10 Awesome Twitter Tools to Amplify your Twitter Marketing in 2021

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There are more than 300 million active Twitter users worldwide. And you might be one of them, this platform's enormous marketing ability cannot be ignored by marketers. Most users on Twitter follow the brands and also interact with them for many purposes.

This blog talks about the best Twitter tools that every Twitter power user should know about. This blog has the advantages and disadvantages of every Twitter tool that will help you make sure that you get the best results with fewer efforts and you reach your goal. Numerous paid and free Twitter tools can help you increase user engagement on this platform and a few are listed here:

Best Twitter Business Tools:

  1. SocialPilot - a Twitter tool that aims at scheduling, planning and publishing efficiently on Twitter.
  2. MeetEdgar - a Twitter tool that helps you to build up core content and then keep it in your social rotation.
  3. Keyhole - a Twitter tool that controls your social campaigns and hashtags in real-time.
  4. Commun.it - a Twitter tool that helps you to monitor mentions and establish real relationships.
  5. Crowdfire - a Twitter tool that assists you in more effective handling of your Twitter account.
  6. Hashtagify - a Twitter tool that helps to pick the best hashtags to accomplish more.
  7. Audiense Connect - a Twitter tool that helps you identify and increase our interaction with your audience.
  8. TweetReach - a Twitter tool that helps you to evaluate the success of your performance.
  9. Tweriod - a Twitter tool that helps you optimize your tweets to make them more accessible.
  10. Tweepi - a Twitter tool that certainly makes your work easy saving lots of time that generally takes to engage with every individual.

Why SocialPilot?

  • Advanced scheduling and publishing
  • Engage your followers with GIFs, images and videos
  • Ability to mention other people
  • Content curation
  • Analytics and downloadable reports
  • Connect 25 accounts at just $30/month
  • 24x7 support

1. SocialPilot



SocialPilot is your Twitter tool when it comes to social media marketing. SocialPilot helps you analyse your Twitter account - including hashtags, twitter mentions and audience engagement. It also has a built-in content curation feature that makes it easy for you to curate the relevant content. The best thing about this tool is that it not only gets in-depth Twitter analysis, but you can also schedule and manage your Twitter account with the help of the tool itself! It's an all-in-one tool that helps you with scheduling, analytics, reporting and content curation.

Users can bulk-schedule up to 500 posts with SocialPilot and connect up to 100 social profiles from a single account. SocialPilot shows a character limit of 280 characters while scheduling for your Twitter profiles, so that you don’t exceed the character limit. You can add GIFs right from the SocialPilot composer to make your tweets engaging.

SocialPilot Features

  1. Create customized posts for your social media accounts.
  2. Generate white-labeled social media reports with in-depth social media analytics
  3. Upload 500 posts with the help of bulk scheduling.
  4. Schedule Facebook boost posts for more reach on your Facebook posts with Facebook ads.
  5. Users can easily invite team members to collaborate and create social media posts for business.
  6. Visualize your whole content strategy with the social media calendar.
  7. Manage multiple clients social media accounts, hassle-free.

Advantages of Using SocialPilot as your Twitter Tool.

  1. The tool is fast and quick to use and helps you to auto-feed and find new content ideas for the keyword you search.
  2. It is the best Twitter tool for small businesses and digital agencies as it is affordable, very simple to use and filled with features to fulfill every SMB requirement.
  3. The Twitter analytics and reporting feature helps you with popular hashtags, best times to tweet, top performing posts, people who have engaged the most and at the end beautiful visual reports you can download as a PDF or email it directly to your clients.

Brian W.

Can’t go wrong with this Great Bang for your Buck. SocialPilot fit a perfect price point and got me connected to all of my social media accounts very quickly. I can make my posts and schedule them as I like. Thank you!

Dan F.

SocialPilot’s ability to bulk schedule content is a giant time-saver. Having all of your content in the right place, on the right date and the right time, that, my friend, is magic! -it’s peace-of-mind. Having that feature plus an intuitive dashboard that was friendly to the new and intermediate user is a recipe for success.

SocialPilot Free Trial

2. MeetEdgar


Twitter tool - MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is a Twitter tool that uses machine learning to read your blog post and creates pull-quotes on social media updates. It also helps you save your hours of figuring out “what to say” on social media.


  1. It organizes content category-wise.
  2. It keeps links to your old blog posts in front of your audience, so those epic posts are going to keep getting ongoing attention.
  3. It gives an analytics review of your posts as well as your competitors' posts.

Dawn M.

Can’t go wrong with this Great Bang for your Buck. SocialPilot fit a perfect price point and got me connected to all of my social media accounts very quickly. I can make my posts and schedule them as I like. Thank you!


  1. It does not have access to manage real conversations. You still need to log on to each platform individually to share, retweet, comment and so on.
  2. With the help of this Twitter tool, you can only post and publish your posts on 4 social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Verified Edgar User

Edgar now has no reporting capabilities.

MeetEdgar vs SocialPilot

Here's a detailed comparison of SocialPilot as a perfect alternative to MeetEdgar.

3. Keyhole


Twitter tool - Keyhole

Keyhole is the most reliable Twitter tool for monitoring hashtag data and influencers on social networks. It helps in measuring all the metrics in real-time and calculates and proves your success on every campaign with data. It also creates PDFs of all the clients and shares real-time dashboards every time to meet their deadlines.


  1. This Twitter tool is pretty easy to set up and is extraordinarily user friendly. One can use this tool right away without any training and requires no time.
  2. Keyhole also helps in account handling, influencer management, campaign following, analysis of emotions and many more tasks.

Fatima M.

The dashboard encapsulates a detailed overview of your entire campaign and mentions all the details and KPIs that you need. The metrics given on keyhole are unmatched and help us in setting KPIs and measuring results accordingly.


  1. To get the full benefit of this Twitter tool and get the information smoothly, you need to improvise your hashtags if they are very broad.
  2. The price is quite high if you are a small business and don’t need thousands of hashtags to monitor.

Ashia S.

I didn't like the limitations on the number of hashtags you can use even when you pay the monthly fee. This makes it tough to use it for multiple, ongoing projects.

4. Commun.it


Twitter tool - Commun.it

Commun.it is that Twitter tool that makes thanking your supporters simple for you. It also allows you to prepare your content, provides you with thorough research, provides reporting that you share and helps you to enhance your management.


  1. This Twitter tool suggests you good content to Tweet if you provide the right subject matter and the right hashtags to explore.
  2. Commun.it makes it easy to thank each new Twitter follower and to reach out to influencers that you may have neglected.

Shawn V.

Although initially, their platform can be confusing...given the complexity available depending on your membership level and your interest, but at its core, this app has all your bases covered.


  1. The user interface, especially if you use it for multiple accounts, can be a bit wonky and difficult to navigate. It’s too complicated to use Commun.it.
  2. On the free version, you are only allowed 20 actions a day.

5. Crowdfire


Twitter tool - Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a Twitter tool that helps in the content recommendation and RSS integration and it is what distinguishes Crowdfire from the other social media devices. These features allow you to gather new and interesting content every day and maintain your social accounts up-to-date with your audience.


  1. It helps in discovering posts and photos automatically that your audience would love so you can share with you and keep your time schedules exciting.
  2. This Twitter tool keeps an eye on website updates, blogging or shops and builds quick and beautiful posts to share easily with all your social profiles with each update.

Nathaniel C.

Crowd fire enables me to share my business news, posts and others in an easy and robust way. Content and user suggestions are a little off sometimes, but apart from that, the app is a standard.


  1. Crowdfire has no potential to help you promote your blog if it's a self-hosted blog, but it's easy to connect to your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts among others.
  2. This Twitter tool just recommends articles and images to be shared that have been posted by other Crowdfire members.

Henk M

The downside is this app's only real functionality it seems is kind of a vengeful motive. Basically, to unfollow anyone who doesn't follow you, which seems like Twitter is just a game then.

6. Hashtagify


Twitter tool - Hashtagify

Hashtagify is a Twitter tool that explores popularity, trends, correlations and so on. It helps you search for amazing hashtags. It also keeps a check on the top Twitter influencers. It makes sure that it chooses the best hashtag that will work perfectly for you and then set up your campaign.


  1. It analyses your reach, popularity trends and the perfect time to post.
  2. It discovers the top Twitter influencers and comes up with an influencer marketing strategy for you.
  3. This tool makes sure that they track your Twitter account to get dozens of ideas and insights and boost your performance.


  1. As it’s a hashtag tracking tool, you have to have another tool to manage, schedule and analyze your Twitter account.
  2. It can get too costly using Hashtagify as it doesn’t suffice all your requirements.

Verified Hashtagify User

I disliked the limitations of features for the basic version. I think more could be offered upfront.

7. Audiense Connect


Twitter tool - Audiense Connect

Audiense Connect helps you to create an individual chatbot to connect with Twitter DMs supporters and potential customers. Spy your competitors quickly to see where you are standing. Audiense Connect helps one discover new followers, follow them back, and unfollow potential followers and followings. With the help of Audiense Connect, you will also gain insights into the language they use, their recent Twitter habits and where they come from.


  1. This Twitter tool manages subscribers with opt-ins that are included in the chatbot.
  2. It creates various conversational trees to customize your interactions.
  3. It gets accurate information about your community by different criteria, gets to know your followers in-depth and interacts with them efficiently.

Alan Daniel

Audiense connect represents the best platform to track the community on twitter, it helps to analyse the commitment in social networks. It has two strengths Audience Insights and Audience Connect.


  1. It is paid when it comes to boosting Twitter performance and getting advanced insights to inform your strategy.

Darren H.

The features are limited and seemingly have become more limited over the years. Some key listening features, such as listening to keywords within Tweets is a premium feature.

8. TweetReach


Twitter tool - TweetReach

Tweet reach is a Twitter tool that monitors all important Tweets, as well as your Instagram and Facebook topics and profiles. Upgrade the social media strategy and introduce Union Metrics via social media.


  1. Social media analytics are easy to set up, use and share with all your relevant stakeholders.
  2. The analytics work in real-time to deliver timely insights you can use to make better decisions.
  3. With the help of this tool, you can set up monitoring for any hashtags, keywords, names, phrases - anything that appears on social media.

Jeff M.

REACH's support team is great and they are super friendly... Willing to work through anything with you! It's been a pleasure doing business with them and we are excited to keep expanding our network of displays in new and exciting ways in the future.


  1. Ability to set standard or saved terms (such as brand names) when building new trackers is a task.
  2. There are many issues due to the application programming interface, and also there are restrictions on the number of terms you can track.

9. Tweriod


Twitter tool - Tweriod

Tweriod is a Twitter tool that helps to examine your actions not only, but also the tweets of your supporters, which is the most special aspect of this device. Studying the habits of your followers will allow you to better understand them and build content. Tweriod analyses and records a user's last 200 tweets, their duration! This tool is free of charge, too!


  1. It helps you tell you how much you are exposed and also diversifies into weekdays, weekends and specific days in the week.
  2. It also tells you what time most people are online and breaks it up again on weekends, weekdays and other weekdays.
  3. To those who wonder why their tweets do not quite take off, Tweriod's tools would be useful.

Eduardo G.

The report is quite complete, with many graphics that help you get an idea of the activity according to the time with a simple glance. There is the possibility of separating the data according to weekday and weekend days, and it also analyses the flow of replies received.


  1. All the while it cannot help in composing better tweets, it can only give you suggestions on the best time to publish better tweets.

Evan D.

The problem is: Tweriod is not the best. Their payment model is annoying because a $5 report just to see this data is rarely worthwhile.

10. Tweepi


Twitter tool - Tweepi

Tweepi is an artificial intelligence-driven tool. This is one of the best Twitter marketing tools to fire your followers with these advanced features. The related hashtags and users or competitors that you want to follow can be used to set your Tweepi account up. This will analyse the targeted hashtags and users and then helps you select the users that are most involved and important to you.


  1. Tweepi is a Twitter tool that will engage its users, acquire Twitter followers and also grow their brands with the Twitter tool.
  2. To find the best tweets, Tweepi monitors Twitter as well as its users.
  3. It helps you grow your Twitter account as much as 100 new followers every day.

Verified Tweepi User

It suggests and automates pretty good accounts to follow/unfollow or message.

The interface is simple enough, just 3 actions, resulting in easy to understand instructions even for a first-time user.


  1. It does not guarantee you to retain the followers.
  2. It can only post on one platform that is Twitter.

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Digital marketers use Twitter tools in various ways to make the most of Twitter. Twitter tools allow you to connect more with your supporters. they help you understand your followers. In order to maximize your Twitter promotions, you should segment the audience to produce better results. Twitter tools above – all handpicked, tested and tried, in a variety of different categories. Though, SocialPilot makes a meaningful contribution to the world for the social media organization. SocialPilot not only involves preparation, optimization, analysis, content curation, collaboration, bulk scheduling assistance and finally RSS feeds. All this gives SocialPilot an advantage over other Twitter tools for competition.

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