The Future of Social Media Marketing with Big Data

The Future of Social Media Marketing with Big Data

The future of social media marketing with big data

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In today’s world, everything is interconnected with each other over the internet. With technology like IoT devices, it is easy to monitor, listen and analyze the data gathered from various social media platforms.

Social media marketing has entered an entirely new level with the arrival of big data. Based on the gathered information marketing experts of various businesses can create different marketing strategies.

But before moving further, it is crucial to understand what is Big Data?

According to Oracle, Big data is larger, more complex data sets, especially from new data sources, and are so voluminous that traditional data processing software can’t manage them. This structured or unstructured data can offer valuable insights for better planning and decision-making within your social media marketing strategies.

These gigantic volumes of data can be used to address business problems you hadn’t identified and tackled ever before.

Big data serves businesses to understand the behavioral and buying patterns of the customers better. Let’s consider its future impact.

Effectiveness of Campaign

Using Big data, marketers can

  • predict their campaign performance before the launch and
  • prevent any mistakes that creep into the campaign and the final analysis of the outcomes.

With the help of social media analytical tools, campaigns could be paused to dodge loss and make it possible for businesses to make wiser decisions.

Companies will be able to understand the peak timings of customers, their preferences, behavior, and more with the help of data visualizations. With the marvels of gathering actionable insights from big data, companies can take up much more informed decisions.

Insights with Big Data will simply skyrocket the overall campaign’s effectiveness.

Social marketing campaigns usually are targeted to a dubious group of people, but with Big Data, it will get more productive and better ROIs.

Predictions of Future Purchases

Earlier, marketers would analyze website visits, downloads, and click rates to determine the future purchase behavior of possible customers. This technique was competent but lacked sufficient factual data.

The time has changed!

Now with accuracy, big data offers –

  1. forecasts to what your customers will buy soon
  2. their buying need
  3. fair ideas to their budgets.

Marketing divisions will largely be benefitted by Big data inputs to reinforce the chance of running the right promotions and campaigns or tweak as needed according to the reflection of numbers in big data reports.

In the coming future, more emphasis would be given to the product, since the first thing people would do is to study products on social media. Hence brands will provide extensive information about the product and promote the participation of the consumer in evaluating the product.

Art of Personalization

Big data empowers personalization with the phenomenal contribution of all that prodigious data and depth it imparts to buyers personas. It enables key players of the industry to approach customers based on preferences, choices, and needs. Personalization provides meaningful insights and a precise understanding of your audience. Furthermore, Big data helps businesses build tailored communication to retain customers and promote trust. At times ads are irrelevant, which turns out to be very annoying for them.

Big data comes to rescue these brands and assists them in displaying only the ads that interest them. A user’s social media posts, what they view, like, share are directly influenced by the type of ad displayed to specifically them. To make a strong connection with users and turn them into your customers will be possible with the help of personalized ads.


With marvels of marketers getting more focused on the specific group, they always wanted to micro-target.

Using data segregation by learning algorithms, social media can target customers on individual details beyond their age, gender, nationality, education, and profession on different social platforms. Hence, you can advertise your customers because you just found out that they like a specific brand.

Although many believe that microtargeting is a negative marketing tactic as they are not complying in accordance with privacy exploitation. Big data grows profit and reduces advertising costs by allowing marketers to connect with the audience. It will be profitable if advertisements are made targeting the ones who are actually interested in a product than one who isn’t. Only when targeted ads come on your social media homepage, then you will receive updates from products that you like.

Insight of Products


Nowadays, there is a trend that customers research a particular product through their social media accounts. Marketers will find a way to promote customer participation in assessing a product. Therefore give more emphasis to product insight.

Assurance regarding what a consumer wants and how they want it will increase with big data and ultimately gives marketers the ultimate insight into what kind of products they should produce in the future. A marketer must be prudent in examining the choices that customers make, the grievances of people, what the product lacks, and product deficits with the help of big data. You will be able to come up with new products only after analyzing the products.

Specified Demographics

Social media marketers use statistical data relating to customers such as age, race, gender, nationality, and marital status to assess the things that you like. By making use of big data, marketers can get the information on your likes and dislikes– the beauty product which you want, the shoe brand which you prefer, and so on — the capability of marketers to know precisely what consumer needs are becoming better. Through providing in-depth insights, Big data will help you in fine-tuning your messages in social media and picking the best social media tools and platforms to communicate them to buyers.


Big data can make it easier for social media marketers to focus on a person or a specific buyer segment and sell them products which they are interested in and would be a great success. This means that the influence of big data on social media marketing is enormous. Through all these years, the number of people communicating with brands on social media is on the rise. Therefore you really have to be data-savvy just to stay unbeaten in a competitive social media environment.

Utilizing big data in your marketing campaigns is vital since you are regularly exposed to a massive quantity of data on social media platforms. As said earlier, Big data allows you to focus on a person or a group of people and gives you a clear idea of a customer’s behavior by giving you in-depth insights. You will be able to focus on consumers in campaigns if you know more about them. Big data also has an added advantage of making the social media marketers aware of future trends even before you know it.

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