How to Excel at Customer Experiences on Social Media?

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Manvi Agarwal | February 06, 2018

These days customers are more happy to share their experience with your brand on social media.

With popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more, it has become easier for customers to share their feelings i.e. whether they are happy with your product or not?

Customer Experience through Social Media

That’s why,

Delivering excellent customer service on social media can help you build a dollar empire and also assist you to maintain a longevity relationship with your customer.

But how will you do so?

Don’t worry...

Our last #SocialPilotchat on “Excelling at Customer Experiences with Social Media” will open huge opportunities for you to build relationship with your customers through social media.

Let’s get started.

First of all, you need to consider some important aspects to consider when it comes to offer customer support via social media.

    • Customers’ complaints, feedbacks or queries
    • Social media platform where they post queries
    • Resolving customers’ queries on the same platform
    • Or take their queries to private chat

As you can see, the growth relies on how you can reach to your customers’ on their preferrable social media platforms. That’s why, we started our #SocialPilotchat with the same question:

Q1 - Which social media channel is best for you to stay connected with your customers?


According to what it was discussed,

Today’s business experts prefer Facebook and Instagram as the platform to stay connected with their customers.  

Best Social Channel to Connect with Customers

With over 500 million users and 59% of those users exploring the app every day, it’s no doubt that Instagram has great reach. Due to Instagram’s visual impacts, it helps the customers to easily understand and get engaged with your brand.

Similarly, Facebook is also among the leading social channels. With 44% of users checking Facebook several times a day and due to Facebook’s presence for more than a decade, it is a great platform to publish a new post without investing any manpower.

Actually, Instagram is something growing really fast. Considering this channel as a creative platform for enhancing customer experience with social media is a great approach for growing your business.

Now, you know where to find your customers on social media.

It’s time to analyze how much they are annoyed from your product or services and how will you manage them.

Q2 - How do you manage an angry/frustrated customer on social media?

A great response strategy can convert angry and upset customers into loyal and supportive customers.

A customer complaint is a clear indication of: “your customers want your attention”.

This is where you need Empathy weapon to make them understand that you are here to solve their issues.

It is well said.


If you’ll listen to your angry customers’ complaints and respond to them correctly, then it is definitely going to impact your business in a good way. However, it is up to you to manage the situation so that you can retain your customers.

Here’s a small method of solving your customers’ problems.

    • Be transparent and calm
    • Evaluate whether the customer is right or not.
    • Listen to what the customer has to say.
    • It is preferred to switch the solution process on email instead of continuing on social media.
    • Apologise and try to solve the complaint as soon as possible.

Q3 - What are you doing to stay up-to-date with your customer expectations?

Satisfying your customers’ expectations is more like playing a safe game because there are number of businesses that are just waiting to snatch away your customers.

However, for retaining your customers, you need to be up-to-date with the growing trend on social media. And the best option, which can help you walk with the trend is by collecting the valuable customer feedback on social media.

All you got is to ask your customers for their feedback.

Once you know what your customers are looking for, you can easily meet up their needs.

In a nutshell, if your customers’ feedback is leveraged correctly, it helps in presenting a clear picture of what your brand should be doing in order to meet your customers’ expectations. You can use softwares like Capterra, G2 Crowd for fetching more reviews from your customers.

Q4 - What is your secret of effective communication with customers?

Well, the way to a customer’s heart is through honest communication. And attentiveness in solving customers’ complaints as quickly as possible.

In order to grow your business on social media, it is important to have an understanding of how to handle your customers and fulfill their demands. And the best way so far is to personally communicate with your customer to know whether they’re satisfied with your brand or not?

Remember one thing - if you are honest with your customers, they will reward you with the honesty!  


However, at times it is difficult to communicate personally with so many customers.

But now you can!

Here are some simple ways to communicate better with your customers on social media.

    • Make sure you answer on time
    • Don’t let your customers for days
    • Make customer queries on social media a top priority.

Q5 - Would you go for the use of chatbots or a real person as your customer representative this new year?

Chatbots vs real person

Most of the professionals prefer a real person to be the customer representative for their business because a real person can quickly respond to the customers’ needs.


Do you really think a live agent can quickly respond to your customers’ queries?

Well, there are certain situations where you’re unable to fix your customers’ complaints quickly. This is where chatbots can help you get through.

For the initial stage, you can use chatbots for auto-answering your customers’ questions and later, these questions can be sorted by your live agent.

Well, you can call this situation as “The Best of Both the Worlds” which is not only beneficial for your customers but also beneficial for your business.    

Final Words...

Good customer experience is the key to a successful social media business, because social media has a number of platforms that simply helps in taking your business to another level of success.

Let us know how you liked the post and if I missed out anything, do share your valuable views in the comment section below!     


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