How to Create Engaging Images for Social Media?

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With the large user base on social media, businesses find it tough to reach their target audience, and then make them stay and take action on their posts. To make your audience act on your social media posts, you need to add a visual element to it.

A great quote is taking rounds on Google these days saying – Visual marketing does not just sell a product or service – it sells an experience around your business.

People are looking for exciting experiences or at least the honest ones. Your job will be made easy if you have a skillful understanding of how to best shape an experience of your audience.

This is quite a fact these days and you would have noticed how marketing is becoming visual and interactive these days. Images are everywhere on the web and it is getting more engagement than any of the texts and links.

However, one thing that stops the marketers from buying in this technique is the cultivation of a good image. Some lack the right strategy and others lack in using the best social media tools.

There are a lot of sources that can provide you impactful and focused images. You have to know where to look and what images to use along with any user claims.

So, here we are going to discuss, how you can develop, edit, and create better images. But before we move ahead one, the thing you have to keep in mind that images have a huge impact on the way you communicate on social media. Your image has to complement your message.

Make sure you understand what you want to convey and what your core messages are, so that the process will be streamlined.

Then, you might have an image in your head that is already perfect for what you’re looking to publicize.

You have to find its equivalent in the virtual world for the next step. Since it can sometimes be challenging to choose the best picture, it is important to consider elements like relevance, impact, and permission.It takes some practice and basic knowledge to do so.

However, with some hard work, you can get well on your way to taking images and texts hand in hand to create a meaningful journey for a user to embark upon. So, let’s take the challenge:

1. Basic of Social Media Images

People respond to outstanding images and that should be your cue to success.

If you succeed with the quality of the image, you are likely to get more comments, shares, and likes.

Also, you have to know that the recent requirement of images has changed quite a lot and you cannot rely on what was being preferred five years back.

Take a quick view on what you actually need while creating an image:

  • Proven, audience-tested text
  • Large and legible font
  • High contrast between text and background image
  • Relevance and high-quality
  • Your Logo

This is a strategy that is going to work well with almost every platform and it is surely going to work for you.

Striking a balance between the key points is essential. Why we are emphasizing on good quality of the image is because posts with proper links and images are likely to improve the post efficiency by 150%.

2. Find Photos Online

Well, you don’t have to draw every inch of the images yourself, as there are a lot of options available online.

If you know where to look for, the Internet is a visual story teller’s paradise. Free and paid images are offered by websites on a large basis these days and you can easily utilize them for bigger benefits.

Most of the images online are protected and that is why you have to get images that are protected under Creative Commons CCO.

Affirmers are the persons who surrender rights to the work worldwide using CCO.

It can be the original author as well as another person who holds the same rights or neighboring legal rights in their work. It’s better to be safe than sorry in this regard. Make sure you are aware of copyright claims and basic laws.

Here is how you can search for usage rights on Google:

Search for usage rights

Some of the well-working sites we have on the list is:

  • Unsplash
  • Pixels
  • Flickr
  • Life of Pix
  • StockSnap

All these websites provide an excellent and extensive library of free images. You can also make use of social media marketing tools that help you with design and free images. With hundreds of quality images, you can have a better repository of images.

3. Take Better Pictures

While most brands think they share captivating images, they miss out on the basic details. You don’t just have to share good quality images, but it also has to match with your brands.

The idea behind incorporating images in your profile is building trust and legitimacy about your product, but this can’t be done when you use irrelevant images.

Take a better picture

DSLRs and hi-fi equipment can take you a long way, but you can also make use of existing resources in exciting ways.

Own a phone with good camera and know the camera apps in a better way. Your smartphones can be used to take good pictures. We do have some tips for the beginners:

  • Clean your lens
  • Use the flash, but only when you have to
  • Be thoughtful about framing your photos
  • Use the highest resolution possible
  • Avoid unnecessary zooms
  • Edit with apps

Try your hands at the basics, click multiple images and go ahead with selecting the best. You can also take the help of your coworkers as there can be several hidden talents within your office.

So, while assigning the task, know who possesses what skill and this you will be motivating someone’s special talent, and, no doubt your basic objective is also getting fulfilled.

4. Edit the Images

Once you have chosen or taken photos, it’s the time to edit them for a better effect. There are numerous paid and free mobile and desktop tools to improve the quality of your photos.

The most obvious tool is Photoshop. However, the software is not so intuitive and requires some amount of practice and learning before it can be used in a quick and efficient way.

Whatever you click or find on the web can be transformed into a well-defined infographic and undoubtedly infographics are the best thing you can have on your social media platforms.

There are impressive tools online that allow easy access and are simple to learn as well.

Canva is a great example. Log in using Gmail, Facebook or create a new account. There are a wide variety of templates to get you started and you can first choose what context you want the picture to address. It could be for social media, a presentation, a banner, graphics, a greeting card and so on.

Edit image with Canva

You can then choose beautiful existing templates and tweak them to put your own touch on them. Add text, borders, clip art, images, graphics, shapes, charts and graphs to convey your message.

Change up the background to your preference with an extensive array of color palettes.

Once you do this, you can easily download from the site itself or you can even share the image directly to your networking sites with SocialPilot.

You just need to download the SocialPilot browser extension and then, you can easily share and schedule the edited image from Canva to all your connected networking sites with SocialPilot.

The process is simple and quite intuitive. It becomes much easier than a lot of advanced softwares and provides an easy way to make compelling images and share them to your networking sites.

5. Create Quotes With Photos

Photos with quotes are very popular in terms of engagement and response generation. You can use any of the famous quotes and place it in a relevant image.

Quotes can be found on sites like Quoteland and BrainyQuotes. To get started, here you have 100 inspirational quotes that go with almost every business.

It’s easy to understand why picture quotes work so well. Think about a quote on its own, just plain, simple text.

It might be inspirational and reading it will make you feel good. Now think of the same quote inlaid skillfully in a picture on Facebook. You’ll feel that the message hits you deeper. You’re also more likely to share the image and like it as well.

Suppose you are offering writing services, then this can be your image:

Engagement and response generation

In this image crazy world, it is not too difficult to come up with some good combination of graphics and quotes.

Even the novices of editing can do this, hence, you need to look forward to it.

If you know the basics of Photoshop, that’s a good thing, else you can use basic photo editing apps to produce impressive images.

A lot of social media pages have converted the proliferation of these images into valid business models.

People like spreading positivity on their accounts and these images provide easy ways to do so.

The concerned pages gather more support and likes and are able to spread advertising along with their services. It’s a simple process once the flow is acquired and can be fruitful if done efficiently.

What After Selecting the Right Image for Social Media Post?

Schedule your image on multiple social media platforms with SocialPilot.

You can either upload your image from your computer, and or use Canva integration.

Here is how you can add image to your posts with SocialPilot and quickly share the content.


So there you have it. Follow these guidelines and apply them to your practices. You’ll see the differences soon and feel the greatest impact you have on the general public soon.

Picture of Jagruti Bhargav

Jagruti Bhargav

Marketing and Communication Strategist - SocialPilot. Avid digital marketer and a low-key fitness enthusiast.

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