What is a Facebook Boost Post?

Facebook Boost Post is a type of paid advertisement on Facebook for an existing post from a business page. When you use the Facebook Boost Posts feature, it helps elevate the reach of your post. And what does that mean? The visibility of your content grows as it can now appear to a broader range of your target audience, apart from and beyond the followers of your page.

More About Facebook Boost Post

In 2012, Facebook introduced the boost post feature. Boosted posts came forth like ads due to their need for a budget to reach a wider audience, similar to Meta ads in Ads Manager. However, Facebook Boost Posts differ from standard Facebook ads in that they are developed outside of Meta Ads Manager and include customized parameters such as ad placement and audience targeting.

Businesses should set specific advertising goals before using this Meta technology. Whether it’s amplifying posts with higher engagement, promoting popular products, or optimizing landing pages for improved monetization and traffic, a well-defined strategy will contribute to the effectiveness of their advertising efforts.

You can boost an existing post on the timeline of your business page and boost it by:

  1. Selecting an audience, i.e., the individuals you would like to hook up to your posts and, eventually, your business or product.
  2. Sharing the budget you are willing to pay over the course of your ad campaign.
  3. Setting the time duration of your post boost, i.e., how long your chosen people will be able to view your post after the approval by Facebook.

To boost a post, go to the Facebook Insights tab, go to the “Your 5 Most Recent Posts” section, and under the “Promote” column, click the “Boost Post” button next to the post you wish to boost.

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of Facebook Boost Posts.

  • A simple click on “Boost Post” followed by selecting your settings in the very same window, is all you need to promote popular posts. An easy process!
  • You get a chance to control your target audiences with optimization based on age, gender, interests, behaviors, location, etc. A specific approach!
  • Facebook predicts audience reach according to audience targeting, budget, and ad duration, so you understand what you are paying for prior to investing. A potential prediction!

Here is a glimpse of how Facebook allows you to manage your audience and budget for boosting your page’s posts.

Facebook Boost Post

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a brand need to invest in Facebook Boost Posts?

Yes! A brand should positively invest in Facebook to boost posts owing to the platform’s vast and globally outstretched community, where your posts reach an impressive audience in no time. This is how a brand gains higher brand visibility, increases audience engagement, and easily redirects the targeted traffic while promoting new content as well.

Which is a better option, boosting a post or creating an ad on Facebook?

Facebook ads with strong targeting capabilities improve marketing objectives such as brand exposure, lead generation, and conversions, whereas boosting focuses on establishing a brand fan base and engagement on key posts, making it a better alternative for budget-conscious marketing. So, your goals define your choice between the two options.

How much does it cost to boost a Facebook post?

The minimal cost to boost your Facebook posts is $1 per day, but you can spend more based on your desired reach. Essentially, the more you spend on the post, the greater reach it will receive.

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