What Are Objectives?

Objectives, in the business world, are key stepping stones toward accomplishing an expected target or goal. They are designed to predict or determine the condition of the future.

Social media objectives are goals set by marketing leaders to achieve better outcomes for their social media strategies and campaigns. They provide clarity to the marketing team, helping them determine what part of their social media strategy must be improved and the parameters against which they must measure their progress.

More About Objectives

Imagine objectives as a roadmap for success, guiding individuals, teams, and organizations toward pre-determined goals or targets.

What are objectives’ ultimate benefits? Why do social media marketers need them?

The idea of a social media objective is to create a way to move forward to reach the ultimate goal. For example, if you run a social media page, the objectives identify tasks related to media and marketing strategies that must be accomplished. They are written as specific, measurable, and realistic actions.

When you set an objective, try to take the SMART approach of setting objectives for your social media campaign. So, the objectives should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed:

Specific: Avoid having general objectives like “increase engagement rate.” Instead, aim to “increase engagement rate by 60%.”

Measurable: You cannot know if you met your goals if you don’t have a way to evaluate performance and changes with some base measures. Identify key metrics to define your objectives.

Achievable: Do not set unreasonable objectives you or your team cannot meet. You cannot expect a 200% increase in sales in 30 days through social media. So, set goals that can be achieved with adequate effort.

Realistic: Social media can be a demanding channel, so make sure you have enough time and resources to achieve your objectives through social media.

Timed: Always have a timeline set for your objectives. When working on a social media plan, time delays can make it challenging to meet your objectives.

Some of the benefits of setting social media objectives are as follows:

  • Increase in brand awareness: Curating specific objectives increases social media followers, helping you to expand your brand’s reach and visibility.
  • Drive website traffic and click-throughs: Setting clear objectives can lead to more conversions, sales, newsletter sign-ups, and other similar actions on websites and landing pages.
  • Increase lead generation: Objectives can streamline social media campaigns by capturing potential customer information and nurturing them into becoming customers.

Here is an example of how objectives work for social media. The image below shows a social media post by the beauty brand, RareBeauty, advertising a new product and promoting a free consultation for customers.

The main objective of such posts is to sell the product (or service) with attractive offers and generate a lead or a customer. The end result: all the benefits listed above for the brand or business.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to set effective objectives for your social media campaign?

Follow these steps to have a successful social media campaign with defined objectives:

  • Step 1: Define your overall marketing goal
  • Step 2: Create unique objectives. Your objectives must be relevant to your brand, conditions, resources, and time constraints.
  • Step 3: Ensure your objectives are measurable and quantify them to monitor performance

How is a goal different from an objective in social media?

An objective is a stepping stone to the goal. For example, if your goal is to drive loyal customers, your objective would be to share quality content and influence the target audience. Thus, objectives are placed at one level or several levels below the goal toward achieving it.

What are the objectives of social media marketing?

Some primary objectives of social media marketing are as follows:

  • Drive customer engagement
  • Build a community
  • Establish thought leadership
  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Generate leads
  • Address customer feedback
  • Improve customers’ experience
  • Record substantial revenue and ROI

It's important to note that, in several cases, social media strategies encompass multiple goals and objectives at once. Also, the specific objectives set will vary based on the characteristics of the organization and the target audience.

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