7 Social Media Challenges For Marketer And How To Solve Them

7 Social Media Challenges For Marketer And How To Solve Them

If you can imagine all social media sites combined to create a country, it would contain more than 2 billion people living in it. The world has evolved into a global village with social media being the tool of choice for productivity. As a result, this news serves as great news for any marketer.

What an epic achievement to even contemplate! As a business, if you are able to reach even 0.00001% of this population, it is going to be a grand success. Take a look around you. On any given day you can see hundreds and hundreds of posts, comments, likes and shares by companies trying to make their presence on the global face.

Social media challenges for marketer and how to solve them

The question that often starts worrying our minds is that despite all the efforts, companies often continue to fail to attract the right customer. The situation brings us to a simple question: “What are we not doing right on social media?”. However, you are fortunate. Based on these questions, we experimented, made analyses, and in the end we are now able to present you a “notebook” of solutions for  the 7 most common social media marketing challenges.

Let’s get started!

1. Creating Trust Among Audience

The one thing that is truly equal in all forms of business is that you need to generate a trust with your audience. The same rings true for social marketing classes. We have seen a major shift in the market about how people see any given product as an effective product. The need to connect with and generate this trust is needed more now than ever before.

Solving this challenge

The very first essential of the hour is  your need to connect with your audience. You need to make sure that you take communication to the next level and build trust gradually. It is possible to connect with your audience using various low-branding monitors tools like Respond. Furthermore, there is a need to monitor each and every comment and activity and respond to them in the most effective and authentic way. You may also want to consider creating groups on social pages like Facebook or LinkedIn Using these, you can engage and iterate with the customer in a better hence building the trust.

Build trust among audience

This is how SocialPilot keeps coming with interesting linkups.

2. Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

A strategy is the need of the hour. You may know what you want to accomplish and why, but you won’t achieve it if you don’t have a specific plan set in for execution. Without a social media marketing strategy, you won’t have the idea about how to get there. You need a good strategy to serve as your roadmap to success.

Solving the challenge

It doesn’t need to be a rocket science work to create a social media marketing strategy. All you need to make your strategy based on these three points.

  • Why use social media: If you think that you only need to use social media to establish a presence on the web just because everyone has, then you are mistaken. This is simply a pure waste of time and money as well as the valuable resources. You should develop strategies based on why you are on the social media and what would you like to accomplish.
  • How are you going to succeed: Ask yourself, “What are the ways in which I can succeed?” Will you be using ads, paid searches, organic likes and based on that make a list of the points?
  • What is your target: How will that success be measured over time? Decide on a given set of targets that will define your success metric. Once that is set,  break it into smaller goals for better assumption and work. Smaller goals are easy to track for completion and are a great measure of showing how far you have come toward your ultimate goal.

Accordingly, it is also important to decide what is the market segment or audience that you are looking to target and how can you efficiently achieve the target for the specified audience. Is your target within the margin or you need to enhance your target? It is imperative to consider how realistic your target is for your audience. Let how the market speaks to you influence your decisions creatively and intelligently.

Creating a social media marketing strategy

3. Training Your Team

A great and efficient team is the cornerstone to any product’s success. Especially in product marketing, the whole goal can not be achieved by an individual or a team with different expertise other than social media. You need to be aware that every market is somehow slowly but surely going to affect your product online presence. Having a nonfunctional team or a team with individuals from different expertise will only add woes to your campaign.

Solving the challenge

The best thing is to gather a team of individuals with expertise in social marketing and related niches. Once you gather them, make sure that the team is trained in skills and techniques that can come handy in the product marketing. Try to get your team familiar with a social media tools list and third-party techniques. Furthermore, if you can forgive this shameless plug, tools like SocialPilot can help you with the same.

Training your team

Once they attain the desired level of expertise, try to assign them a specified section to manage the contents and marketing strategy.

4. Unrealistic Expectation

Expectations are good, but managing unrealistic expectations are necessary in case you don’t want to take the bad hits. Social marketing is a spontaneous process and it takes some time before it generates success. It is necessary that you set forth a target that you would like to achieve in a certain period of time. In this new world of social media, patience is a virtue.

Solving the challenge

It is necessary that you put forward a realistic target in the initial phases of posting before you aim to pull off the impossible. It would be even better if you break your target or expectations into small targets and achieve them over a certain period of time. Achieving these small targets will not only give you a boost to act ahead, but also show you the ways in which you can enhance the way for a better result.

5. Shift towards paid promotion

There comes a point when its time for a social media manager to shift his marketing strategy towards paid promotion. It is quite possible you may end up hindering the process due to lack of information about how paid promotion works. It’s better to ask an expert since extra delays in the project can hamper your campaign reachability.

Solving the challenge

Once you have you’ve created a generous amount content for your product, you’ll need to focus on the best way to promote it. First, start with comparing paid promotions that are being offered across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Begin by understanding each package, pricing and other details involved. You can start with a small package and make your way through it. One needs to understand that while buying the paid promotions you should start slowly with small packages and learn your through. Here, we have the right stats to show you results of making the big leap. Facebook has always been considered as a great platform with the most active users. About 93% of businesses are said to be active on Facebook and hence worth, the best platform to start paid promotions with.

Shift towards paid promotion

6. Posting Quality Content Constantly

Content is King in social media. It doesn’t matter that you are spending thousands on your brand. If you are unable to offer quality content regularly, no matter what the circumstances, your brand is dead in the water. As a social media expert, you need to make sure to take the necessary steps and make engaging content that interacts as well as attracts individuals to your brand.

Solving the challenge

A social media manager working a social campaign should take two things into consideration: creating quality content and posting it regularly. There are a variety of web apps or software like SocialPilot which not only help make quality content but also enables you to post your content regularly. Additionally, it can keep posting actively in case of your absence.

7. Create Quality Visuals And Graphics

There is no downplaying the fact that visuals/images leave a better and more memorable impression than the content itself. However,  creating quality visuals and graphics generate challenges of their own. The biggest problem is the time it takes to create them. However, visual contents run a 40% more chance on being shared on the social media. This makes it vital to invest your time in.

Solving the challenge

One of the best ways to get high-quality visuals and photos is to get it done by your team. However, if this isn’t possible, you can opt for social tools like SocialPilot to help you share high-quality images from the web into your feed. This tool also has integration capabilities with photo-making tools such as Canva. As a result, you can directly share visuals through SocialPilot without the need to download it.

Social media marketing is not rocket science. Still, the few challenges that do exist can be overcome. You must decide upon a  determined and effective marketing strategy. What you need to ensure as a social media expert is to have a social media marketing strategy in place which you can combine with other elements. Once you combine these strategies with an effective team, quality content, paid advertisement and proper management, you will assuredly lead a great campaign.

So thanks for reading. Tell us about the other challenges that you face in your social campaigns and we will try to answer it with the best solutions.

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