10 Ways to Increase Facebook Subscribers and Followers

10 Ways to Increase Facebook Subscribers and Followers

Learn the art of increasing your Facebook subscribers rapidly with proven strategies and insider tips.

10 ways to increase Facebook subscribers and followers

Have you ever wondered how to increase Facebook subscribers and followers? If yes, then hang out with us for a while.

While some may think that keeping a tab on the number of your followers on Facebook is not very useful, others may disagree.

Even if seeing an increase in Facebook followers takes a lot of effort from you, it is a crucial matter. Your followers could help you understand the number of people your brand’s messages are reaching to. In turn, impacting the amount of converts driven by your brand.

Drive better engagement  on Facebook.


Who Are Facebook Subscribers and Followers?

Followers on Facebook are the individuals who have decided to “follow” you on Facebook so that they can know about your posting activities actively.

Subscribers are also similar but the catch is that subscribers can only be gained for the accounts that allow subscribers. Subscribing also ensures all the updates of the account reach you from time to time.

The road to Facebook page followers increase is not free of twists and turns. While there might be a plethora of claimed ways to help the cause, only a few prove to be useful.

So hop on as we tell you 10 best ways to increase your Facebook followers.

Facebook Subscribers and Followers

1. Facebook Ads Are Your Ally

Running ads to promote your brand is such a classic yet effective move. If you wish to be easily discoverable to your target audience, then consider running Facebook Ads.

You can create ads that drive the most engagement to see a surge in your brand’s visibility on Facebook.

Since the main idea is to bring in traffic of people onto your page to increase Facebook followers, use content in the form of carousel ads or video ads.

It was found that carousel ads drive ten times more traffic than image ads within the meager period of three months.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

Another research found that about 47% of the viewers watch video ads mainly on Facebook.

Preferring these two formats of Facebook Ads can garner more attention to your ad and help increase your followers.

Subsequently, this can also aid in driving conversions. The main idea behind this is – whenever an individual likes the content of your ad, they will probably want to engage with your Facebook page.

Not only can you witness a surge in followers through this, but you also get more likes. If your goal is to drive sales, running a conversion ad can prove effective.

2. Send an Invite to Get Followers

Get Followers

Another effective means of driving Facebook followers is by inviting people to drop a like on your brand’s page.

How to get more followers on Facebook you ask?

The simplest and most effective answer might be to just invite them to drop a like on your brand’s page.

To begin with, you can invite your family and friends to like your page. As your brand’s Facebook Ad rolls out, Facebook itself will invite people to like your page.

Facebook would simply do this by dropping a notification to the people who see the ad. Typically, if your ad is meant to drive higher engagement, the chances of people following your page would become higher as well.

But beware when you send invites on your own. If you end up sending too many invites in a limited time frame, Facebook might temporarily block your account.

In case your account is blocked temporarily, Facebook would still show notifications asking you to invite more people. Yet, you could not act on this notification as invite sending would be disabled for some time.

You may have to sit this out for a couple of days before you can send more invites.

In a way, the idea of setting a target follower base is essential here. You must understand who will be interested in your page and who is more likely to become a follower. Based on that, send an invite.

3. Start a Giveaway Contest

Giveaway Contest

Starting giveaways is a good way to get noticed by your target audience base. If you run a giveaway contest, you can easily promote your Facebook page.

This prospect would attract numerous people as they would want to participate to win the goodies. Giveaways hold the key to bringing quick interactions.

As more people interact with the content you post, a higher proportion of people will have your Facebook page show up in their news feed. Subsequently, higher visibility can drive higher engagement.

If you are not sure how to run a contest on Facebook, use a tool. Using such tools, you can readily find templates for contests.

Make sure you also use the option of “refer a friend” to get even greater engagement. If you attach some perks with that option, then your chances of success might just multiply manifolds.

4. Virality is the Key

The norm is that people like what is trending. Creating virality through your content can become the best way to get followers on Facebook page along with sizeable engagement.

At times, sharing memes, funny content, videos and relatable content can help in creating virality.

If something is highly relatable or funny, people might feel inclined to tag their friends in the post, leading to a multiplication of viewers who see it and people who like.

These people might then also become your page’s followers, depending upon their perception of the quality of the content.

Remember, the content that evokes emotions goes viral. You just need to tap into the mentality of your target audience and let out your inner creativity leading to a guaranteed Facebook followers increase..

5. Prompt Partners to Tag Your Posts

The visibility of your page may rely heavily on how much the content is being shared around. While shares of the content, along with reposts, might help increase the followers on your page, you can also ask the brand partners to tag your page in their posts.

If they also mention your product or service within their content, that can also be helpful. It is better to target partners that have a big enough follower base. Since your partners would likely have an audience similar to your target audience, you can salvage this quite well.

You can also prompt your loyal customers to tag you within their posts featuring your product.

6. Up Your Posting Frequency

How often you post content on your page ensures its relevance to those who already follow or might follow your page.

The pages that do not host good quantity content face the risk of becoming outdated. Since nothing is keeping the people on the page, they might just end up unfollowing.

But there is a fine line between posting too frequently and posting just the right number of times. If you post too much content in a short span of time, you would likely run out of quality content to post.

It was also found that pages with less than 10,000 followers might experience a 50% drop in engagement on a post if they posted more than once a day.

While the maximum number should stand at 7 posts per week, the minimum number should be 3 posts per week. But do not post all these 3 posts in 3 consecutive days or successively. Space the time of the posting correctly.

Opting for a social media publishing tool is also a great way to make your life easy. While typically, people manually publish content on their Facebook Page. Even though this practice is commonplace, it is quite time-consuming.

If you opt for a publishing tool, you can simply schedule the date and time of posting, and your post will go live automatically.

7. Show Them Variety

If you are posting the same type of content all the time, then following your page can get monotonous for your followers. This can drive them away.

While relatability in content is essential, diversity is equally important. The more variety your content produces, the better chances you have of attracting more followers and increasing the reach of your Facebook page.

While that is surely an exciting and innovative way of doing things, you can also go for the content formats that typically get more traction on social media.

For instance, video content is generally well-received. At times, the prior engagement on content drives further engagement. Your content marketing strategy should be high on point.

8. Make Your Content Shareable

Content Shareable

Most people who come across something they find evocative enough want to share it with their friends and family.

If your content does not have a share button, people would likely find that odd. This can negatively impact your follower’s base.

Shareable content can act as an avenue to get more followers on your page as it inflates your reach. While the want to share or the lack thereof would depend highly on the quality of the targeted audience. The quality of content also plays a crucial role.

You should not only focus on discussing topics that your target audience finds interesting, but also make it shareable so that they can put it across others.

9. Increase the Target Audience Interaction

If your page is still taking the initial steps of follower growth, it is good to interact with your audience to show them that you notice them.

Most social media users like to be noticed. You can engage them with your brand by replying to their comments or answering their messages.

This interaction should be consistent as it holds the key to boosting your brand’s engagement. If you forge good relations with your followers, you can also see brand loyalty budding.

10. Start Your Facebook Page Promotion

There are millions of brands out there, and many of them have Facebook pages. A number of them might be doing well on Facebook as far as followers and engagement are concerned.

But it was not always like this; these pages might have been promoted in the initial phase.

So here is how to get more followers on Facebook by page promotion:

  • Get a Facebook plugin for your official website.
  • Include CTA to your Facebook page wherever you can.
  • Host giveaways on Facebook, yet promote it on other platforms as well.

If your presence is more extensive on one social media platform as compared to another, salvage that to promote your Facebook page.

In Sum

If you get these 10 tips straight, your follower base on Facebook might just see a stupendous hike.

While some may say you can buy Facebook followers or subscribers, and even though this prospect seems like a good one, it is not.

Buying fake likes and fake followers can damage your brand in the long run. While it is legal, and Facebook would not ban you, it is still a bad move.

And for those of you who wish to be the creme de la creme of Facebook and other social media platforms, go for SocialPilot, for a comprehensive social media management solution.

Don’t think twice before you put the tool to the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What is the primary difference between follows and likes?

When we say the number of followers, it means the people who see your page’s updates and posts as a part of their News Feed. Generally, when people like a page, they automatically become followers, but they also can opt-out of the followership to prevent seeing your posts.

🌟 How can a page use fan subscriptions?

To use fan subscriptions, your page and content would have to comply with all the monetization standards set by Facebook, Fan Funding Creator Terms, and Apple’s App Store guidelines for subscriptions.

🌟 What is the minimum number of followers needed on Facebook to use fan subscriptions?

Your page must have at least 10,000 followers or more than 250 return viewers in the past 60 days to use fan subscription on Facebook. Other criteria include 50,000 post engagements and 180,000 watch minutes.

🌟 How can I earn money via Facebook followers and subscribers?

To earn money, you need to increase your Facebook followers to get Facebook fan subscriptions. Once that happens, you can reward fans, add revenue with fan subscriptions, and promote subscriptions to earn more money.

🌟 Is there any other KPI like Facebook followers that can give me an idea about my brand page’s reach?

Other than the number of followers, you can try to understand the performance of your brand’s page by heading over to the page insights and analyze your page from there.

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