The Beginner’s Guide on How to Change YouTube URL

The Beginner’s Guide on How to Change YouTube URL

The Beginner's Guide on How to Change YouTube URL

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Videos are highly effective for any business, and what better place to reach an audience than on YouTube? A popular hub for video marketing, YouTube is active with approximately 2 billion users per month.

A URL, aka uniform resource locator, is a web address that leads you to a specific location on the internet. Basically, a YouTube URL will help you reach a particular video or channel easily.

Through this article, we will give you a detailed guide about how to change YouTube URL along with some handy tips-and-tricks for your channel.

What is a YouTube URL?

YouTube allows you to have more than one URL for your channel. In such cases, it is good to know which type of URL you already possess and how you can make your channel more user-friendly.

3 Types of YouTube URLs

Legacy URL: The earliest URL type on YouTube is the Legacy URL. Depending on the time of your channel creation, you might notice your username present in the URL. YouTube assigns URL to the initial accounts by default. The Legacy URL is not required these days. However, YouTube allows you to use it in case you were already assigned one.

ID-based URL: Introduced in 2015, these URLs are commonly seen on most YouTube accounts. These URLs implement random letters and numbers to create a unique ID for your channel.

Custom URL: YouTube now allows you to customize your channel URL based on your liking. You can benefit from a Custom URL by making it relevant to your channel name. This will make it easier for you to share content and for your audience to find you. You can have this alongside the ID-based URL or a Legacy URL.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Opt for a Custom URL?

Numbers suggest that almost 60% of media marketers plan on increasing their YouTube marketing budget. With its popularity and user-friendly interface, YouTube is not just a favorite within the consumer market but also benefits businesses.

In order to be ahead of the marketing game, opting for a Custom URL for your YouTube channel is definitely a go-to. Not only does a Custom URL make your channel link more accessible, but it is also simply easier to read and memorize.

However, YouTube currently has eligibility criteria set in place for this feature. In order to opt for Custom URLs, you must have:

  • At least 100 or more subscribers
  • A YouTube channel that is at least 30 days old
  • Cover art or banner image in place
  • A profile picture on the channel.

How to Check if you are Eligible to Access Custom URLs

If you think your channel meets the required criteria, follow these steps to confirm the eligibility for generating a Custom URL on YouTube.

Step 1. First, sign in to your YouTube account by entering your registered email or phone number and your password.


Step 2. Head over to the YouTube Studio. You can do this by clicking on your channel’s profile image.


Step 3. Click on the ‘Settings’ option.


Step 4. When you see the Settings pop-up on the screen, click on ‘Channel’.


Step 5. Then, choose the ‘Feature Eligibility’ option.

Step 6. You will find the option to see the features by clicking on ‘Status and Features’.

Step 7. This page will show you which YouTube features you have access to based on the criteria.

Note: In case you cannot find the ‘Status and Features’ option, follow these steps instead:

Step 1. On the Settings pop-up, click on ‘Advanced Settings’.


Step 2. Then click on ‘Manage YouTube Account’.

Step 3. Click on ‘View Advanced Settings’.


Step 4. This new page will show you if your channel is eligible for a Custom URL or not.

How to Change your YouTube URL – A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you have confirmed the eligibility, all you have to do is set a Custom URL by going through these simple steps.

Note: If you have followed the Advanced Setting option to check the eligibility, you simply have to click on the ‘Claim it here’ option available for the Custom URL to get started.

Step 1. On the YouTube Studio page, click on the ‘Customization’ option on the left.


Step 2. In the ‘Basic Info’ Tab, you will have the option to create a Custom URL on this page.

Step 3. YouTube will show you an auto-generated Custom URL based on your channel name. If you’d like to choose this URL, you can do so.


You can create your own URL by adding it in the empty URL box right below the auto-generated one.

Step 4. Next, you can click on ‘Publish’.

Step 5. Review the URL and Confirm the changes. Make sure to read the URL Terms and Conditions before you click on Confirm.

Congratulations! You now have your very own Custom URL.

Note: YouTube doesn’t allow you to edit a Custom URL once it’s created. However, you can change your Custom URL thrice a year by deleting the old URL and creating a new one. If you feel like switching up the URL based on your business requirements, you have the option to create a completely new Custom URL.

What is a URL Shortener?

A URL Shortener is a website or an application that shortens your links and creates a unique, simple URL. The best part of using a URL Shortener – it’s quick and easy!

If you’re wondering why you should even use a YouTube link shortener in the first place, these are a few good reasons to consider:

  • A Short URL is easy on the yers: Your audience is more than likely to click on the shorter link. Believe it or not, people like to focus on things that are short, succinct and consume less space.
  • Shorter links look less suspicious: We have all received countless unnecessary spam emails. What’s one of the common telltale signs of spam mail – super-long links that look suspicious. Even if your regular links work perfectly fine, viewers will opt for URLs that look tidy.
  • Tracking Metrics: Some URL shorteners allow you to track your traffic. This feature may come with a cost, but it helps you optimize your overall marketing plan.

Top 6 URL Shorteners to Use

There are multiple link shorteners available in the market. A lot of these tools are free to use. However, some may charge you for additional features like tracking, analytics, and even getting a custom domain.

1. Bitly


A trusted and popular tool, Bitly currently offers features like QR codes, Branded Links and allows you to track your link metrics. Even though you have access to a lot of features in a free account, Bitly’s Basic and Premium plans give you so much more to work with.

2. ClickMeter


A great option for serious marketers, ClickMeter not only allows you to monitor your links, it also helps with conversions. With more than 100 features available, this tool comes with a monthly membership currently starting from $29/month.

3. Sniply


The stand-out feature of Sniply is that it gives you short links where you can add custom call-to-action. This can work wonders for your Social Media plan. Sniply offers a free trial which can later be converted into a monthly or annual membership.

4. TinyURL


One of the oldest URL tools in the market, TinyURL is widely used due to its simple interface. You don’t need to have a TinyURL account to shorten a link. However, you can create a free account that allows you to track your links. The paid plans are also relatively cheaper, starting from $9.99 a month.



BL.INK gives you link management access with branded links, domain, and special enterprise modules. Currently, they offer a free trial plan of 21-days that lets you access all the features. When the trial ends, you can choose any of the paid monthly options.

6. Rebrandly


Another unique tool on the list, Rebrandly, allows you to manage a domain name along with traffic routing and custom reports. Currently, they offer a free plan alongside the paid option starting from $29 a month.

How to Customize your YouTube Channel?

Want to customize your YouTube channel but don’t meet the criteria for the Custom URL?

Fret not! Why not customize the rest of your channel in the meantime?

How to Change YouTube channel name?

You can make changes to your channel’s name by following these simple steps:

Step 1. Go to and sign in to your YouTube account.

Step 2. On the left, you will find a ‘Customization’ option.

Step 3. After clicking on ‘Customization’, go to ‘Basic Info’.

Step 4. Click on Edit to enter to change your channel name.

Step 5. Review the information and hit ‘Publish’.

Make sure to follow YouTube’s updated Community Guidelines when editing a channel name.

About Section

The About section is important for any webpage or channel. You may not be able to provide all the information in the video description. This is where you can optimize the About page or Channel description. You can follow the steps mentioned in the channel name section as the description edit is available on the same page.

Banner image/profile picture

One of the most important components for a professional YouTube profile is to have a reliable profile icon and cover art. The option to update the banner image and profile picture is available on the same page. You can find this in YouTube Studio -> Customization -> Branding.

The banner image may show up differently on various displays – mobile, web, or TV.

Note: Always make sure to check YouTube’s updated guidelines to see which image type and size they support for a profile or banner art.

To Summarize

In the year 2020, statistics showed that YouTube saw a 95% increase with new channels that were created for the goal of building an audience. With more and more businesses joining YouTube to reach an audience, it is important to have an effective marketing strategy in place.

Customizing your YouTube channel and URL are some of the key parts of good branding. However, you can always go beyond the basics and personalize your strategies based on your brand and business requirements.

Having a visual marketing campaign integrated with social media channels like YouTube can be highly beneficial for your brand’s growth.

You can use SocialPilot to visualize your social media plan by using its user-friendly features.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 Why should I opt for a Custom URL?

Simply put, a Custom URL is easier to read and share. Since the Custom URL is a personalized link, it makes it easier for your audience to find you.

🌟 Can I change my Custom URL?

Yes, you can. YouTube allows you to change your channel’s Custom URL three times a year. However, it’s best to stick to one good URL to avoid any confusion. Your audience would most probably get used to using a certain channel link to find you. If the link is changed multiple times, it can confuse your audience and make it harder for them to find your channel.

🌟 How can I increase my YouTube subscribers to get access to more features?

It’s best to have a good social media marketing plan in place. The other thing is consistently posting quality content so that your viewers always have something to look forward to. Additionally, you can also customize your YouTube channel and improve your social media branding.

🌟 What can I do if I don’t meet the eligibility criteria to get a Custom URL?

Adding a profile picture and banner art can be done instantly. The criteria that may take some time to complete is gaining 100 subscribers. However, it isn’t impossible! While you put out great content on your YouTube channel, you can also customize your channel to create more awareness. In fact, it has been proven that YouTube mobile users pay more attention to what they are watching.

🌟 Is it necessary to shorten a video link?

Shortening a YouTube link simply makes the link easier to read and share. You can also lessen the character count by using a link shortener. Shortening a link has become easier with the availability of multiple free and paid tools. Some link shorteners would even allow you to track online metrics.

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