Top 12+ Free Video Editing Software for Agencies

For crafting engaging videos without breaking the bank, here are some high-quality video editing tools to elevate your project.

Free Video Editing Software

Did you know that approximately 83% of internet users in the US consume digital video content?

With the staggering growth in video marketing, it is vital for a digital agency to not miss out on a potential market.

Well-produced videos are more likely to appeal to viewers, which means that you need exceptional video editing tools to turn your project into a masterpiece.

Yes, we know you must be thinking that most of these tools come with a hefty price tag!

But hey there are a few great options with free plans and features.

So for your ease, we have compiled a list of some of the best video editing software in this article.

Let’s dive in.

What All Can You Do with Video Editing Software?

A video editing software allows you to edit (of course!), modify or manipulate a video file. Using the software, you can add filters or special effects to augment your videos. Additionally, you can also add background music or text to your videos.

A video editing software can help you with:

  • Creating high-quality videos seamlessly
  • Saving time with the video creation by using the pro-tools
  • Making real-time modifications to the videos
  • Enhancing videos with animations and music
  • Saving money as most of these software are free to use

Now that you know how a video editing tool benefits you, let’s get back to our list.

HitFilm Express

Created by FXhome, HitFilm Express is a professional tool that includes a large VFX toolkit along with 4K exports. HitFilm also has a few add-on packs that allow you to access features like Skin Retouch, Picture-in-Picture, Grain Removal and Split Screen Masking.

Features include

  • A workstation that can be personalized
  • A video trimmer with insert and overlay functions
  • An audio mixer to modify and mix tracks
  • Smooth shot transitioning for professional-quality videos
  • High-speed personalized playback option
  • Allows you to lock tracks and layers
  • Adjust GoPro footage


  • Has an impressive list of basic editing tools
  • Has a workstation that can be personalized
  • An ideal software for professionals


  • Each add-on has to be purchased
  • May not be suitable for absolute beginners
  • The software has high technical specifications


OpenShot is an easy-to-use open-source video editing software that helps you trim videos and add 3D animations. Created in 2008, this software lets you add or adjust video effects like grayscale, gamma, hue and chroma key.

Features include

  • Works on operating systems like Linux, Windows and OS X
  • Supports drag and drop on desktop
  • Real-time preview with multiple transitions
  • Allows you to incorporate multiple tracks or layers
  • Doesn’t include watermarks
  • Access to create 3D titles
  • Can read multiple media formats


  • Has a simple, less-complicated user interface
  • A great option for an editing novice
  • An open source platform that is available for all


  • Professional editors may want more tools to work with
  • The software could lag at times


InVideo is a great video tool that includes thousands of customizable templates. One downside for this software is that the free videos will include InVideo watermarks. However, you can get rid of the watermarks and get add-on benefits with their monthly plan starting with 15 USD.

Features include

  • Thousands of customizable standard media
  • Access to iStock Library (Watermarks included on media for the free version)
  • Integrate a Social Media Calendar
  • Text to speech automation
  • Brand presets and cloud storage of 1 GB
  • Access reseller rights (with paid plans)
  • Provides shareable links for your work


  • Quick and fairly easy-to-use
  • Comes with a huge library of media and templates


  • Limited access to the media library for the free version
  • The free version will include watermarks


Blender is a fantastic 3D creation software that is backed by The Blender Foundation. Completely free to use, this software gives you sculpting, rendering and modeling tools to make high-end videos. You can easily combine video edits with animation using Blender.

Features include

  • Built-in editor to cut and splice videos
  • Audio mixing and scrubbing with waveform visuals
  • Live preview, chroma vectorscope and luma waveform
  • Adjustment layers, multiple filters and speed control
  • Customizable user interface
  • An extensive animation tool-set
  • Allows you to add a maximum of 32 slots for media and effects


  • Editing tools and 3D animation in one software
  • Best suited for video professionals


  • Limited editing tools with more focus on animations
  • You may encounter bugs every once in a while
  • Not beginner-friendly

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is versatile video editing software that enables you to create professional-grade videos effortlessly. The company has established in 2004 and created this software nowadays known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of editing tools.

Features include

  • Supports a wide range of video and audio formats
  • Provides numerous video effects and transitions
  • Offers multiple video editing tools such as trimming, cropping, rotating, and more
  • Allows you to add text, titles, and captions to your videos
  • Includes options for video stabilization and picture-in-picture effect
  • It has AI-driven features like color correction, background removal, motion tracking, and noise reduction


  • Compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Provides a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners and professionals alike
  • Offers a rich library of effects, transitions, intros, music tracks, sound effects, and more
  • Provides fast processing and quick export to social media and other platforms


  • Some advanced features are only available in the paid version
  • The free version adds a watermark to the videos
  • It may require a decently powered computer for optimal performance


This simple non-linear video editor can be used to cut, filter and decode media files. Avidemux supports many media formats and integrates advanced scripting. Compared to the rest of the software on this list, Avidemux has lesser editing functions.

Features include

  • A simple and beginner-friendly interface
  • Supports AVI, MP4 and MPEG files
  • Inserting audio streams in a video
  • Extracting audio streams from a video
  • Accessing custom scripts
  • Add slow-motion effect to the videos
  • Doesn’t require any 3rd party add-ons


  • One of the simplest options for beginners
  • The perfect tool for basic video editing


  • Has a limited tool-set compared to the other options on our list
  • May not be the best option if you’re looking for add-on features


Lightworks is a pro-editing software that was created purely for editing videos. Lightworks offers an impressive array of free tools but also comes with monthly and annual pricing plans. The free plan covers much of the basic editing needs.

Features include

  • A customizable interface for creators
  • Video trimming with high precision
  • 720p exports free of watermarks
  • Supports multi-cam and multiple video formats
  • Gain access to the forum
  • Allows import for all media formats
  • The paid options allow project sharing


  • Stellar features and tools for professionals
  • Has a customizable workstation
  • You can find many tutorials that can help with understanding the tools


  • Beginners may find this software a bit overwhelming
  • Limited export options in the free version, as the name suggests, aids you in making high-quality promotional videos. Suitable for amateurs as well as professionals, you can easily create videos for social media and access the ready-made templates and an audio library.

Features include

  • Lifetime license for all the videos
  • Photo to video maker tool
  • Integration of Social Media Calendar
  • Customize high-quality videos as per your preference
  • Created animated text for videos
  • Features like collage maker and commercial rights (with paid plans)
  • Reseller rights (with paid plans)


  • Has an intuitive UX
  • Easy and interactive workstation
  • Known to have great customer service


  • You may miss out on some great features with the free version
  • Does not have video capture or text-to-video features

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the most popular video editing applications. Available for desktop and mobile, the app gives you access to audio and motion graphic tools to create and share impressive high-quality videos. The free version of Premiere Rush gives you cloud storage of 2 GB, while a monthly paid version of 9.99 USD offers 100 GB of storage.

Features include

  • Easy click and drag transitions
  • Customizable titles with built-in templates
  • Manual color correction and video presets
  • Importing and exporting audio files
  • The paid option allows you to sync your projects across device
  • Up to 3 exports on a free plan
  • Access royalty-free audio (for the paid plan)


  • Access to Adobe’s Cloud Support
  • A really good option to create and share content on the go


  • The free version offers very less tools

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve can be deemed as one of the top 10 free video editing software currently available in the market. Owned by Blackmagic Design, DaVinci Resolve is a state-of-the-art tool equipped with tools that can be used to create movie-worthy clips. One word of caution though, this software has lots of advanced tools and may not be easily grasped by beginners.

Features include

  • Royalty-free foley sound files
  • Advanced non-linear editor
  • Cinematic motion graphics and visual effects
  • Add-ons for security
  • Professional color grading
  • No watermarks included in the free software
  • Access to the audio-editing program


  • Professional editors would love the tools
  • Packed with features that go beyond basic editing


  • The tutorials for a lot of functions are not free
  • Not the best option for absolute beginners


VideoStudio is software packed with great video tools, including Project Templates and AR Stickers. The free version of VideoStudio is a ‘try it before you buy it’ option to access the tools before purchasing a Pro or Ultimate version of the software. A downside is that the 30-day trial may not help much with long-term use.

Features include

  • Quick Timeline editing
  • Multi-camera editor
  • 360-degree video edit tool
  • Limited effects and filters in the free trial
  • Audio synchronization tool
  • Access to the free online library
  • Premium features like VitaScene and NewBlueFX (Ultimate pack)


  • Gives you access to most pro-tools in the free version
  • Offers impressive tools like AR Stickers and Templates


  • Offers a limited 30-day free trial
  • The purchase option is costlier compared to other software

Apple iMovie

Only accessible to iOS and Mac users, iMovie has a sophisticated, minimal interface. This software includes cinematic filters and effects like split-screen and picture-in-picture. It is great for basic editing, especially for mobile devices. However, professionals may feel the features are a bit limited.

Features include

  • Easy drag and drop access
  • Changing video backgrounds
  • Pre-made transitions in the library
  • 4K resolution support
  • Customizable readymade templates
  • Add your own sound effects to the videos
  • Add cool effects like green-screen


  • A great option for basic editing
  • Pre-made cinematic templates in the library


  • Only available for Mac users
  • Professionals may find less tools to work with


Another great open-source and free software on our list is Shotcut. This software supports a wide array of audio and visual formats. Integrated with multiple audio filters, Shotcut has preset filters and is operational on multiple platforms.

Features include

  • Audio mixing and pitch compensation
  • Video compositing and 360-degree filters
  • Easy trimming with a 3-point editing tool
  • Flexible user interface
  • Includes tools like eye dropper and auto-rotate
  • Review your work history
  • Simple video fade tools


  • Allows direct streaming
  • Packed with some of the best pro-tools
  • Supports high-quality 4K resolution


  • The user interface may be a bit confusing
  • There is no preview available for some effects


Surely one of the best free video editing software on our list, Kdenlive is an easy-to-use software available for all purposes. Backed with the FFmpeg libraries, users can save custom layouts in this software. It includes tools like Histogram, Audio Meter, Vectorscope and Proxy editing.

The software has robust features that are great for professionals. Plus, the open-source resource keeps getting updated by the user base.

Features include

  • Downloadable render profiles and templates
  • Auto-backup and real-time preview
  • Keyframed effects and multiple transitions
  • Multi-track edit option for media files
  • In-built access to the online library
  • Customizable 2D titles with template support
  • Allows you to mute or lack media files


  • The software keeps getting improved with new updates
  • Offers a wide array of features for free


  • Some users have experienced a slow response time
  • It may be complex for absolute beginners to start with


VSDC is a powerful video suite that is user-friendly and supports almost all media formats. VSDC editor has been updated to a sleek, dual monitor creator interface. Yes, there is a paid version available; however, the free version is pretty good to use as well.

The software includes motion tracking, animations, overlays and stabilization tools.

Features include

  • DVD burning tool that is built-in
  • Video capture with HD and 4K exporting
  • A non-linear editing tool
  • Stylish filters and special effects
  • Provides a tool for green background removal
  • Users with the paid plan can access audio waveform
  • Voice-over recordings in real-time (with the paid plan)


  • An intuitive and simple user interface
  • The software supports dual monitors


  • Only available for Windows
  • A lot of interesting features are only available with the paid plan
  • Relatively slower compared to the other free software


Clipchamp is an editing software available in basic (free), creator and business versions. The basic version allows you access to the basic editing tools with webcam and screen recording. However, if you’re looking to use pro-tools and get rid of the watermark, you would have to opt for the paid plans.

Features include

  • Video maker with multiple tools like trimming, cropping and speed control
  • Color balance and video transitions
  • Using your media files on the software
  • Unlimited production access on the video maker
  • The paid plans give access to unlimited media stock
  • HD video exports (available with paid plans)
  • The free version allows you to use all the basic editing features


  • Fairly easy to use, even for beginners
  • Allows you to export unlimited videos


  • The free version only allows exports in 480p
  • Features like cloud storage and access to the audio-video stock are only offered in the paid versions

To Summarize

Videos are known to garner more engagement as compared to text posts or images. We hope that our list helps you determine the software that best fits your business needs.

Additionally, if there are any special features that your company or brand requires, you can check the software’s official website to see if the preferable feature is available.

Okay. So what after you’ve used the right tools and created great videos that support your campaign?

What next?

Check out SocialPilot to take care of your client’s social accounts. It allows you to seamlessly collaborate with your team and access customizable white labeling for impressive branding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are most video editing software free?

Yes, there are some software that are completely free to use. However, there are also tools that are free but allow you to access premium features with monthly price plans. Note that some free software have limited features, trial plans or even watermarks. Make sure to check the free features outlined before you invest in a software.

How to pick the best video editing software for you?

It’s always best to consider the technical specifications and user reviews before you download a software. You should also check if the software is compatible with different operating systems and supports various file formats. At the very least, good software should also include free templates, tile options and graphics to work with.

Which video software do most professionals use?

That would vary depending on the type of video a professional would like to create. Adobe Premiere Pro is quite common with ad agencies. Meanwhile, DaVinci Resolve has been used in Hollywood for post-production. Final Cut Pro is often used by Mac device owners. There’s also HitFilm Pro which allows you to combine editing tools along with visual effects and compositing in one platform.

Which are some good video editing software for mobile?

Most of the software on our lists like Lightworks, Inshot, Adobe Premiere Rush and Shotcut can be accessible on mobile. You can also try tools like:

  • PicPlayPost
  • Splice
  • Quik
  • GoPro
  • FilmoraGo
  • Hyperlapse

Should I consider buying premium video editing software?

You don’t necessarily have to unless you are unable to find a preferable feature available in the free version. There are so many free tools available in the video editing software. But if you wish, you can try a monthly price plan to access additional tools or functionalities. Some software brands even offer free trials to try out the premium tools for a limited time.

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