8 Captivating LinkedIn Tools to Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing 2021

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There's nothing worse for a marketer than a creative block battle. You can quickly slip into despair, because you have to create on a deadline, but you just can't think of a new one, or an original concept for the next campaign. That is when the tools come into picture, they not only help one in being active on social media but they also help in scheduling, monitoring, and analyzing the social media activities of organizations. The tools to manage social media allow you to boost team success by using user permissions.

In this blog, we will show you some of the best LinkedIn tools for planning and publishing resources with a comprehensive list of their advantages and drawbacks to make it convenient for you. Not only this, we have also added a comparison of every feature of each LinkedIn tool that will allow you to select the resource that will pump up the management of your social media.

8 Best LinkedIn Tools for Your Business

  1. SocialPilot is an effective and efficient scheduling, development, planning, and publication tool.
  2. LinkedIn Small Business focuses on tracking the sales, building trust, and reaching a variety of related goals.
  3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator focuses on connecting buyers and sellers in a very unique way.
  4. LeadFuze helps in easily building a list of leads and target accounts by searching.
  5. eLink Pro can visit 800 profiles daily automatically.
  6. Datanyze is a robust sales intelligence and leading framework for web developing companies.
  7. ProTop visits LinkedIn profiles automatically according to the search criteria.
  8. IFTTT stands for "If this, then that" and it is one of the best LinkedIn tools that enables you to automate certain tasks between different applications from third parties.

Why SocialPilot?

  • Advanced scheduling and publishing
  • Automate multiple & carousel images
  • Schedule native videos
  • Add audience targeting for each post
  • Ability to mention other pages/people
  • In-depth analytics & downloadable reports
  • $30/month and 24x5 support

1. SocialPilot



SocialPilot is one of the most detailed and effortless LinkedIn tools to use for LinkedIn marketing. This is the tool that can post on numerous social media sites, including TikTok, Pinterest, Tumblr, VK, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram (Direct Publishing). A growing feature of SocialPilot is designed to add value to its social media and marketing efforts. Precisely that is the reason it is the only social media platform that focuses on providing reliable and express support via email, talk, telephone, and social to its users. This LinkedIn tool is designed to help users to improve efficiency and increase reach in their marketing campaign. SocialPilot has made sure that it is available for companies of all sizes, and sectors with reasonable pricing and properly incorporated.

Why Use SocialPilot:

What people say about SocialPilot

Hardi V.

Being a digital marketer, I always prefer Social pilot as it has been a boon for me since past 1 year. I schedule my post by writing captions, they automatically shorten the URL and fetches the image from the URL.

Beverley T.

Affordable, easy to give clients access to their accounts and to give team members access to specific groups. The "Group" function is great. I also enjoy the "Curated Content" which makes it easy to find relevant articles and links to share with your audience.

Susan D.

This is the best auto-post tool I've used in the last 10 years. Traffic to my website has increased. Ease of use. I stepped right into it and found it to be user friendly. The website layout made my user experience relatively stress-free, which is saying a lot for me.

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2. LinkedIn Small Business


LinkedIn Tools - LinkedIn Small Business

LinkedIn Small Business has a 3-step approach towards social selling and being the great lead builder. This tool helps small businesses help in tracking the sales and building trust. The 3-step approach includes establishing your brand presence, connecting with your target audience, and engaging them with content marketing.


  1. It is the best tool for B2B lead generation and is simple to use.
  2. It is the ideal tool for improving market outcomes, raising brand awareness, encouraging jobs and educating potential clients about the goods and services offered by the company.

Kimberly A.

It's a neat LinkedIn tool to keep track activity and so boost your impact. You can have a more accurate control of statistics for further comparisons and goal planning.


  1. It takes time and energy to create and sustain an effective LinkedIn network. The time required to build a successful profile or website is different. Credibility on the web includes daily tasks in various classes.

Russell Carr E.

LinkedIn Small Business actually penalizes users for not renewing subscriptions every month. After cancelling and then trying to renew, I Learned that all of the searches would be lost (EVEN BEFORE THE SUBSCRIPTION WAS OVER!). I contacted support and asked for the searches to be saved if I renewed, and they refused.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator


LinkedIn Tools - LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In order to help sales professionals, identify and develop relationships with prospects and customers by social marketing, LinkedIn Sales Navigator uses the strength of the LinkedIn 675 million member network. On average, social selling leaders see: 45% more opportunities created, 51% more likely to achieve quota, 80% more productive, and 3X more likely to go to clubs is suggested by this LinkedIn tool.


  1. The use of an advanced algorithm to find the prospects best aligned with what you have to offer.
  2. They focus on sales insights from the sales navigator to ensure that you have the best information as a decision-maker.
  3. They also have relationship-building tools, allowing you (as a lead builder) to continually move closer to the final goal of making a sale.

Shaun Houshmand

LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes prospecting for the right people extremely easy. It's the most up to date source of information (prospects keep their LinkedIn up to date). Has some great features for lead saving, search saves, filters, account saving, etc.


  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator requires a lot of manual effort by the users and is pretty time-consuming too.
  2. The data in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator does not go where it has to go instead goes where the user cannot access it.

Adam D.

The filters don't work properly. In Spite of selecting a range of 10-50 employees this LinkedIn tool displays companies of 1001-5000 employees which then I have to go and filter out manually to my requirements. Literal waste of time!

4. LeadFuze


LinkedIn Tools - LeadFuze

LeadFuze is a lead generation program that leverages AI to discover particular positions and industries to specific leads. The solution provides you with in-depth details as well as basic information such as checked emails, phone numbers, social media and more.


  1. By simply searching it helps you to quickly build a list of leads and target accounts.
  2. Consumers of this LinkedIn tool often have access to contact information, including email and contact numbers, which makes the selling process quick to start.

Jonathan R.

I'm a small operation, and the ability to completely automate my prospecting for B2B leads (my main target customers) allows me to focus on sales and fulfillment... This is game-changing for me!


  1. They need to have something in place so Spammers don't misuse the LeadFuze program.
  2. Onboarding needs to improve a lot.
  3. They should be using 24/7 chat support rather than only having it during US time zones.

Verified LeadFuze User

15% phone number coverage. And some bugs with the website like the non-responsive design. There's an error when saving leads that require Email is enabled.


LinkedIn Tools - eLink Pro

eLink-Pro helps you find, attract and engage with hundreds of prospects, daily, on LinkedIn. For recruiters, experienced sales managers, realtors and everyone in sales and marketing, eLink provides opportunities on LinkedIn and Twitter. Using marketing automation power coupled with social selling in advertising and jobs & recruiting to become an influencer and push professional deep networking.


  1. Meet your monthly network goals and land new contracts, sign more deals regularly, generate traffic, referrals, and sales for your organization.
  2. eLink Pro functions can quickly increase views of your LinkedIn profile, ensuring that your brand is always in front of the target customer.

Dylan J.

eLink Pro functions can quickly increase views of your LinkedIn profile, ensuring that your brand is always in front of the target customer


  1. There would perhaps be more typo options for the text of the connection.
  2. SEO customization is not there.

6. Datanyze


LinkedIn Tools - Datanyze

Datanyze is LinkedIn’s exploration platform that constantly assesses the use of technology by millions of websites. This LinkedIn tool allows customers to use Datanyze to address questions such as who dropped your competitor today, where website visitors quit you, and which one of their clients uses advanced technology.


  1. With the help of this tool, you can promote and sell your goods based on the technology choices your prospects make. Both new opportunities can be found, and contacts and email addresses can be found.
  2. Datanyze helps you research accounts, search for contacts, and find email addresses.
  3. Using Datanyze can help you make faster conversions with improved conversation quality.

Zach DiFranza

We use Datanyze before prospecting or discovery calls to get background on a prospect company's existing tech stack. This facilitates more natural conversations and enables us to demonstrate how we'd plug into their existing environment rather than having to pepper them with 20 questions at the start of each call.


  1. It is expensive as compared to other tools.
  2. They do not track or provide insights into the existence of the omnichannel, delivery, order volume, income information, etc. And this makes their eCommerce very poor.

7. ProTop


LinkedIn Tools - ProTop

ProTop ensures that your LinkedIn profile is amongst the Top Most Visited. It helps in enhanced interaction that gives you more information automatically and the information on LinkedIn searches is best described. All you have to do is you simply need to specify the search criteria and the tool visits LinkedIn profiles on this basis automatically. ProTop helps increase product visibility.


  1. This LinkedIn tool visits 1000 profiles per day, which allows you to reach a larger crowd.
  2. This LinkedIn tool functions almost entirely independently. And has a free version too.

Verified ProTop User

A useful way to draw attention to your profile. It works by itself (almost). We start the search for relevant profiles and hit the start and it makes its magic.


  1. With the free plan, it just allows you to visit 100 profiles per day.

Carlos G.

We used this extension and they blocked us on LinkedIn, indicating that we were using an automatic navigation program and LinkedIn blocked us! Watch out! Not recommendable!



LinkedIn Tools - IFTTT

IFTTT allows you to ask itself to send you an email when a LinkedIn connection happens to change their jobs or a particular company you follow lists a new job opening. It helps you connect, learn, and maximize the value of your customers with their discovery and integration platform. It also helps you increase the value of your products. It is an ideal LinkedIn tool for dealers who want to simplify LinkedIn to deliver better performance.


  1. This LinkedIn tool is pretty good at customization, great interactions, mobile support, and it is free.
  2. Brands can actually have great benefits from IFTTT as this will help your products connect to third parties including iOS, Google, and so on.

Kimberly Hargis

IFTTT's value is how much time it saves my clients. I set up apps at IFTTT that will post set information from online, feeds or internal website use directly as a blog draft. I can use the drafts to decide what information I want to explain upon to create a blog post(s).


  1. The use of multi-step applets is not provided to users.
  2. Better organizational resources are required in the business sector.

Gilles De Clerck

I've set up multiple automation flows with IFTTT over the last few years but none of them have run more than a couple of weeks, for the simple reason that they didn't work or didn't work consistently. The idea of automation is that things you need to happen, happen automatically.

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We guess this has been of great help to you for selecting a LinkedIn tool that best suits your requirements. Using one will definitely help you increase traffic, engagement and generally improve the effectiveness of your LinkedIn marketing strategies. SocialPilot includes scheduling, moderation, analytics, content curation, collaboration, bulk scheduling support and lastly RSS feeds. This all gives SocialPilot a competitive advantage over the other LinkedIn Tools.

To optimize your LinkedIn marketing, you need to constantly monitor the performance of your posts. Over here, LinkedIn analytics tools can help you get right insights in to your marketing campaigns on LinkedIn.

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