8 Effective Twitter Analytics Tools For Marketing Experts in 2021

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Wanting to increase your customer base on Twitter but don’t know how?

Well, Twitter has always been a complicated platform for businesses and you can’t just casually tweet and expect engagement. It definitely takes much more than that. It’s never enough to just blindly share your business updates and blog posts on Twitter.

A well-thought Twitter strategy requires you to go back and forth to know what’s working for your business and what’s not. For this, a Twitter tool is recommended to the marketers to come up with a perfectly knitted Twitter approach. Twitter analytics tools for business can answer questions like:

  • Is my post generating any clicks?
  • Which content is performing better than the other?
  • Which subject interests my followers?
  • When are my followers the most active?

Knowing the answers to similar questions can easily accelerate the market mind of your business to come up with a content strategy that can actually reflect the audience’s needs. After all, it’s necessary to measure your social ROI so that you know where your business is going consistently at each level. Almost all paid or free Twitter analytics tools can provide you with basic data regarding your business’s social development and if needed, you can use a combination of both to accelerate your Twitter strategy.

Best Twitter Analytics Tools For Businesses

  1. SocialPilot to analyze your complete Twitter profile from understanding retweets, replies, and favorites for each of your tweets to knowing your top influencers and top tweets that mention your brand.
  2. Socialbakers to track Twitter followers, analyze engagement, and manage their Twitter account effectively.
  3. RivalIQ where every tweet, reply, retweet, and powerful benchmarking metrics are all at your fingertips.
  4. Keyhole for tracking your hashtag, keyword, and account on Twitter with real-time data, easy-to-use dashboard, and faster reports.
  5. Klear not only focuses on Twitter influencers but takes a closer look at their audience demographics and psychographics as well.
  6. Twitonomy provides simple yet powerful insights and features that help you monitor, manage, track, and optimize your activities on Twitter.
  7. Followerwonk to search Twitter bios, compare Twitter accounts, breakout your followers, and target new influencers.

Why SocialPilot?

  • Analyze tweet frequency and content type
  • Deep dive into engagement insights
  • Get individual tweet performance
  • Find the most popular hashtags
  • Downloadable PDF reports
  • Advanced scheduling & publishing
  • $30/month and 24x7 support

Twitter Analytics Tool - SocialPilot


Price: $50 for 3+ users

SocialPilot is one of the best Twitter analytics tools that powers up your twitter marketing by understanding how each and every tweet performs on your profile. It categorizes tweets in segments such as most popular tweets, most favorite tweets, tweets that are most retweeted, and moreover, thoroughly analyzes, and spots increased engagement on your profile. With a Twitter activity dashboard, the best part about using SocialPilot as your Twitter analytics tool is that you can easily ‘reshare’ your most performing tweets right from their Twitter analytics report.

This Twitter tool is uncomplicated to use and provides more than just Twitter analytics features. SocialPilot helps you solve major areas of social media marketing such as

And so much more to provide the best all-in-one dashboard for growing your social media presence and reach.

Why opt for SocialPilot as your Twitter Analytics Tool?

  • You can check tweet performance in terms of likes, retweets, engagements, etc.

    check tweet performance
  • Check the frequency of your tweets divided into the days and hours to give you a clear idea of how consistent you are.

  • You can have a look at the ways the audience engages with your content to understand your busiest days and quiet periods.

    audience engagement
  • SocialPilot as a Twitter insights tool informs you of how many times and where you have been mentioned to help you engage with the ones who mentioned you most.

  • It also helps you find the most trending hashtags which you can use in your regular tweets to accelerate your engagement.
  • SocialPilot also generates a quick Twitter analytics report of your Twitter activities giving you designed charts of performance for a maximum upto 3 months. You can also email the Twitter report in a PDF format to your clients/managers right from SocialPilot.

What SocialPilot users say:

Palak J.

A very easy and simple to use software. It helps you manage to post on all the social media platforms and get the analytics respectively. I like the dashboard of SocialPilot and how it helps you group the social accounts of one client.

Tal T.

What can you NOT DO with SocialPilot?The ultimate friendly all in one marketing platform, with features such as: scheduling, adding up to 50 different social accounts, analytics, social calendar and planner, URL shortening, content creation and many many great value tools. I highly recommend any marketer out there to check it out and give it a chance to proof its massive powers.

Walter A.

SocialPilot has a clean and easy to use interface. Before joining, I compared prices with other competitors and I was shocked to see that SocialPilot offers insanely low rates. So the pricing here is another key thing I really love. I've been using its paid subscription for over 2 years and I'm not stopping any time soon.

Free Trial

Twitter Analytics Tool - SocialBakers


Price: $240/month for 10 profiles

Socialbakers suite is the go-to Twitter analytics tool for modern marketers. Backed by data insights, large and global teams can deliver a positive customer experience with the help of necessary analysis and relevant information.

Using the unified marketing platform, teams can also collaborate productively, communicate seamlessly across departments, and make smarter decisions to engage and grow their customer base.


  • Socialbaker’s interface is easy-to-use compared to other Twitter reporting tools.
  • It also helps with the customer sentiment analysis for the brand by monitoring their activities.

Rasha G.

I have used many tools and Socialbakers is my favorite and the easiest, convenient, and reliable one for Twitter analytics.


  • Visually less appealing as compared to other Twitter analytics tools.
  • They are priced on a higher note making it hard for small businesses and agencies to invest in this tool.

Christy H.

Very inflexible: You can't change who you're monitoring more than twice in a month, which makes it incredibly expensive if you want to follow a few competitors across a few platforms.

Twitter Analytics Tool - RivalIQ


Price: $199/month to track 5 companies

Rival IQ is a social media benchmarking and competitive Twitter analysis tool with really strong Twitter features. The app pulls in social posts, hashtags, popular topics, best times to post, and more for you and your competitors across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. The app’s Twitter features focus specifically on hashtag analysis, audience growth tracking, handle mention tracking, and tons of tweet type insights for stronger Twitter engagement.


  • It gives a better understanding of a company’s competitive social landscape.
  • They are constantly rolling out new features, updates, and advanced reporting and analytics.

Elise O.

I can easily and quickly see how my org stacks up to competitors. Also, I can set up custom reports and custom alerts that notify me of what my competition is doing in real-time. Additionally, the interface is easy to use.


  • It provides only engagement analytics and not any other metrics like reach or impressions of your tweets.
  • The analytics dashboard and its custom reporting aren’t very satisfactory.
  • Rival IQ is on the expensive side.

Drew B.

Their original custom reports section was not very robust. My only feedback would be for continued work on custom reporting and dashboards.

Twitter Analytics Tool - Keyhole


Price: $119/month

Built for marketers and agencies, Keyhole is a hashtag tracker tool for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Keyhole offers automated social media analytics with real-time and historical social media data. This Twitter analytics tool’s dashboard shows real-time analytics of how many people posted using their hashtags, along with the total number of retweets, likes, and impressions.


  • Keyhole is easy to set up and extremely user friendly.
  • This Twitter content analysis tool offers account tracking, campaign tracking, influencer management, sentiment analysis, and more
  • Keyhole offers a client-ready PDF file to be exported for campaigns.

Ashia S.

I like how easy it is to use Keyhole. I also really like how easy it is to understand the hashtag engagement reports. It really made that part of the reporting process really seamless.


  • To get the most out of Keyhole and to streamline the information it pulls, you may need to refine your hashtags if they’re a broader query.
  • It can be overwhelming to figure out which plan is the best fit for you if you’re unsure about the volume of posts you will need to track.
  • Some information, such as follower demographics, can be limited by the API of different social platforms.

Verified Keyhole User

We work with small to medium sized businesses and the cost to benefit ratio made it difficult to justify using Keyhole for our clients on an ongoing basis.

Twitter Analytics Tool - Klear


Price: Pricing on request

Klear, an influencer management platform, is known as an expert in the industry of Twitter analytics tools. It excels at providing marketers with a powerful influencer search engine, campaign analytics, and social monitoring tools.

It doesn’t just focus on analytics for influencers but also dives deep into the audience’s demographics. Moreover, it allows its users to filter the results in terms of social media platforms, location, skills, etc.


  • It allows you to monitor influencers and also who they are having conversations with.
  • Commendable customer service to its users.

Saumar D.

The best thing about them is their customer service - the team is very open to feedback and over the last year or so, I have seen them adopt many new features based on feedback.


  • Klear doesn’t classify Twitter users in terms of keywords.
  • The navigation of this tool is often pointed as a drawback.

Travis W.

I wish there was a way to easily export Twitter users who use certain keywords... I could use these to create custom audiences in Twitter ad campaigns.

Twitter Analytics Tool - Twitonomy


Price: $20/month

Twitonomy is a detailed Twitter analytics tool typically designed for marketers looking forward to diving deeper into their analytics reports. Their analysis includes - downloading tweets into excel and pdf formats, analyzing specific time periods, gaining search analytics on any keyword and much more.


  • Lets you optimize your content and engagement strategies on Twitter.
  • Tracking of deep data of one's profile - followers, following and profile's growth, etc.

Anne T.

Twitonomy is simply the best Twitter analytics tool on the web. The platform allows you to analyze SO many different statistics for your Twitter account.


  • Sometimes this Twitter analytics tool gives you wrong data, taking old keywords and campaigns into consideration.
  • Due to Twitonomy providing wrong data, the reports extracted are also not accurate leaving it to be unreliable.

Dannie Lynn F.

The major place I saw a lack of depth was in the customization of reports.

Twitter Analytics Tool - Followerwonk


Price: $79/month for 20 profiles

Followerwonk is one of the known Twitter analytics tools that comes with a lot of free features but if you need larger/detailed reports, you might want to pay and make the most of it. This becomes your best free Twitter analytics tool that can analyze your audience in terms of their identification, location, and where do they tweet. It also allows you to compare your profile with your competitors and gain valuable insights for better strategy building.

Its most interesting feature is “search bios” which allows you to find the users through keywords. This can guide you in targeting a defined audience for a campaign or similar outreach.


  • Allows you to compare several Twitter users.
  • Graphically represents the most active times for your followers.

Natalie C. W

You can search Twitter users by a variety of factors, and you can check out your competitors' followers and sort them by all sorts of characteristics. It has been an invaluable tool in growing my clients' Twitter presence.


  • There is no way for Followerwonk to backfill follower number data, so you will only be able to use the tracking feature after you have begun to track a handle.
  • “Search bios” often didn’t give the best results to its users.

Paige G

First of all, the free features are extremely limited, so it's tough to get a grasp on the software until you start a paid account. You cannot follow anyone in the app, you get a limited amount of searches, and the search capabilities are not advanced. Even the paid account, which I tried, did not give me great results.

Twitter Analytics Tool - Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder

Price: $165/month

Tweet Binder is one of the least known Twitter analytics tools but is quite powerful. It gives you access to Twitter historical data and real-time hashtag monitoring. It also comes with a Twitter follower tracking tool that allows you to measure how the twitter profile has developed over time and what is the evolution of their main KPIs (following, followers, etc.)


  • This Twitter analytics tool offers in-depth data that is often appreciated by the users.
  • Tweet Binder provides praise-worthy customer support.

Joanne S

I love the depth of data provided by TweetBinder and how it allows me to get insights into the performance and quality of content associated with campaign hashtags. The customer service is excellent and they answer all my questions fully and timely.


  • Tweet Binder comes with a learning curve. Its user interface comes with a lot of dashboards which can get confusing.
  • Not very much preferable to analyze data from the past. It gives trouble analyzing the data that is way into the past.

Sidharth B.

Won't show more data than the last 30 days. Being a marketer, analyzing past trends is really important which cannot be done with this tool.

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Ready to roll your Twitter marketing wheels?

Beginning to gain insights into your Twitter profile requires you to make the right choice and that can be tricky. With a variety of Twitter analytics tools to choose from, all you need to do is figure out your marketing needs. Working on this can help you come up with a combination of paid and free Twitter analytics tools.

There is probably no answer to the question ‘Which is the best Twitter analytics tool?’ Every tool comes with its pros and cons and what matters is which tool you can make the most of with your Twitter marketing and that fits the budget.

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