What is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a digital space that allows you to openly talk about topics that are of interest to you as well as those who follow you. It helps truly engage with your followers or a group without being limited by time or character constraints.

More About Twitter Spaces

Twitter (now X) launched Twitter Spaces in November 2020. The platform is built into the Twitter application. Twitter Spaces gave strong competition to the then-popular Clubhouse application.

Twitter Spaces allows users to hold live-streamed audio discussions via social media. Rather than simply reading tweets or following a thread, users are able to listen to and engage in real-time conversations. You can use it to supplement your podcast, create hype either prior to or following an important event or discuss nearly anything.

Twitter Spaces includes Ticketed Spaces, an element that allows audiences to support creators for the audio-on-demand sessions they create financially.

Ticketed Spaces allows you to earn income via ticket purchases. As the creator, you would be completely free to choose the ticket price. You can spend anywhere between $1 and $999. Furthermore, you have the ability to decide how many people you would like to be in your Space.

A Space allows hosts, co-hosts, and guests to talk. The host has the ability to manage who talks in Space and remove people. Only people who have been welcomed to speak are granted speaker perks by default on the platform.

Nevertheless, the host can change the Speaker permissions to allow everyone, persons you follow, or only those you invite to talk. Hosts can add additional speakers and co-hosts as the discussion advances, and listeners may provide requests to speak.

How to Host a Twitter Space?

Creating and hosting a Twitter Space is an easy and interesting way to connect with a larger audience. Following are the steps to host a Twitter Space using the Twitter app:

  1. Open the X mobile application and go to the Spaces tab.
  2. Tap on the plus icon next to the microphone icon. This will take you to the page to create Spaces.

    Note: Allow the microphone option so that you can create Spaces.

  3. Fill out the following fields to set up and start your Space:

    • Title, which will include what you will be talking about
    • Select the 3 Topics which are related to your Space
    • Select the option to Record or not to record your Space
    • Start immediately or Schedule your Space session for later

You can schedule up to 10 Spaces for up to 30 days in advance. You can edit and reschedule your scheduled Spaces by going to the Calendar section present on the top side of the Spaces main page.

The given image shows the main page of the Twitter Spaces mobile application. You get to choose to join a Space or to create a new Space. You can choose the people for your Space session, including the co-host, speakers and the participants.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Twitter Spaces have a time limit?

There are no time limits for Spaces. Every Space will be active until the host ends it.

What is the difference between Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse?

To get to Twitter Spaces content, you must first follow those who have submitted fleets. Clubhouse allows you to browse feeds of available public rooms and then provide users access to all of this data

Who can create a Twitter Spaces?

Any user with a public Twitter account and 600 or more followers can create a Twitter Space as long as they are using the Twitter smartphone application (for Android or iOS).

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