15 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools to Save Time in 2024

The ultimate list of 15 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools that’ll help you save time, effort & put your social media management on autopilot.

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Social media scheduling tools have become increasingly indispensable for social media marketers to plan ahead. They are tailored to help businesses of all sizes formulate unique social media schedules. Their importance stems from their ability to save time and effort by eliminating repetitive manual tasks. But they do much more than just publish content on social media.

Social media schedulers can help you single-handedly manage all your social media postings much more efficiently as compared to doing it manually, all thanks to automation.

Now, let’s get to know schedulers in a bit more detail.

What Is a Social Media Scheduling Tool?

A social media scheduling tool is software that lets you plan and schedule your social media posts in advance for various social platforms. They are also referred to as social media planners or planning tools due to their content planning capabilities.

These social media tools eliminate the need to go to different social channels to publish posts at specific times. A social media scheduler brings many platforms and accounts into one dashboard for you to do it all.

A good scheduler can not only execute your social media plan efficiently but also oversee all the aspects of your online presence. That is why they can act as social media management tools.

What are the Benefits of Using Social Media Schedulers?

Let us see how these tools can make the job of a social media marketer much easier.

  • Time-Saving: Scheduling tools automate the workflow and eliminate manual effort, freeing up a lot of time in the process.
  • Customizations: They allow creating tailored versions of the same post for different social networks, all from a single dashboard.
  • Auto-Publishing at Best Times: You can set schedules for each account containing optimal times for maximum engagement.
  • Lesser Chances of Error: Such tools minimize errors through review and approval workflows before publishing posts.
  • Collaboration Effort: Ideal scheduling tools enable seamless team and client collaboration, streamlining the content creation process through internal communication and contribution within a single platform.

We have given you all the options and the things to look for in your ideal social media scheduling tool. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin!

How we analyze and select Social Media Scheduling Tools

We have compiled the following list of top-notch social media scheduling apps through extensive research and evaluation. Our process involved actively weighing factors like user experience, G2 ratings and reviews, cost, and scalability. We assessed the proficiency of these tools in automation, crafting content, visualization, analytics, and teamwork to rank them. We have dedicated immense effort to curating this list, with the aim of equipping marketers with insightful data for choosing the right tools that will help grow their businesses.


For 10 Social Media Profiles

Best for:

Marketing Agencies, SMBs, Multi-Location Brands & Professionals

SocialPilot is considered one of the best social media scheduling tools that lets users plan and schedule posts for multiple social media networks from a single dashboard. All its features are designed to simplify social media posting by automating the content publishing process.

This multipurpose tool can schedule custom posts for Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, GBP, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok. Along with being a proficient content scheduler, SocialPilot can help with numerous other aspects of social media marketing.

SocialPilot’s user-friendly interface and cost-effective pricing make it a go-to scheduling tool among social media agencies and growing businesses, with over 13,000 users and a 4.5/5 rating on G2.

Here are some of the advanced scheduling and publishing features that make it effortless to plan your content for all major social media networks.

Post Across Networks

Easily schedule & publish on all social media networks

Advanced Scheduling

Schedule your social media posts in advance to save time

AI Assistant

Powerful AI to generate captions, hashtags & ideas

Bulk Scheduling

Schedule up to 500 posts for various accounts in one go

Content Calendar

Visualize your content calendar before publishing

Canva Integration

Easily use your creatives created in Canva directly in SocialPilot

Content Library

Save posts, media & hashtags for reuse

Multiple Content Formats

Supports Text, Image, Document, Carousel, Reel, Story etc.

Enhanced Collaboration

Quickly collaborate with your team & clients

Features to Complement Social Media Scheduling

  • Instant Engagement with Social Inbox: Manage all networks with integrated Social Inbox feature. Easily track, organize, and respond to social conversations directly from SocialPilot.
  • Advanced Analytics: Get detailed insights on KPIs and relevant metrics, and schedule automated reports to land in your or your client’s inbox as per your pre-set schedule.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Quickly collaborate with your social media team and clients at any time. Get instant approvals for workflows and streamline your feedback process.
  • White-label Capability: Showcase your technical prowess with your own AI-powered full-suite social media management tool-complete with your logo and branding.

SocialPilot Pricing

SocialPilot offers a 14-day free trial and access to all premium features (no credit card required &
cancel any time). Choose a plan that fits your needs.



Billed annually

  • 50 Social Profiles
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Client Approval
  • Content Library
  • White Label



Billed annually

  • 30 Social Profiles
  • 6 Users
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Client Approval
  • Content Library

Small Team


Billed annually

  • 20 Social Profiles
  • 3 Users
  • Content Library



Billed annually

  • 10 Social Profiles
  • 1 User

What People Say About SocialPilot

We have gathered the following insights after going through relevant user reviews of SocialPilot from trusted review platforms like G2 and Capterra.

Kristen F

I am a social media manager, and SocialPilot has made it easier & faster to get my work done! I can create & schedule posts for all my clients’ accounts in one place.

Kristen F.
Social Media Manager
Kindsey H

What I like best is that I can schedule posts in advance. Saves me time & allows me to prep months ahead. SocialPilot has been a great asset to my marketing.

Kindsey H.

Key Takeaway:
SocialPilot is the perfect solution for social media teams, businesses and agencies. With advanced scheduling features and collaborative workflows, users can manage their daily social media activities much efficiently.

2. Hootsuite


for 1 user

hootsuite dashboard social media scheduling

Best for:

Businesses, Agencies, and Enterprises

About Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a versatile social media scheduler mainly designed for enterprises and marketing agencies with numerous clients. Its ability to publish posts on all major social platforms eliminates having to switch between platforms to keep up with publishing timelines.

With numerous in-app integrations, Hootsuite seamlessly handles large teams’ social media marketing activities. This is why it has a widespread user base in multiple industries, from real estate to non-profit organizations.


Hootsuite offers five pricing tiers after a 30-day trial. It suggests the best time to post content for maximum reach, ranging from $99/month to $249/month, catering to different social accounts and user needs.

Key Features:

  • Schedule and publish multiple posts simultaneously at your preferred times.
  • Hootsuite gives ideal recommendations for the best time for posting content so they get the maximum reach possible.
  • Hootbio is a feature that helps you create and manage a link-in-bio page.
  • Use AI-powered OwlyWriter to streamline the creation of engaging social media post captions for faster and more effective content generation.

Key Takeaway: A well-known tool in the industry, Hootsuite is suitable for enterprises and large businesses to manage their social media presence. It has an intricate dashboard but works well for seasoned social media professionals.

3. Buffer


for 10 profiles

Buffer publishing dashboard

Best for:

For small to medium businesses, mid-stage startup teams, and solopreneurs.

About Buffer

Buffer is known to have one of the most spartan designs among other social media scheduling tools. Other than publishing, these aspects include publishing, analytics, and engagement, which are essential pillars of social media management.

Buffer is a great software for beginners as it has a simplistic design and enables users to schedule social media posts of multiple formats including images and videos. You can create drafts and fine-tune your content with your social media team using feedback and approvals before scheduling on your social pages.


Buffer provides a range of four pricing options along with a 14-day trial period for each. Paid plans range from $6 a month for one account to a monthly $120 for 10 accounts.

Key Features:

  • The tool helps you create content drafts and personalize them for separate social platforms in the same composer.
  • Set up automated weekly schedules and queue posts to be published according to these set time slots.
  • Onboard and work in tandem with your whole team and even involve clients for a smoother workflow.
  • The process of creating social media captions becomes way easier and faster with its AI Assistant. This lets users generate content as well as post ideas with just a few prompts.

Key Takeaway: Buffer has some advanced scheduling features despite having a basic design. It works best for business owners or marketing managers who are just getting started with social media marketing and want to manage their own accounts.

4. Sendible


for 6 profiles

Sendible scheduling post dashboard

Best for:

Mid-sized businesses, agencies, and some enterprise brands.

About Sendible

Sendible is known for being one of the go-to tools for social media content publishing. It has an in-app image editor as well as integration with Canva, enabling users to deliver high-quality visual posts.

Sendible offers a centralized dashboard where you can create posts tailored to each social channel. You can also maintain publishing consistency on your social accounts by using RSS feed automation or set up Google Alerts to keep track of relevant newly published content. Additionally, all the content being published from Sendible can be screened with an approval system within the team and client.


Sendible provides four paid plan options, and instead of offering a free plan, it provides a 14-day free trial period. The plans range from Creator, priced at $29, to the custom White Label+ plan, which is priced at $750.

Key Features:

  • Sendible keeps you with a constant supply of post ideas with RSS feeds and Google Alerts.
  • You can create groups of posts under the same topic or campaign and schedule them all to a designated time slot to be posted regularly.
  • The social media calendar view allows users to create, rearrange, and reschedule posts from a single dashboard.

Key Takeaway: Sendible has an intuitive interface that allows for swift and easy post-creation and scheduling of content in queues. It publishes on all major networks except Pinterest and YouTube.

5. Agorapulse


for 10 profiles

Agorapulse create post dashboard

Best for:

Mid-sized businesses, mid-sized agencies, and some enterprise brands.

About Agorapulse

With Agorapulse , you can manage your social media posting schedule, engage with your followers, listen to online conversations, and measure your profile and content performance. The PusleLink in bio feature makes it easier for businesses to drive traffic to their product pages.

The tool centralizes content scheduling for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), and many more social platforms. You get some platform-specific quirks with Agorapulse, such as Facebook post boosting and Instagram grid view configuration. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with design tools like Canva, allowing users to enrich their content with visually appealing graphics.

However, considering its pricing plans and the features offered, there are Agorapulse alternatives out there that will provide a slightly higher value for money.


Agorapulse offers four paid plans with a 30-day free trial for each. The four paid plans range from $49 to $149 for managing 10 social profiles.

Key Features:

  • The platform enables users to create fresh social media captions and modify their own with the help of an AI writing assistant.
  • When Instagram posts are scheduled, Agorapulse shows a real-time grid preview to users to give them an idea of how their profile is going to look.
  • With in-app image editing, custom video post thumbnails, hashtag groups, and post mock-ups, users can customize their content on a granular level for all social media pages.
  • Users can create content and schedule it instantly while on the move with Agorapulse’s mobile app.

Key Takeaway: Agorapulse is a good fit for businesses and small brands venturing into social media. Users can track sales from social media campaigns and strengthen their online presence with this tool.

6. Sprout Social


for 1 user

Sproutsocial scheduling dashboard

Best for:

Enterprises and larger brands

About Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media scheduling tool that allows users to create and schedule posts in bulk, which are then automatically published on the designated social channels. Sprout Social proves helpful by suggesting the best time to post, which can give your content the maximum reach and exposure.

The features in Sprout Social, like smart inbox, in-depth social media analytics, and customized reporting, can assist users with intuitive content planning and overall social media management. The tool can actually improve your work quality by streamlining your efforts in the right direction.


Sprout Social has three defined pricing plans starting from $249, going upt to $499 per month for one user. The tool also offers custom plans for enterprises.

Key Features:

  • Sprout Social enables users to schedule content across multiple social media platforms from a single dashboard.
  • This tool offers a visual overview of your scheduled content, making it easier to visualize and organize your strategy.
  • Users can see the best times to post based on audience engagement activity, helping to maximize reach and interaction.
  • Allows for the creation of a content pipeline that automatically schedules posts according to preset weekly time slots.
  • The platform saves a lot of time by scheduling multiple posts at once, which is ideal for planning out content in advance.

Key Takeway: If big social media teams or businesses that have considerable budgets are looking to automate their social media activities, Sprout Social is a good option.

7. CoSchedule


for 3 users

coschedule create post panel

Best for:

Individuals, SMBs, and Agencies

About CoSchedule

CoSchedule is mainly focused on social media publishing and is known for its content calendar feature. With CoSchedule, users can manage their content scheduling for all the major social networks. The tool integrates with blogging tools like WordPress and Hubspot, which helps to organize and publish blogs right from the CoSchedule dashboard.

The combination of advanced features in the CoSchedule calendar and AI assistant ensures a steady content flow tailored for optimal publishing times. By optimizing the posting schedule, CoSchedule maximizes content impact, fostering consistent engagement and social media platform growth.

However, the basic plan doesn’t cover multiple client accounts. You will need a customizable Marketing Suite plan which might be pricey.


CoSchedule has divided itself into subproducts with different pricing. Social Calendar which is the basic plan costs $19 per month. The Content Calendar and Marketing Suite plans are advanced plans with custom pricing.

Key Features:

  • Centralizes all social media scheduling, making it easier to manage your social media content strategy in one place.
  • Enables the scheduling of numerous social media posts at once, saving time and effort in regular manual posting.
  • CoSchedule automates social media posting with designated posting slots, enhancing consistency across all social channels and accounts.
  • Seamlessly integrates with blog and content calendars, ensuring that social media promotion aligns with content publication.
  • Hire Mia is the AI writer integrated into CoSchedule, which streamlines content creation by generating click-worthy captions, headlines, and hashtags.

Key Takeaway: CoSchedule’s Calendar dashboard can support auto-publishing for solo marketers as well as pitch in on AI content creation. However, for bigger teams and agencies, CoSchedule’s marketing suite provides management capabilities for efficient collaboration for a higher price.

8. Zoho Social


for 1 user

zoho social scheduling dashboard

Best for:

Small to medium-sized businesses, digital marketing agencies, and individuals and bloggers

About Zoho Social

Zoho Social is built keeping in mind the needs of a growing business. This social media posting tool has amazing feature sets like smart scheduling, repeat posts, and SmartQ predictions. Based on your profile analytics, the platform offers helpful suggestions for the best time to share your posts for more engagement, boosting your social media presence to a whole new level.

The calendar dashboard gives a bird-eye view of their upcoming scheduled posts. If users need to change something, they can reschedule posts by simply dragging and dropping the post to a different time slot.


Zoho Social has broken its pricing plans into two types, i.e., for Businesses and Agencies. The Premium Business plan costs $65 per month. And the agency plans start from $320.

Key Features:

  • Zia AI Assistant facilitates swift social media post planning as well as automating responses to followers.
  • It gives a comprehensive view of all scheduled content and allows for the scheduling of posts in bulk at once, facilitating a consistent social media presence.
  • Smart Q suggests the optimal times for posting based on when the audience is most active, increasing engagement rates and giving Zoho Social an edge over other social media scheduling tools.
  • Rescheduling enables users to schedule their most successful posts, promoting boosted engagement and consistency online.

Key Takeaway: Zoho Social has dedicated features to maintain social posting consistency automatically while acheiving maximum engagement. Its agency plans cost more but makes collaboration with team members and clients easier.

9. eClincher


for 1 user

eclincher social media scheduling dashboard

Small & Medium Sized Businesses, Agencies, Enterprises, Franchises

About eClincher

eClincher is a capable social media scheduler that is designed with special features to serve the needs of multi-location brands and franchises. This agency-focused tool is great for managing social media campaigns and scheduling custom posts. With eClincher’s 12 years of experience, it is preferred by users from multiple niches.

Users can keep a keen eye on their scheduled posts with the weekly and monthly filtered views on the content calendar. The tool has some specialized features for managing business listings to optimize brands’ online presence. However, eClincher lacks collaborative workflows, which are necessary for social media teams to work together.


eClincher has three fixed pricing subscriptions starting from $65. The Agency plan comes at $425 monthly. Custom pricing for enterprises are also available.

Key Features:

  • Advanced content scheduling enables users to plan and schedule content across various social media platforms from a single interface, enhancing consistency and efficiency.
  • Multi-account management streamlines the process of managing several social media accounts, saving time and reducing the complexity of handling different platforms.
  • AI Assist can write engaging post captions with prompts saving a lot of time and streamlining content creation.
  • TThe discovery and curation feature helps share industry-relevant content to keep your social media feeds fresh and engaging.

Key Takeaway: eClincher is a good option for businesses that want to optimize their online presence and drive customers to their doorstep. Although a diverse tool, eClincher does not have advanced collaborative workflow.

10. Sked Social


for 1 user

scheduling dashboard for sked social

Professionals, Small Teams, Small or medium businesses

About Sked Social

Sked Social is a straightforward tool designed to streamline small businesses’ marketing efforts by scheduling and automatically publishing social media posts. Although it is primarily an Instagram scheduling tool, Sked Social is capable of supporting content publishing on other platforms.

The tool provides many Instagram-friendly features, such as link in bio and shoppable product tagging, which help e-commerce businesses a lot. Sked Social allows users to elevate their content strategy by brainstorming campaign ideas with AI, sharing UGC, and visualizing everything cohesively within the content calendar dashboard. The tool is also well-equipped to handle other social media marketing needs such as social inbox, analytics and reporting, and team collaboration.


Sked Social has three fixed plans starting at $30 per month. The Professional plan comes at a monthly $159.

Key Features:

  • Sked Social provides regional holiday calendars for users to create their content plans aligned to their audiences interests and beliefs.
  • Sked Social’s Captivate AI Assistant integration enables users to generate ideas and write effective social media captions within seconds.
  • UGC sharing enables sharing content that you are tagged in or has been shared by your followers from Sked Social.
  • You can add shoppable link-in-bio for Instagram and TikTok to boost the ROI and traffic to websites.
  • The platform helps you to schedule your posts at optimum time slots to get the maximum possible reach.

Key Takeaway: Sked Social has an intuitive content publishing dashboard that supports multi-channel publishing for businesses and agencies. Users can create and link shoppable pages to their social media profiles to drive relevant traffic with Sked Social.

11. Later


for 1 user

later social media scheduling dashboard

Best for:

Creators, freelancers, agencies, social media managers, and small businesses.

About Later

From starting out as an Instagram scheduling tool to evolving into a dynamic social media marketing software, Later has changed significantly. The platform provides its users with an all-in-one dashboard where they can plan their social media and schedule them for six different platforms.

Later has been explicitly designed to simplify social media scheduling, where you can just drag and drop posts to your calendar to schedule them all in bulk at the best time to post. The user-friendly but dynamic UI helps users visually preview their feed’s actual looks and schedule content accordingly.

One aspect in which Later lags behind other social media scheduling tools is in the absence of structured approval workflows. This makes it somewhat unsuitable for agencies and larger teams.


Later presents three subscription choices, each accompanied by a 14-day complimentary trial period. The paid plans start at $25 and the Advanced option is priced at $80 per month.

Key Features:

  • Grid Planner allows you to see the real-life view of your social media feed.
  • With linkin.bio you can create a mini-lading page and link it to your bio on TikTok and Instagram to make your profiles more clickable and drive more conversions.
  • The tool allows different types of content to be scheduled in bulk to be published at the selected date and time slots.
  • Users can create content from their mobiles and schedule them on the go using Later’s mobile app.

Key Takeaway: Later is one of the most capable tools for scheduling and posting on Instagram accounts. The customization capabilities in the tool enable users to create content that is designed to perform well on social networks.

12. Planable


for 1 user

social media scheduling dashboard forplanable

Best for:

Solo entrepreneurs, social media managers, and small businesses.

About Planable

Planable is a social media post planner designed around one simple principle: ridding marketers of tedious tasks and allowing them to create content for all the major social media channels.

Users can segregate their Planable dashboards into separate dashboards to efficiently manage scheduling for different brands or clients without any hassle. One of the platform’s most powerful features is the feed view which enables users to see the social posts exactly as they would look on their social media feeds before publishing.

Then there is the calendar view, which is best for planning and visualizing content by weeks and months. Posts can just be moved by dragging them around on the dashboard to reschedule instantly.


The paid subscription plans for Planable start from $13 for the basic features and limited post-scheduling. The tool provides custom pricing for larger businesses.

Key Features:

  • Collaborative workflow allows multiple team members to participate in the post-creation process while communicating in real time to exchange feedback and approvals within Planable’s dashboard.
  • Automated publishing lets users pre-plan and schedule posts in advance so they are automatically published without any manual intervention.
  • Planable offers a content library where users can store all their media files and later find them in one place to create posts.

Key Takeaway: Planable is designed for users handling multiple accounts at once. You can neatly organize your content plans and allocate workflows which makes for transparent and efficient workflows in a team.

13. Loomly


for 2 users

loomly social media scheduling dashboard

Best for:

Freelancers, agencies, non-profit organizations, startups, individuals & influencers

About Loomly

Loomly is a social media scheduling tool that perfectly balances advanced publishing features and affordable pricing plans. Be it an individual marketer or an agency, it caters to the needs of all kinds of businesses.

The platform covers post-scheduling on all the major social media channels, centralizing all content-related tasks into one place. Loomly allows for the creation of all kinds of posts, from multi-image carousels to short-form videos. Users never run out of content supply by scheduling RSS feeds to their social media accounts.

In addition, the platform helps publish customized content for every platform with on-point post-optimization tips provided by the tool.


Loomly offers four separate pricing plans, starting at $42 and ending at $369 for the Premium plan. Custom plans are also available for enterprise needs.

Key Features:

  • Create and schedule your social media content in advance to automatically publish it all on the social accounts.
  • Get content approvals and feedback from all stakeholders with Loomly’s collaborative workflow.
  • The content library acts as a content hub in Loomly and lets you store all your photos, videos, links, or post templates in one place, ready to use whenever you need them.
  • The content calendar in Loomly allows marketers to plan out their posts on all social channels in a consistent manner so there are no gaps in your schedule.

Key Takeaway: If you run social media campaigns very often, Loomly is worth a try. With its granular approval workflow and visual content management dashboard, users can oversee all of the campaign and its results with ease.

14. Cloud Campaign


for 7 profiles

cloud campaign dashboard for social media scheduling

Best for:

Marketing agencies

About Cloud Campaign

Cloud Campaign is a social media management tool that is designed to help agencies manage their social media presence across multiple channels and scale their business at the same time. Its white-labeled features help agencies provide clients with a branded experience on the platform.

The platform enables scheduling posts on multiple social media platforms and has many advanced functionalities to maintain posting consistency. Some of its unique capabilities include advanced scheduling, recycling evergreen posts, and setting up drip campaigns.

Cloud Campaign covers all the bases for efficient social media post creation, with content curation and Canva and Google Drive integrations for importing content.


Cloud Campaign has three fixed prices starting from $49 to the Agency plan of $349 per month.

Key Features:

  • The platform automates social media scheduling and publishing of posts for different platforms. Set up campaigns and repost evergreen content for posting consistency.
  • Creates content ideas and post captions with AI assistance to save time on content creation.
  • Gains quick and easy approvals for posts to maintain your posting schedule.
  • Curates and stores different content efficiently into the content library for later use.

Key Takeaway: Cloud Campaign mainly addresses the needs of agencies. They offer users a branded experience along with all the necessary content management capabilities.

15. Iconosquare


for 1 user

iconosquare social media scheduling dashboard

Best for:

Freelancers, Brand and Social Media Marketing Agencies

About Iconosquare

Iconosquare can be called a social media scheduling tool that offers robust features for publishing on major platforms. Users can easily create new posts, specifying captions, links, dates, and status, with options for collaboration.

Media upload sections adapt to post types selected beforehand. The Crosspost feature enables drafting for multiple profiles with edit capabilities.

A calendar view assists in managing scheduled posts by day, week, or month. Time Slots streamline scheduling for specific days and times. Collaboration sections highlight posts awaiting approval. Additionally, library features allow organizing media assets and creating collections of commonly used captions and hashtags.


Iconosquare has two fixed plans, costing $59 for a single user and $99 for teams per month. It offers custom pricing for enterprises.

Key Features:

  • Schedule all your social media posts from one integrated dashboard.
  • Users can visualize their posts in a real-time grid view to analyze their aesthetic alignment and change the scheduling time if they feel so.
  • Create and save relevant lists of the most used hashtags to add them to post captions with just a few clicks.
  • Share created content within the team for quick and timely approvals.

Key Takeaway: Iconosquare is best suited for single brands or businesses looking to manage their own social media profiles. The tool is capable of managing all aspects of social media marketing but only for a limited number of profiles unless you go for a custom plan.

What Should You Look for in Social Media Scheduling Tools?

You might have become familiar and a bit overwhelmed with all these tools and their multitudes of functionalities. But there are certain key factors you need to crosscheck about the best social media posting tool you are considering. All else will be additional benefits.

Here are the necessary things to look for in scheduling tools:

  • Multi-Platform Scheduling: You should be able to schedule posts for multiple social media accounts from different social networks without having to switch to any native platforms.
  • Budget-Friendly: Growing businesses and agencies function on a limited marketing budget. Hence, it’s vital that you opt for a reasonably priced scheduling tool that provides the same value and advanced scheduling functions as high-priced enterprise-level tools.
  • Easy Team Collaboration: Social media marketing is not a one-man show. Entire teams have to collaborate to create and publish effective content. So, the social media posting tool has to be capable of supporting and managing multiple team members.
  • Scheduling In Bullk: Marketers like you have to be regular with their posting to establish a consistent presence on social media. With bulk scheduling, posts worth a couple of weeks or months can be scheduled at once, which eliminates the tedious job of manually posting every day. So, bulk scheduling is a pretty useful feature of a social media scheduling tool.
  • Customer Support: Ideal tools tools support teams and clients collaborating seamlessly. When everyone can contribute to content creation and communicate internally within the same platform, the process becomes streamlined.

Now that we have covered everything let us give you a brief overview of actually scheduling content with these automation tools.

How to Schedule Posts Using SocialPilot

These scheduling software work by integrating with social media platforms using the network’s APIs. All you have to do is connect your accounts to the tool and you can start scheduling posts to multiple platforms from the same dashboard.

Here is the general flow of how to schedule posts using a social media scheduling tool:

  1. To get started, link your social media accounts to the platform.
    social media accounts
  2. Now that the accounts are linked, you can go ahead and create your post. A robust scheduling tool will provide you with multiple ways to customize your post for different platforms from the same dashboard.
    Advanced tools like SocialPilot even offer an AI Assistant to create effective captions within seconds.
  3. After creating the desirable post, select the pages or accounts where you want to publish.
  4. Now go with any of the advanced scheduling options, picking the date and time you want for publishing the post.
    advanced scheduling options

You can follow the same steps to create and schedule various types of posts, including texts, videos, Reels, Stories, etc. This streamlined process drastically reduces the time needed compared to doing it manually.


Though there are tons of paid and free social media scheduling tools in the market, only a handful are deemed fit for use. Some paid ones are either too expensive or don’t offer the platform you need, while others dispense a compromised performance.

That’s why we’re betting on SocialPilot. You can effortlessly post to any social media channel without spending time. Work together with your team and clients to make a lasting impact right away. Sign up for a free trial to level up your social media presence right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a social media scheduling tool?

A social media scheduling tool is an automation tool that helps you schedule social media posts for multiple social media accounts ahead of time. As you can’t be active on social media all the time, using a social media scheduler helps you be proactive and set up your content calendar in advance.

How to select the perfect social media scheduling and publishing tool?

Here’s how to select the perfect social media scheduler:

  • Check if it helps you post on social media platforms you regularly use
  • Check if the social media scheduling tool has advanced social media scheduling options and can customize posts for different social media sites
  • The number of posts you can queue and publish in a day with the scheduler
  • If it has a social media calendar for visualization
  • If it allows team collaboration
  • Provides deep analytics and reporting

Which tools can be used as paid and free social media schedulers?

You can use the following tools for social media scheduling:

  • SocialPilot
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Sendible
  • AgoraPulse
  • Sprout Social
  • CoSchedule
  • Zoho Social
  • eClincher
  • Sked Social
  • Later
  • Planable
  • Loomly
  • Cloud Campaign
  • Iconosquare

How do I schedule all my social media?

You can schedule all your social media posts from a social media scheduler tool like SocialPilot. You can sign up for the free trial and connect the tool with all your accounts. After that, you just need to add your posts. You can schedule social media posts at different times for different platforms or share them on all networks at once.

What is the best social media scheduler?

SocialPilot is the best social media scheduler for small businesses as it is packed with advanced features like AI Assistant, content library, bulk scheduling, RSS feed automation, and more, but it comes at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

What are some features that a paid scheduling app has that a free app might not?

Free tools might not have advanced features like white labeling and team and client collaboration workflow which are meant for bigger teams and enterprise-level business needs.

Which social media management tool is apt for enterprise-level businesses?

Enterprise-level businesses need all-around social media management capabilities which could handle large teams working together.

Tools like SocialPilot, and Hootsuite allow large team to collaborate efficiently to manage and work on their social media. Users can give selective access and review content within the tool.

social media marketing using socialpilot

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