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Planable is a social media scheduling tool known for its visually driven planning and collaboration features. It is designed for social media managers and marketers who need to manage multiple social media accounts across various platforms.

Planable supports a long list of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Linkedin, Youtube, Google Business, and Pinterest. The tool also enables you to collaborate with your team members and clients to get or give feedback and approval on the content before publishing.

But Planable is not limited to just social media scheduling. Its Universal content feature creates a unified platform where you can plan, create, and collaborate on blog posts, newsletters, documents, ads, and other types of marketing content. Although, scheduling is not supported for this type of content. Still, you can choose a date & time for your post to create an accurate overview of your planning.

Furthermore, Planable offers a centralized content library where you can store all your media assets, making it easy to access and reuse them in future campaigns. This saves you time and effort, ensuring consistency in your branding and messaging.

Overall, Planable can help streamline your social media workflow and improve collaboration and communication among team members, making it a useful tool for social media managers and marketers.

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  • Planable's calendar view provides a convenient way to see all your social media platforms in one place, while the ability to choose whether or not to sync content across multiple channels.
  • Planable provides a clear workflow for client approvals and communication, streamlining the collaboration process between team members and clients.
  • Planable offers a Media Library where users can upload their images and other media which makes it easy to find and reuse content in future posts.
  • Planable has a easy to use and user-friendly UI, making it easy to navigate and manage your social media accounts.
  • Planable offers a wide range of customisation option as per the requirements of the accounts and user one need.
  • Planable provides multiple ways to view your social media feed, including a calendar and grid view. This feature helps users to visualize their content in different ways, making it easier to plan and organize their social media strategy.
  • Planable's dashboard has a similar look to the social media sites,which makes it easy for users to format their posts appropriately for each channel. This feature ensuresthat content is optimized for each social media platform, maximizing engagement and reach.


  • The platform currently lacks some advanced features, such as social listening and analytics, which is a crucial part to analyse one social media marketing strategy.
  • Though Planable offers range of pricing, the plans are relatively expensive compared to other social media management tools.
  • Planable's calendar view may feel cluttered at times, especially when there are many posts scheduled for the same day.
  • Planable's bulk post feature does not provide enough customization options for users who want to post the same content on multiple platforms but need to customize the content for each platform.
  • Planable currently does not offer a content curation feature like RSS feeds, which can be a drawback for users who want to source relevant content from other websites or sources to share on their social media channels.
  • Planable lacks the ability to schedule shorts on youtube. This limitation is a negative point for individuals who have a YouTube channel and rely heavily on Shorts as a form of content.
  • Planable currently lacks some basic features that other social media management tools provide, such as UTM parameters and hashtag suggestions.

Planable Pricing

Now that you know all the good and bad parts, let’s talk about Planable pricing. You can start scheduling with Planable by taking up one of its plans, one of which is free. Here’s more on the features and pricing of Planable plans:

Free: Yes, you can begin your journey with Planable by testing its free plan. The free plan offers you an unlimited experience, where you can try out every feature of the tool with the caveat that you can only schedule 50 posts in total.

Basic: The Basic plan is priced at $13 per month. The plan can be used by 1 user and can include 1 workspace. There is an option to increase the number of workspaces and users by paying extra. Inside each workspace, you can only add 4 social media profiles. There is no cap on the number of posts you can schedule for each social platform. You also get 10 GB of media storage for the media library.

Pro: The Pro plan of Planable comes at the price tag of $22/user per month, wherein you can create 1 free workspace. You can pay more to get more workspaces and user access. The Pro plan lets you include 10 social media profiles in each workspace and schedule unlimited posts. Along with all the Basic plan features, you get more collaboration features, more media library storage(100 GB), and more content planning options.

Enterprise: Enterprise is a custom plan where you get to access all features of , such as multi-level approvals, different planning views, and a dedicated account manager. You can add or remove features according to your needs. You need to contact the Planable team to get this plan.

Free Plan


Per Month
  • 1 User
  • 3 Social accounts


  • 50 total posts
  • + unlimited experience



Per Month
  • 1 Users
  • 8 Social accounts


  • Unlimited posts
  • 4 social media pages per workspace
  • 2 types of approval
  • Feed & Calendar views



Per Month
  • 3 User
  • 20 Social accounts

Basic Features+

  • 10 social media pages per workspace
  • 3 types of approval
  • Grid view
  • Save as an Ad



  • N/A
  • N/A

Pro features+

  • Multi-level approvals
  • List view
  • Pay by bank/wire transfer
  • Dedicated account manager

Price Comparison

Planable is an exemplary social media scheduling tool with decent collaboration features for new and growing social media teams of SMBs. However, it is not a comprehensive social media management tool with advanced analytics and social communication features.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive tool to manage all your social media marketing fronts under one roof, then you can opt for – the best Planable alternative – SocialPilot.

While the pricing of both tools differs significantly, it’s important to note that SocialPilot offers a wide range of features that far surpass those provided by Planable. But still, here’s the comparison:


$28/per month


$83/per month





Free trial


Not Available


$30/per month

Small Team

$50/per month


$100/per month


$200/per month

Free trial




1. Workspace

Social media management on Planable works inside separate spaces called Workspace. Workspace is a great way to organize and manage social media accounts of multiple brands separately without getting things cluttered.

Inside every Workspace, you can add and manage multiple social media accounts, people, and calendars to create, review, collaborate, and publish posts.

For every social channel added, you will get a separate page to maintain your creation and collaboration smoothly. Apart from real social media pages, you can create mock-up pages of every social platform and use them to draft, preview, plan, and collaborate on content that you can later move for publishing if approved.

Apart from social media accounts, the Planable Workspace lets you connect Universal content page, wherein you can create and plan, although not publish, multiple marketing content types, such as blog posts, newsletters, documents, ads, and more.


2. Scheduling

Planable enables you to create, customize and schedule posts for multiple social media networks added to a workspace simultaneously. The tool supports scheduling for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Linkedin, Youtube, Google Business, and Pinterest.

Each social media page has an option to pop up the post creation window. There you can create and customize a post for that particular platform or rope in other platforms simultaneously.

After choosing your accounts, you can switch tabs to access the customization options based on the nature of each platform. For example, if you have selected an Instagram account, you get a separate tab to create posts, reels, and story creation.

Moreover, you can customize your post by adding gifs, images, and videos from your local storage or Planable’s media library.

Once your post is ready, you can schedule the publishing on an upcoming date and time or share it right away.


3. Planning View

If it’s not clear by the tool name itself, Planable makes your social media content planning pretty organized. It gives you multiple views to plan and collaborate with your whole team faster.

Its feed view enables you to see the social posts exactly as they would look on your social media feeds before even publishing them.

Then there is the calendar view, which is best for planning and visualizing content by weeks and months across multiple social media accounts at once. You also get the drag-and-drop functionality to make changes to the plan.

The list view focuses more on providing functionality and information than the visual presentation. Here you can see a quick preview of posts across all your pages and can do bulk actions for multiple posts at a time.

Finally, there is a grid view dedicated to Instagram only. The grid view looks the same as Instagram’s feed to help you accurately visualize your grid plan in advance. You can also plan and schedule your content by dragging and dropping posts in your grid view to ensure they all come together into a cohesive story.


4. Collaboration

The internal and external collaboration features of Planable are one of the most notable aspects. Whether you are working in an in-house or agency setting, its multi-level collaboration feature helps you keep the transparency alive and approval workflow smoother and facilitates seamless communication among your team.

You start by adding the team members and clients involved in the content creation and approval process for every workspace and define their roles and access permission.

Now, the real collaboration happens on a post-level inside the Feed View. Each post has its own comments section where you can hold a conversation with threaded replies. Here, you can tag other team members to send them a notification, leave internal notes, and attach any important files.

You get zero to multi-level approval workflow settings that fit teams of all sizes. The approval features help ensure that crafted posts pass through all decided touchpoints before going out to the world.


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Planable is a user-friendly and straightforward tool offering excellent social media planning, collaboration, and scheduling capabilities. Its amazing visual planning and collaboration features enable you to create and schedule pitch-perfect social media posts for multiple social media accounts at once.

Now that we have thoroughly discussed Planable, you are in a more informed position to decide whether or not to go for the platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Planable used for?

Planable is a social media scheduling platform used for creating and scheduling posts for multiple social media platforms from a single dashboard. It offers impressive collaboration features to unite all your team members and clients on a single platform for faster feedback and approval processes.

What are the features of Planable?

Here are some of the notable features of Planable:

  • Social media Scheduling
  • Calendar and Grid View planning
  • Mockup planning
  • Universal content creation
  • Media Library
  • Team and Clients collaboration

Who are the competitors of Planable?

Competitors of Planable include:

  • SocialPilot
  • Zoho Social
  • Hootsuite
  • Sendible
  • Buffer
  • Agorapulse

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