Your Quick Guide to YouTube Banner Dimensions

Your Quick Guide to YouTube Banner Dimensions

Master YouTube banner design with essential dimensions, format specs, and creative examples to enhance your channel’s appeal and professionalism.


YouTube is more than just a video-based social platform. For some, it is the ultimate source of entertainment, knowledge, and for some, their livelihood.

No matter in which form you perceive, YouTube has seeped into our lives and is becoming more and more important.

But over the years, YouTube has evolved a lot. While video content is still the king on YouTube, other forms of content, from your video title to your YouTube banner, are also important.

You can find hacks, tips, and tricks to work on these content forms online, but here our focus is on YouTube banners.

What are YouTube banners?

Also known as YouTube cover and channel art, the YouTube banner appears on the top of the screen of your YouTube channel and grabs the most attention.

Deciding on the content that will go best as with your YouTube banner is crucial, but more than that, it is essential to consider the banner dimensions.

Why, though?

The banner size and shape are very peculiar. If you do not consider the specifications given by YouTube, you might be making a mistake.

So, without wasting much time, let us commence your 101 on YouTube banner dimensions.

YouTube Banner Dimension Specifications

YouTube is very particular about the format and dimension of the things that go on it.

Whether it is the video file format, or the video crop ratio, the thumbnail dimension, or the audio format, everything is specified by YouTube in their guidelines.

The same goes for the YouTube banner dimension. If you have a question about how big a YouTube banner is, then you can check the specifications defined by YouTube and follow them to ensure that all the guidelines are met. Let us see what these are:

1. Size specifications

The banner image guidelines given by YouTube mentions that the minimum acceptable dimension for an image is 2048 x 1152 px. For any texts and logos, the minimum acceptable dimension for an image is 1235 x 338 px.

If the image is too large, the result will be cropping of the image. If a particular image does not match the size specifications, you can always resize it to fit the above description.

While YouTube specifies a minimum banner size requirement, it does not lay guidelines for the ideal size.

Yet, the ideal size is 2560 x 1440 px.

Additionally, the maximum width that you can touch for an image is 2560 x 423 px.

YouTube will not accept any file size greater than 6 MB. So, ensure whatever you upload is either equal to or less than this number.

You can opt for online image resizing applications or the image editor on your desktop to resize your images.

2. Format specifications

As recommended by YouTube, the format followed by your banner must be either in PNG or JPEG format. Both these options ensure that your image is of the best possible quality.

YouTube may downgrade the quality of a file uploaded in a different format or may not accept it altogether.

For now, only PNG and JPEG formats are accepted.

3. Aspect ratio specifications

The aspect ratio specified for YouTube banners is 16:9. With this ratio, the channel art is visible wholly across all the devices. For a collage-based image, you can use any image ratio, but the given specification must be followed for the overall banner.

4 Amazing Examples of YouTube Banners

You define creativity with your YouTube banners. You can experiment with it the way you want your brand to be perceived. From a simple logo of your channel to a collage of all your best videos, the sky’s the limit when it comes to YouTube banner creativity.

Some YouTubers have managed to get it right by making mesmerizing channel art. Wondering who they are?

1. Death Wish Coffee Company


Claiming to be the world’s strongest coffee maker, Death Wish Coffee Company considers itself dedicated to everything extreme.

Typically, they upload videos about coffee culture and tutorials, but the one thing they stand out for is their channel art.

The branding communicated by their YouTube banner subtly hints at its boldness and love for extremity. We can see above that the line – “Grind it out” holds relevance to the coffee brand.

The positioning of the company logo in the banner is also next to perfect as it sits without disturbing the text or the rest of the image.

Their banner is visually appealing and certainly grabs the eye. Death Wish Coffee Company explores the idea of saying more with less.

2. Bon Appetit


Referring to itself as a highly opinionated food brand, Bon Appetit is a cooking tutorial channel dedicated to everyone who loves cooking and eating.

While people catch the gist of this channel by simply looking at the name, the channel art also glorifies the purpose. The minimalist style and the yellow color grabs the viewer’s attention.

They have not used a pictorial description in their banner and simply use the word bon appetit from their logo for their branding. By putting the logo in the center, they channel their brand’s voice in the banner.

The one thing that really stands out is the CTA to different social media handles, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. They also have a CTA button for their official website.

3. Dude Perfect


Dude Perfect channel is all about five best friends showcasing their love for sports and comedy. The same idea is clearly communicated through the banner.

With sports gear in the hand of one person and images of different sports embedded in the banner, the purpose of the channel is clear. You can see the five friends with their excited faces channeling their lively spirits.

Another thing that stands out here is the use of the logo; they have used their logo in two different places within the banner, and both the logos look different. One of them is blue and not visible, and the other is black but placed towards the corner. While the logo of the channel does not exactly stand out, the branding message does.

The color selection is also unique, as it is a mix of monochrome and colored patterns. They have also provided the CTA to their social media handles and official webpage.

4. Versace


Founded in 1978, Versace is one of the most well-known global fashion houses. Their YouTube videos are all about flaunting high-end fashion products, including haute couture, ready-to-wear jewelry, watches, accessories, fragrances, etc.

The vintage vibe of the Versace YouTube banner reflects their brand positioning. We can see the image of two women dressed in contrasting clothes sitting on a tree. The banner does not use any texts to send its brand’s message.

This banner tells you that you can send your brand’s message even without a text or a logo.

Top 5 Tools to Create a YouTube Banner

Now that you know what YouTube banner specifications are, the next step is to create one for your channel.

But the question is how?

The answer lies in YouTube banner templates. You can templatize your YouTube banners to make it be the belle of the ball.

If you want to experiment with your raw creativity, you can create your own banner. But for those who need inspiration and ready-to-use but customizable templates, here are a few tools you can use for creating YouTube banners:

1. Canva

Canva is one place where you can easily make anything, ranging from a presentation to a party invite. With many distinct photo and editing features available, Canva can also be used to make YouTube banners.

You can easily find YouTube banner templates on this as there are thousands of designer-made templates available. No need to worry about YouTube banner template size.

Adding to the mix is the wide array of colors and fonts, millions of HD images and illustrations, and a built-in image editor.

2. Adobe Spark

Ranked on the second number is Adobe Spark, another excellent tool for making YouTube banners.

Adobe Spark helps you make channel art that could entice viewers to watch your videos and increase YouTube subscribers for free.

Here you can find a robust bank of templates waiting to be edited for your channel banner. To make a banner using a YouTube banner template, you must go to the Adobe Spark page and sign in.

Once here, you can edit the banner templates after taking a tutorial to understand the interface.

3. Venngage

Another place you can hover to for designing your Youtube banner is Venngage. Here also you can find numerous YouTube banner templates waiting for your edits.

You can also buy a premium for this to access more templates. To initiate the editing task, you are required to register with Venngage.

But with Venngage, there is a catch. You can only download your file in PNG or PDF format, and there is no option for downloading in JPEG.

4. Bannersnack

Bannersnack has a user-friendly interface for banner making. Yet again, pre-made templates are available with additional features like text preset, font, clipart, etc.

The only downside to Bannersnack is that you have to manually copy paste design elements as they do not get automatically copied if you make multiple banners. There is no option for duplication.

You can only create 10 designs for free, after which you have to pay to make more banners.

5. PicMonkey

Enabled for iOS, Android, and desktop, PicMonkey also offers pre-designed templates for making YouTube banners.

Every design you make is stored automatically. You can also revisit a design for any edits. The free trial lasts for 7 days, after which you can buy one of the Basic, Pro, and Team packages.

How to Find the Right Template for a YouTube Banner?

While finding the right template may seem more of an inner calling to you, it can also be strategized. Let us see how:

Pick the right layout

Picking the right layout depends on what kind of message your brand wants to send and the content of your channel.

Your YouTube banner should reflect what you do on your channel. So, if your channel is about makeup tutorials, then the layout could be a collage of what you have done so far or the highlights of your channel.

Meet the expectations

Your viewers hope to draw a connection between the channel art and what your channel shows in the videos. Your YouTube banner template should resonate with those expectations. If you put something out of context, the viewers will become clueless and might be repelled by it.

Opt for a simplistic design

Sometimes the lesser you do, the better it seems. A simple design looks subtle and relaxing. It holds the capacity to send your message without having to be too fancy.

More often than not, simpler designs are easy to make, easy to fix, and cheaper. Such designs also ensure that the audience is not distraught by the extravagance of your banner.

Focus on the font

Ask a marketer, and they will tell you just how important fonts are. According to research, fonts can influence a customer’s perception of a brand’s personality. Fonts have an effect on your subconscious on how you perceive a brand’s message.

Surely, there is no single correct answer to what font you should use. But understand the intricacies of the message your channel is trying to send and build on it.

Go for HD

Using a YouTube banner with higher quality than the standard definition is always preferred. While the reason for this may seem obvious, let us iterate that high-definition has better chances of grabbing attention than standard definition.


Now you know how to make YouTube banners, which tool are you going to use? Always test and experiment – we’re sure you’re going to create magic! Just be mindful about what your audience wants.

If you need some assistance to accomplish your social media marketing goals, you can also look up to SocialPilot to ace your marketing efforts.

With some of the exclusive social media and content curation features, it becomes super easy to manage the workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 Is it crucial to stay in the safe area of the YouTube banner dimension?

The safe area refers to the part that is visible on the devices; therefore customizing your banner to stay in the safe area dimensions is a good practice.

🌟 How can I add a YouTube banner to my channel via phone?

You can easily add a YouTube banner using your phone by following the below steps:

  • Go to your profile picture and select “Your channel”
  • Click on “Edit channel” and tap on the banner image
  • From here you get the option to click a photo or upload one from your gallery.
  • Chose the image of your choice and click on “Save”

🌟 How can I add CTAs to my banner?

To add CTAs to your banner, go to the channel dashboard. Here you will come across a “Basic info” tab. You can use this tab to add the platforms you wish to display on your banner.

🌟 Should I always add the logo and text on my channel art?

It is entirely your call whether you wish to add the logo and text on your channel art or not. If branding is extremely important to you, then we suggest you add the logo.

🌟 How do I know if my channel’s YouTube banner is helping me gain views?

While there is no direct way of knowing this, you can always keep everything on your channel constant and simply change the banner to see if views increase. Although driving views by channel art alone is a far-fetched notion.

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