How To Use Pinterest To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

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by Jimit Bagadiya

So, you have spent a lot of time writing a wonderful blog post. You have published it on your website but you are wondering why you are not getting enough traffic? Did you promote it well on Pinterest?

If you wonder what everyone else is doing to get tons of traffic from Pinterest, you need to follow few strategies. Increasing traffic to your blog post is important for a good return on your investment. Pinterest has become an integral part of the promotional social media strategy. In fact, Pinterest is considered one of the best social media traffic referral sources. It is also one of the best sites for people to go read articles of their own choice. But how do you do it? In this post, you will find 6 strategies that help show you how to use Pinterest to increase traffic to your blog.

How To Use Pinterest To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

1. Create a Blog Board on Pinterest:

First of all, you need to create a blog board on Pinterest for your particular blog articles. Once you create a blog board, it makes it easy for your followers to find your blog posts. It also allows you to begin to collect blog followers, which in turn could become customers.  Make sure the title of your Pinterest blog board is similar to your blog page title. For example, suppose you are a hobby craft store and you blog about crafts and DIY projects. Respectively, you should name your Pinterest blog board the same as your website blog name. As a result, you would choose names such as “hobby craft” or “MY Hobby Blog.”

The name of your Pinterest board, with appropriate keyword(s), makes it more likely to show up in search engines as well. Also, if you have many blog posts, you can break  them down into different categories. For example, if someone is searching for information about social media marketing, Kim’s board “Social Media Marketing” might show up:

Pinterest board with keyword

You can pin many things in your blog board including:

  • Inspirational quote or brief summary from the blog
  • Image of your blog post
  • Link of your blog

2. Increase Engagement on Pinterest:

For any social media marketer, you need to engage your followers. This is true if you want to turn your Pinners into your blog readers as well. With Pinterest, the more you engage with people, the more connection you potential can make on your blog. In addition, it pays the more active you are in liking, commenting or re-pinning your business. The resulting dividend is your becomes more visible to your target audience.

So how do you get engagement on Pinterest? Pinterest is the best way to know your market better and for your market to get know you better as well.

For example, Michael’s stores have created 81 different boards on Pinterest and nearly 2000 pins. They conduct regular contests and offer consistently user-friendly DIY & Craft tips. What really makes them stand out is how engaged they are with their customers. They even went so far as to create “DIY & Craft”, to showcase the pins and products of their followers and this way they will get traffic to their blog.

Increase Engagement on Pinterest

Tips to engage on Pinterest:

  • You need to pin good content, unique and appropriate
  • Pin regularly and consistently, using Pinterest marketing tools, so your pins get seen in your followers’ feeds
  • Follow your followers
  • Find out the followers boards and pins for good content ideas they like
  • Re-pin, like and comment on your Followers pins if you actually think they are good
  • Re-pin business leaders and other great content your followers will like

Also, Use free social media reporting tools to recognize which kind of pin content has generated the most engagement and use that insight in making your future pins.


3. Add Pin it Button to Your Blog:

Once you add the “Pin it” button to your blog it allows the visitors to easily pin your blog post. You will get all of the pin description and information when you add the button to your site. In this way, the visitor can click the button and pin your post easily. Unlike other social media sharing buttons, you must add the “Pin it” button individually to each blog post. However, setting up and installing the “Pin it” button is very easy. In return, you get to select the image and set the default description for everyone who pins your post from your blog.

Add Pin it Button To Your Blog

When your blog posts are shared by your reader, your reader’s followers are more likely to read it. It’s like word-of-mouth marketing for your blog. Therefore, it is important to ensure you have a “Pin it” button attached to your blog post. Make it easy for your pining readers to share it on the site they love most.

According to the Pinterest, the “Pin it” buttons can create a huge traffic back to your site. For example, I have “Pin it” button for images embedded on my blog posts. When a reader clicks the “Pin it” button on the top right-hand side, they create a Pin on their own Pinterest site. The pin will show up in the reader’s Pinterest Pins and the follower’s home page as well.

Pinterest traffic analytics

4. Create a contest board:

You need to post engaging and interactive contests because they are an excellent way to drive traffic to your blog. Run contests directly on your blog and Pin it to your contest specific board on Pinterest. Your ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website so promote it on your Pinterest site to get more participation.

Contests are very engaging. As a result, they can definitely help you drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Create a contest Pin board and pin your blog hosting the contest on it.

5. Make Your Blog Post Pins Easy To Find:

Your blog post pins are easily indexed on your site as well as search engines. Therefore, ensure that you are using good techniques while posting your blog post pins on the site. First of all, you need to make sure your Pins are easily searchable. Make sure your account setting is set to allow the public search engine to find you.

Make Your Blog Post Pin Easy To Find
Few tips on how to post Pin on Pinterest:
  • Make sure your blog title is same as your blog board title
  • Use appropriate keywords to describe your post
  • Use hashtags if you can’t find a way to use the keywords in your description
  • Include keywords in your image ‘alt’ tags

6. Use Rich Pins:

Pinterest now allows different types of Rich Pins that let your business to append more information on your Pins. There are six types of Pins: app, movie, product, article, recipe and place. The article Pins share more data than a simple, regular “Pin it” button. If they’re pinned, they automatically add information such as headline, author, link and story summary. In addition, they include a logo and description below the image. Product pins are best for eCommerce business because they add price and availability where users can buy the product on the pin.

When it comes to driving traffic to your blog site, these pins will really increase your traffic. You just need to apply to Pinterest in order to add Rich Pins to your website. Before you do this, you must have a blog site that meets the Rich Pin requirements. You will also need to include particular metatags to your site. Read the developer’s article on Rich Pins here for more detailed information.

Do you have Pinterest strategy to share?

Although millions of images are being pinned now, it’s not difficult to get your photos noticed and re-pined. You simply need to showcase the things that might be interesting and user-friendly. Pins like that will help you to drive traffic to your page. I’d love to hear how you are using Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog. Please share your insights and experiences in the comment box below.

Picture of Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiya

Jimit Bagadiya is the co-founder and CEO at SocialPilot. He brings 13 years of leadership experience in building SaaS platforms. He divides his time between working with his team on product engineering and maintaining a good customer happiness quotient. He aims to bring SocialPilot to the forefront of social business.

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