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  • 9.0 Publishing & Scheduling
  • 8.9 Analytics
  • 8.0 Inbox/Listening
  • 8.8 Collaboration
  • 8.8 Support

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4.5 (741)
  • 9.1 Publishing & Scheduling
  • 8.2 Analytics
  • 8.0 Inbox/Listening
  • 8.8 Collaboration
  • 8.9 Support


eClincher is a social media management platform that enables businesses of all sizes to manage their social media presence across various channels.

The platfrom supports a long list of popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. You also get to integrate several of the familiar tools like Zendesk, canva, Google drive and many more to expand the tool functionality.

You can use eclincher to create, schedule, publish, collaborate and analyze social media content easily. With eClincher, businesses can manage their social media activity in one place, saving their time and sanity.

The tool has a host of features, such as post scheduling, social listening, content curation, team collaboration, advanced analytics, and more, which makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking to streamline their social media management.

Let’s thoroughly breakdown eClincher’s pricing, reviews, and feature list to see if it’s a right choice for your social media management or not.

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eClincher Review


  • eClincher provides users with good tracking abilities for. multiple platforms.
  • eClincher offers good customer support that helps users get help quickly and easily whenever they need it.
  • With pre-tagged accounts and other automation tools, users can streamline their posting process.
  • eClincher has an intuitive platform that is straightforward and user-friendly.
  • It covers all major social media platforms, making it a versatile tool for managing multiple channels.
  • eClincher offers a range of options for users to tailor their experience to their needs. These include features like approvers, post tags, and contributor tools.
  • It makes it easy to manage campaigns and content without rejecting posts.


  • The image library icons can be confusing, leading to accidental uploads of images instead of photos, which can be frustrating.
  • The link previews feature can be seen as annoying and disruptive to some users.
  • Pinterest has limited abilities, including the inability to create boards and the lack of an option to post to all boards. Additionally, there is no option to add keywords to posts.
  • The suggested content feeds can be lacking in relevance, making it difficult for users to find suitable content for their platforms.
  • The tool's slow delivery and inconsistent service, coupled with regular price increases, can be frustrating for users. Furthermore, the lack of functional support makes it challenging to navigate.
  • The main admin account frequently disconnects, which can be an inconvenience despite the immediate email notification provided by the platform.
  • The platform's increased costs for users may prove to be an issue for small businesses.

eClincher Pricing

Now that you have a more obvious understanding of eClincher, it’s time to understand the cost involved with the platform. Let’s break down each plan as a part of eClincher pricing:

Basic: The Basic plan of eClincher comes at the price of $65 per month. In this plan, 1 user can use the tool and connect up to 10 social media accounts. This plan has all the starter features, such as social media scheduling, inbox, listening and monitoring (10 feeds), and built-in analytics reports. There is an option to add on reputation management, and SEO monitoring features for $55/month.

Premier: eClincher’s Premier plan costs $175 per month. 3 users can use the platform under this plan and connect 20 social media accounts, making it a good plan for SMBs or growing agencies with a small team. Compared to the Basic plan, you get a significantly expanded set of features, including enhancements to the core functionality, as well as new capabilities such as links in bio pages, competitor analytics, RSS feeds, content curation, and collaboration and approval workflows.

Agency: The Agency plan is made for growing agencies and brands and comes with a price tag of $425 per month. You can add 6 users and 40 social media accounts to it. It has all the features included in the Premier plan and also expands on its functionalities with features like external shared calendars, customized client analytics dashboards, and team productivity reports.

If you are an enterprise or franchise and none of the plans mentioned above meet your requirements, you can opt for eClincher’s Custom plan and can contact their customer support team to find a price and plan that will work best for you.



Per Month
  • 1 User
  • 10 Social accounts


  • Publish & Schedule Unlimited Posts
  • Unified Inbox
  • Built-in analytics reports



Per Month
  • 3 Users
  • 20 Social accounts

Basic features+

  • Auto Post – 10 RSS & WP feeds
  • Smart Queues
  • Team Collaboration & Approval
  • Competitors analytics reports



Per Month
  • 6 Users
  • 40 Social accounts

Premier Features+

  • Shared External Calendars
  • Customized Client’s Analytics Dashboard
  • Listening & Monitoring
  • Team productivity reports



  • Users – Custom
  • Profiles – Custom

Agency Features+

  • 24/7 Live Support – NO BOTS!
  • Mobile App & Free Integrations
  • Local Listings Management
  • Local SEO

Price Comparison

The eClincher’s Agency plan comes at a very hefty price of $425 per month. SocialPilot is a much cheaper option here that will give you a great agency marketing experience.

SocialPilot’s plans for agencies cost $100 per month and give you the ability to connect 6 users and 30 social media accounts. If you want to add more accounts, then you can use its add-on features or switch to its Agency+ plan with 50 social media accounts and unlimited users, which is, yet again, way cheaper than eClincher’s agency plan.

Here’s a closer look at the pricing comparison of plans of both tools:


$65/per month


$175/per month


$425/per month



Free trial




$30/per month

Small Team

$50/per month


$100/per month


$200/per month

Free trial




1. Scheduling

eClincher’s scheduling features enable you to create, customize and schedule posts for multiple social media networks simultaneously. The tool supports scheduling for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Its scheduling tab is divided into two parts. On one side, you get the view of your post composer; on the other, you get a weekly and monthly calendar view of your scheduled posts.

In the post composer, you need to choose your social media accounts and add media from local and cloud storage, as well as from third-party images libraries, such as Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash. After that, write down your caption. You can keep the same post for every social platform or customize it using the toggle switch.

After creating your post, you can easily schedule it for the best time to post to get maximum exposure. Here you can also see a post preview of your to double-check for any edits you need to make before the post gets published.


2. Calendar

eClincher has a visual calendar to help you overview and manage your weeks or month of scheduled, drafted, approved, and rejected posts for multiple platforms from a single tab.

The calendar view enables you to better visualize your social media plan. You can see which post is scheduled for which date, time, and social media. If you want to change the date – drag, drop, or make changes in the posts by editing them directly from your calendar.

Also, the color-coding system to denote the status of every post makes it a breeze to filter out content on the fly. You can easily monitor which posts are approved, in the draft, set for auto-publishing, or pending your approval.


3. Messaging

The Socal Inbox feature of eClincher is designed to keep all your conversations, mentions, messages, and comments in one place so you don’t have to manage it all in different tabs.

You can collaborate with your team inside the inbox by assigning different messages to different team members and leaving internal notes for better communication. eClincher inbox also has a sentimental analysis feature that lets you predict the tone of the message you have received.

Based on the 4 different tones, you can automate user assignment and tagging of inbox items.

Custom cross-channel tagging makes it easier for you to organize and keep track of different conversations easily. You can also mark items “complete” as you go to keep your inbox clutter-free.

And yes, one more thing, you also get an inbox analytics section. This is where you can see the incoming rate, opening rate, overall sentiment analysis of messages, and the performance of the inbox handling team.


4. Analytics

eClincher’s extensive analytics feature gives you a unified platform to keep track of your social media performance. Moreover, with the option to access and overview Google Analytics (GA 4) inside the tool, the platform reaches beyond social media analytics. It gives you a good picture of the customer journey and website traffic.

The tool has an advanced built-in reports feature that provides you with eye-pleasing reports on not only social media performance but also on Cross- channel, Meta paid ads, Social media inbox, reputation management, and Google Analytics performance. You can download these reports as PDF or CSV files or even schedule them to be emailed automatically to the stakeholders.

With higher plans, you also get to create Customized Reports. There you can merge all channels under a single report and choose which items to display in your customized report.


eClincher Reviews – Social Media Analytics Software

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Campaign Planning


eClincher is a pretty extensive social media management tool for businesses of all sizes. The platform’s ability to create, schedule, publish, collaborate, and analyze social media content easily under one dashboard helps businesses stay on top of their social media game effortlessly.

So there it is an all-around eClincher review covering its features, plans, and pricing. With all this information, we hope you can now make a more informed decision about whether this tool suits your social media management needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is eClincher used for?

eClincher is a social media management tool primarily used to plan and schedule social media posts for multiple platforms from a single dashboard in advance. Its ability to bring the functionality of scheduling posts, analyzing platform insights, team collaboration, and communicating with your audience under one roof makes it a convenient tool to grow your audiences and brand reputation.

What are the features of eClincher?

Here's a list of notable eClincher features:

  • Social media scheduling
  • Visual calendar planner
  • Social Media Inbox with Analytics
  • Social media listening and monitoring
  • Local SEO monitoring
  • Built-in and Custom reports
  • Advanced social media analytics
  • Competitor Analytics Reports

Who are the competitors to eClincher?

Competitors of eClincher include:

  • SocialPilot
  • Zoho Social
  • Hootsuite
  • Sendible
  • Buffer
  • Agorapulse

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