there are times that I don't fully understand where the information on the person came from. That would be helpful.

7. Dux-Soup


LinkedIn automation tool - Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup has recently emerged as quite a popular tool for LinkedIn lead generation automation. An easy to use tool, Dux-Soup, makes finding leads, nurturing them, and getting them close to conversion, seem like a smoothly streamlined exercise.

Communicating with your prospects on LinkedIn becomes a more organized and chaos-free task with Dux-Soup. You get to personalize your messages and add interesting elements like images to your automated messages, which make it seem more human.

On visiting prospects’ profiles for future correspondence or if you are thinking about following up with them, you can drop notes and tags, based on your observations. Later on you can reference these tags, notes, etc. to frame your messaging for them.

Pros of using Dux-Soup

  1. Even a beginner can easily set up drip campaigns for LinkedIn, using Dux Soup. These campaigns automatically when your prospects respond.
  2. Their support team is a fantastic bunch. They also provide live chat support during EU and US business hours, which is an impressive effort towards faster and better customer query resolution.

Verified User

The thing that i like best about Dux Soup is that it runs autonomously. The fact that it can pull up information about the contacts visited is absolutely mind-boggling.

Cons of using Dux Soup

  1. Your device might slow down when you install Dux Soup as a chrome extension, and your LinkedIn account will load very slowly. This makes the overall experience bad.
  2. The interface is clunky and not intuitive. It takes time to learn how to use the tool properly.

Sami L.

In many places, the UX and guides are super sub optimally designed (and probably not tested with real users). My strong recommendation is to improve User Experience all around. A complete UX overhaul was needed! Dux Soup Turbo license is too expensive.

8. Attach

$60 per user

LinkedIn automation tool - Attach

As compared to other tools on this list, Attach is simple. Nonetheless, it is quite a powerful tool with a clear-cut objective. The idea behind attach is that you can know every action that a person has taken after viewing content that you’ve shared with them through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s InMail functionality only allows you to reach out to your connections with documents, messages, links, etc. attached in your message. However, once you’ve shared all the information in your message how do you get to know if your connections are even viewing, reading, or seeing your communication?

Attach, on the other hand, allows you to link to any document to your message and track engagement levels with it. For example, you get to track when your attached document was opened, what pages on the document were read, time spent reading the attachment, etc.

With such insights at hand you can understand which of your connections are interested in reading your shared content and who are going cold. These insights also help you create a better follow up strategy for different segments of prospects - dormant, actively engaged, etc.

Pros of using Attach

  1. You can easily install a Chrome extension for Attach and get started with creating and sharing trackable links right in your inbox. Retrieving such important details about content engagement levels takes literally only about two minutes if you are using a fuss-free tool like Attach.
  2. Attach easily integrates with Google Docs, Dropbox, etc., so you can use a range of file formats in your LinkedIn messaging.

Andy A.

Attach gives us real control over who is looking at documents. The reporting makes it easy to see who is really reading what you share vs. those who skim the document.

Cons of using Attach

  1. Simple to use, yet not designed keeping ease of user experience in mind. You can’t send emails directly using Attach. This means that you have to toggle between two screens.
  2. Attach does not provide on-phone support. Integration support is also not available to Attach users.

Verified User

The billing of the service is from the parent company. Lately invitations shared with prospects are not showing up as unviewed.


LinkedIn automation tool - IFTTT

Once again on our list of LinkedIn automation tools we have a name that would not typically fit in as a social media tool. IFTTT, or If This Then That, is a new-age artificial intelligence based platform that is striving to build a better connected world. However, the kind of capabilities that this tool provides can be excellently put to use for LinkedIn automation.

IFTTT has a number of preset automations called “recipes,” which can be applied to prospect screening, lead nurturing, etc. For example, if a prospect “downloads an ebook from LinkedIn message”, then ‘send email newsletter’. Or if followers “unfollows LinkedIn profile”, then send them an email message “We’d like you to stay. Where we went wrong - Feedback”. Following are a few IFTTT recipes that can be used for LinkedIn automation

  • Automatically post images on LinkedIn that you have uploaded on Instagram
  • Automatically share Facebook Page photos to your LinkedIn network with the defined hashtags
  • Share your WordPress post as soon as it is published automatically on your LinkedIn profile, or with specific LinkedIn groups

Pros of using IFTTT

  1. Very easy to understand and use. The IFTTT recipes are simple to set up. You don’t need to be a coding or machine learning expert to run IFTTT applications in real life scenarios.
  2. You can integrate IFTTT with the best of tools to get the most out of your internet of things experiments or even if you are using it for business applications. The product works well with SaaS products making it fit for social media management and lead generation.

Doug G.

If you are looking to do more than just what your automation items can do out of the box and you are just getting started, than IFTTT is what you need to begin with.

Cons of using IFTTT

  1. Some of the triggers fail to work, for some reason. There is no way to find out what a ‘recipe’ did not work as required.
  2. You can set up only one condition. In other words, you can’t set up “If this and this” or “if this or this” type of commands using IFTTT.

Gabriel P.

I wish that I could use 1 command to do multiple tasks. With IFTTT you can only automate 1 task but it is possible to make 1 command do other tasks with the same command but it is a tedious process.

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