What Is A Giveaway?

A giveaway is a type of contest on social media that brands or users organize to increase their engagement with followers. In a giveaway, several users participate in a contest organized by a brand or an influencer and get the chance to win a prize.

During the giveaway, businesses, content creators, or influencers might ask users to do certain tasks to be eligible for the giveaway. These could include subscribing to a channel, following social media handles, or interacting with a post. Once done, winners are selected randomly or by early-bird criteria, giving everyone a fair chance to win prizes and coupons.

More About Giveaway

The origin of giveaways can be traced back to the mid-nineteenth century when retailers enticed customers with the promise of free gifts on a purchase. Not much has changed since then except for the scale of giveaways and the ways of participating in one. Today, international giveaways are hosted to reach a global audience, especially on social media.

Brands on social media often turn to giveaways to reach a wider audience, promote new products, or host brand collaborations. As everybody loves to win, businesses can host giveaways on social media to attract the target audience, boost engagement, and supercharge conversations about the brand.

These contests ultimately increase social media followers, brand awareness, loyalty, and leads. Now that you have the answer to ‘what is a giveaway,’ here are a few ways in which a giveaway is advantageous to a brand:

  • You can ask your followers or subscribers to like, share, or tag their social media contacts in your post’s comment section, helping you to reach out to more people.
  • You can appeal to your followers to sign up or submit the necessary details by filling up a form on your website. You can ask for your followers’ names or email IDs, which helps gather and convert leads.
  • You can collaborate with various brands or influencers to attract a new audience and expand your reach.
  • Your followers and subscribers will remain tuned in to your social media handle for more interesting opportunities to engage with your brand.

Organizing a giveaway on social media is easy. Here is what you have to do:

  • Start by setting your objectives and the kind of giveaway you want to launch.
  • Establish a budget and the prize. You can give away a product, a cash prize, or anything else.
  • Know your audience and select the right social media platform for the giveaway.
  • Plan your giveaway strategy. Set contest rules, plan activities, and launch the giveaway.
  • After the giveaway ends, measure its performance against the goals you set before launching it. This evaluation can help you improve your strategies.

The image below shows a perfect example of a social media giveaway. It is a post from a design studio that had organized a giveaway to celebrate its first 1000 followers.

The participants were required to follow the design studio’s Instagram handle, tag a friend in the post’s comment section, and tag other contacts. The post mentions the contest details, including when they would announce the winners and what the winners would get as prizes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a social media giveaway?

Giveaways are a type of contest organized by brands, content creators, or influencers where users can participate to win exciting prizes. To participate in the giveaway, people have to complete tasks such as liking and commenting on a post or following a collaborator. A winner is usually selected randomly based on a lucky draw.

Are social media giveaways effective?

Yes, giveaways on social media are effective because they boost sales, followers, and subscribers, expand the business and identify new leads in the form of potential customers and loyal followers. Giveaways also serve as promotion methods to introduce new products or services to customers.

Can giveaways help to increase social media followers?

Giveaways are a promising approach to expanding the reach and the customer base. Organizing a giveaway on social media can increase brand awareness, which leads to more followers and increased user engagement on your feed.

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