What Is A Mention?

Mentions are instances when a business or other user has been mentioned, discussed, or acknowledged via tagging on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social media mentions are a solid measure of how a business’s social media activities impact the brand visibility, reach, and recognition. A user’s influence or brand image is believed to increase in direct proportion to the number of social media mentions by other users and accounts.

More About Mention

If you have been tracking your social media or brand mentions on various platforms, you would know how they work.

What is mention? Essentially, every time a user refers to your profile or business, or brand by tagging you, it counts as a social media mention. Not only do mentions generate visibility and publicity (both positive and negative), but they also provide you an opportunity to interact with your followers and customers.

For example, if someone writes a blog post about a product and wants to share it on Facebook, they might tag the Twitter handle of the company or the product in their tweet. For the user, this act of ‘mention’ can help to amplify the visibility and engagement of the tweet and the content.

Mentions can also be made to access customer support. Typically, on social media, customers flag a question or complaint by tagging the social media handle of the company. (Think: Tweets) This serves to draw attention to the issue and have it redressed by the company’s customer support team.

On some social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, mentions are made using the “@” symbol followed by the username or handle of the user or account being mentioned. When a user is mentioned in a post, status update, or comment, they will usually receive a notification, enabling them to engage with the content and the conversation.

Sometimes, conversations about a brand or user can happen without tagging and the resultant notification. These, too, count as brand mentions and should be tracked via search to improve follower or customer engagement.

What are the benefits of social media mentions? Social media mentions or brand mentions of your business can act as informal reviews. You can reshare some of the positive brand mentions by customers on your social media page, a form of user-generated content.

Social media mentions can also be a way to monitor feedback and respond to it positively to build good relationships with leads and customers. Furthermore, a brand can mine data and insights from social mentions, including demographics and customers’ expectations of your product/service and the content you put out.

A business can reach out to social media influencers and content creators to generate mentions of products and services and spread the good word about the brand or business.

Here are some ways users can mention brands or businesses on social media:

  • Sharing product pictures
  • Posting a review or feedback
  • Asking for help with a product or service
  • Mentioning the brand in articles and comparison posts
  • Tagging in memes and video content

Brands can also be tagged on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among other platforms, by their competitors.

Thus, considering social media is accessed by both consumers and other businesses, you should keep management of brand mentions at the forefront of your social media strategies.

Businesses can easily track their social mentions in the following ways:

  • Manually searching on the social media app
  • Creating hashtags related to the brand/product and tracking them
  • Using social media management tools

The image below illustrates how a mention works on social media. The image is of a Twitter thread between a consumer and the popular rideshare service, Uber. The consumer has tagged and generated a mention of Uber on a complaint.

doug ingram

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate social mentions?

The number of times your brand has been mentioned on social media platforms during a specific period denotes the count of your social media mentions.

How can a social media user increase mentions of their profile?

Here are some of the ways you can increase your mentions on social media:

  • Be consistently present
  • Ask your customers to leave good reviews
  • Work with influencers
  • Keep writing and posting quality content

How can businesses track social media mentions?

Besides manually searching their profile name and hashtags, businesses can adopt social media monitoring tools to track and monitor mentions of their brand, product, or service on social media platforms. These tools can deliver real-time updates when a brand is mentioned, enabling the business to respond and engage with the conversation instantly. This ultimately results in an improved online reputation.

What should businesses do with mentions on social media?

When a business comes across a mention on social media, it should respond promptly and engage with the user or account that has mentioned or tagged it. This can help to build lasting relationships with customers and improve brand reputation.

Businesses should also monitor social media mentions regularly and proactively to stay on top of relevant conversations on social media.

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