14 Best Paid and Free Pinterest Tools for Marketers in 2024

Maximize your impact on Pinterest with with minimum efforts using these Pinterest tools. From analytics insights to seamless scheduling, optimize your strategy and presence on the visual discovery platform.

Piping-Hot Pinterest Tools

Pinterest has risen in ranks in the eyes of marketers and, the need for Pinterest tools for marketing along with them. These tools help create interesting Pins and schedule them, basically establishing an organic presence and following on the platform.

But why such a rush toward a social platform that is less social and mostly visual?

Pinterest’s application goes beyond being a visual search engine. Marketers use its potential to rank better and drive more traffic to their websites. And this is possible as 95% of the searches on the platform are unbranded!

That is the reason why budding brands adore Pinterest, as their businesses aren’t overshadowed by big names.

Social media statistics unveil its active base of 442 million users who frequent the platform and account for more than 2 billion monthly searches. Thanks to the impulsive shoppers on the platform, you win a fat chance of influencing their future purchases if you succeed in inspiring them.

Before you set out on a quest to reign over the platform, you must consider using Pinterest tools for a head start.

In this blog, we have segregated multiple Pinterest tools under vital activities like Pinterest automation tools, analytics, Pinterest analytics tools, photo editing, keyword research, and others for action-packed Pinterest marketing.

How we analyze & select these Pinterest Tools:

We have compiled the following list of top-notch Pinterest tools through extensive research and evaluation. Our process involved actively weighing factors like user experience, G2 ratings and reviews, cost, and scalability. We assessed the proficiency of these tools in automation, crafting content, visualization, analytics, and teamwork to rank them. We have dedicated immense effort to curating this list, with the aim of equipping marketers with insightful data for choosing the right tools that will help grow their businesses.

Let’s begin!

Pinterest Automation Tools



for 1 user

SocialPilot is one of the best Pinterest tools for businesses of various sizes to manage their social media campaigns. Its Pinterest scheduler is currently one of the most popular ones among all other Pinterest tools for marketers.

Businesses use SocialPilot to engage and communicate with their target audience by analyzing their interactions. This Pinterest marketing tool helps you post content on Pinterest and other major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok.

SocialPilot is one of the best Pinterest schedulers that help you plan your content, ideate posts for the entire week or month, and analyze the number of users who engage in each of your content. Find out what works and expand your content’s reach on multiple platforms with this great Pinterest tool.

Why should you use SocialPilot to manage Pinterest accounts?

  • Manage and schedule as many as 50 Pinterest accounts with advanced Pinterest scheduling.
  • With this Pinterest analytics tool, analyze and monitor Pinterest performance with weekly, monthly, and annual PDF reports
  • Upload multiple pins with bulk scheduling.
  • Visualize Pinterest posts and schedule with its social media calendar.
  • Create tailor-made posts branded with logos for the brands they belong, watermarked automatically during publishing.
  • It has Canva integration for editing all visual elements or you can use SocialPilot integration in Canva to export your designs and schedule on Pinterest.

What People Say About Us


JoAnn J.

Social Pilot is easy to navigate. I especially like the “calendar” option, where you can view a full month’s worth of posts, even segmenting by the social media platform. This comes in handy, especially with Pinterest. The analytics tab is easy to read and allows me to see which days and times my followers are most engaged without having to visit that particular social media platform.


Nicolle H.

Simple and easy to use with all the functionality. I run many social accounts; the setup of these accounts is so easy. I use this on a daily basis and can keep track of all my scheduled posts with the social media calendar.



for 3 users

ViralTag is a Pinterest marketing tool that’s more team-centric as it allows a social media management team to collaborate on content strategies and production. This, in turn, improves efficiency in online marketing and helps businesses acquire a more transparent view of the ROI.

With this Pinterest tool, team members can post their drafts and receive feedback from the administrator if the post is approved or needs revisions.

Its primary focus is on online campaigns that rely on visual marketing, making it one of the most useful Pinterest tools for any business running high-cost social media campaigns.


  • It helps teams collaborate on social media campaigns on Pinterest.
  • Pin multiple boards and multiple accounts all at the same time.
  • It has a built-in image editor.
  • It automatically recycles your top-performing posts to gain more traffic.
  • Analyze and monitor the performance of your pins.
  • This Pinterest scheduler helps you schedule multiple pins at the same time through bulk scheduling.

Anna V.

Viraltag is awesome and affordable. Easy to use, and the evergreen feature is great. Customer support – they have a chatbox and will get back to you usually within 24 hours with an answer. Also, it can schedule pins or posts to multiple accounts without having to pay extra for each account.


  • It can be quite expensive for freelancers and small companies.
  • You need to pay more if you want to see the visual analytics of your content’s performance.

John B.

The constant need to reconnect social accounts which often leads to failed posts.



for 5 users

hootsuite cover

Best for:

Professionals, Small teams, Small-medium businesses, and Enterprises.

About Hootsuite

Hootsuite is seen by its users as a multifunctional software that supports all their social media marketing needs. The make and design of this Pinterest scheduler create an environment where larger teams can collaborate seamlessly for all their social media ventures.

Keeping in line with managing multiple accounts from all the major social channels, Hootsuite also supports Pinterest post publishing. Through its Pinterest automation features, you can publish, create boards, and schedule your posts.

Using Hootsuite lets users save a lot of their time by automating a lot of their daily activities seamlessly. However, this Pinterest scheduler offers a complex UI, making the tool difficult to master for newbies.


Hootsuite offers five pricing tiers after a 30-day trial, ranging from $99/month to $249/month, catering to different social account and user needs.

Key Features:

  • Pinterest Scheduling: The tool’s scheduling and publishing features allow creating and scheduling multiple Pins at once to be published at the selected time slot on the platform.
  • Social Listening: This feature helps users stay attuned to online trends and diligently monitor brand mentions, keywords, and hashtags. You can glean valuable insights into the prevailing public sentiment for their brand.
  • Analytics: Access comprehensive analytics data from connected profiles across multiple platforms, all conveniently displayed in a centralized dashboard for actionable insights.
  • Team Collaboration: Manage Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ad campaigns within Hootsuite’s intuitive dashboard.
  • Analytics: Access comprehensive analytics data from connected profiles across various platforms, conveniently displayed in a centralized dashboard.
  • Team Collaboration: Foster seamless collaboration by defining clear roles for your team and clients, ensuring efficient workflow and project management within Hootsuite.
  • AI Assistance: Streamline the ideation and creation of captivating social media posts with the assistance of our AI-powered writing tool, making content generation faster and more effective.

We went through a hundred user reviews for Hootsuite, gathered from trusted review platforms like G2 and Capterra. After carefully analyzing each of them in respect to all the features of the tool, we have gathered these insights.


  • A majority of users find Hootsuite’s content publishing capabilities on multiple platforms quite useful.
  • When it came to managing platform-specific limitations, 43.86% users said that Hootsuite does a good job.
  • Users can collaborate in the content creation process, adding their inputs to the same post. 22.20% of users stated this to be very useful, contributing to their ability to create posts effectively.
  • Approximately 21% of users value the opportunity to avail flexible pricing options, facilitating the usage of Hootsuite by medium and small businesses.
  • Hootsuite’s user-friendly interface received commendation by 90% of the reviewers.


  • 41.56% people faced difficulties in using the tool due to the complex scheduling process involved.
  • A majority of users have complained about the limited content library options on this Pinterest scheduler and suggest that more storage functionalities be integrated into the tool.
  • Many a user has faced problems in managing user access and granting permissions while working with their team and clients.
  • The frequent pricing hikes in Hootsuite have made almost 90% of the reviews question whether they will be able to use Hootsuite for a longer time or not.
  • During the time they used the Hootsuite mobile app, users faced constant hiccups, which shows a gap between the web version and the app.

Overall Ratings:

Ease of Use



for 1 account

Tailwind is one of the popular Pinterest tools that mainly focuses on visual platforms. Unlike the previous Pinterest tools, this application is centered on Pinterest and Instagram marketing.

However, a social media marketing team can use Tailwind in planning their campaigns as they collaborate and manage multiple Pinterest accounts. This Pinterest marketing tool also has its own mobile app for pin scheduling.


  • It offers an optimized pinning calendar, which automatically publishes pins when your audience is most likely to see them making it one of the best Pinterest automation tools.
  • This Pinterest scheduler manages your social media campaigns on Pinterest efficiently with its multi-board pinning, bulk upload, drag-and-drop calendar, and more.
  • This Pinterest scheduler lets you schedule your posts from your smartphone with its mobile app.
  • You can use Tailwind to collaborate with social media management teams working together for a Pinterest campaign.
  • Check how your pins and boards perform and how it drives traffic with its Google Analytics integration with this Pinterest analytics tool.

Brennan S.

I love that it allows me to be extremely active on Pinterest without the time commitment & constant use of the platform. I love pinning multiple images from a post at one time, scheduling them to multiple boards, and that it creates a NEW pin every time (as opposed to “repinning” my own stuff.


  • You cannot automatically post your content from Pinterest to other social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, and the like, as it only focuses on Pinterest and Instagram.
  • You cannot pre-set weekly schedules, so you’ll have to set schedules for your post every time.
  • The dashboard can be overwhelming for some users.
  • It might be slow to load and time-consuming when you have a high number of pins.

Itzel R.

I wish it was more advanced. It is pretty basic with very few features. Seems to be room for more and especially for the money.



Pinpinterest is a Pinterest tool that helps you schedule, publish, and monitor your pins. It only has limited features as it only posts content specifically for Pinterest.

With this Pinterest scheduler, each account you have connected does not run for the same number of days. If you purchase 90 days for one Pinterest account, you can transfer 30 days to another, 40 days to another account, and 20 days for another account.


  • Like other Pinterest automation tools, you can publish pins and schedule them to update at a specific time automatically.
  • It has a user-friendly UI.
  • The application automatically follows users who show interest in the specific niche you are marketing and unfollows people who no longer do.
  • It can pin new content from your website.
  • You can still have multiple Pinterest accounts.

Nancy Doyle

It’s an awesome Pinterest automation tool and officially my savior when it comes to Pinterest. I can set up my pins and configure some other settings once a week, and it does all the rest. Perfect is the word for it.


  • Depending on the type of plan you purchased, there is a limit on the number of Pinterest accounts you can handle.
  • It mainly focuses on Pinterest, so if you plan to post your Pinterest content on other social media platforms, you have to do it manually on another social media management tool.
  • It does not have the advanced features other social media management tools have when it comes to organizing, managing, and analyzing your pins’ performance.
  • This would be a more cost-efficient alternative for small businesses or bloggers who want traffic or a following, rather than big enterprises who seek more mediums when sharing visual content.

Verified PinPinterest User

The most annoying thing about PinPinterest is ads keep popping up while you are doing stuff on their platform.



for 5 users

ViralWoot is a social media scheduler and Pinterest analytics tool for online marketers to publish content and determine its performance online.

This tool boasts of being one of the most efficient Pinterest tools that aids you in getting more traffic and boosting your engagement with your specific target market. Its main features are more focused on Pinterest and Instagram marketing.


  • Automatically publish your pins through its scheduler.
  • Upload multiple images with over 21 integrated apps that include Twitter and Instagram.
  • Search for images on Google and pin them to your account without leaving the application.
  • Get an overview of your monthly and weekly scheduled pins.
  • Manage your pins from one central location.

Shashvat V.

Viralwoot has proved to be an easy-to-use platform for marketers. Whether it’s the promotion of your product or connecting with customers, or analyzing your brand’s performance, Viralwoot is a one-stop-solution platform for all sorts of Pinterest Marketing.


  • It has limited features compared to other social media management tools.
  • You cannot integrate some of your posts into other social media platforms, which calls for another social media management tool.
  • It does not provide a more comprehensive analytics report compared to other social media management tools, like SocialPilot.
  • It has poor customer support compared to other tools.

Verified ViralWoot User

After using this app (with a subscription), my company canceled the subscription. Even though it is confirmed that the subscription is canceled, the company still received a charge every month for three months. They said for several months that they would refund us, but no actions have been taken.

Pinterest Analytics


Pinterest Analytics is the main tool marketers use to determine how their posts perform on Pinterest. It’s one of the tools Pinterest has developed for businesses to promote their products or services. It gathers data and shows you which content is garnering the most engagements.

If you’re looking for a Pinterest analytics tool to know what type of content resonates more with your audience, then this would be the perfect research partner for you. Pinterest Analytics studies the target market and determines the right content to use in social media campaigns.


  • It’s a very straightforward tool that can help you analyze the engagement rate of your Pinterest account.
  • This tool is great for studying your demographics and knowing what niche appeals to your audience the most.
  • This can greatly benefit freelancers, bloggers, and influencers who want to learn more about their market and what they can do to improve their traffic.
  • You can determine the right niches for your businesses and the right keywords to target for your titles and descriptions.


  • It’s mainly a Pinterest reporting tool and only gathers data within the social media platform itself.
  • You can only handle one account, unlike other social media management tools that let you see how other accounts are performing all in one place.

Photo Editing Tools for Pinterest



for all Adobe applications

Adobe is one of the most popular applications used for design, illustrations, photography, videos, and the like. Adobe Photoshop, Illustration, and Lightroom features can be complicated, but it provides premium quality outputs.

Many brands use Illustration for graphics, Photoshop for photo manipulation, and Lightroom for photo enhancement. You’d have to download the applications on your computer, and they may take up a huge space in your memory as it may constantly want you to update now and then.


  • It provides good quality outputs for your social media campaigns.
  • You can benefit from its special features that can’t be found in any other application.
  • You’ll have all the tools you need to create appealing images you can post for Pins.

Renzo P.

For me, the Creative Cloud solution is the best, there is no competitor! I used Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse, Premiere, Dreamweaver, AE, among others. It’s always a pleasure how well designed each software is. This platform gives you almost endless possibilities if you’re a creative professional.


  • The application may be too complicated for those who aren’t experts in design.
  • It can be heavy on your computer or laptop’s memory.
  • Applications may be costly as you need to pay for the subscription monthly.

Verified Adobe Reviewer

The user interface for Adobe software is convoluted and frustrating to use. With each update, Adobe will occasionally make minor interface changes for reasons that are hard to understand and, either way, increase frustration and decrease the ability to get to grips with the software definitively.



GNU Image Manipulation Program, also known as GIMP, is a free image editor you can use as an alternative to Photoshop.

Although it does not have the advanced tools and features Photoshop has, you can still use it for quality photo manipulation and enhancement. And like Photoshop, it supports various file formats.


  • If you’re still starting out, GIMP can be your alternative for learning photo manipulation, enhancement, and design.
  • You can edit photos without having to pay monthly or annual subscriptions as it is free.
  • It has many similar features to Adobe Photoshop.

Vinay G.

At the beginning of graphic designing, you can start with this software. This helps to improve your skills. This is the very first option for the upcoming designer.


  • Some files can’t be exported to the program and can’t be edited.
  • It doesn’t update its features daily, unlike its commercial counterparts.
  • It may lack the filter and effects that Photoshop has and the vector operations that Illustrator has.

Simone P.

Occasionally, and I mean very occasionally, Gimp software might have a little glitch. This does not seem to affect my work, though, and I haven’t lost any, but it may result in an action box remaining on the screen after it has finished doing its thing.



for Enterprise

If you’d rather have templated designs than create ones yourself, you might find what you’re looking for in Canva. By getting a premium membership, you can access more templates and fonts.

It’s one of the Pinterest tools for social media marketers who are not expert designers. It has notable features that can help create and curate your marketing content. Some social media management apps have even integrated Canva for on-the-go edits.


  • You can choose from a variety of impressive templates for your social media campaign.
  • You don’t have to resize the picture manually as each template is categorized as per social media platforms.
  • Create quality images without using a high-end illustration or photo manipulation software.
  • Collaborate with your team as everyone can view the images and add comments.

Mercedes Z.

Canva is great for getting a quick (but beautiful) design created, without needing a designer — BUT even if you DO have a designer, Canva would be a great tool for them as well.


  • There are constraints in terms of design since you can only work with the given templates.
  • You cannot resize the image once you have started on the project.

Josh C.

Canva isn’t always the best at helping its users rise above this new “average.” For instance, the pre-built designs are so good that you see them everywhere now, and you can spot a “Canva-like” design a hundred yards away.



Paid plan also available

If you use Pinterest on a daily basis, you must have come across or particularly searched for infographics. These types of images get pinned by the audience very easily.

There might be a lot of image editing tools, but Piktochart, as the name suggests, deals with graphs and charts. It is more of an expert in creating infographics.

It is a very useful free Pinterest tool on which you can create amazing graphics even if you have little to no design experience. There are design templates already available for on the platform to make your task much easier.

You can use Piktochart for free but its premium will get you nifty features like watermark removal, HD image export and custom branded color-schemes.


  • It is a very simple and user-friendly tool for organizations
  • The customizable templates make it easy for brands to create graphics that align to their creative guidelines

Pooja N.

The most impressive thing about Piktochart is that it gives me easy and attractive graphic design tools so that I can easily create various banners, videos, charts for different platforms like social media and posters for elaborating my business.


  • The features which make the tool so useful for brands are absent in the free version

Anand J.

Overall the Piktochart is good for making quick graphics charts, but within the trial edition of this application, you will not get good premium features. You need to upgrade your plan to a premium one.

Keyword Research for Pinterest



Knowing the right keywords to target is essential in Google SEO and Pinterest search results. Most Pinterest marketers do keyword research on Pinterest and consider the common keywords with high-volume traffic and find a specific niche with less competition.

Let’s say, for example:


When you search for something as specific as “home décor,” it’s a saturated market with a lot of competition. However, you can use more specific keywords when you scroll through the topics below the search bar.


The more you scroll to the right, the more specific the niche is and the less competition there’ll be.



Mentionlytics is actually a social media analytics tool that you can use for keyword research and monitoring. You can also use it for competitive analysis and brand mentions on the web for instant engagement.

This Pinterest analytics tool works for other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can further reap the benefits of AI, sentiment analysis, workflow integration, and reports in multiple formats like PDF and infographics.


  • Mentionlytics has an impeccable analytics feature set.
  • The tool is easy to use and has an impressive UI.
  • Customer support is prompt in mitigating issues.

Verified Mentionlytics User

The user interface, depiction, and excellent grouping of data are very understandable and are all out there in front of your eyes without much effort needed by the user. It is a very easy-to-use platform. The support is also remarkable.


  • There were instances of irrelevant results in the case of keyword monitoring.
  • Dashboards lack customization features.
  • It takes a while to load when dealing with multiple results.
  • The mobile app lacks features that are provided by its desktop version.

Muzafar C

Having more options to customize graphs and visuals (colors) in the tool would be great as this could help eliminate the time in reporting further. The ability to brand reports would also be great. Finally, being able to integrate with the data studio with an API data connector would make this tool perfect.



Semrush is yet another SEO tool for an overall strategy fix. It has several inbuilt capabilities like content marketing, competitive analysis, on-page optimziations, PPC analysis, and more.

This tool serves as a great shortcut to identifying organic leads by assessing your digital presence. Skim through a list of relevant keywords by gauging their usage metrics to add them to your Pinterest description for faster discovery.


  • It is easy to keep track of keywords.
  • You can monitor the rankings of your rivals as well.
  • Site auditing for detailed site probing is amazing.

Gerardo M

I like the easy way to use SEMRush to find meaningful insights about your competitors’ SEM strategy, you could recreate the efforts that lead traffic and find out how to improve your own strategy. The set of tools is very easy to use and understand.


  • Some users complain of inaccurate results.
  • The learning curve of Semrush is steep.
  • The tool is quite pricey for the features it offers.
  • Customer support isn’t prompt.

Verified Semrush User

Customer service is perhaps the worst I’ve ever experienced. Took MONTHS for them to fix bugs.


Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most valuable venues for businesses to promote their services and products through visual marketing. You can get the most out of Pinterest visitors and gain exponential conversion rates by using these Pinterest tools.

But marketing on Pinterest alone isn’t enough. That’s why marketers prefer a tool that can assist them in managing several social media networks.

That’s when SocialPilot wins them over. While all of your pins are managed, published, and analyzed on Pinterest, you can also check your performance on other social media sites.

It’s undoubtedly your all-in-one solution in moving your brand closer to success. Get your 14-day free trial to see its impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to automate on Pinterest?

Using the best Pinterest automation tools, you can schedule and publish to your Pinterest accounts. Some of these tools are as follows:

  1. SocialPilot
  2. ViralTag
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Tailwind
  5. PinPinterest
  6. ViralWoot

What does the Tailwind app do?

Tailwind is a Pinterest tool that focuses only on Pinterest and Instagram. With Tailwind, your social media marketing team can collaborate and plan Pinterest campaigns easily. But this may not be the right fit for marketing teams as most use multiple platforms. Instead, you can opt for a tool like SocialPilot that lets you manage multiple accounts on numerous social media channels.

Which is the best Pinterest tool to skyrocket your Pinterest traffic?

SocialPilot is one of the best Pinterest tools that help you empower your Pinterest sales and boost traffic. With SocialPilot as your Pinterest tool, you can schedule, manage, create beautiful pins via Canva right from the post composer, manage multiple Pinterest boards, analyze each one, and download useful reports with graphs.

Where do you put keywords on Pinterest?

You can put keywords in pin and board descriptions, titles, and hashtags. You can either use keyword research tools or simply use the Pinterest search bar to find relevant keywords for a niche to widen the reach of your pins.

What is the best time to post on Pinterest?

The best time to post on Pinterest differs for niches and target audiences. However, a general time slot of 2 pm-4 pm and 8 pm-11 pm work best for reach and engagement. However, it is advisable to study the performance of your pins with a tool like SocialPilot to get a personalized best time to post on Pinterest.

How many pins should you pin a day?

Just like Twitter, Pinterest needs a very active posting mechanism. You should share between 5-20 pins daily to maintain a steady presence on the platform. It’s better to schedule these pins at various times using a social media scheduler tool.

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