Top 9 eClincher Alternatives for Small and Medium Businesses 2024

If you can get more, why settle? Try these eClincher alternatives and see your social media efforts pay off!

eClincher Alternatives

Social media tools are the latest addition to every marketing arsenal and are no longer limited to big brands. So no matter if you are an individual running a small business or are a medium-sized agency, social media tools are a must.

One of such tools is eClincher. It is a robust social media management software that lets you link your social profiles and connect with your target market across platforms.

But before you go with it, you must consider similar tools that can alternative options to this tool. Even if you are sure about its service or features, it is always wise to explore top alternative social media management tools for eClincher.

This consideration is essential because if you don’t find the right marketing software, your clients’ accounts will suffer from their brand reputation at stake.

We have listed the best eClincher alternatives for the right pick. But before that, let’s focus on the ‘why’ aspect first.

Why Should You Care About eClincher Alternatives?

As stated above, eClincher is a fantastic management tool for social media content marketing. It offers you the opportunity to maintain consistency across multiple marketing channels and build your brand authority and online presence.

Nevertheless, it helps to explore similar tools that can do the same job or better. Also, eClincher may not give you all the functionalities you need. Therefore, it makes sense to look for the best alternatives by competitors and compare their features, including pricing.

While eClincher’s competitors may offer similar features, others may be unique, making them top contenders. Furthermore, you may want to use multiple automation scheduling tools for various use cases, including developing a stable social media toolkit.

As a result, we put together a list of eClincher alternatives that will help you grow your business.

How we analyze and select these tools:

Our process of curating a list of relevant tools involves thorough research and evaluation. Factors considered include platform compatibility, automation, content creation, visualization, analytics, collaboration, pricing, scalability, and user experience. Curated by seasoned professionals, these tools empower marketers with valuable insights to make informed decisions and scale their businesses.


SocialPilot is one of the best and most efficient social media marketing that you can find. It is top on the list of tools that compare to eClincher. SocialPilot’s developers designed the software for small and mid-sized businesses and agencies. The software lets you connect with your target market in real-time and manage up to 50 social media accounts.

SocialPilot’s primary features include:

  • Customizable central dashboard
  • Consistent with 50 social media networking sites
  • Bulk scheduling
  • In-depth analytics and multi-platform performance reporting
  • RSS feeds automation
  • Endless access to high-quality stock images
  • Create branded image posts with custom watermarked logos
  • Direct publishing of Instagram posts, Stories, and Reels
  • Workflow management (team and client collaboration)
  • Custom branded opportunity with reseller resources
  • Create UTM Parameters to track social traffic
  • Option to add images from Google Drive

Furthermore, one of SocialPilot’s outstanding features is the ability to engage your followers directly from the software. Its engagement capabilities let you respond to user comments and messages. Also, the tool is ideal for small enterprises that manage several clients’ social media accounts. As a result, you can seamlessly collaborate with your team by creating workflow approvals.

SocialPilot Vs. eClincher

As the best alternative to eClincher, how does the eClincher software stack up to SocialPilot?

Without a doubt, eClincher is a top social media management tool, and it works seamlessly with all leading social networking platforms. The software provides several features and functionalities, including its outstanding integration of the Pocket app.

But, despite eClincher’s incredible characteristics, when compared to SocialPilot, eClincher does not allow users to collaborate directly on projects. But SocialPilot scales through in this regard. With Approvals-On-The-Go, clients can directly access the drafted posts, anywhere, anytime, from a single link without logging in to the platform.

How about a friendly user interface (UI) that helps improve user experience (UX)?

Compared to SocialPilot, eClincher falls short as well. That is why they encourage consumers to get assistance from the help desk and training from support documents.

Furthermore, SocialPilot gives you the main dashboard to manage your social media tasks and lets you categorize networking sites. Adding social media sites in groups is vital because it allows you to manage multiple clients with ease.

Pricing: SocialPilot offers a lesser price of $30/month, while eClincher asks $59 per month. You can go to this page to see why SocialPilot is a top eClincher alternative.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a marketing platform that provides social media management services to online marketers. The developers describe it as an all-in-one social media management software. That is because Sprout Social gives users more flexibility to accomplish more tasks comfortably from a single platform. Hence, it helps improve your social media marketing strategy.

Sprout Social main features include:

  • Smart social inbox
  • Mobile
  • Team collaboration
  • Keywords, location, and profile monitoring
  • Social CRM (tasking and toolset)
  • Social media suites
  • Account analytics

Sprout Social Vs. eClincher

As eClincher focuses on publishing, engagement, and analytics. Sprout Social also concentrates on the same parameters across channels. It also works well with third-party apps.

But while eClincher can merge and incorporate 20 other apps, Sprout Social welcomes only 16 external applications.

Yet, if you compare the overall product performance ratings, eClincher scored 8.1, whereas Sprout Social earned 8.9 points.

Pricing: Sprout Social gives you a 30-day free trial and a pricing plan that starts from $99.


Like eClincher, Buffer has a suite of products that enables you to establish your brand presence and online reputation on social media. With a $15 a month starting price, you can connect with clients and potential customers through consistent posting and content scheduling. In that way, you will engage your followers and build trust.

Buffer’s core features are:

  • An all-inclusive feed for all major social media sites
  • Integrates with more than 60 third-party platforms (including Atomized, Geckoboard, and HipChat)
  • RSS feeds connectivity
  • Social analytics data
  • Social media profile sharing
  • Team collaboration through administrator rights
  • Customized scheduling
  • Curate content via RSS feeds

Buffer Vs. eClincher

Buffer’s “Approval Workflow” and 73 third-party integrations make it a top contender to eClincher. Although eClincher provides similar services, it only integrates 22 third-party apps. Also, eClincher offers competitor tracking and influencer monitoring. But Buffer is yet to provide these services.

However, Buffer has a simple user interface and dashboard. But you will find much from the dashboard to enhance your effort. What you see once opened is your queue, analytics, and setting. But the recently added boosted post insights that show you how paid and organic posts compare is a fantastic experience.

Pricing: Buffer offers a free plan but you can avail the Teams plan at $10/month for a social channel.


Sendible is a management software for social media managers and agencies that work with numerous clients. Because of the number of platforms with which it may be used, Sendible is the ideal option for integration.

You can link Sendible with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube. Apart from that, you can also connect it to Canva, WordPress, Google Analytics, and more.

The core features of Sendible are:

  • Unified social inbox
  • Social media reports
  • Team collaboration
  • Social media calendar
  • Social media listening
  • Competitive analysis

Sendible Vs. eClincher

Sendible is a great tool when it comes to a holistic approach to social media marketing. While eClincher just focuses on the scheduling, Sendible provides add-on features like social media listening for benchmarking, deeming it fit to be a potential alternative.

As already mentioned, Sendible offers its users tons of integrations, improving workflow and keeping all your marketing activities in one place.

Pricing: Sendible offers a free trial of 14 days for all of its plans. Its Creator plan starts at $29 and goes up to $399 for an Expansion plan for facilitating the needs of enterprises.


Hootsuite is among the best social media management tools in the marketplace. It is beginner-friendly and allows consumers who’re using the freemium version to create, curate, and schedule 30 variable content materials in the queue for posting across social media.

The opportunity to create and schedule 30 content pieces for posting, which equates to 90 for three social sites, is phenomenal for beginners with a limited budget. So, it is sensible to include it as a competitor and top alternative to eClincher. Also, by supporting 35 social networks, Hootsuite gives marketers and social media managers the privilege to manage their social media activities and client’s work without stress.

Hootsuite’s outstanding features, including:

  • Conversion tracking
  • Keyword Filtering
  • Customer targeting
  • Contact management
  • Manage ads campaigns
  • App integration

Hootsuite Vs. eClincher

While Hootsuite offers many vital features, they have similar functionalities to eClincher. You can use hashtags and keywords on eClincher to monitor social mentions. But Hootsuite lets you filter keywords for better results.

Also, Hootsuite does not provide white-labeling features that come with custom branded solutions. But the software is still a viable alternative to eClincher.

Therefore, if you’re working with numerous clients on various platforms, you should contemplate using Hootsuite as an alternative to eClincher.

Pricing: Hootsuite starts from $49 a month and goes up to $599. Customized plans are also available on request.


The developers of Later tagged itself as the #1 social media marketing platform for Instagram because its creator had launched the software with a focus on Instagram. But it has evolved into a viable alternative to eClincher. Consumers use it prominently to create visual materials and post content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Now they have added more features, including a visual calendar. Later also included more social sites to the platforms’ list.

Later’s core features are:

  • Visual content calendar
  • (lets you add a link in your bio. You can also transform your Instagram feed into a traffic-driver by creating a clickable, optimized landing page)
  • User-generated content (UGC)
  • Instagram posts and stories scheduling
  • Instagram hashtags
  • Pinterest scheduling
  • Analytics (measure your ROI from the platform)

Later Vs. eClincher

Though eClincher supports various social media platforms and third-party apps, including LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube, Later puts more emphasis on visuals. For this, they cater to only a few social sites. So if you’re into Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, Later is your best bet.

Interestingly, they offer Instagram training on how to grow your Instagram followers and Instagram engagement.

Pricing: Later offers a free-for-live plan for individuals, but their starter plan begins at $15 per month. Their pricing contrasts eClincher that starts from $59 a month.


Statusbrew is one of the best tools for managing your social media marketing campaigns. The software covers most social media platforms from a single dashboard and is available to users for free for as long as you want.

With Statusbrew, you can engage your audience and customers via a coordinated social inbox by responding to user interactions in real-time personal conversations. The marketing software also lets you collaborate with your team and clients by creating workflows, permissions, and approval structures.

The key features of Statusbrew include:

  • Dynamic ad comment
  • Review management
  • Automated content moderation
  • Enterprise-grade security

Statusbrew Vs. eClincher

The eClincher software and Statusbrew supports all the major social platforms, including GMB. Also, Statusbrew is a social media solution software for all businesses─small and mid-sized businesses, agencies, and enterprises at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Pricing: Their paid plans come with a 7-day free trial and start at $179 per month.


Mention is a suite that enables brands to enhance their online activities on different social media websites. It assists you in increasing engagement and improves conversions. Moreover, Mention’s Publish-spread the word feature allows you to create exciting content pieces that stem from intelligent marketing insights.

In that way, you have a full calendar of quality content that connects with your buyer persona to share across social media. Mention’s primary trait is its ability to listen to what consumers say about your brand. It helps you create an efficient social media content plan and engage your marketing persona effectively throughout social channels.

Mention Vs. eClincher

The three properties above will boost your social media marketing. How? By tracking content materials across the web to determine those that drive conversions. Mention also listens to consumer interactions and user feedback to understand what types of posts excite your audience. Furthermore, it evaluates social media trends that produce results from various platforms.

Armed with this data, you can create evergreen content pieces around irresistible topics for posting on social media for months. On the other hand, eClincher also tracks user feeds through keywords and hashtags on social media. But Mention goes beyond social media by monitoring website content daily.

That way, Mention digs out useful information to build your brand authority and grow your business online.

Pricing: eClincher starts with a basic $59 monthly plan, you can use Mention for free. You also have the option to start with premium packages, starting at $29 monthly.


Loomly is a marketing platform with a focus on brand success, content management, and workflow onboarding. If you are a social media manager, Loomly provides you a host of content ideas established according to trending topics in your niche. It also gives you marketing content ideas from RSS feeds and social media best practices, including Twitter trends and events-related celebrations.

Loomly ensures you don’t run out of ideas for content creation, scheduling, and publishing to various social media sites. This incredible feature helps social media managers in their content creation and curation tactics to serve their clients better.

Top features of Loomly are:

  • Post and ad mockups
  • Approval workflow system
  • Automated pushing for Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Commenting system
  • Notifications
  • Content ideas
  • Subject and labels
  • Optimization tips

Loomly Vs. eClincher

Much as eClincher provides users with a content suggestion system, Loomly, as a focused content creation and scheduling platform, also gives you tons of posts ideas that will engage your followers and drive traffic.

Furthermore, since eClincher does not currently provide a social ads system, you can reach your target market with Loomly’s Facebook advertising and Instagram ads-driven campaigns. This medium enables you to attract a broader audience, generate targeted leads, and enhance your business growth.

Pricing: Loomly offers a 15-day free trial, with a starting price of $34 a month.

Wrapping Up

Social media is an exemplary source for promoting businesses of all sizes. But in order to make the branding activity sustainable, you can not rely on a manual process. It is both time-consuming and hard to measure. Hence, enter social media tools for stabilizing a strategy for building brand recognition.

eClincher is indeed a popular choice, but it may not be suitable for you due to the lack of necessary features or pricing packages. That’s why we recommend exploring its top alternatives like SocialPilot that offers you a ton of fantastic features at lower prices. Sign up for its free trial and compare it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SocialPilot better than eClincher?

SocialPilot is a good alternative to eClincher when it comes to agency and small business needs. The plans are affordable for the number of channels it allows to connect. Moreover, features like bulk schedule, Canva integration, white-label reports, detailed analytics, and prompt customer support are also available in SocialPilot.

Is eClincher a good buy?

eClincher is an excellent social media scheduling tool, but it is considered pricey for the features it offers. You can explore other eClincher alternatives for similar offerings at cheaper rates.

What is a cheaper alternative to eClincher?

SocialPilot is a cheaper alternative to eClincher. You can get started with its Professional plan at just $25.5/month. The Small Team plan is also available for smaller teams at just $42.5/month for 25 profiles and 3 users.

Does eClincher have a free version?

No, eClincher doesn’t have a free version. However, it does offer a free trial of 14 days on all plans. Its pricing ranges from $59 to $219 based on the requirements.

What all platforms are supported by eClincher?

eClincher supports 8 social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Google My Business. It also supports popular integrations. You can also check out SocialPilot, which supports 9 platforms and top integrations at a much affordable cost.

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