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  • March 28, 2023

Top 14 YouTube Tools for Higher Engagement in 2023

I bet our days are not marked complete without watching a YouTube video.

With over 4 billion uploads monthly, it is the ultimate scroll-stopping hub of visual treats. No matter the genres, you can find as many videos as you can browse through.

This is why creators and marketers lurk around the corner to seize big and small opportunities. But it isn’t easy.

Creating a perfect video, maintaining a healthy YouTube schedule, or analyzing the result of your video is nerve-wracking. Unlike other social media, creating content on YouTube is not a matter of a few minutes. It might take hours or even days to produce one good-quality video.

Though very little can be done to save hours on the creation drill, we can definitely cut down on time spent on manual uploads.

All thanks to YouTube tools, marketers don’t have to glue their eyes to the clock each time they upload a new YouTube video or short. Let’s go through each of them and see what fits your needs the best.

Top 14 YouTube Tools For Higher Engagement

Category 1: YouTube Scheduling Tools

1. SocialPilot



You know what happens when you schedule an upload on YouTube with SocialPilot? We know the answer! You are able to plan a social media content calendar much more effectively and share your content consistently. Moreover, you can also publish videos at “the best times to post” for your audience.

SocialPilot is your first accomplice if you want to be on track with your YouTube schedule. This tool for YouTube has advanced features that help you automate video posting to your YouTube channel.

While you invest more effort in creating a quality video, a YouTube upload scheduler like this would ensure the quantity aspect. You just need to upload a video and select the desired time slot to share, and you’ll be done.

Plus, you can collaborate with your teammates and clients if you manage multiple YouTube channels. That’s not all

You can even add links, emojis, or tags while scheduling Shorts or videos. If you feel stuck, you also get enterprise-grade support on all plans to resolve queries at the earliest.

Why Should You Opt for SocialPilot for YouTube Video Scheduling?

  • It lets you add a video title and description to your video uploads at the time of scheduling.
  • It allows you to select the content category and even age restrict the video.
  • You can upload thumbnails of your choice.
  • It auto notifies subscribers once the scheduled video goes live.
  • SocialPilot lets you select license rights and ownership during the scheduling process.
  • It lets you select embedding and privacy status preferences as well.
  • Mobile app and browser extensions are also available.
  • You can share unlimited posts using SocialPilot across multiple platforms.
Social Media Scheduling Tools

Other Noteworthy Features You Should Consider

  • SocialPilot has loads of useful integration, right from Canva to bitly.
  • Get a post and calendar preview of all your scheduled posts.
  • You can reply to comments and discussions from the Social Inbox.
  • You can curate unlimited content to get quick doses of inspiration.
  • Create UTM Parameters to track social traffic
  • SocialPilot has an image editing tool as well.
  • Its flexible calendar feature is praiseworthy.
  • You can bulk schedule 500 posts at once.
  • It has collaboration features for clients and team members.
  • It offers white-label shareable reports as well.
  • It supports the top 10 social media platforms under a single roof.

Kielo D

This YouTube marketing tool provides powerful options for marketing, content creation, and scheduling to execute the data. Moreover, it provides the option of a free trial to the user, which encourages them to try. This saves user time which makes the software much liked.


Ojasvi A

SocialPilot has powerful and simple tools that help us to develop more efficient and strategic emails helping us to reach our clients in the best way. They also help us in saving our time because their customized templates enable us to generate efficient emails in minimum time, thus saving our time while promoting our business.

2. eClincher


eClincher is yet one of the YouTube tools that have been around for quite some time now. It has decent top-ups like inbox, comment replies, brand mention tracking, etc., apart from the usual scheduling advantages on multiple platforms.

However, is it worth paying for? eClincher might not be the most affordable tool out there with the kind of features it provides. Hence, we recommend you assess potential eClincher alternatives and then choose.


  • This YouTube marketing tool constantly updates to support more platforms and capabilities.
  • You get a preview of all your posts before scheduling.
  • Customer service is good enough to solve the initial hiccups of setup and onboarding.

Tiara H

I love the ability to preview posts and save them to drafts. I also love the access I get to all of our social profiles at once – especially the central mailbox.


  • It has a mediocre user experience with an okayish interface.
  • Integrations aren’t quite seamless, posing errors at times.
  • There is a steep learning curve for beginners.

Gina B

The cost went up when I was using it. I also noticed that the mobile app was nothing like the desktop site. There were features on each that weren’t available on the other. I just couldn’t take it any longer and canceled my subscription.

3. Planable


Next up, we have Planable. If you have a small team or work with multiple clients, then this YouTube marketing tool is all you need. You can easily involve your vital players in social media marketing and plan your YouTube schedule.

With this tool for YouTube, you get multiple timeline views on Planable like calendar, grid, feed, and list. The scheduling feature is also quite flexible. Another striking addition is its enterprise-level security to secure users’ sensitive information.


  • Planable has loads of resources that beginners can make use of.
  • The onboarding of teams is a hassle-free process altogether.
  • There are multiple workspaces for clients and in-house teams to facilitate better communication.

Rax L

Planable is visually brilliant at helping understand how social media posts will look when published. The approval process is incredibly intuitive and makes scheduling a doddle. It’s also very simple to add new social platforms at a click of a button.


  • It supports only limited platforms, so you might have to use multiple tools.
  • Analytics and reporting features are limited.
  • It lacks strategic features like hashtags, comments, inbox, tag, etc.

Jay L

I’m new to marketing and social media advertisement, so I’m not sure if any additional features would be helpful. However, I find it a bit ridiculous to limit the ability to view scheduled posts (feed, calendar, grid, and list) on one’s subscription status.

4. Publer


Publer is next in the line of competent YouTube tools to help you ace your goals on the platform. It is a go-to option for marketers looking to schedule and analyze their posts across multiple platforms.

Publer gives its users 4 posting options: Manual, Recurring, Recycle, and Auto Schedule. You can select any one of these choices as per your sharing preference. This YouTube video uploader is an excellent fit for basic scheduling capabilities.


  • The user interface is clean and easy to use.
  • Customer support is prompt at solving issues.
  • You can manage multiple social media accounts on Publer.

Mohammed A

Publer has plenty of excellent features. But I like the “Watermark Option in Photos” very much. This watermark feature prevents my designs from stealing. Another good thing is “Hashtag suggestions” & “Content recommendations.


  • There is no mobile app for Publer.
  • Its current YouTube upload is 1 GB only.
  • Integrations offered in Publer are quite basic.

John L

Compared to other social media tools, it lacks some basic features such as recommended posting times, publishing multiple photos to Instagram via push notification, and more advanced metrics and reporting.

5. Fanpage Karma


Fanpage Karma is one of the few YouTube scheduling tools that even keeps you updated with the latest trends in the market. You can find trending topics here that you can utilize for brainstorming your content strategy.

You also get to know what all posts worked best for you and analyze your channel’s performance over time. It also lets you create excel reports summarizing all crucial data points around your social media profiles.


  • The tool is quite reliable with real-time data insights.
  • You can audit competitors’ performances as well.
  • The interface is easy to navigate through.

Tom N

The YouTube tool is easy to use, and you can create a dashboard with just a few clicks. It’s great for getting a quick overview of your most important KPIs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest.


  • The customer support isn’t the best and might delay solving your issues.
  • The tool is quite pricey for the features it offers.
  • There is no mobile app available for Fanpage Karma.

Firoz K

Although Fanpage karma has helped me to make better decisions about what platforms we should choose to achieve our business objectives and the type of content we should choose to improve the Key performance indicators of social media platforms. One thing I would like to ask from the team of Fanpage Karma is to improve the data visualization of the reports.

6. Zoho


Zoho Social is yet another YouTube tool you might be familiar with for maintaining a YouTube schedule. If you are a fan of using multiple integrations, then Zoho Social has you covered. The interface is also easy to grasp hold of and delivers a satisfying experience.

However, it might not pass the vibe check if you prefer to onboard a team. It lacks collaboration capabilities and workspaces. The reporting and analytics features aren’t up to the mark. We recommend you use other Zoho Social alternatives before making the final call.


  • It has several seamless integrations with useful apps and platforms.
  • You can share dashboards with your teammates.
  • The calendar view gives you a snapshot of all your scheduled posts.

Rahul R

Zoho social is helpful to connect multiple social media accounts and manage them using their platform. I can publish content on all social media platforms from the Zoho social app. Not just publishing, it allows you to monitor the growth of a brand and let your team collaborate seamlessly.


  • Reporting needs to be revamped.
  • Insights are not always accurate.
  • It supports only a handful of social media platforms.

Tom S

The way Zoho has so many different apps, and you have to pay for each of them separately. For a small business, I want one system to rule them all. I’m sick of having to jump from one website to another, and I don’t know what the best tool to do the job is. I can do the same thing in several places and often feel like I’m missing something which I have in another app. It’s too modular.


$103 is a fairly new YouTube upload scheduler that brings all-in-one social media marketing features. You can easily use its editorial calendar to plan your videos and other posts on YouTube and other social media channels. also provides an inbox where you can manage all comments and mentions from one place. This ensures that you engage with your community alongside entertaining them. But the tool is quite pricey and is affordable for enterprises.


  • It has established workflow setups for better team collaboration.
  • Analytics and reporting are quite comprehensive in this tool.
  • You can identify top-performing posts and assess your current strategy’s performance better.

Viola R

A good overview of all channels and brands. Different people can edit texts and photos in one post. The note function is very helpful when multiple suggestions are made, or background information is needed. And, of course, the scheduling with the calendar function.


  • The tool is expensive for individuals and small business owners.
  • The user experience can be improved considerably.
  • This tool for YouTube scheduling can get buggy at times.

Verified User

It can feel congested, like the desire to be inclusive has made it clustered in the dashboard.

Category 2: Best Youtube Creator tools

1. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is an excellent YouTube creator tool to improve content engagement nearly 10 times faster than any other tool. It helps identify trending topics and suggests the same to captivate the audience.

On the internal channel review system, it provide actionable insights into the metrics that determine the channel’s performance. TubeBuddy helps in understanding YouTube algorithms to have an edge over the competition.


  • It is a reliable tool for optimizing videos.
  • Easy-to-use templates save a lot of time.
  • Keyword research helps in handling competition.

Djordje M.

This YouTube creator tool will save your lot of time. You get suggestions for every part of the Youtube uploading, starting from the description, tags, end screens, and card. It will also remind you to share your work, and in addition, it has a Topic planner with keyword research and great analytics (even if they are just taken from Youtube itself).


  • You should set up multiple accounts for multiple channels.
  • It is quite expensive.

Leroy F.

-Price jumps a bit for higher tiers, perhaps having some of the higher tier features such as A/B testing at a mid-price point would be handy -Search volume (like with all other similar tools) is the best guesstimate, problem is sometimes only colour indication (green for great), but a green search volume could be 500 or 500,000 searches.

2. Woobox

Woobox is a powerful YouTube creator tool for creating and managing campaigns, giveaways, and polls to generate engagement with the audience.

It is an interactive tool that collects leads and rewards your audience with landing pages for forms, coupons, giveaways, etc.

It creates custom popups on your website without any need for coding expertise. The embedded hashtags and custom forms improve viewer engagement.

It has unlimited templates to assist your campaigns.


  • Very good customer support team.
  • Easy integrations for hosting content online.
  • Offers value for money.

Verified Reviewer.

Easy to use, never had a reliability issue so far, love the custom tab and the export comments features. Picking a Facebook contest winner has never been this easy. Also has a lot of templates you can choose from when creating a campaign.


  • Limited features on the free version in this YouTube content creator tool.
  • Does not track entries correctly.

Mark A.

Woobox is much more limited within the Free, Basic and Standard packages. To truly unlock it’s capabilities, you would have to subscribe to the Advanced or Power packages. I didn’t like that the contests were limited to 1000 participants a month. If you’re running a larger contest, it’s a bit frustrating to have a cut off for collecting their data.

Category 3: Best YouTube Analytics Tools

1. VidIQ

This free YouTube analytics tool boosts your views on YouTube. VidIQ does keyword research for you and offers tips to optimize your titles, descriptions, playlists, etc.

With this tool, you can get real-time feedback about the performance of your content. To capture the attention of your viewers, this tool creates attractive thumbnails too. Data analytics are provided through regular updates on the scorecards.


  • Helps to increase channel views considerably.
  • Variety of tools available.
  • Competitor analysis is easy.

Alejandro G.

The information they provide is very useful and guides you through the process of optimizing your videos to boost their performance. You can gather a lot of useful metrics and insights.


  • Some services require an update and an additional payment.
  • Data of this YouTube analytics tool is not always error-free.

Omer S.

I have used other SEO plugins too and have found that the shown data is not always accurate and does not work for newer channels. You still need some manual views or views through social media in order for the SEO to come in handy later. Also, this software is a little bit more complex than others.

2. ViralStat

By analyzing thousands of video performances, ViralStat helps you discover the latest trends in social media.

It is a great YouTube analytics tool to excel and stand out from the competition. Competitor analysis tools, engagement metrics, and the discovery of influencers are some ways this tool helps you grow your channel.

It tests all your social video campaigns to analyze engagement with the audience. It provides instant email alerts to keep you up-to-date.

Category 4: Video editing tools for YouTube

1. Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is a video editing tool for YouTube that helps creators produce engaging videos. The post-production effects add stunning effects to the videos to make them captivating.

It has many built-in tools for picture-in-picture effects, zooming, stabilization, etc. Editors can also copy and paste color grades, tracking effects, and plug-ins.


  • Easy to use and implement YouTube tool.
  • Highly superior editing features are available.

Sean C.

Pay once model, no monthly overhead and free updates after that. Far superior editing model compared to Adobe’s clunk dynamic link.


  • Some editing features are tricky to understand.
  • Customer support team is not available.

Tshepo M.

Syncing videos and audio is a headache. Also relinking clips and other files after moving them in your computer is kind of annoying. Lastly it requires a great transition if you are a long-term Adobe Premiere Pro user.

2. Canva

Canva is an excellent tool for graphic design and video editing tool for YouTube. It offers thousands of high-quality templates.

It is easy to create, download, and share creations through Canva. It assists in real-time collaboration across countrie. Canva is also a great tool for teams.


  • It has many readymade templates that are suitable for different social media platforms.
  • It is user-friendly and does not require technical expertise.
  • The app is highly intuitive.

Omar M.

Easy to use, Canva is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface and intuitive tools that make it easy for anyone to create professional-looking designs.


  • There are limitations to the flexibility offered in design.
  • Limited tutorials.

Omar M.

Limited design flexibility, While Canva offers a wide range of templates and design elements, it may not provide the same level of design flexibility as more advanced graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

3. Magisto

Magisto is an AI-enabled platform for video editing to create stunning videos. Upload and edit in minutes on Magisto.

With the help of Magisto’s player, cross-channel video content sharing is made possible. The tool helps you in obtaining notable insights into the audience’s viewing behavior.

It offers a lot of templates to make video editing easy.


  • Easily approachable customer service team.
  • Library with many themes, and music is present.
  • It is user-friendly.

Eric S.

It had real good features to help you get your video that look your looking for I like that I can get all my editing done in one place for my you tube channel it hlpe get job done right all the tool you need in one place cant go wrong with that if your looking for easy fun and good app to do your editing this it.


  • Many templates can be accessed only on upgrade to a higher version.
  • Limited tools for editing.

Shayna W.

They restrict users to ratio sizes like 1:1 or other ratios that do not allow users to get the fullview of the images they’re using, like the common 16:9, or even 4:3. Limited features.

Final Words

Watching YouTube or even playing it while some of us are neck-deep in work has become a ritual. This is the platform to catch hold of your audience’s attention while educating or entertaining them to the fullest. As a marketer, YouTube needs your well-deserved attention.

While you put all your brain power into finessing the scripts and frames, let YouTube marketing tools take charge of the publishing part. And with SocialPilot, automating this process need no longer be a pricey affair.

Take a free trial and fix your entire social media schedule in one shot

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you schedule YouTube videos in advance?

Yes, you can schedule a YouTube short to any date and time with a YouTube scheduling tool like SocialPilot, Oktopost,, etc. Now you can plan more shorts and videos in advance and auto-post them using these tools.

Can you schedule a YouTube short?

Yes, you can schedule a YouTube short to any date and time with a YouTube scheduling tool in place like SocialPilot, Oktopost,, etc. Now you can plan more shorts and videos in advance and auto post them using these tools.

How many videos should I upload on YouTube per day?

YouTube is a high-effort platform. Hence, even one quality video per day can fetch you good reach and engagement.

How many times should I post on YouTube?

Strive to post at least one high-quality video each week on YouTube. If you have a dedicated team of professionals or the bandwidth, you can even scale up to 3-5 videos each week for a stellar presence.

What is a good average YouTube time?

An average view duration of 50-60% on your YouTube videos is good enough. Anything above this means your video is performing exemplary.

What other video editing tools are best for YouTube?

Apart from the ones discussed in the blog, here is a list of some more reliable YouTube video editors:

  1. Windows Video Editor
  2. Lightworks
  3. WeVideo
  4. Movie Maker Online
  5. Movavi Video Suite
  6. VideoPad
  7. Kapwing
  8. Magix Movie Studio
  9. Shotcut
  10. iMovie
  11. OpenShot
  12. Animoto

How do you schedule YouTube videos for upload?

Here are the steps you need to follow to schedule your YouTube video for upload:

  1. Open YouTube and choose the camera icon located at the top right corner.
  2. Drag and drop your video for upload.
  3. Include important video information such as the title, thumbnail image, description, etc. Place any age restrictions.
  4. You will now find yourself on the Visibility tab. Choose the option Public or Private.
  5. Next, click Schedule. Enter the date and time of posting your video.

That’s it! A notification will show up upon the successful scheduling of your video.

What app do most YouTubers use?

The most used apps by YouTubers are:

  1. SocialPilot
  2. Canva
  3. YouTube Studio
  4. TubeBuddy
  5. VidIQ

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