Social Media Marketing Campaign Checklist [Infographic]

Social Media Marketing Campaign Checklist [Infographic]

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In order to boost your social media conversions as well as highly engaging social media campaigns, our team compiled a multi-level checklist. Here’s the list of activities a team should keep a check on while planning a successful social media promotion campaign.

Pre-activities For Social Media Campaigns 

  • Start with analyzing your brand and keep a check on existing competitors, social presence and current reputation of the brand. These stats will help you determine a competitive strategy.
  • Once you have the data in your hand, begin with updating your profile and cover images. A complete information about the brand, including services and call to action, needs to be mentioned on the profile. As you are done creating your profile, you are ready to decide your audiences based on geographic location, demographics, profession, and hobbies & interest.
  • You need to plan a budget for your social media campaign in advance and don’t forget to include all the modules, including advertisements and content marketing.

Activities During Social Media Campaigns

  • Once you have launched your campaign, your focus should be majorly on the content. Whether it is the content for social media channels or email marketing, your audience plays an important role. Focus on the demographics, keywords, and trending searches to create outstanding content. You can use SendX to excel your email marketing efforts. 
  • Even scheduling the content requires a certain amount of diligence. Use automation tools like SocialPilot to achieve greater results in less time. Maintain post frequency for each of the profiles along with focusing on the right time.

Post Social Media Campaign Tracking


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Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What activities are to be included in a social media campaign checklist?

The activities that should be included in your campaign checklist are –

  1. Pre-Campaign Activities – Audit and optimize your social media profiles, create a target audience and select an objective, create a social media budget
  2. During-Campaign Activities – Create, curate, and publish content on your social media profiles using tools like SocialPilot, send out email campaigns using tools like SendX
  3. Post-Campaign Activities – Manage and track the KPIs you had chosen in the pre-campaign phase.

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