How to Create Facebook Remarketing Ads

How to Create Facebook Remarketing Ads

Master Facebook remarketing ads to re-engage visitors with personalized ads for increasing conversions and fostering brand loyalty effectively.

How to Create Facebook Remarketing Ads

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If you want to retarget people who visit your website, the only way to do this is with ads.

Nick Steeves (Chief Product Officer – Wishpond)

Confused why the headline is saying remarketing but the quote is on retargeting? Well both these terms convey the same meaning and focus on winning back those prospects who have disappeared after walking through your portal without making any purchase or even an inquiry.

Yes, according to AdRoll, only 2% of your first-time website visitors convert and the remaining 98% switch their ways. But you might be thinking why are we talking all about the lost website visitors on a platform which is supposed to deal with Facebook, right? So, let’s first understand remarketing in terms with Facebook:

In simplest terms, Facebook retargeting deals with spotting the prospects who have visited your website and leveraging their details to identify their Facebook profiles and running ad campaigns to drive them back to your portal. Let’s see an epic example:

Facebook Remarketing

This could be one of the best and most powerful ways to spot potential customers and re-engaging with them for conversions.

What Are The Perks Of Facebook Remarketing Ads

According to Small Business Trends, 62% of small business owners have a mindset that their Facebook ads don’t reach the targeted audience. It’s not the fault of the platform but something is lacking in their strategy.

Facebook remarketing ads have numerous perks for businesses if they are created and channelized in the right direction. Let’s walk through a couple of benefits first and then we will head over to the process of creating effective remarketing ads on Facebook:

  1. Regain Lost Website Visitors
    The visitors who have disappeared after exploring your website are the ones familiar with your business at least and such people can be grained easily in comparison to the ones who are completely unaware of your products or services. Besides, Facebook remarketing ads lets you be in touch with such prospects by making your presence felt on their timelines.
  2. Opportunity To Engage With Potential Leads
    Facebook is more sort of a recreational platform that people leverage during their downtime and when they are in a light mood. Connecting with prospects when they are in a free mind and ready to engage can be called as another significant perk of Facebook remarketing. Also, the targeted audience can share your ads with their family and friends which boosts the exposure of your product or services.
  3. Cost-effective To Increase Conversion Rates
    Facebook retargeting ads are one of the most cost-effective forms of grabbing potential leads as the cost of creating these ads decline with the increase in the number of clicks. Also, it primarily focuses on the prospects who have shown interest in your website which means that they somewhere had an interest in buying your products or services and that can lead to a conversion.
  4. Expand Your Reach & Target The Lookalike Prospects when sending retargeting ads on Facebook you have a list of potential prospects based on which a profile of lookalike audience can be developed.

How To Create Facebook Remarketing Ads?

Facebook remarketing ads have an extremely cool feature that lets you create customized ads based on your specific business goals. To start with creating Facebook remarketing ads you need to navigate to Facebook Ads Manager but there are two ways to do the same:

  • [Step 1] Click on the ‘Create’ or ‘Promote’ tab
    Go to the Create tab and you will see the option of Ad there:

    option of Ad

    Or, you can head over to the “Promote” tab under the dropdown menu of your business page on Facebook:

    grow your business

  • [Step 2] Choose the ‘Promote your page’ option
    When you click on the “Promote” button there will be four options as you can see in the above image.
    On choosing the “Promote Your Page” option you will see this:

    promote your page

  • [Step 3] Fill in the details
    1. The type of image or video that you would want to share. Also, there is a text box where you can describe your ad’s purpose in 90 words.

      Ad Creative

    2. You can use an image from your storage or there is a brand new feature of leveraging the stock images as you can see below:

      browse library

    3. Now, come to the customization of your targeted audience which is by default set as per the information you have provided on the page. For example, Groom & Roll Beauty Center is situated in Pune and hence the default audience settings are showing something like this:

      audience setting

      But if you want to edit that then you can do that either by clicking on the “Edit” option or going to the “Create new audience” tab:

      edit audience

      Here, as you can see in the above image there is an option to set the preferred gender for your remarketing ads. Also, you can specify the targeted age range and demographic details of the audience who you would want to target. Besides, there is a tab named “Detailed Targeting” where you can include or exclude prospects based on different factors such as the demographics, interests, and behaviors as shown below:


  • [Step 4] If you’d like to ‘promote your business locally’
    Now, coming to the second tab “Promote Your Business Locally” which is a great way to connect with the targeted audiences in your proximity and trying to grab their attention through Facebook remarketing ads. When clicking on the particular tab you will get a window open:

    promote your business

    Here, you can even set the target location of your business as its shown in the above image and the radius within which you would want to grab the audience. Also, the feature will show you with potential audience size based on your settings and again you will get an option to customize the type of prospects based on their age range, gender, and exclude/include specific audience sets under the detailed targeting tab.

    Along with the basic audience customization, the feature offers many other things such as:

    1. You can cherry-pick the desired image and even include a map card to highlight the location of your business:

      upload image

    2. There’s an option where you can set what action you would want your targeted audience to take when they see your ad, for example, get the directions to your store, learn more about your business, like your page, etc.. Also, you can set the duration for which you want to run your ad and get an idea of rough budget needed to run the ad:


  • [Step 5] Promote Your Website
    The third tab gives you the liberty to “Promote Your Website” but for this, you must have your website URL fed which is missing in the example given below:

    Promote Your Website

    Once you have your website’s URL fed you can proceed with planning the remarketing ad based on different features available there like automatic placements that help you to maximize the exposure of your ads.

    Again, there are features through which you can cherry-pick a relevant image/video to go with your ad and specify the call to action that you would want the prospects to take after seeing the ad:

    format image

    Besides, you can as always customize the audience set that you are targeting or create a new audience set:

    target audience

    And, lastly, you can also set the duration of the ads and understand how much you would have to invest in running those ads:

    duration and budget

  • [Step 6] Lead Generation as an Objective
    This option could be a jackpot for you if leveraged effectively yes we are talking about the fourth option of “Getting More Leads”. If you select this there will be a new window opened in front of you that’d something be like this:

    form creation

    Here, you can set-up a form to collect some basic information about the targeted prospects. These forms can let you grab the targeted prospects and set-up follow-up calls with them. Also, you can make them sign-up for your newsletters or maybe take some other specific call-to-action.

As you can see in the above image firstly you need to give the form a name but there’s an option through which you can even customize that. By clicking on the “Customize Text Form” option right below the form name you will see something like this:

fill up the form

Here, you can give a specific headline as per your requirements and briefly describe the purpose. The hack here is to not take this as a traditional ad and offer more context as you’re trying to elicit an immediate action from the viewer.

Another excellent feature you will get here is to customize the kind of information you would want your targeted audience to provide. For this, you need to head to the “Customer Info” section and select the option of “Show More” and select whichever fields you want to be there in your form:

customer information

Besides, you can also set-up questions that you would want your audience to answer along with filling the basic details such as short questions as shown above. Also, there is an option through which you can set the form language and add a privacy policy if your business has any.


After filling all the fields, the next window will ask you for choosing a relevant image and even customize the “Call-To-Action” you would want your audience to take when they see your ad:

Call to action

Based on your specifications Facebook will provide you with the approximate budget and even you can set the duration for which you would want to run the ad:


To Remember:

To get a remarketing ad published on Facebook you need to make payment and once you hit that “Promote” button for any category of remarketing ads that we have seen above, there will be a window where you would be required to fill some of your credentials and make the payment.

Ad account info

What else?

No, this is it! Yes, by following this step-by-step guide and finally making the payment your remarketing ad will get published. After that, all you need to do this is just sit and see leads knocking at your door and converting into customers!

The Final Judgment

As we know that grabbing new quality leads is extremely important but it’s equally important to focus on the lost ones. Creating relevant Facebook remarketing ads lets you spot the prospects who have visited your portal but didn’t get converted.

These leads are a little easier to convert as they are already familiar with your business and you can allure them just with a discount or free shipping coupon! So, once you start with retargeting ads make sure to A/B test them so that to identify which ones are working the best for you.

Done with the remarketing thing? Now, tracking how your ads are performing is the next step in your Facebook journey which can be done via leveraging Facebook Insights. Ready to get a better idea? Have a look at our comprehensive guide on using the feature in the best possible manner here.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 What are Facebook Remarketing ads?

Facebook remarketing or Facebook retargeting are ad campaigns directed to re-engage with website visitors who visited you in the past but failed to convert. They help in targeting and converting leads that are familiar with your brand or business.

🌟 What are the ways in which I can create Facebook Remarketing ads?

There are 4 ways in which one can create remarketing ads –

  1. Using remarketing campaigns to promote your Facebook page.
  2. Using retargeting campaigns to drive local business.
  3. Remarketing campaigns to bring traffic to your website.
  4. Remarketing ads to get more leads.

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