10 Fantabulous Reasons to Use Facebook Marketing in 2023

We know how you stay busy with your jam-packed schedule but marketing doesn’t wait for any of us to get free. It continues to evolve year after year.

So we have made sure that you don’t miss out on any of the marketing updates. In this audiobook, we will discuss 10 reasons why Facebook marketing is still relevant in 2023 and how you can make the most of it.

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What will you learn from the audiobook:

  • Demographics that dominate on Facebook
  • Content that stands out appealing to the target audience
  • Using Facebook as a lead generating tool

Here is a Fun Fact: If Facebook were a country, it would be the highest populated in the world.

Facebook has 2.89 billion monthly active users making it the largest social media platform in the world. It would sound like pre-colonial advice that Facebook marketing is one of the most commanding factors for the success of your business. I know you have been using it for a while.

But with the addition of new smart marketing features, such as chatbots, the marketplace, 360- videos, new targeting capabilities, and algorithm updates, Facebook has evolved in a lot of ways that have changed the reasons to use Facebook to grow your business.

Be it the problem of zero engagement, organic reach, or the low conversion horrors, these reasons are all you need to untap the potential & scale up your Facebook Marketing.

1. Has a wide audience roster

Let’s not bore ourselves to the brunt by going over and over again about the size of the Facebook audience. It’s big, you got it!

But what’s elevating for your marketing purposes is the varied nature of its audience demographics.

Facebook got it all covered! According to Statistics

  • Women between 18 – 24 and male between 25 – 34 age groups constituted the biggest demographic group of Facebook users
  • 62% of online Seniors aged 65+ are on Facebook and 72% are between age 50-64.
  • 76% of 18–24-year-olds use Facebook

Facebook’s audience roster is filled with baby boomers to Gen X, making it a stellar tool for advertising your brand with laser focus.

2. Pocket-friendly medium to get leads

One of the coolest things about Facebook is the ability to fetch relevant leads for a very economic rate using Facebook lead ads.

What makes Facebook leads ads cheaper is also its cornerstone – Less Friction.

Facebook lead makes the process of joining your email list easier for the audience because of its native pre-filled form experience. It’s literally tap-tap-done. Lead ads are one of the best alternatives to the traditional lead generation process.

But what makes them cheap?

Because it’s a swifter process for a user to give information and get the gated content, it tends to make the conversion rate better. And as the conversion rates get better, Facebook lowers the cost per lead.

And Facebook lead ads do have a good conversion rate. Don’t believe us? According to a study done by Wordstream to find out the Facebook ads benchmark across multiple industries, they concluded the average conversion rate across all industries to be 9.21%.

If you are someone who manages multiple Facebook client accounts and is responsible for acquiring leads to build their email list, we have got an exciting tool for you.

SocialPilot is a social media scheduling and management tool that allows you to schedule your Facebook posts for multiple accounts from a central dashboard.

This helps you increase your reach and engagement effectively. In addition to boosting your posts, you can also analyze their performance easily with the SocialPilot analytics feature.

3. A customized audience targeting

It’s better to target a person with ads who had previously shown interest in your business than a complete stranger. And that’s what Facebook custom audience targeting does for your ads.

Facebook allows you to target a specific cluster of people who already have a relationship with your business in terms of being a past customer, app downloads, website visits or engagement with your brand.

Isn’t that interesting!

4. Psychographic targeting

Facebook psychographic targeting goes more granular than demographic factors. Frankly, demographics can’t be the sole parameter to describe someone’s lifestyle and buying behaviors.

Age, country, occupation, and income level tell us a lot of things but are limited to a certain extent.

For example, not every millennial with low disposable income makes inexpensive purchases, not every adult is making investment decisions, and not every boomer is unable to learn a new skill.

That’s where psychographic targeting comes into play!

Psychographic targeting is segregated audiences based on their inspiration, beliefs, interest, behaviors, and other subjective psychological characteristics.

Keeping the Psychographic elements along with demographic targeting in mind opens up doors for:

  • Creating more empathetic ads
  • Strengthening your brand values
  • A/B testing marketing collaterals
  • Re-defining your buyer personas

5. Exposed to both B2C and B2B brands

There is a common misconception in people that Facebook is only good for B2C businesses. Do you feel the same way?

It’s understandable. Businesses with long-sales cycles and specific clientele remain awry to the idea of marketing on Facebook.

But with the introduction of Facebook pixel and lead ads in the past few years, things have taken a turn. 43% of B2B marketers named Facebook as their most important advertising channel.

Of course, the B2B market is competitive but with the right Facebook ads targeting you can astronomically grow your B2B business on Facebook.

Facebook ads allow you to target your posts and ads to the following segments of the audience, which align well with B2B needs:

  • Employer name
  • Job title
  • Employment industry
  • Interest industry
  • Employer company size
  • Business travelers

6. Full-fledged funnel targeting

Facebook is perhaps the only platform that lets you target and moves a user through every stage of the funnel, i.e. Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

With Facebook’s advertising features and targeting capabilities, you can move users from one stage of the funnel to another by catering them with different ads that resonate at each stage of a buyer’s journey.

At the first stage of the funnel, your aim is to increase your brand’s reach and awareness. Here you try to pique your audience’s interest without being too pushy and turn them from strangers to prospects.

Facebook provides you with multiple ads options such as:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Sponsored stories
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads

Then we move on to…

The second stage of the funnel i.e the consideration stage, where you will find people who have actually shown interest in your brand and decided to stay connected with it.

You can easily turn your prospects into leads by taking their email by offering a gated incentive, such as newsletters subscriptions, contest registration, free eBooks, product trials, etc.

Also, retargeting works best at this stage by tracking when prospects visit your site and then displaying a relevant ad when the same user visits Facebook.

At the Final Stage of the funnel, you are showing a very specific offer for a very specific audience.

Here, Facebook targeting gives you the means to target:

  • Custom audience
  • Lookalike audience

You got complete control over choosing the custom audience for targeting. Facebook allows you to choose your custom audience based on the following segments:

  • Past website visitors
  • Leads generated at previous funnels
  • App users
  • Facebook engaged users

7. In-depth analytics

Facebook analytics provides an extensive set of metrics to analyze the performance of your organic and paid marketing

Where the page Analytics section gives you deep insights into:

  • Content performance
  • Audience insights
  • Referral traffic
  • Profile engagement

Facebook’s ads manager gives you a plethora of metrics (e.g., CTR, CPC, CPA, and more) essential to determine your ad performance and calculate your return on investment.

Later in this guide, you will get to know which are the most important metrics to be tracked when using Facebook for marketing purposes.

8. Customer feedback

One of the major pillars of a brand’s success is how it meets with feedback and criticism from its audience. Back in the old days’ customer feedback was limited to emails and cold call surveys, but not anymore.

With Facebook, you can easily connect with your consumer in groups or in the comment section and ask for their feedback, thoughts, and experience.

Listening to your customers is a proven way to understand their needs and wants. It helps to improve the quality of your product and drives customer satisfaction.

9. Chatbots

Who knew that talking to a business would be on the list of people, especially young people. But we can’t deny the statistics that say: 60% of Gen Z surveys wished they could communicate with more businesses via messaging.

People exchange around 2 billion messages with businesses on messenger per month.

Chatbots are an inevitable choice to have instant and automatic interaction with your audience on Messenger. They allow you to include images, videos, and links in your broadcast messages

According to the Search engine journal, Facebook Messenger boasts open rates of 70-80% within the first hour which is way better than average email open rates ( 5 -10 %).

The evidence is astounding!

Messenger chatbots are one of the cheapest and effective solutions to attract, nurture, and convert customers.

10. Evergrowing platform

Finally, one thing that you can always accept from Facebook is incessant growth.

In the last couple of years, Facebook has doubled up in its audience size. With new people joining the platform every day, you will have a larger audience to advertise and engage.

Recently Facebook has introduced a new UI with the purpose of giving streamlined access to create events, pages, groups, and ads on Facebook.

Also, on the product front, you can see them rolling out new groundbreaking features every now and then. Some of their recently launched features are:

  • Customized CTA button
  • Facebook Messenger for desktop
  • 3-D images
  • Live broadcast for Facebook pages
  • Schedule Watch party
  • Watch party replay
  • Competitor analysis feature
  • Facebook Ad limits
  • Facebook Business suites

Businesses have never had such a prolific tool to manage all nine yards of marketing in one place.

But having eminent features and capabilities at your disposal will not be enough to create a great marketing campaign on Facebook. You need to have a proper marketing strategy that utilizes all these features effectively.

For a deeper understanding on how and why Facebook is THE platform to grow your business by 50% in 2023 – download the eBook from the link in the description above.

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