How To Check Messages On Instagram?

How To Check Messages On Instagram?

Individuals, creators, and brands use Instagram direct messages to communicate, network, and build relationships. Learn how to check messages on Instagram, get notified when a new message hits, and more.

How To Check Messages On Instagram?

Instagram began as a social networking platform for exclusively sharing photos and videos.

But, over the years, it has evolved to support features such as comments on posts and direct messaging to promote greater user involvement. As a result, today, Instagram includes all of the characteristics of a typical, sophisticated social media messaging app. This is a particularly useful piece of information from a marketing point of view.

Now you can use Instagram to create and send messages, incorporate images/videos within your direct messages, and even conduct video calls.

Whether you want to send a single DM (commonly used term for “direct message”) or an entire batch of them, Instagram lets you do it all. Here in this blog, we have listed a few of the ways through which you can check Instagram messages from any device. 

Read this article until the very end to know all about how to check messages on Instagram.

How To Check Your Instagram Messages?

Assuming you’re an avid Instagram user or want to increase your brand’s presence on the platform, you might be inclined to get Instagram alerts that keep you instantly updated on all actions surrounding your account and its followers.

You can check your Instagram messages by launching the Instagram app on your phone or personal computer and heading over to Instagram Messenger. 

When you open the app, you’ll see the total number of unread messages. It’s highlighted in red over the airplane-looking mail icon. 


Then, as you go through your unread DMs, you’ll see that the app displays them in chronological order, from most recent to oldest.


We recommend that you enable phone alerts on Instagram to instantly check your messages. So, whenever you get a new message from any person, it will remain displayed as a notification on your smartphone’s screen until you open the app and respond to it. You may also access your messages by swiping to the left on your notification on the main screen. 

If you turn your notifications off, you will not be alerted when you receive a message. Thus you will only be able to see them upon manually checking your phone. We recommend that you enable alerts if you want to be in touch with your followers at all times. That way, you wouldn’t miss a single message from any of your loyalists!

By default, Instagram will notify you whenever there is an activity involving your account. However, you may further refine the sort of posts for which you want to get notifications or exclude content from which you do not wish to get notifications.

As of now, staying within the purview of this blog, we are exclusively going to discuss how you can manage notifications for your Instagram DMs.

Follow the set of instructions in this section to activate Instagram DM alerts using the app:

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone


  • Open the Instagram Menu by clicking on the hamburger icon on the upper right corner of your screen


  • Navigate to the “Settings” menu and choose “Notifications


  • Check that the “Pause All” toggle button is turned off


  • You may then customize your alerts for particular actions, in this case, “Direct Messages


The message screen keeps you informed in case you’re unsure whether your recipient has received your message. On your inbox screen, you will be able to view each message’s status, indicating when it was viewed or how long ago you had sent it if the message has not yet been viewed.


If you get an Instagram DM from an individual whom you do not follow, it displays as a request instead of a chat in your inbox. If you accept their request, you may respond to their message without necessarily having to follow the other person. If you refuse their request, on the other hand, the other account will be unable to reach you unless you follow them back.

How to Turn On Notifications For Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) on an Android Phone?

In this segment, we will show you exactly how you can activate alerts on Instagram for your Android smartphone. The measures you need to take for this are quite basic and easy to implement. You no longer have to be concerned about missing an essential DM from any of your followers.

To turn on message notifications on your Android smartphone, simply follow the instructions listed below:

  • Open the Settings app on your Android device, which looks like white gear against a tainted backdrop. Alternatively, you may find Settings in the App Drawer as well.


  • Scroll down and select Apps within the menu. It’s located nearly in the middle of the Settings menu. Opening it will provide a list of all the mobile apps that are already installed on your smartphone.


  • Scroll throughout the list of apps until you find Instagram. This may be found under the app list starting with the letter “I”. Tap the “Show notifications” button present beneath the app’s name. 


Alternatively, certain Android smartphones have the “Allow peeking” button for notifications. Tap the “Allow peeking” toggle button (which is grey when turned off) within the Notifications section. When it becomes blue/green, it indicates that your Instagram alerts for DMs are now enabled.


Also, you can tap the grey “Treat as priority” toggle button if you wish to get Instagram alerts even when your phone is in the “Do Not Disturb” aka “Airplane” mode.

How to Turn On Notifications For Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) on an iPhone?

If you want to check your Instagram messages on your iPhone, simply follow the steps listed below:

  • On your iPhone, tap the Settings option
  • Next, open the Settings menu


  • Select “Notifications


  • Search for Instagram by swiping through the list of applications


  • Turn on the “Allow Notifications” toggle button by tapping on it


When the “Allow Notifications” toggle button goes green, you can be assured that Instagram notifications for direct messages on your iPhone have been turned on. Instagram will now 

notify you of any new message that you receive.

How to Check Your Instagram Direct Messages on a Mac, Windows, or Chrome Browser

If you don’t have your phone with you, you can always check your DMs via your personal computer. Activating Instagram alerts on your PC is a simple step that will not take longer than a minute to accomplish.

Since your PC accommodates a bigger interface, you might find it simpler to traverse through the app settings on it. Besides, Instagram’s website interface is reportedly said to perform an excellent job of offering a pleasant user experience.

Simply follow these instructions to enable Instagram DM notifications: 

  • Go to Instagram’s official website by simply typing out Instagram in the Google search bar and pressing Enter 


  • Sign in to your account by filling in your login credentials in the required fields


  • Select the Messages icon (paper airplane icon present in the top-right corner of the title bar)


  • Browse through the list of chats displayed in the left panel and click on the specific chat tab to check all the messages relating to that account


  • You may include emojis and images when replying from Instagram’s desktop browser version


Instagram also has a Windows app that you can use in place of your browser. Simply download the app from the Microsoft Store, login or sign up for your account, and use it as you would use the browser or mobile app version. 

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How to Deactivate Instagram Message Notifications?

As soon as you open an Instagram chat either directly or after getting redirected from your device’s notification, it gets marked as “Seen.” This is an irreversible process, and there might be situations where you would not want this to happen. For example, say you were too busy to respond immediately but feared your recipient feeling affronted by your prolonged silence. 

Well, luckily for you, there is a workaround for Instagram’s Read Receipts feature – Turning off your notifications. To do so, simply follow the set of instructions given below to get started:

  • Launch the Instagram website or app and head over to your profile
  • Select the menu option (three vertical lines present in the top right)
  • Select Settings from the menu


  • Now, go to “Notifications
  • Choose Messages (or Direct Messages as visible in certain versions of the app)
  • Tick the circle next to “Off” under Message Requests and Messages


And your Instagram Direct Message notifications will get deactivated. 

Read Instagram Messages on the “Airplane” mode

We have briefly discussed how you can enable Instagram Message alerts even if your phone is on the  “Airplane” mode.  In this section, we will discuss how you can avoid registering your read receipts via the “Airplane” mode. Simply follow the instructions given below to learn how:

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi/mobile data and then turn on your phone’s Airplane Mode

On your Android smartphone, you can reach the Quick Settings Menu by swiping down from the top of the main screen.


  • To activate Airplane mode on an iPhone, swipe down the main screen to access the Control Center and choose Airplane mode


  • Now visit your Instagram inbox
  • Read the messages
  • Log out from your account
  • Turn off the Airplane mode
  • Log into your account with the WiFi connection re-established

So now, after following all the steps above, you would’ve safely viewed your preferred Instagram message without registering the ominous “Seen” receipt.

Wrapping Up

Instagram’s direct messaging feature is known to function smoothly without any glitches. In addition, its system boasts a user interface that is simple and easy to use. The only difficulty, according to some users, is the read-receipt functionality.

When you notice that someone has seen your message but you have not received a response, it might get awkward to proceed. It also works the other way round if you send a message but never receive a read receipt.

Regrettably, there is no privacy setting that you may change to avoid this. Even the Airplane Mode technique does not always work, especially if you’re using Instagram through your browser rather than the mobile app itself.

CTA: Instagram DMs are an invaluable resource for brands to foster customer loyalty and trust. Sending personalized messages to your followers helps drive engagement and conversions, which is the ultimate purpose of marketing on Instagram. To learn more about using Instagram DMs for increasing your engagement, visit SocialPilot

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 Can I read DMs from those who have blocked me?

The fact that someone has blocked your Instagram account does not mean your previous messages with them will vanish automatically. Unless you explicitly delete your chats with them, all previously delivered messages will remain intact in your inbox.

In fact, you can verify this at any moment.

Simply open your DM inbox and look for the username of the individual who blocked you. All messages that have not been manually removed otherwise would be prominently displayed.

🌟 Why can’t I view my Instagram direct messages?

Lost DMs might have a variety of reasons to account for. The most typical problem is latency while delivering, but it can also happen to be a software issue. Check your DMs on the platform’s browser version or an alternative device. If you can access your DMs through the browser, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Instagram app on your phone.

🌟 Why doesn’t Instagram alert me when I receive a direct message?

There could be a bunch of reasons why you may not be receiving alerts for your Instagram DMs. Some of them are:

  • Your push notifications were turned off due to some reason.
  • Your cache went corrupt.
  • Other technical issues emerged within your mobile app.

To resolve any of such issues, tap on your profile icon, then go to “Settings,” and finally on “Notifications.” Now, change the notification settings on Instagram. For doing that, tap “Push Notifications” in the Notifications menu. Next, check the notifications settings for each option and ensure that the “Mute PushNotifications” toggle button is turned off.

🌟 How to tell if somebody has simply ignored your Instagram DM?

The first sign to tell that your Instagram message has been ignored is if your message has not received the “Seen” receipt and hasn’t been responded to even after a few days. If your recipient accepts your message, a read receipt will appear underneath the message you sent.

🌟 What’s an Instagram Disappearing Message?

A disappearing message on Instagram can be sent to a group or individual via Instagram DM. After somebody views a disappearing photo or video you gave them, the message will no longer be available in their inbox unless you’ve enabled a replay.

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