How To Schedule Facebook Posts: 2 Best Ways for 2024

How To Schedule Facebook Posts: 2 Best Ways for 2024

Learn step-by-step how to schedule a post on Facebook in 2024. Choose from two top ways to schedule Facebook posts and unveil how to edit them, and 4 tips to remember before scheduling them.

How to Schedule Facebook Posts Tips & Strategies

Uploading quality content on Facebook consistently is a huge task. Still, it is necessary because not being consistent on Facebook will make you invisible on your audience’s feeds.

To make this big task easy, scheduling your Facebook posts becomes essential.

But the obvious question is, how to schedule a Facebook post?

There are two ways to schedule Facebook posts effectively:

  1. Using Meta Business Suite: Facebook has a built-in scheduler called Meta or Facebook Business Suite, which consists of the Facebook schedule post feature.
  2. Third-party Facebook Scheduler: You can use Facebook publishing tools like SocialPilot for social media scheduling with advanced functionalities on desktop and mobile. Try it for free!

Why Schedule Facebook Post?

If you schedule Facebook posts ahead of time, it will help you:

  • Stay on top of your content-posting game
  • Save time and energy to post consistently
  • Boost your social media engagement
  • Focus on creatives while automating the entire procedure of posting
  • Connect and engage with a wider audience

Amazing right? Scheduling Facebook post helps you gain more followers and engagement.

Now let’s learn how to schedule Facebook post using Meta Business Suite.

How to Schedule Facebook Post Using Meta Business Suite?

Which tools work best for you totally depends on your application of the tool and the final objective.

Earlier known as Facebook Business Suite, Meta Business Suite was overhauled when Facebook rebranded itself into meta in 2021.

Now, if you’re already familiar with Facebook Business Suite, then the process of scheduling Facebook posts isn’t that all different.

Step 1: Log In to Meta Business Suite

business facebook

You’ll be asked to log in if you are not already logged in to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Click on “Create Post”

businessSuite Create post

Step 3: Upload Your Media

businessSuite Post details

In the Post to section, you can select whether you want to post on both Instagram and Facebook or just one of them.

On the right column, you will see a preview of your post, available in mobile and desktop formats. If something feels off, you can tweak your post.

Step 4: Select ‘Schedule’ from the Scheduling Options

businessSuite Save as draft

Click on Schedule.

Step 5: Enter the date & Time and Click On ‘Schedule’

businessSuite Schedule

After clicking Schedule, you’ll be redirected to the Planner, where you can view your scheduled post.

How to Edit Facebook Posts Using Meta Business Suite?

Here’s how you can do it.

  • Navigate to “Posts and Stories” in the Meta Business Suite, and click on “Scheduled”. Here, you’ll find all the posts you have scheduled.
  • Click on the “three dots” of the post you want to make changes to.
  • You’ll get a drop-down menu with options Edit, Duplicate Post, Reschedule Post, Move to Draft, Delete post, and Copy Post ID.
Posts and Stories

That’s it!

You also must know that when you schedule a Facebook post using Meta Business Suite, you can only schedule it for 30 days in advance. This limitation can make this tool useless for social media agencies and brands that plan months of content in advance.

This is why there are third-party scheduler tools like SocialPilot, which allow you to schedule any type of content for any time in the future. Let’s learn how to schedule Facebook posts with SocialPilot

How To Schedule a Facebook Post Using Third-Party Scheduler?

If you are searching for a reliable and free third-party social media scheduler to help you with Facebook, check out SocialPilot. The tool allows you to easily schedule and publish posts on your Facebook Pages from one place.

Now, coming to the question–How do I schedule a post on Facebook in 2024?

Step 1: Connect your account

To get started, log into SocialPilot and link your Facebook page.

Connect your account

Step 2: Create Post

Now that the accounts are connected, it’s time to create some posts!

With SocialPilot’s post composer, you can create and customize your posts using advanced features like.

You can also customize your post according to the social media platform on which you’re posting. When you select Facebook, you can see the “Post,” “Story,” and “Reel” tabs.

You can also see the preview of the post by clicking on “Post Preview.” Tweak your post if you aren’t satisfied with how it looks on the feed.

Create Post

Wait, the best part is yet to come – SocialPIlot’s AI assistant.

You get the power of AI inside SocialPilot to generate inspiring Facebook captions at lightning speed. No more pulling your hair to craft compelling descriptions. The feature comes equipped with social media-specific prompt templates and tonality options to match your brand’s personality seamlessly.

AI assistant

Do you want to try the feature right now for free? Just hop over to our Facebook post generator and witness the AI Assistant’s magic in action as it crafts posts for you at lightning speed!

Facebook Post Generator

Generate engaging, high-performing Facebook posts instantly.


Here is the Generated Result

AI Prompts

Create More for Free!

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Since you’re an AI fanatic, we are offering you 500 Free Credits to generate awesome content on the AI Assistant of SocialPilot.

Ok, let’s move on to schedule your Facebook post!

Step 3: Selecting Account & Scheduling Post

You’re almost there!

After creating the desirable post, select the pages or accounts where you want to publish.

Selecting Account & Scheduling Post

Just one click saves you the hassle of selecting multiple accounts. Nice, right?

Now your post is ready for scheduling.

Click on the arrow beside “Add to Queue” to open a drop-down menu. Here you can find options like “Share Now,” “Share Next,” “Schedule Post,” and “Repeat Post.”

For now, Select “Schedule Post.”

Socialpilot Schedule Post

You’ll get a pop-up, enter the date and time you want your post to go live, and click on “Schedule.”

Socialpilot Schedule Post

Voila! Your Facebook post is scheduled!

But what if you want to schedule 5 posts together or maybe 50 or maybe 500?

How to Edit Scheduled Facebook Posts on SocialPilot?

What if you made an error while Facebook scheduling? Maybe there is a typo in the text, a change in the date, or maybe you just want to delete it!

Editing a post is just as easy as scheduling a Facebook post. Just navigate to the SocialPilot sidebar and click Posts > Manage Posts.

Here you’ll find various features like:

  • Queued Posts: It is a list of posts that are scheduled to be published.
  • Unscheduled: The post can go in an unscheduled category for a few reasons. Click to know more.
  • Error: Contains posts that are rejected by social media APIs.
  • Delivered: It reflects the number of posts shared in the last 90-120 days.
  • Pending Approvals: Posts that are yet to be approved by clients or managers who overlook the social media strategy for your agency or business.

In Queued Posts, hover over the post you want to edit and then click on the pencil icon.

If you want to reschedule a post, then click on the arrow beside “Share Now”; it will open a drop-down menu. Click on “Reschedule” and enter the updated date and time.

Socialpilot Reschedule

Easy peasy, right?

SocialPilot makes Facebook scheduling simpler, giving you a hassle-free experience. Through this platform, you can manage Facebook marketing like a pro.

How to Bulk Schedule Posts on Facebook using SocialPilot?

If you’re planning your posts a month prior, then scheduling each post individually can be a bit annoying.

Unlike the native Meta Business Suite, SocialPilot can bulk schedule up to 500 posts at once!

And here’s how you can do it:

Navigate to “Posts” on the sidebar and click the “Bulk Schedule” option.

Drag and drop your CSV file. Your CSV file should have no more than 500 records.

What is a CSV file?

A Comma Separated Values (CSV) file is a plain text file containing a data list. CSV files are used for a variety of applications. They assist big corporations and businesses in exporting large amounts of data to a more robust database.

Socialpilot bulk schedule

After the file gets uploaded, you’ll be directed to the preview window. You can review each post along with the text content.

Socialpilot bulk schedule preview window

You will also see posts with accounts and posts without accounts.

You can either individually select an account by clicking on the drop-down box on the right side of each post or click the “Select Account” tab.

Socialpilot Select Account

Here, you can select the accounts for the remaining posts. If you applied the ninja technique I mentioned earlier, just one click will do the trick.

Now the accounts are selected, click Schedule.

It’s done! Scheduling multiple Facebook posts at once is that simple!

schedule you facebook post

How to Schedule Facebook Posts on Mobile?

SocialPilot brings you the best scheduling experience on the go with its mobile application, allowing you to schedule Facebook posts from anywhere and at any time.

The steps to schedule posts on Facebook with the SocialPilot mobile app are as follows.

Step 1: Download and Install the SocialPilot App

Start by installing the SocialPilot mobile application on your phone. Then, ensure you have connected your Facebook page with your SocialPilot account to allow scheduling.
If not, click on Accounts > Connect Account > Connect Facebook Page

Connect Facebook Page

Step 2: Log In to Your SocialPilot Account & Click on “+”

Once the application is installed successfully, log in to your SocialPilot account on the mobile app and then click on the Create Button “+” available on the screen on the button.

Connect Facebook Page

Step 3: Select Your Facebook Page and Upload the Media

Here, you can see two options for selecting the account and uploading media.
First, pick the right Facebook page for which you want to schedule the post and then upload the media (Image, video, or gif) from your device.

Add PostSelect Account

Step 4: Prepare Your Post and Pick the Scheduling Option

After you upload the media and select the Facebook page, you can prepare your post for scheduling.

Scheduling Option

Once you’ve completed everything, you can click the “Next” button at the bottom right corner of the screen to select the scheduling options.

Step 5: Schedule the Post for Direct Publishing

Unlike many other social media scheduling tools, SocialPilot lets you schedule Facebook posts for direct publishing. Just select the most suitable time and day in the future and schedule the post on the go

Direct Publishing

And you are done. Your post will be published accurately on time while you sit back and relax.
Until then, learn how the SocialPilot Facebook Scheduler Tool makes your social media presence more appealing with its advanced scheduling abilities over Meta Business Suite, which has limited features.

SocialPilot vs Meta Business: Which Tool Works Better for You?

The answer to this question totally depends on your application of the tool, team size, and the final objective.

Meta business suite is a good tool to schedule a Facebook post. But, If you are a marketing agency handling multiple accounts of brands on various social media platforms, then using SocialPilot is the only wise option.

For instance,

  • You can only post on Facebook and Instagram using the Meta Business suite. On the other hand, SocialPilot supports almost every platform that your clients use.
  • In Meta Business Suite, you can’t simultaneously post on two or more pages. To post, you’d have to switch between the linked Facebook pages. With SocialPilot, you can simultaneously post on multiple pages and platforms from a single interface.
  • Meta Business Suite also lacks a secure client management system available in SocialPilot. Because of this, as an agency, you have to ask for a brand’s credentials to claim a Facebook page. They might be skeptical about handing out such confidential information.
  • Moreover, in the Meta business suite, the team management feature offers only limited levels of access options. SocialPilot enables different levels of access, such as “Admin,” “Manager,” and “Content Creator.”
  • Not to mention, Meta Business Suite doesn’t have features for smooth external client approval workflows like Approvals-On-The-Go like SocialPilot offers.

If you still feel a bit lost, then here’s a side-by-side comparison between SocialPilot and Meta Business Suite.

SocialPilot and Meta Business Suite

So, if you are a big agency looking beyond Facebook scheduling and posting and want to attract more leads, you should consider using third-party social media publishing tools for all social media platforms.


Steve J.

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I have 3 Facebook business pages, 1 group, plus Twitter, Instagram, Google Business, and a couple more. Social Pilot cut my posting time by 75%. It is the best for marketers. And their tech support is better than I expected, and my expectations were high. Thank you for an amazing and fantastic application.

Edit: I left that review about a year or so ago. I still love and use SocialPilot. I’m posting to a few more accounts and platforms now, and I am grateful every day for SP.


Cindy C.

What I like most about SocialPilot software is that it saves me time! I have connected my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media accounts to SocialPilot, and I manage my accounts directly from the dashboard! This software is smart and easy to use. It is designed in such a fantastic way that anybody can learn to use it. It is so easy to schedule posts to my various social media platforms ahead of time. I just love the efficiency of SocialPilot!

schedule you facebook post

Tips and Tactics for Scheduling Your Facebook Posts

1. Choose Your Scheduling Time Wisely

You need to be wise while selecting your scheduling time and date. If you don’t know when the post will receive high engagement, then a Facebook post scheduler won’t help. You need to know when your target audience uses Facebook and are more likely to engage with your post.

Research your target audience and find the best time to post on Facebook, and only then proceed with your scheduling.

2. Be Consistent with the Brand Voice & Image

Don’t be hasty while creating your content. The entire idea about scheduling your content is to save you from the burden of posting so that you can focus on maintaining the quality while creating your content.

So, don’t forget to keep all your brand guidelines in mind and create quality content without rushing. Always keep the essence of your brand while scheduling multiple contents.

3. Be Flexible with Your Content Scheduling

The internet space is constantly changing, and new trends are disrupting the social space. You don’t want to be too rigid with your content posts and forget them once set in the Facebook scheduler. Make sure you post relevant, trendy, and engaging content every single time.

Always keep a check on your scheduled post to avoid any potential backlash if you have any scheduled content that is not aligned with the present scenario.

4. Don’t Over-schedule

There are 1 billion stories that get posted across Facebook apps. That’s a staggering number, right? And that’s just stories. Imagine the number of posts being shared across Facebook apps!

So, you don’t want to overwhelm your target audience by bombarding them with social media posts. But don’t under-schedule your posts, either. You need to maintain a balance with your scheduling patterns.

Understanding the frequency of your posts is essential, and you should adjust it according to your business goals and industry.

Now, You’re all set!

5. Analyze Your Performance Timely

After all the hard work you would want to know how it’s working and the outcome. Every third-party scheduler tool has analytics and reporting feature that helps you understand the way your scheduled content is liked by your audience.

Taking a good overview of your analytics from time to time lets you plan your upcoming content accordingly and schedule what your followers like. And if you are looking for a reliable social media analytics tool for posting Facebook content, SocialPilot is the most accurate tool.

Looking for a pro tool to analyze the performance of your Facebook campaign?

SocialPilot Facebook Analytics and Reporting Tool can help you understand your social media performance and download white-label reports to share with clients in just a few clicks.

Start Your 14-day Trial

Now, You’re all set!

Create. Schedule. Publish.

If you want to save yourselves from repetitive scheduling tasks and focus more on productive sections of your social media marketing. In that case, Facebook post scheduler is a must for you.

Using a built-in Facebook scheduler has some limitations which can constrain your social media strategy from achieving its maximum potential. Hence, an advanced social media marketing management tool like SocialPilot is essential, try it for free today!

So, make a wise decision for your social media marketing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How further can I schedule a post using Facebook?

Using Meta Business Suite, you cannot schedule a post more than 30 days into the future. However, when you use a third-party scheduler like SocialPilot and schedule post in advance,, Facebook anytime in future.

How do I edit a scheduled on Facebook?

Go to post and select "Scheduled" then click on three dots icon and select "edit" in the drop-down menu

Why can't I schedule a post on Facebook?

To schedule posts on Facebook, you need either admin access or permission to post on that page.

Can you schedule Facebook posts on your phone?

Yes, you can schedule on Facebook using a third-party scheduler like SocialPilot.

Can you schedule posts on Facebook and events?

You cannot schedule things like Facebook events, check-ins, and photo albums on Facebook.

Where are scheduled posts on Facebook?

Sometimes, you may have to edit, delete, reschedule, or publish a post. For this, you need to know where to find your scheduled posts on Facebook. Simply go to your Page on Facebook and tap Scheduled Posts. You will find the options to edit, delete, reschedule, or publish a post there.

What tools can I use to schedule Facebook posts?

The top tools to schedule Facebook posts are:

  1. SocialPilot
  2. Buffer
  3. Sendible
  4. Meet Edgar
  5. Hootsuite
  6. Sprout Social
  7. Loomly
  8. Later

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