Discover the Ideal Instagram Reels Length for Maximum Reach

Discover the Ideal Instagram Reels Length for Maximum Reach

Confused about the latest Instagram Reels length limits? Here is all that you need to know on IG Reels to optimize your content for the best viewing experience.

Instagram Reels

No one can deny that Instagram, the biggest social media channel for images, has moved on to become a video platform. Instagram Reels, in particular, is a go-to for businesses, with a 57.4% year-over-year increase in usage in 2023.

Since its mid-2020 launch as a response to TikTok, Instagram Reels length has undergone significant changes. With the increased duration, users now have more flexibility in the content they can post as Reels.

Whether you are a creator wanting to showcase your creativity in a detailed video or a business trying to snag your target audience’s attention with a catchy clip, you can use Reels in different ways.

In this article, we have amassed all the important information on Instagram Reels length and related sizes you need to know.

What is Instagram Reels Length?

The length limits for Instagram Reels have changed multiple times. However, it’s important to stay up-to-date with current trends.

The Current Instagram Reels Length

As of 2024, an Instagram Reel maximum length can be up to 90 seconds.

You can select any time frame of the given four limits: 15, 30, 60 and 90 seconds.

Instagram Reels Length

However, a point to be noted is that if you are posting a Reel from third-party Instagram schedulers like SocialPilot, your Instagram Reels length can be anywhere between 3 seconds to 15 minutes.

Size and Dimension

Instagram Reels are videos meant to be viewed vertically. To show them at their best, optimize your Reels’ size to the platform’s ideal specs.

The Instagram Reels dimensions are 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels for width and height, respectively.

The ideal aspect ratio for this Reel size is 9:16. If you watch a Reel in your feed instead of opening it in the actual Reels section, the video will appear in a 4:5 aspect ratio.

Note: Users can create Reels by uploading videos of different aspect ratios from the one mentioned above. However, they might get cropped or distorted in the process. Hence it is best to only post Reels looks the best when aligned to the ideal Reels dimensions.


The best Instagram Reels resolution is 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels which pertains to the Reel’s width and height, respectively. You can also use video with a minimum resolution of 600 x 1067 pixels. However, it’s better to stick to high-quality content as it creates a better impression and recall in the viewer’s mind.

Instagram Reel Cover Image Size

Instagram Reels cover size is the same as the actual Instagram Reel, i.e., 1080 x 1920 pixels.

The aspect ratio of the Reel cover also has to be the same as that of the Reel of 9:16 for width and height respectively.

You can select any frame from your Reel or upload a separate image from your camera roll to put up as a Reel cover. The best part is that you can edit your Reel cover image even after it has been posted.

Instagram Reels Size

hese were all the necessary Instagram Reels length and size informational tidbits for your reference. But keep in mind that Instagram keeps tweaking its rules regarding content specs. Hence, make sure to keep checking regularly.

But now, let’s try to understand why Instagram Reel length is such an important factor for all creators and marketers on the platform.

Why is the Instagram Reels Length Important

Instagram Reels are the secret weapon for boosting your reach and getting your brand out there. They’re a big deal in marketing strategies.

But here’s the kicker: Instagram Reels length matters more than you might think.

In this section, we’re diving into why the length of your Instagram Reels can make or break your game when it comes to grabbing attention and engaging your audience. Let’s get into it!


Instagram Reels algorithm favors Reels by ranking it higher than other content formats in feeds and the Explore tab.

However, according to the Recommendation Guidelines: “We work to avoid making recommendations that could be low-quality, objectionable, or sensitive, and we also avoid making recommendations that may be inappropriate for younger viewers.”

This implies that good quality Reels (with relevant content, of course) falling within the content guidelines for the Instagram Reels length will have a higher possibility of obtaining a better rank.

Aesthetic Appeal

Instagram is all about visuals, right?

It’s got videos in the form of Reels, Stories, and Live Feeds—each with its own unique size. But here’s the thing: knowing the right specs for your Instagram Reel is key.

After all the hard work you put into creating it, if it exceeds the designated time frame, all that effort will go to waste. Additionally, people will not connect with your content, making it pointless.

So, your Instagram Reels length could be the difference between a viral hit and just another unnoticed post.

Attention span

Short-form video content is ruling the online realm, with internet users craving fast, valuable, and entertaining videos. That’s why Reels lasting around 15-25 seconds tend to snag users’ attention more effectively than lengthier ones.

Longer Reels can be just as captivating, especially for storytelling that hooks viewers. It’s all about keeping your engagement high and reaching fresh eyeballs.

How does Instagram Reels Length Benefit the Creators

As mentioned earlier, the Instagram Reels length limit has changed significantly over the years. But what does it mean for creators?

Believe it or not, longer content is easier to make as it gives more room for expression of creativity. The extended limit might set a new standard for creators, potentially leading the Instagram algorithm to favor longer videos. This could be particularly beneficial for influencers.

Moreover, shorter and snappier clips were accompanied by longer videos, which had more of a story format rather than being rushed. This means they can delve into more detail and convey clearer messages in their videos.

According to a study by SocialInsider, Reels’ adoption rates are the highest of all content formats. In 2022, 19.67% of brands in the study were using Reels, but by 2023, 30.85% had incorporated them into their marketing.

This shows that getting longer Reel lengths have encouraged businesses to start using them more.

How to Deduce the Best Instagram Reel Length for your Business

Finding what is the best Instagram Reels length limit for your business completely depends on the content and the objective behind it.

Let’s look at all the major possibilities and determine the best Instagram Reels length for it.
must Reel that communicates what the content is about. Clickbait-style titles, questions, or humorous titles tend to work well in this context.

1. Grabbing Attention

To capture the attention and make users stop to watch your video right away, the ideal Instagram Reel length would be between 2 to 10 seconds. Keeping the clip concise and impactful works the best.

An eye-catching cover is a must Reel that communicates what the content is about. Clickbait-style titles, questions, or humorous titles tend to work well in this context.

If creating a longer Reel, you still need that initial hook and dynamism to grab attention. After that, the video can stretch to a minute or even a minute and a half.

2. Increase Views

Shorter content, like a 3-10 second Reel, typically boosts views. However, you can extend video length using clever tactics. Consider adding a surprise element at the end, prompting viewers to watch again to catch hints they missed.

Another trick involves overlaying text on a fast-paced video, encouraging viewers to re-watch and pause to read.

By crafting dynamic Reels with swift transitions, viewers are more likely to stay engaged until the end. They might even realize they’ve watched the same video multiple times. Smoothly cutting the music ties the end to the beginning seamlessly.

3. Garner Engagement

For more likes, shares, and comments, aim for Instagram Reels length of 15-30 seconds. If your job is to engage users until the end, where you’ll place a clear call-to-action (CTA) asking viewers to take a specific action

  • Comment now!
  • Share with friends!
  • Leave a comment
  • Share your own tip
  • Discuss your own experience!

You can spark conversation by posing a question or a topic but hold back your views. Your CTA could be phrased like this:

“Want to know my thoughts? Check the first comment, and don’t forget to share yours!”

Remember, the first 3-5 seconds are crucial for hooking your audience. You can achieve to do this with catchy titles, intriguing questions, or unexpected statements. The ultimate goal is to maintain audience interest until the end of the video, where your CTA awaits.

4. Strengthen Connection

Longer Reels can help brands tell interesting and well-crafted stories. These leave lasting impressions in the minds of their audience and help build lasting connections with them.

To build stronger relationships with viewers, you can go for Reels 60-90 seconds long.

Longer Reels bring about the display of brand values a lot better than shorter material which might be dismissed as entertainment-fluff.

Do you want to post even longer Reels on Instagram than 90 seconds?

SocialPilot has the perfect loophole for you to post up to 15-minute-long Reels on Instagram. Being a robust social media scheduling tool, SocialPilot can help you natively post much longer Reels than the default limit of 90 seconds. You can schedule Instagram Reels well ahead of time so they are published automatically.

Instagram image tagging

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Instagram Reels for Business: Best Practices

We have gone on and on about what is the best Instagram Reels length should be. But it’s important to highlight the fact that these Reels are one of the most popular and, hence, powerful content types on the platform.

So, let’s quickly go through the best practices when using Instagram Reels for business.

Stick to Vertical Format

As mentioned earlier, the ideal aspect ratio of Instagram Reels is 9:16, which is a vertical or portrait orientation.

Reels have been specifically crafted to align seamlessly with smartphones’ full screens. This design ensures a superior viewing experience, allowing users to watch Reels while comfortably scrolling with their phones held upright.

Stick to High-Quality Visuals

The quality of Reels is as essential as Instagram Reels length if you don’t want your content to get lost in the haystack.

If your Reels aren’t up to scratch (a minimum of 600 x 1067 pixels), not only will the algorithm give them the cold shoulder, but viewers won’t be too keen on them, regardless of how interesting the content might be.

Aim for a minimum frame rate of 30 frames per second. That way, your Reels will pop and keep viewers engaged.

Participate in Trends

When you see a trend that fits your niche and matches your channel’s vibe, go for it. Trends catch on like forest fire, and you making similar content can give it a boosted reach.

Even if Reels are transient in nature, don’t brush them off as easily. They are a great way to start if you are new to the Reel-creating business.

And it’s a way to show your audience that you’re not just another boring account.

Caption it Right

Just because video content is in vogue does not mean you can put captions and descriptions in the backseat. Put equal thought behind your Reel’s caption as much as the actual Reel.

A major reason for focusing on captions is that people often scroll through Reels passively while on mute. So if your content manages to snag the viewer’s attention but they don’t turn on the audio (or can’t because they are in a meeting), they will read the caption of the Reel to find more information.

Start Strong

Alright, let’s talk about those first few seconds of your Reel as they are significantly important in determining whether a viewer will stick around or scroll on to other content.

So, to keep the audience hooked throughout, begin with the meat of your content, i.e., get to the point quickly. Start with something short, compelling, and eye-catching. Make it crystal clear what your Reel is all about right from the get-go.

Add a Good Reel Cover

Instagram has allowed creators to customize their Reel covers, which is a feature you should pay attention to. These covers serve as the thumbnail image for your Reel, appearing in post feeds and on your profile.

Crafting an attention-grabbing Reel cover can significantly increase clicks and engagement. Without a custom cover, Instagram defaults to using the first frame of your Reel, which may not always be as visually compelling or clickable.

Pick the Best Time to Post Your Reels

Recency is one of the most important factors for ranking content on Instagram, and Reels, too, appear on feeds depending on when they were posted.

So, you must find the best time to post Instagram Reels, depending on location, industry, and audience demographics. Yes, it varies for every account but you start by scheduling your Reels for the average best times to post.

Make Use of CTAs

Incorporating a call-to-action (CTA) in your Instagram Reel, whether it’s spoken, written in the Reel cover or caption, or posted as a comment, is a straightforward yet powerful strategy to reach your social media objectives.

CTAs can prompt viewers to explore more of your content, follow your page, or click on a link in your bio.

Maintain Consistency

Establishing consistency in your posting frequency is important for creating recall and, subsequently, brand awareness. The algorithm also boosts Reels from accounts that post consistently.

To maintain a steady flow of content, practice scheduling Instagram posts beforehand so the content (images, Reels, stories, etc.) is published automatically at the selected time. This can make your publishing process much smoother and more efficient.

You can even subscribe to social media content calendars to keep track of all the content you have aligned to be posted.

Add Suitable Hashtags Only

Using hashtags informs Instagram about your Reel content. Including relevant hashtags can prioritize your content and help categorize it effectively.

Choosing the right hashtags increases the likelihood of your Reel appearing on the Explore page or in search results for the right audience. Users who follow specific hashtags may also see your Reel in their feed if you use those hashtags.

Repost Your Reels as Stories

It’s a proven fact that Stories generally have a lower reach than posts. Nonetheless, it’s beneficial to share your Reel on your Stories and notify your followers about your new post.

Your Reels might not always show up in all your followers’ feeds as they tend to go towards profiles who dont follow you. Sharing the Reel to your Story grabs your existing audience’s attention and guides them to your posts.

You can add a sticker to highlight a crucial part of your Reel or post a short clip to encourage your audience to view the full video.

Instagram Reels Stories


We have tried to sum up the importance of Instagram Reels length in this article. The content length when aligned to the objectives, gets favored by the audience as well as the algorithm. But finding the perfect length for your Instagram Reels boils down to a bit of trial and error.

These videos increase your reach on the platform exponentially thus allowing you to acquire new followers. While there’s no definitive length for Reels, shorter videos are seen in more abundance than the longer expansive ones.

However, be it simple or elaborate, your Reel has to have a strong hook in the very beginning to make the viewer stay on it. Otherwise they’ll scroll away and leave you in the dust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Instagram reels be longer than 2 minutes?

Yes, Instagram Reels can be a lot longer than 2 minutes. But natively you can only post a Reel up to 90 seconds long. For posting longer Reels you have to do that using third party social media scheduling tools.

What is the maximum length of a reel on Instagram?

The maximum length on an Instagram Reel can be up to 15 minutes.

How do you post more than 90 seconds reel?

To post a Reel more than 90 seconds, you will need to use a social media scheduling tool which supports Instagram publishing. Tools like SocialPilot support Instagram Reels publishing of up to 15 minutes.

What length reels get the most views?

There in no definitive length of Reel which get more views. It solely depends on the content and the construct of the Reel. However, creators lean more towards making shorter Reels of 7 to 15 seconds due to the shortening attention span of their audiences.

Does reel length matter?

The Reel length matters a lot to the objective behind making it. A longer reel with valuable and engaging content may attract more engagement from your audience. However, shorter reels typically have higher completion rates, impacting overall engagement.

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