What is Facebook Dark Mode?

Facebook has a dark mode for iOS, Android, and the web version. Dark mode in Facebook changes the background from white to black to help reduce glare from your device.

More About Facebook Dark Mode

The dark mode option was launched by Facebook in 2020 in an attempt to soothe users’ eyes.

Benefits of Facebook Dark Mode

When we switch to Facebook’s dark mode setting, the background changes to a black or grayish tone from the bright white tone. Here are some benefits of using the dark mode on Facebook.

  • Blue light exposure hinders the release of melatonin– the sleep hormone. So, using dark mode to limit your exposure to blue light during the night can benefit your sleeping routine.
  • Many users find Facebook’s dark mode setting neat and visually appealing.
  • Extends the life of your gadget’s battery
  • When you set the app’s settings to dark mode, the content becomes easier to read and is safer for vision.

Below is an example of how the Facebook page looks when the dark mode is activated.

Facebook Pages

Frequently Asked Questions

Which mode is better, dark or light?

The dark mode is great for saving battery life and lessening eye strain in low light. However, the bright mode can increase understanding of texts and speed and even spark creative thought.

Why doesn't Facebook stay in dark mode?

If Dark Mode continues shutting off while having been turned on on your phone or computer's system settings, double-check that it is turned on in both the mobile application and on the website.

Is dark mode better for your eyes?

When choosing dark mode, particularly in low light, several users express feeling less tired and straining in their eyes.

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