How to Stop Ads on Facebook? – A Simple Guide for Facebook Marketers

How to Stop Ads on Facebook? – A Simple Guide for Facebook Marketers

How to Stop Ads on Facebook

The moment we wake up, we reach out to our phones, open Facebook to see what the world is up to.

For such wild popularity, marketers prefer running their ads on Facebook.

While many digital marketers run their ads on Facebook, they face challenges in managing their campaigns.

One particular challenge is to know when and how to stop ads on Facebook. If you are facing this hurdle too, you may find this article useful.

Those who are solely searching for the answer on how to stop ads on Facebook, we won’t keep you waiting.

Steps to Stop Ads on Facebook

To start or stop an ad campaign or ad set, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Select Advertising at the bottom of your homepage.

Step 2: Select the ad campaign that you want to edit. (slide the toggle switch to the right to turn the ad campaign on, or slide it to the left to turn the campaign off)

For ad sets:

Step 1: Look for the toggle switch on the top section.

Step 2: Scroll down to the ad set.

Step 3: Select the ad set, and slide the toggle switch to the right to turn the ad set on, or slide it to the left to turn the ad set off.

As you can see, it’s very simple to stop ads on Facebook. But running a successful ad campaign requires a lot more than simple steps.

If you want to learn more about the nuances of running a Facebook ad campaign, we suggest you stick around for a little longer and read the complete article.

Why Run Ads on Facebook?

Facebook is free for everyone. Whether you connect with friends, businesses, upload photographs, videos, or just scroll without a purpose, Facebook does not charge money from you. However, in order to earn profits, it allows ads on its platform.

With 3.51 billion monthly active users, Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media platform. For this very reason, many brands and companies choose Facebook as a platform to reach millions of people.


With the rising number of monthly users, it only becomes better for digital marketers to run ads on Facebook.

The Perks of Facebook Ads: Re-Targeting Buyers!

Facebook has an endless stream of content, and there is always something or the other that catches the viewers’ attention. So, when people like any content, e.g., an image or a video, they create engagement.

There are many metrics available with Facebook that capture, analyze, and follow digital tracks based on user engagement with online content. These metrics are necessary tools for brand marketers.

Facebook gathers all the data and serves them to digital marketers. You can use this data to steer your ad campaign in the right direction, or conveniently start or stop your Facebook ad sets and campaigns basis the user engagement.

You can re-target your audience and get a better ROI or conversion rate. If you do not know already, your audience (Facebook users) cannot completely wipe their footprints off the Facebook platform to avoid getting targeted ads.

Is it Possible to Completely Turn off Facebook Ads?

Users don’t pay anything to Facebook for usage other than their profile information. An average user spends 145 minutes on social media platforms. When it comes to Facebook, people spend 58 minutes per day on average.

Considering the amount of time spent on Facebook, it had to be the marketers’ delight. Nobody wants to leave behind the exploits – neither does Facebook. Therefore, turning Facebook Ads completely off is not possible.

With that said, users can change the preference of targeted ads and filter them out. This step can substantially reduce the number of random ads they encounter on a daily basis. Therefore, study the user perspective and carefully choose your genre and topics accordingly.

To know the extent of users’ control over advertisements, you should know how users can block Facebook ads.

How Can Users Change Facebook Ads Preferences?

Our intention of providing a detailed section on how users can set their preferences is to help you understand the level of control that users have over the ads that they can see on their Facebook page.

This understanding will help you curate your ad campaigns more effectively and keep you aware as to why a particular ad may not work among a section of your target audience.

Changing preferences on Facebook ads is pretty straightforward for users. Primarily, there are two ways to save preference for Facebook ads.

  1. Hide Facebook ads
  2. Hide ads from a particular advertiser/ company

After these steps, Facebook will know the user preferences. It will limit/ stop showing random adverts to users.

Here is how users change their preferences on Facebook ads. They find Ads in the left column of content, and click on it.

facebook ad

Once they open this page, users will find these sections

  1. Your interests
  2. Advertisers
  3. Your information
  4. Ad Settings
  5. Hide ad topics
  6. How Facebook ads work<


Under ‘your interest section’, Facebook users can choose the topics of ads they want or don’t want to see. You can browse through these default categories and curate your ads according to this.


People can also learn which advertisers have their information (with user permission) and show them ads in the ‘Advertiser’ section. According to the source of information, the advertisers are neatly categorized under separate tabs.


Under the ‘Your information’ section, users can control the publicity of their information. They can toggle switches to select which information Facebook can read and track to curate ads for them.

For example, if users don’t want Facebook to use their ‘relationship status’ information to show related ads, they can toggle the switch off.


Further, under the ‘your information’ section – users can browse the ‘your categories’ section. It shows them which information Facebook is using to create an ad profile.


Finally, in the ‘Ad settings’ section, users can learn which websites have their Facebook profile information and are re-targeting them. Users can learn this information, but cannot block the websites from tracking them.

However, they can choose not to see any ads from a particular advertiser. What nudges them in doing so? The answer is inappropriate and irrelevant ads.

If you are a brand advisor or a digital marketer running ad campaigns for websites tracking user data, carefully curate pertinent ads and campaigns. In this case, you can use Facebook Pixel. It helps websites efficiently track visitors.


Now that you know how users control their information, you should also learn how they can take action against it in the ‘hide ad topics’ section. Here users can save their preference against a particular topic.

For example, if they choose alcohol, Facebook will try not to show them any ads related to this topic. They can also hide this topic temporarily or permanently.


To Conclude

Facebook ads are effective tools to reach a vast number of people in a short span of time. However, more than how to stop Facebook ads, it is crucial to know when to stop ads on Facebook.

For your information, you should run a new ad campaign for at least three to four days to know their performance before deciding to stop a particular ad. Meanwhile, be careful not to change any of the settings as they would restart the campaign and feed misinformation on audience engagement. For further assistance on effective Facebook content management, check out SocialPilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 Can users block Facebook ads on mobile phones?

Ideally, there is no way to block Facebook ads on mobile devices. You can save your preferences to limit random ads.

🌟 How do Facebook ads work?

Facebook earns huge revenue from advertisements. It tracks your activity and content engagement on the platform and allows ads that may interest users. Facebook also allows other websites to access your basic information (public) and post ads on your feed on that basis.

🌟 How to stop a Facebook ad campaign?

Go to the Ads Manager:

  1. Select the campaign you want to stop.
  2. At the top of the section, you may find a toggle switch; toggle that on (slide to the right) or off (slide to the left).
  3. To turn an ad set on or off, select the ad set and toggle the switch.
  4. To turn a specific ad, scroll down to ads, select the advertisement and slide the toggle switch.

You can delete an ad, ad campaign, and ad set from Ads Manager on the desktop.

🌟 How to automate Facebook ad campaigns?

If you want to automate your Facebook ad campaign, choose SocialPilot. It is hands down the best Facebook ad tool for marketers. SocilaPilot will help you schedule and publish your content without any hassle.

🌟 How effective are Facebook ads?

With the internet reaching a wider populace across the globe, social media platforms are registering more users than ever. When it comes to the market size, Facebook is the largest social media platform with 3.51 billion monthly active users. Therefore, running a Facebook ad has more potential of reaching a wider audience than any other media.

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