11 Best AI Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business in 2024

Leverage AI marketing tools across all facets of your business, from content creation to market analysis, to evolve into a self-reliant brand.

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The marketing world is rapidly embracing AI technology, marking a significant shift from traditional marketing methods. At the forefront of this transformation are AI marketing tools, revolutionizing how brands engage with their audience.

Don’t believe us?

A staggering 87% of organizations worldwide believe AI technologies will give them a competitive edge. This statistic clearly indicates the growing reliance on AI in various marketing segments, from social media to email marketing.

The diverse applications of AI in marketing are manifold. It ranges from optimizing social media advertising campaigns by analyzing engagement trends and audience preferences to creating dynamic ads that update product information based on user behavior.

With such profound advancements, it’s evident that embracing AI tools is not just an option but a necessity.

As we dive into the top AI marketing tools, we’ll showcase 11 tools for different aspects of marketing that exemplify this technological leap, each offering unique capabilities to revolutionize your marketing strategies and elevate your brand’s presence in the digital domain.

1. SocialPilot: The Best AI Marketing Tool


per month

SocialPilot stands out as an all-encompassing AI marketing tool, offering a suite of features that cater to the diverse needs of both small businesses and larger agencies. Its ability to manage multiple platforms, powerful analytics, AI content creation assistance, and more make it a go-to solution for those aiming to elevate their marketing, especially for social media.

SocialPilot stands out as a versatile AI marketing tool offering a unique blend of user-friendliness and advanced AI functionalities.

With SocialPilot, you’re not just posting content; you’re creating content with its advanced AI capabilities, targeted specifically to your audience and strategically engaging them, thanks to its insightful analytics and time-saving features.

It’s a comprehensive solution that adapts to your marketing needs, making it a go-to choice for savvy digital marketers.

Here are some of SocialPilot’s key features, proving it to be one of the best overall AI marketing tools out there:

  • AI Assistant for Content Creation: SocialPilot’s AI Assistant streamlines content creation by suggesting relevant captions and hashtags, facilitating engaging and impactful social media posts. This feature saves time and helps maintain a consistent brand voice and appealing online presence.
  • Multi-platform Posting: SocialPilot makes its mark in managing various social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile. This multi-platform functionality allows for a centralized approach to social media management, ensuring cohesive brand messaging across channels.
  • Visual Calendar and Bulk Scheduling: The platform offers a visual calendar for planning content strategies across different platforms. Additionally, the bulk scheduling feature, supporting up to 500 posts, facilitates long-term planning and efficient campaign management, setting SocialPilot apart from competitors.
  • Track Performance with Analytics and Reports: SocialPilot provides detailed analytics across platforms, offering insights into key metrics like follower growth, engagement, and click-through rates. This helps in optimizing social media strategies and understanding audience behavior more effectively.
  • Social Inbox for Unified Communication: The Social Inbox feature consolidates comments and messages from various platforms into a single dashboard. This centralization is a significant time-saver, enhancing responsiveness and engagement with the audience.
  • AI Assistant for Content Creation: SocialPilot’s AI Assistant streamlines content creation by suggesting relevant captions and hashtags, facilitating engaging and impactful social media posts. This feature not only saves time but also helps in maintaining a consistent and appealing online presence.
  • Team Collaboration: This allows multiple users to manage social media accounts collectively. It provides features for seamless team communication, content approval workflows, and role assignments, enhancing teamwork and efficiency in social media management.

By integrating these capabilities, SocialPilot offers a seamless experience, making it a valuable asset in the toolkit of modern marketers. To experience these features and see how SocialPilot can transform your social media strategy, you can explore their plans and start with a free trial!

What People Say About Us


Hristo N.

Numerous accounts, grouping of accounts, analytics, history of posts, drafts and AI assistant. I also like the support we have always received in a timely and professional manner. We use SocialPilot it for year already and we truly enjoy it and continue using it. It’s very easy to use and has an ever increasing number of features.

AI Marketing Tools for Content and Writing

A well-crafted message can captivate an audience, drive engagement, and convert leads into customers. To stay ahead in this game, leveraging AI tools for content creation and SEO optimization is crucial. Two standout tools in this domain are Writesonic and Surfer SEO.



for one user

Writesonic is a must-have in the AI-driven content creation landscape, especially for those in marketing. This is a platform that not only churns out a variety of content forms but also harnesses the power of cutting-edge GPT-4 tech.

The tool is a boon for e-commerce and digital agencies, offering tailor-made tools for crafting spot-on product descriptions and ads that resonate on platforms like Shopify, Facebook, and Google. Plus, Writesonic has an excellent, user-friendly interface, which is a big plus.

Picture a tool that can handle a whopping 100+ content types, adjusting perfectly to different industry demands. And if you’re looking to churn out content in bulk – Writesonic has got your back.

Plus, its integration with Surfer SEO is the cherry on top, ensuring your content doesn’t just engage but also ranks high. And let’s not forget that Writesonic has a flair for languages, making it a global player in content creation.


  • The ability to write search engine-friendly content
  • Audiosonic transforms written content into emotive audio-snippets
  • The UI is user-friendly and easy to navigate

Verified User

The platform is incredibly user-friendly. Navigating through the various features is intuitive, and the dashboard is well-designed. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or a beginner, you’ll find Writesonic easy to use.


  • Tends to create repetitive content
  • Users dont prefer the tool for long-form content
  • The pricing based on word-count has proven to be restrictive for users


While Writesonic excels in many areas, occasional discrepancies in AI-generated content accuracy are noticeable. Striking the right balance between creativity and precision remains an ongoing challenge. Also the pricing based on count of words is more for the company to monetize instead of the integrity of the services.

3. Surfer SEO


for 3 users

This tool stands out with its comprehensive analysis of content against various ranking factors, providing actionable insights to enhance SEO performance. Its user-friendly interface and extensive data analysis capabilities make Surfer SEO a favorite amongst digital marketers and content creators.

Surfer SEO’s SERP Analyzer is particularly noteworthy, examining over 500 factors like keyword usage, multimedia, and page speed metrics. This tool provides an in-depth analysis of top-ranking pages for your target keywords, offering valuable insights to guide content optimization based on search intent.

The Content Audit feature of Surfer SEO is another highlight, which analyzes URLs and their main keywords, suggesting improvements for content that’s not ranking well. Moreover, the Content Planner feature aids in a strategic and comprehensive content strategy.

Surfer SEO’s analytical prowess makes it an indispensable tool in a marketer’s toolkit, especially for those keen on elevating their SEO.


  • Content Editor gives keen insights into keyword usage and relevance.
  • The customer support in Surfer SEO is exceptionally helpful, providing prompts and other resources to the users.
  • SERP and competitor analysis provide a framework for content creation.

Alex K.

Surfer’s comprehensive approach to SEO optimization is its standout feature. The platform seamlessly integrates keyword research, SERP analysis, and a detailed look at competitors’ strategies. This integration is elegantly executed in the content editor, making it a breeze for both novices and seasoned SEO professionals to navigate and utilize effectively.


  • The credit system for using AI Content editor and Audit features is limiting for users.
  • Pricing has proved to be steep for many users.
  • There is scope of improvement in keyword research data.

Tobit O.

Content Editor and Audit features require credits, which cannot be rolled over and expire on the next billing. Their newly introduced AI editor is also quite pricey.

AI Marketing Tools for Customer Relationship Management

AI is revolutionizing how businesses interact with their customers. AI-powered customer relationship management (CRM) streamlines sales processes and offers deep insights into customer behaviors and preferences. Among the frontrunners in this domain, Zoho CRM and Freshsales stand out with their innovative AI features.

4. Zoho CRM


for 1 user

Zoho CRM stands out in the AI CRM landscape, particularly for Zia, its AI assistant. Zia is a significant boon for sales teams, offering real-time alerts about customer activities like website visits or social media mentions. This helps keep teams informed and responsive to customer interactions.

Zia’s advanced capabilities include predicting the best times for client contact and suggesting products for cross-selling based on sales patterns.

Zoho CRM’s user-friendly interface, customizable dashboard, and integration with popular apps like Zoom and Slack enhance its usability and efficiency. The AI features, however, are mainly available in the higher-tier Enterprise and Ultimate plans.

Zoho CRM proves to be a powerful tool for teams, especially in remote settings, by effectively combining AI-driven insights with practical sales tools.


  • The setting up of the app is easy and does not require any tech support.
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Importing contacts from an Outlook account into the Zoho database is effortless.


Zoho CRM has changed the way I control my clients ready to go with no trouble. I liked that I could easily customize the dashboards to my requirements. I can see instantly the status of my sales possibilities, project development as well as customer interaction.


  • The learning curve is steep, especially with more advanced features
  • The mobile app is not as efficient as the website
  • The separate ecosystem for every tool under Zoho CRM makes things complex for users

John D.

Very hard to navigate, and if you’ve ever used a different CRM it is counter productive to what you expect from a CRM and what other platforms offer and integrate with.

5. Freshsales


per user

Another stellar AI-driven CRM tool is Freshsales, especially for businesses seeking to optimize customer relationships through intelligent insights and automation. This advanced CRM platform is renowned for its AI-powered contact scoring, thanks to Freddy AI.

By analyzing customer interactions on websites and apps, Freddy AI helps sales teams quickly identify high-potential leads and ensures that they receive timely follow-ups. This feature is pivotal in prioritizing and personalizing customer engagements, allowing for a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

Freshsales creates behavior-based sales sequences, maximizing efficiency and providing sales teams with a comprehensive view of the customer journey. It supports sales force automation and drives deals with AI-powered insights, empowering sales teams to engage in contextual conversations and nurture customer relationships effectively.

Built-in communication tools like email, phone, and chat within Freshsales further enhance its utility, making it an all-encompassing solution for sales teams focused on optimizing their CRM strategies with the power of AI.


  • Freshsales team provides training sessions to their new users to acclimatize them to the usage.
  • The tool is very streamlined and intuitive UX, unlike many of its competitors.

Syed I.

Very easy to setup Contracts, clients ,lead and service at one place, gather all communication channels with customers under one dashbaord, excellent analytical reports with ability to download the source data , Admin have full control on customization of screen, options and layouts


  • Pricing model can use more flexibility.
  • The app has proven to be difficult to work with in comparison to the web version of the tool.

Verified User

The actual infrastructure of the product is frustrating at times. I work mostly in the analytics section, and there are some problems that I have to create work arounds for whereas other CRMs are more intuitive.

AI Marketing Tools for Design

AI tools in design and creative marketing are changing the way we create and interact with visual content. These tools are opening doors to high-quality designs for everyone by making the design process more intuitive and efficient. Leading this transformation are Canva’s Magic Studio and Adobe Sensei, each bringing unique AI-driven features to the table.

6. Canva’s Magic Studio


for 1 user

Canva’s Magic Studio is a hub of AI-driven design innovation, perfectly suited for users at every skill level. Imagine a tool that takes your rough ideas or media uploads and instantly crafts them into stunning, professional-grade designs. This is what Magic Studio’s ‘Magic Design’ feature achieves, particularly excelling in video creation where it seamlessly blends visual elements with music.

The ‘Magic Switch’ feature effortlessly reconfigures your designs for different formats and languages, amplifying your reach across global audiences. For those daunted by the intricacies of image editing, Magic Studio simplifies the process with ‘Magic Grab’ and ‘Magic Expand’, making complex edits straightforward and quick.

This suite of tools is transforming the design process, making sophisticated design work efficient and accessible to everyone, from amateur creators to seasoned professionals.


  • The ability to create graphics from text descriptions and prompts.
  • Advanced features like object removal, background removal, blur background, and AI object selection, help in swift content creation.
  • Extend an image in any direction for the perfect shot.

Luisa R.

Tons of templates that make it easy to get over a creative block, it also allows a lot of customization vs other online design apps. I love the new ai features they have added. I can easily go in and make a new creative for a client in under 10 minutes.


  • The cost could be high for medium to small businesses.
  • Some users found it dufficult to navigate in the initial days of usage.

Mandy L.

I haven’t found many downsides to Canva. Sometimes when I’m using a third-party app connected with Canva I can experience a little lag, but that is most likely the internet connection and not a reflection of the Canva product itself.

7. Adobe Sensei

On demand

Adobe Sensei, the AI heart of Adobe’s product ecosystem, is a necessity for marketing in the creative world. It streamlines and enhances the creative process, automating mundane tasks while offering insightful design recommendations.

With a focus on image editing automation and pattern recognition, Sensei transforms how designers approach their projects, saving valuable time. Its integration across various Adobe tools means a more intuitive design experience, reducing manual effort and boosting creativity. Sensei empowers designers to innovate, thanks to its ability to understand and anticipate design needs.

This fusion of AI and creativity not only makes design tasks easier but also opens up new avenues for creative expression, making Adobe Sensei an indispensable tool for modern designers.


  • It offers a range of generative AI models (Firefly) that can create realistic and diverse content for different purposes.
  • It uses AI and machine learning to enhance creativity, productivity, and personalization in Adobe products./li>


  • Ethical and legal concerns about the authenticity, and quality of the generated content.
  • It may require high computational resources and technical skills to use some of the advanced features and models.

AI Email Marketing Tool

By now it is clear that AI is changing almost every aspect of marketing – so how can email marketing and personalization stay behind! Tools like Persado and Boomerang for Gmail are completely changing the way businesses approach email campaigns. They offer a more tailored, efficient, and effective way to reach and engage with audiences.

8. Persado

On demand

Persado utilizes Generative AI to transform email marketing strategies. It is about much more than just crafting messages; it is a fusion of art and science. Persado’s AI generates content that resonates deeply with your target demographic by understanding your brand and audience.

The key here is the use of precise prompts to guide the AI, enabling it to create tailored messaging that aligns with your campaign’s objectives. This approach ensures that each email feels personalized, maintaining brand consistency while optimizing for conversions.

Persado’s AI doesn’t just generate language; it’s trained to predict which messaging will perform best, leveraging years of data from successful campaigns. This predictive capability is a game-changer, allowing for email content that is not only engaging but also drives tangible results, like increased open rates and conversions.

The use of AI in crafting subject lines and copy, coupled with the ability to run detailed experiments, provides insights into the emotional contexts that best engage audiences.


  • It generates tailor-made messaging in its emails, which resonates with the targeted audience.
  • The customer support team is proactive in their response.
  • It enables data-driven enterprise companies to engage customers with AI-generated content, predicting what will resonate and driving bottom-line performance

Stella M.

This software emotional analyzer helps me optimize marketing content and help my business create messages that resonate strongly with our targeted audience. I have been using this software for 6 months it has made my work very profitable it is also easy to integrate this software with any other software.This software implemente my work using their Emotion Analysis.


  • The lack of troubleshooting assistance for users.
  • The content of the mail might not match the subject line of AI-generated mails on rare occasions.

Verified User

Integrating Persado with your marketing and customer engagement systems might necessitate a commitment of time and resources particularly if your legacy systems are not already well equipped for such integration.

9. Boomerang for Gmail


per month

Boomerang for Gmail enhances email productivity with AI-powered features. Key to its functionality is email scheduling, allowing users to compose and send emails at optimal times for higher engagement.

Its AI assistant, Respondable, offers real-time suggestions to improve email effectiveness, focusing on factors like subject, content, and tone. Boomerang also includes reminders, follow-ups, and a management system to prioritize important emails.

Praised for its simplicity and Gmail integration, Boomerang is ideal for both personal and business use, streamlining email communication and improving efficiency by leveraging machine learning for better email strategies.


  • It provides the ability to schedule emails as well as meetings.
  • Users can track whether the sent messages have been opened or not.


I love that it is integrated in google and makes a variety of scheduling challenges very simple!


  • Excessively advanced integrations making the platform complicated.
  • Automatically moves a message to the archive once you schedule it to return to the top of the inbox.

Christos S.

Boomerang has reduced the monthly usage limits on free accounts. Having to think about whether it is worth using one of the limited actions is more trouble than it’s worth.

AI Marketing Tools for Market Research

AI technology has become a cornerstone in market analysis and research, with tools like Pecan and SurveyMonkey Genius leading the charge. These tools harness AI to provide deeper insights and streamline the research process.

10. Pecan


for 1 user per month

Pecan AI introduces Predictive GenAI, designed to make predictive analytics more accessible to business teams, not just data analysts. Pecan’s Predictive GenAI stands out for its capability to translate business challenges into new predictive models rapidly.

The platform’s Predictive Chat feature allows users to define their business issues conversationally, and Pecan then generates a SQL-based Predictive Notebook to build relevant predictions.

Pecan is particularly adept at handling various business challenges, such as predicting customer churn or the likelihood of machinery malfunctions. Its ease of use, with features like adjustable modeling variables and the ability to integrate more data, makes it a powerful tool for businesses seeking to enhance their market analysis and decision-making processes.


  • Enables users to find future trends across any vertical of business.
  • The UI of the tool is attractive and intuitive, making it suitable to be used by beginners as well as experts.

Sunny A.

Pecan is very easy to use the UI makes it attractive. machine learning and neural networks allow for quick and automated deployment. The very focused team, professional and great service.


  • Takes longer to process data, sometimes getting stuck in the process.
  • Error handling could be improved.

Verified User

Platform is still relatively new, and can be a bit buggy sometimes. Issues are usually solved rather quickly though.

11. SurveyMonkey Genius

On demand

SurveyMonkey Genius has significantly advanced its capabilities in AI-driven survey design and analysis.

Their feature, “Build with AI,” is powered by OpenAI’s generative artificial intelligence technology. This innovative capability allows users to create surveys from just a written description of their desired survey or feedback goal. It simplifies the survey creation process by providing prompts for popular feedback and research use cases.

After the AI generates a survey, users can review, edit as needed, and send it out.

This feature supports over 50 languages, enhancing its utility for a global user base. “Build with AI” is part of SurveyMonkey Genius’ lineup of AI features, designed to speed up the survey creation process while ensuring accuracy and methodological soundness.

This development highlights SurveyMonkey’s commitment to leveraging AI for more efficient and impactful decision-making tools.


  • The process of survey creation is accomplished in the shortest time with AI generative features.
  • The UI to collect the survey responses is simple and intuitive.
  • Smart importing from Excel or other sources makes the experience convenient for users.

Charles D.

The site is super easy to use and to implement into your schedule. Even for someone just starting to learn about surveys. The pay per survey isnt that bad either. I’ve seen worse, believe me. The site has many alike features of other survey sites. So it makes sense to add them to your survey app list.


  • The lack of AI based and automated followup feedbacks for products or services targeted to the customer.
  • The pricing is pretty steep for smaller businesses.

Verified User

The bots found us this year and made our results largely unusable. I had thought at the very least I would be able to filter on logic that would identify bot traffic. But once I did that, I could not mass delete those filtered bot results. I couldn’t see any of the results online, I had to export each time and run my own processes to filter out the bot results. It was AWFUL. I’ve been a Survey Monkey client for many years but for 2024 I have to find something different to use that is more secure.


Wrapping up our exploration of AI in marketing, it’s been an eye-opener, hasn’t it?

Each tool we’ve discussed, from the savvy content creation of Writesonic to the analytical prowess of Pecan, shows just how much AI is shaking things up in the marketing world. It’s like having a superpower at your fingertips – whether it’s fine-tuning your email strategy or getting the inside scoop on market trends.

But amidst this galaxy of tools, there’s one that really stands out – SocialPilot.

It’s like that trusty friend in the digital marketing journey, blending user-friendliness with some serious AI muscle. Whether you’re running a nimble start-up or steering a bustling agency, SocialPilot is like your co-pilot, steering your social media strategy towards clearer skies. So, as we embrace this AI-driven future, why not let SocialPilot be the wind beneath your marketing wings?

Here’s to smarter marketing with a little help from our AI friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is AI used in marketing?

AI in marketing collects and analyzes customer data to understand behaviors and preferences. It's used for tasks like personalizing content, targeting ads, and automating responses. AI helps in reaching out to customers based on their website actions or social media interactions, enabling more effective and targeted marketing strategies.

What businesses or industries can benefit from AI marketing?

Virtually all businesses and industries can benefit from AI marketing. Its applications are wide-ranging and include sectors like retail, finance, healthcare, and technology. AI marketing helps in understanding customer needs, personalizing marketing efforts, and optimizing the customer experience across various channels.

What are the key applications of AI in marketing?

Key applications of AI in marketing include content personalization, predictive analytics for customer insights, and targeted decision-making. AI is also used for data analytics, content generation, media buying, and improving customer service through chatbots and other tools.

How is content creation affected by AI technologies?

AI significantly impacts content creation by automating and enhancing the content generation process. It helps in developing captions, social media posts, email subject lines, and blog copy. While AI-generated content often requires human editing for refinement, it greatly assists in creating content more efficiently and with insights that might not be immediately obvious to human creators.

What are the emerging trends in AI marketing for 2024?

For 2024, emerging trends in AI marketing include an increased focus on personalized content delivery, leveraging AI for predictive analytics, and enhancing customer experiences. There's also a growing reliance on AI for content creation, media buying optimization, and more sophisticated chatbot interactions. The overall trend points towards deeper integration of AI in various marketing functions to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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