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Emojis have become our favorite escape to writing lengthy replies and comments. And the best part is, there is an emoji for every occasion, every expression!

A study by Emoji Consumer Science Team shows almost 92% of the online population is using emojis to express themselves. This statistic only seems to be growing with the introduction of emoji keywords apps. Additionally, there are newer features on smartphones to help you emojify your text in a jiffy.

You can find these illustrative lilliputs scattered in text messages, comments, stories, bios, captions, videos, and more. Apart from adding the glitzy element to an otherwise monotonous block, emojis help us express our feelings much better.

But the major question that pops up often is if emojis can find their application beyond amiable interactions? Is it even professional for businesses to use emojis?

The answer is a big yes! More and more brands are switching to pathos marketing strategies for impulsive emotion surges.

And emojis can give that essential twist to your branding posts, making them fun, engaging, and interactive.

Emoji study

Knowing emojis better

Did you know that the first emoticon was created in 1982 by Scott E. Fahlman, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University? He could have made a lot of money from trademarking the emoticon. However, Mr. Fahlman did not choose to file a trademark.

But now, we have come a long way. Using emojis is an integral texting habit. It is a great way to get the attention of thousands of social media users. People are constantly on their phones and computers, scrolling through their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds. And emojis help you be distinguished from the crowd to garner better interaction and engagement.

To help you understand its usage better, let’s explore how individuals and iconic brands use them to express and promote their products and services.

We shall also have a glimpse of their popularity among smartphone and PC users and the best way to integrate them into our social media and text messages.

Examples of emojis being used by individual and brands

The first brand on the list for the successful utilization of emojis is Domino’s. Due to its exploding popularity, Domino’s has ingeniously incorporated the concept into its branding propaganda. It even allowed its customers to place their orders with pizza emoji.

Emoji use by the big brands

This article explains in detail how Domino’s is leveraging emojis and creating excitement among its customers. Check out Domino’s Anywhere, which allows you to order a pizza through a bunch of ways, the easiest being by tweeting a pizza emoji to them.

Similarly, Chevrolet got a lot of attention from its emoji press release.

Emoji press release

Consequently, this serves as a perfect example of what we can do with emojis. Who would have thought a renowned brand like Chevrolet would publish a press release in emojis. As revolutionary as this was, some readers were left confused, while others thought they took it too far.


Emojis now serve as a cornerstone of their marketing strategy. Elite brands constantly explore new and evolving ways to use emojis to engage their consumers.


Now, you may have thought emojis were only popular among the younger generation, preferably between 18-25. But gender is more of a factor in the use of emojis than age.

Emoji User

According to the Emoji Consumer Science Team graph above, it shows that more than 70% of frequent users are in the age group between 25-29 years. Also, more than 70% of the most frequent users of emojis on the internet are women.

1. How are people using emojis?

People are using emoticons as the preferred method to express their emotions. On platforms like Twitter, character limits stop us from expressing our feelings. Additionally those on platforms like Instagram, nearly half of the comments and captions are emojis.

There was a study on emoticons completed by TalkTalk and Bangor University Professor of Linguistics Vyv Evans. She states that there is a 62% increase in the use of emojis than a year ago. These results should not be surprising. It is easier to express your feelings in an emoji than in a sentence of words.

The popularity of the use of emojis varies in different countries. The top tweeted emojis by country vary. The most popular emoji in the US is the laugh-out-loud emoji (😂). As per recent studies, here are the top 5 favorite emojis worldwide.


According to an Emoji Consumer Science team, women are using emoticons more than men.

Men Women Emoji

2. How are emojis replacing words?

After Apple introduced the emoji keyboard to iOS in 2011, people have been using more emojis than ever. Emojis are found everywhere within text messages, social media platforms, mobile push app notifications, online advertisements, and email marketing.

As a result, digital communications are evolving and becoming shorter. Now we are in a fast shift from the use of full-word internet mnemonics to simple emojis.

Replacing word

These days smartphones provide a “tap to replace emoji” feature. Just type your message and click on the emoji button. You will receive suggestions for all the emojifiable words. You simply need to tap on those emojis to replace texts with them.

3. Emojis to express more than words

More than ever, teens want to use emojis to communicate. The reason lies in it being a short, fast and expressive way to communicate. For a teenager, sending emojis with every text is quite common.

They have also become popular in pop culture. Katy Perry released a video of her song “Roar,” conveying the song’s lyrics through emojis.

Way to complicate word

We have come a long way with the use of emojis. More people have started to express themselves with them. As technology expands, there truly is no limit to what can be expressed.

4. How to get emojis and symbols for your social media posts?

Using Emojis on the smartphone is pretty simple and comes naturally to us. However, using emoticons on a laptop or computer can be a little tricky.

To use emojis on the Mac, press control + command + space bar for the emojis screen to appear.


To use emojis on a Windows PC, press Windows logo key + . (period). Additionally, you can visit this emoji website to copy and paste emojis that you love.

For iOS users, there is an option to use the Feathers app to beautify their tweets. This app is rated #1 among Japanese social media users.

There are alternative ways to add emojis to your tweets by adding shortcuts to your browser. You can try tools like Twitterkeys, Unicode Symbol Map, and TwitterSymbols to add to your PC browser.

5. Emoji trends on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

With the popularity of these social platforms, there is more content than ever being uploaded to the internet daily. To make it easier, people express themselves, and share their feelings fast by using emojis.

The Emoji Consumer Science Team made a striking revelation that we choose a positive emoji for cognitive reasons and not for emotional reasons.

Popularity of the platform

As per YouGovAmerica reports, 57% of Facebook posts with emojis get more likes, and 33% have more shares and comments. Instagram posts and tweets with emojis increase engagement rate by 48% and 25%, respectively.

Emoji trend on Twitter

Twitter is a platform that limits our character count for each post to only 280. It becomes impractical to express your feelings on Twitter by only using normal text. Therefore, emojis play a vital role on Twitter.

We can convey a wide range of feelings within the character limit by using emojis. You can use social media tools to easily use emojis while posting to multiple social platforms at once.

In social rooms such as Twitter, where the number of characters is limited, emojis are really handy to add flavors to your tweet. A simple emoticon picture can take the place of whole words or even themes. As a result, this saves the poster valuable letters for other things. No wonder, as per Emojipedia, the use of emoji is at an all-time high.


Emoji trend on Facebook

The social media giant, Facebook, recently introduced its fans with six more emoticons. This is in addition to the like button to react and interact with the posts. Below are the emoticons that are now used as reactions on Facebook.


Facebook is additionally on a spree to launch newer emojis every year, including yearly trends and happenings.

Popular Emojis Used On Instagram

Instagram is the social platform leading in the usage of emojis. Nearly half of the comments and captions on Instagram are emojis. Instagram users are taking full advantage of the emoji feature in the stories and reels tool. Here are the most used emojis on Instagram by brands and influencers.


Add emojis to your social media posts using SocialPilot

Socialpilot allows you to easily add emoji in your social media posts from its post composer section. With this, you can streamline your brand messaging on multiple social platforms and make it interactive and engaging.

The emoji kit in SocialPilot gives you a varied spectrum of emojis to choose from. Navigate through different sections of emojis and find the best one to put your emotions across your audience.

add emoji SocialPilot

The search bar in the emoticon section cuts down any remaining hassles of finding any eccentric emoji. Just type in the name and the requested emoji will appear automatically.

So now you know how to embed emojis in your scheduled posts on multiple social media platforms using a robust social media scheduling tool like SocialPilot.

Unlocking the marketing power of emojis

The most primary goal to post online is to drive the most attention to your content by making it an absolute standout. It is high time you integrate emojis into your messages to make the most out of your customers’ attention.

However, be careful not to take it too far. It might leave your readers confused about the central theme. Pick out the emojis best suited to your brand and integrate them into your marketing message with the help of social media marketing tools.

You can start with an easy tool like SocialPilot. Take its free trial and revolutionize your marketing undertakings.

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