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How to Get Your Brand Trending on Twitter

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You must have researched a lot on how you can make your brand trending on Twitter. Twitter being a platform for interaction and engagement, you would want your brand trending!

Don't you?

In 2020, social media has made us feel empowered in the world of digital marketing. The same trend is expected to dominate in many years to come.

Brand trending on Twitter

Digital marketing via social media platforms is a standard norm nowadays. Twitter, today, has turned into one of the most popular social media platforms. Though Twitter enables 140-character tweet, also it also allows you to embed links, images, or videos along with your tweet. Twitter has emerged as one of the most-followed social media sites in the recent times.

Accordingly, it has played a big role in changing the dynamics of social media marketing.

A huge number of brands are persistently tweeting to cash in on the Twitter trending charts. If you are still wondering about how you can make your brand famous on Twitter?

Here to help you!

Twitter trending chart

Twitter marketing has become the most sought-after way to gain popularity amongst millions of users. However, Twitter is not just restricted for posting regular tweets. Brands have become aggressively competitive to gain more popularity on Twitter. Understanding a few basic things about Twitter will give your brand an edge over the others.

Eight Hacks to get your Brand Trending on Twitter

Game-up your social media battle!

1. Introduce your brand in an inclusive and interactive manner

Introduction matters the most. Always ensure that your Twitter Bio contains brief and concise, but complete information about your brand. This information must give out some full-fledged details about your brand and products/services. Furthermore, do not miss out to add the link to your website in your Twitter Bio.

According to HubSpot, few of the incredibly amazing Twitter Bios are @Uberfacts, @FranksRedHot @popchips, @yourawaymessage, among others.

Pictures and images make a greater impact on people than mere text. Try posting pictures and GIFs as well on your Twitter profile, rather than sticking to only text-based tweets.

We all can agree to that fact that Starbucks has a great Twitter impact and it's Twitter replies and tweets are just out of the box!

Isn't it?

So, look at one of the best cases- 'Starbucks' on how they got trending by interacting in an attractive manner.

Case Study

Starbucks is known as one of the best brands in terms of using Twitter for increasing brand value and consumer engagement. One of their strategies includes constant retweets from other accounts to keep their page updated with new information.

However, instead of merely sticking to the retweeting trend, Starbucks has also taken the consumer engagement model to another level. They have created a separate account, known as @MyStarbucksIdea, where consumers can submit their suggestions for making the Starbucks experience more interesting and inclusive. The brand makes sure that each and every suggestion is taken into consideration and that each tweet is replied to in a timely fashion.

2. Tweet, tweet, and further retweet!

If you tweet about your brand regularly, it indicates that your brand is quite active on Twitter. Nobody follows a brand that doesn't make an effort to reach out to people and keep them updated about their various internal and external developments. By a famous saying- "Out of sight is out of mind!"

I must say!

Tweeting will surely help you to stay in the forefront of one of the biggest social platforms to reach out to your audience base with a targeted approach.

Tweet more

Only tweeting is not the single solution. You should also interact with your followers and respondents. Appreciate the likes and responses you get on your each tweet, as far as possible. It may also happen that a big brand may hit like or respond; retweet those kinds of stuff and spread your engagement in front of your followers. It will help you gain a steady stream of followers in return. Following tweeters pertaining to your industry or related fields will keep you updated about the recent updates. Retweeting their tweets can also help enhance your popularity.

3. #Hashtag: Your way to Glory

Hashtags are highly popular discipline in digital marketing and promotional actions. Use of the Twitter trending hashtags is some of the easiest ways to get new Twitter followers. All you have to do is to look out for latest trending topics and try to contribute to the topic as a whole. Try to see if you can make any connections between the trending themes and your brand's content. Connect the both through trending Hashtags and users will notice your brand name while using the same Hashtag.

Use Twitter trending hashtags

That's right!

While using hashtags in your Twitter brand promotion campaign, remember, either too many or too fewer hashtags can damage your Twitter marketing campaign. Usage of one or max to max two hashtags is likely to get 21% higher engagement. At the same time, usage of more than two hashtags is likely to experience a drop by 17% in your engagement.

Look how Redbull pulled off using hashtags:

Case Study

One of the brands that made the most efficient use of Hashtags was Red Bull, in 2014. Instead of merely using Hashtags to draw attention to their Twitter page, they started to use them as a means to start a trend centered on their brand. The trend started when a Twitter user posted a photograph containing him with a Red Bull Can held in his hand, carefully juxtaposed with a Mini Cooper promotional car in the background. This gave the illusion of a car that was created by the brand itself.

Efficient use of Hashtags

Within few months only, Twitter exploded with numerous people holding Red Bull cans in clever ways so as to make for some really interesting pictures. More than 10,000 such pictures were posted using the same hashtag #PutACanOnIt.

This, in turn, helped the Hashtag #PutACanOnIt to become one of the most successful campaigns on the social network. It was 100% organic and 99% user-driven campaign.

4. Use Twitter when organizing an event

A lot of companies use Twitter for marketing and promoting their events. You can create enough buzz around your event using Twitter. Create some specific Hashtags around your event. Start using these Hashtags before the start of your event, to build up the anticipation about the same and garner enough attention as well.

Always encourage your employees, contestants, and sponsors to use these Hashtags, to build up a powerful foundation for the promotion of the event. Such tweets can create some form of anticipation amongst Twitter users. In the end, don't forget to geo-tag your event. In simple words, it means that you must add the location of the event. Moreover, geo-tagging can also help you in targeting a particular location to garner more attention amongst the people in that particular city/town.

Such a thoughtful campaign by Luvs!

Case Study

In 2013, the diaper brand, Luvs, created a campaign called ‘sleep utility vehicles’. The said campaign was directed towards raising awareness about the brand in the local market of Brooklyn. The brand offered to give a free taxi ride to any parents that don’t own cars and were troubled to put their crying babies to sleep. All they had to do was tweet to @Luvs with the hashtag #LullabyLift, which would provide them a free ride where they could rock their babies to sleep. They get a charter ride until their babies sleep off. Post this; they receive a bag full of Luvs diapers that promise a good sleep for infants.

5. Building and managing Influencers– effective targeting

Targeting is an easy job, but targeting right people is an actual job. According to kissmetrics, In order to target the right audience, you can break down the group in three audiences, industry influencers, amplifiers, and target audience. This distribution helps you get the perfect target for your brand.

An influencer is simply a person or a business that holds influence over others. A social media influencer is a person or a business that exercises such influence through social media.

“Influencer marketing is a marketing style that focuses on using influential people to share a brand’s message with their chosen audience,” explained SocialChain’s Anna-Marie Odubote and Nick Crompton.


There are various tools available to build and manage your influencers. Follower wonk, a free tool by Moz, makes your job easy to find relevant influencers on the basis of topic and location on the Twitter. It’s a grand way to build a list of potential influencers to target. Demographics Pro App for Twitter is also a free tool that promptly determines whether the influencer’s audience is relevant and right for your brand. Here, you can also view important data such as age, income, profession, and location of your followers. TweeTap for Twitter is also an easy-to-use efficiency tool. It aids you to build an instant connection with anyone on Twitter. You can analyze and view everything happening not only in your Twitter account but also for your keyword searches. With the search option available in TweeTap you can find out any content you want to know. For e.g. You want to search influencers, then TweeTap will curate all content with the word influencers in Twitter of past seven days and show you the analysis as well for that word you have searched for.

Case Study

MVMT Watches (@mvmtwatches) manufactures simple watches with leather or steel wristbands. It uses Twitter to inform its followers of news and updates and to share user-generated content. It also responds to its customers’ questions on Twitter. Valuable content is more engaging and gets shared on Twitter and other social platforms and can provide good content ROI to the marketers. In order to boost traffic and subsequent sales during the busy holiday shopping period, they partnered with 3Q Digital (@3QDigital) in 2013, to create a website clicks or conversions campaign on Twitter.

MVMT Watches targeted a wide range of demographics. However, the campaign was effectively targeted for the core audience of men aged 18-34 in the US, and in international markets such as the UK and Australia.

The thrilling results have shown 353% increase in sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday compared with the daily average across the rest of Q4 and 189% increase in site traffic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday compared with the daily average across the rest of Q4

6. Win more influencers with discounts and special deals

Twitter works on the rule of 'you will only get back in return what you give'. While enhancing your Twitter engagement, it is advisable to ensure that the number of your followers should be greater than the number of users you follow. Following industry leaders and users whom they follow will keep you in line with the all recent trends and updates.

Your engagement and involvement in Twitter should not be restricted only to your customers and target audience but also include other influencers who have a significant impact on your potential customers. While writing about any topic or a well-known personality, do make sure that you tag them. This is especially important at the time of participating in a trending event/topic or while growing into new territories.

Targeting influencers during these scenarios can be considered profitable. There are numerous chances that they may even retweet your tweets. You can even try to win influencers by offering them special deals and discounts. Such offers can come along with exciting contests and rules. Promoting such special offers would help you a lot in gaining instant appreciation amongst users. Contests like: "the first 100 people who re-tweet this will get a gift hamper", always helps in spreading a lot of interest and excitement amongst users. Such unique contests are a sure shot way of doing digital marketing on Twitter. You can also ensure higher rates of engagement by conducting these contests. Short quiz or polls also help you get more engagement.

This will ultimately help your brand to get its share of popularity amongst the followers of the influencers you are targeting. Do not forget, tagging people is not a part of Twitter's 140 character limit. However, at a time, you can only tag ten people in one single post.

Case Study

Several brands have taken consumer engagement to the next level by using Twitter. For instance, the electronics brand LG, in 2012, wanted to boost the sales of their smartphones. The targeted age group was 16-24 year-olds. According to the campaign, whosoever would find their new stall in the UK first would be rewarded with free tickets to a high profiled concert.

However, the game was that the map to the location which was uploaded online zoomed in every time the tag #LGTicketHunter was used. The campaign received 5,000 tweets on the first day and went on to reach 50,000 by the end. This campaign helped LG quadruple their sales of smartphones among their targeted age group owing to the immense response that they got through the same.

7. Growing importance of Twitter lists!

Nearly everyone what love about Twitter is Lists!

In this digital era, millions of tweeple frequently tweet left and right. It becomes very difficult to read the content that we want to see on our feed and follow the users we want to follow.

Are you also struggling to walk through the Twitter path? If so, we highly advise to set up Twitter lists.

A list is a curated group of Twitter accounts. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that list.

Note: List names cannot exceed 25 characters, nor can they begin with a number.

The Twitter List is probably the most underutilized yet robust feature on the social media platform. Either a user doesn't know he exists, or he doesn’t know how to use them as an effective part of their Twitter strategy.

You can make lists of influencers, new followers, retweeters, tweeple who often responds to or likes your tweets, people from chats or events, or your co-workers. Such lists amazingly increase your engagement and enhance your presence. It becomes very easy for you to engage with Twitter followers, share their articles, and retweet their tweets that seem useful for your audience.

Case Study

During the annual UFC Summit in Las Vegas in 2009, the UFC motivated all of its fighters to set up Twitter accounts. Hundreds of UFC, TUF, and WEC fighters became tweeple. Because of hundreds of accounts, it became challenging for the UFC to identify each fighter, verify the authenticity of each account, and inform the public of each fighter account.

The question was how to display the credibility of authentic fighter accounts and publicize these accounts to fans?The solution to the challenge was not only to construct a master list of UFC fighters on Twitter but also to generate this list on official UFC accounts (i.e. @DanaWhite and @UFC) and share out the information.

With official UFC Twitter account, @UFC, they created and distributed the list of fighter accounts. Initially, they had struggled with fraud accounts and inconsistencies. 47 fighter accounts were then on the UFC Twitter list where more than 200 non-UFC Twitter accounts had turned into followed the “fighters” list The Twitter account ofFrank Mir, one of the UFC’s most well-known fighters, @TheFrankMir, was hard to distinguish from 7 fraud accounts. However, after @UFC publicized the ‘fighter list’, Frank Mir’s real account popped out from four followers to 2,600 in less than 12 hours.

8. A/B Testing and Twitter analytics

It is very imperative to test everything, be it your Adwords copy, homepage, landing page, subject lines of emails or headlines of your articles or blogs; and many other items. A comprehensive and constant test ultimately improves the end result. The similar tests and checks do apply to social media as well. Testing permits you to take be in charge of (A) and put it up against a challenger (B). Here comes A/B testing into the picture. A/B testing is not restricted to test landing pages and related advertisements. You can run A/B tests for free just using your Twitter account. Most of the tests focus on conversion rates.

You need to create and schedule your tweets and organize its frequency based on the time. SocialPilot is one of the best Twitter tools that works great for scheduling your tweets based on the time slots you want. First of all, you can test your existing tweets. Here, you can check for quotes, stats, headings, links, description, and other items which you usually tweet. Test your tweets with and without other content i.e. video, gifs, images, links, etc. Also, you could test tweets that both had a similar image, but alternative text. Impact and relevance of hashtags also can be tested. Tweet the same content using various hashtags.

You need to create an excel file or similar sheet with three divisions to list tweet content, tweet URL, and image to be used with a particular tweet. Based on this data, use Twitter automation tools to schedule your tweets, based on your identified suitable time to post. Some people prefer to post both variations at the same time and judge the results on just those two tweets. Once your tweets have been posted multiple times, you can start exporting your Twitter data using the Twitter Analytics or TweeTap for Twitter.

But here's the kicker:

If your Twitter audience is huge, you may not need to post your tweets multiple times. With a good quantity of impressions, your tweets generate some interactions. Such interactions will eventually reflect on how engaged your following is with your tweets.

Based on the results, you can make adjustments and test again.

What's the bottom line?

Marketing products on Twitter have become much more efficient and faster. Social media is growing by leaps and bounds. Social Media Platforms like Twitter boast of a huge number of users and get rid of the national boundaries for businesses. You can look up for your target audience among scores of users and have a targeted marketing strategy in place. Explore the maximum possible advanced features and see your brand trending. Following the tips as mentioned above will get you the users that you require.

I bet, you must have learned how you can get trending on Twitter. Let us know your experiences and ideas to know the best brands trending on Twitter!

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Raj Gautam

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